Chapter 1113 – Dreamlike Drizzle

Chen Xi’s sword that soared through the sky caused the battle to erupt!

Lu Chen flicked the blade of his sword with his finger, causing it to emanate a droning and clear sword howl. In the next moment, he’d moved to greet Chen Xi in battle.

As another sword cultivator and a member of the Void Guard that were born for slaughter, he naturally had to advance courageously. How could he possibly receive Chen Xi’s attacks passively?


Lu Chen’s Sword Dao was like a rustling autumn breeze. It was cold, murderous, and filled with an emotionless aura. Everywhere his blade pointed, space seemed like a rag that was easily torn into pieces.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s Sword Dao was like a surging river of stars, like a myriad of roiling waves. It contained the Laws of Water, and it enveloped the heavens and the earth, transforming it into an ocean.


The two of them collided in midair and caused a myriad of fine sword lights to erupt from it. A terrifying wave of air swept towards the surroundings, and it crushed the land in an area of 5,000km and caused the heavens, earth, and space to tremble. It transformed the area into an expanse of desolation.

This place was their battlefield. No matter if it was Lie Binghan or the three Void Guards, all of them didn’t dare approach it in the slightest!

The impetus of their battle was too terrifying. Once they were swept within it, then even if the Chen Xi and Lu Chen didn’t act against them, the aftershock of the battle wasn’t something they were able to endure.

This caused those three Void Guards to finally come to a complete understanding. The target they were pursuing this time had actually grown to a state of being able to go against Commander Lu Chen!


Lie Binghan remained indifferent towards all of this. The space between his brows was filled with a murderous expression, and he held a dark black colored spear that was over 3m long. The tip of the spear danced about in midair and erupted with a myriad of spear shadows that shot towards the three Void Guards.

As the existence that was ranked at the top of Cloudrest Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings, perhaps he wasn’t a match for any one of the Void Guards, yet he was confident in being able to persist for ten minutes without dying!

After all, for the sake of entering Dao Emperor Academy, he didn’t have a path of retreat any longer. So what else could he do?

He could only fight with his life on the line!

So he was fearless and his battle intent blazed.

This was a form of confidence towards Chen Xi, and it was his resolution to be ready to risk everything and fight!

Those three Void Guards seemed to have received Lu Chen’s instructions as well, and they targeted Lie Binghan. Perhaps they were unwilling to admit that they were inferior to Chen Xi, yet they were very confident in being able to annihilate Lie Binghan!

Because they’d fought Lie Binghan a day ago, and they still clearly remembered the scene of him fleeing, so how could they take him seriously?

At this moment, when they saw Lie Binghan actually wanted to give his life away with Chen Xi, these three Void Guards immediately revealed cold smiles before they attacked jointly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

For a time, the area before the Cloudlight Bridge transformed into a violent battlefield. The heavens and the earth were in chaos, and the ferocious beasts and living beings in an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers in the vicinity were terrified. They either fled hastily or shivered as they knelt on the ground while tears trickled from their eyes, and it seemed as if doomsday had arrived. 



Chen Xi was calm as the Talisman Armament slashed out in all directions, and he repeatedly resisted Lu Chen’s attacks in a composed manner while naturally revealing an imposing aura of supremacy.

For the sake of passing through Cloudlight Bridge, he’d seized every moment of time in the last few days to temper himself, and he’d obtained the true inheritance of the Master of the Manor, the ‘Infinite Divine Talisman,’ allowing him to comprehend the profundities of the ‘Sword of Water.’

It was a supreme inheritance that contained the aura of ‘infinite.’ It had deduced the Laws of Water to the limit, and it perfectly merged within Chen Xi’s sword moves, so how could its might be compared to any other sword move?

Not to mention Chen Xi wasn’t an expert at the Heavenly Immortal Realm any longer, and he was a Mysterious Immortal! When he advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, he even revealed the scene of stars swaying beneath the veil of the eternal night. He was standing at the top amongst his peers a long time ago.

Even if he was to face Yin Miaomiao now, Chen Xi was confident in being able to kill her!

But his opponent at this moment was extremely formidable as well. Moreover, not to mention Lu Chen’s high-rank Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, Thousand Autumn Sword, merely Lu Chen’s combat strength wasn’t something an ordinary Mysterious Immortal Realm expert could compare to.

In other words, Lu Chen’s combat strength could be ranked at the top amongst all the Mysterious Immortal Realm experts in the Immortal Dimension, and he was even more formidable than experts of the younger generation that were ranked in the top ten on the Continental Ascensio Rankings of the various continents.

This obviously showed how much effort and resources the Zuoqiu Clan had used up when establishing the Void Guard, and only a great clan like the Zuoqiu Clan might be capable of fostering such freaks.

But Chen Xi wasn’t afraid. 

In terms of cultivation, his extraordinarily deep foundation had already made up for the distance between him and Lu Chen.

In terms of Immortal Artifacts, even though the Thousand Autumn Sword was a high-rank Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, yet Lu Chen was obviously only capable of bringing forth less than 70% of its might. After all, the might of a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact could only be fully exerted when in the hands of a Golden Immortal.

This was an iron law of the Immortal Dimension. The ordinary, Darkspirit, Cosmic, Valiant, and Void Grades of Immortal Artifacts respectively corresponded to the Heavenly Immortal, Mysterious Immortal, Golden Immortal, Saint Immortal, and Immortal King Realms of cultivation.

Even if those with weak cultivations were able to obtain a Void Grade Immortal Artifact, it would be impossible to exert its might. It was like a child holding a sharp sword was unable to defeat a robust man that was barehanded.

Chen Xi became clearly aware of this when he fought Liang Bing. Liang Bing’s Silverlight Shuttle was a top-rank Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, yet she lost to him in the end.

So perhaps the quality of Thousand Autumn Sword surpassed the Talisman Armament by more than a single rank, yet Chen Xi didn’t care because he was able to completely exert the might of the Talisman Armament, whereas Lu Chen was obviously unable to perfectly utilize the Thousand Autumn Sword.

As for the Sword Dao…

There was no need to compare them. Perhaps Lu Chen could fight Chen Xi equally before he comprehended the ‘Sword of Water,’ yet now, it was impossible for him to compare to Chen Xi.


Lu Chen attacked once more, yet it was easily dealt with by Chen Xi.

This caused Lu Chen’s expression to slowly grow heavy while his violet pupils repeatedly flickered with a divine glow, and his attacks became even more violent, fierce, and swift.

“Thousand Autumn Mortis!” Lu Chen’s executed a horizontal slash that was like a whistling and murderous autumn breeze, and it seized the vitality of everything! The Laws of Wood within it revealed the phenomenon of the change between flourishing and withering, life and death.

The nearby space started to rustle, shatter, and drop down like withered falling leaves, and its vitality had been completely severed.

Chen Xi struck with his sword as well. Waves arose in endless succession and blocked this sword strike that contained the terrifying might of withering, and then he said calmly, “Is that all?”

Is that all?

It was merely three words, yet it carried an oppressive questioning force, and it was even more like a silent form of mocking.

Lu Chen’s expression remained indifferent as before, and only the violet light that surged within his eyes revealed that he wasn’t as calm as he seemed on the surface.

The facts were indeed so. Earlier, he’d already taken Chen Xi to be an extremely outstanding opponent, yet once he really crossed swords with Chen Xi, he understood that he’d underestimated the combat strength this kid possessed!

It was even to the extent that he wondered how this fellow was an even greater freak than himself! After all, they were only able to grow to their current state from receiving the most brutal tempering since they were young.

Even though he thought like this in his heart, Lu Chen’s movements weren’t sluggish in the slightest, and he attacked even more violently and ferociously instead. His Thousand Autumn Sword thoroughly displayed its desolate and murderous aura while the technique of the transformation between flourishing and withering was executed to the extreme.

Lu Chen was even confident in being able to kill existences in the top hundred of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings under such attacks!

But obviously, all of this was useless against Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s sword moves were too terrifying. Even though they merely contained the Laws of Water, they seemed to have attained a supreme, profound, and perfect realm in the essence, aura, and energy of water.

Lu Chen was truly unable to imagine how Chen Xi who possessed such a low cultivation and had only ascended to the Immortal Dimension for a short period of time could possibly attain such a terrifying height in the Laws.


They collided once more, and they were still equally matched.

But this time, a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent coiled onto the space between Chen Xi’s brows, and he said lightly, “You’ll perish beneath my sword within three moves!”

Three moves? Lu Chen seemed as if he’d heard a joke, and he was completely infuriated as he said coldly, “I’ll be waiting to see that happen.”

At the same time, the vital energy in his body rumbled, and it seemed as if a primeval ferocious beast had awakened within his body. His imposing aura rose explosively once more, and it was an entire thirty percent stronger than before.

Obviously, he’d utilized some sort of secret technique that stimulated the potential hidden within his body.

Chen Xi glanced out of the corner of his eye and noticed that Lie Binghan was already encircled by the three Void Guards in the distance and his figure was dyed in blood and faintly showed signs of being unable to hold on.

This caused Chen Xi to not dare hesitate any longer.


The Talisman Armament emanated a clear howl that shot into the sky, and it was like a shocking wave that shot into the sky and resounded in the world.

“Dreamlike Drizzle!” Chen Xi spat out two words in a light voice while his actions suddenly became gentle. The edge of his sword seemed as if it had merged into spring breeze, and it produced countless strands of sword qi that were fine like the hairs on an ox.

The sword qi was like a misty drizzle that floated through the heavens and the earth, and it was blurry and obscure like a gentle dream.

But when these strands of sword qi drifted through the sky, the space, mountains, heavens, and earth… Everything was easily torn into pieces by these strands of fierce and swift sword qi that were condensed to the extreme.

Lu Chen’s pupils constricted abruptly as he felt extreme danger, and it caused the vital energy in his entire body to shrink back while he felt a chill run down his spine.

He didn’t dare hesitate, he gritted his teeth and slashed down with his sword. His sword move tore through the sky like a gale that swept through the nine heavens, a gale of autumn wind that swept away the fallen leaves, and it intended to sweep away the drizzle that covered the sky.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Muffled and fine sounds of collision rose and fell, yet the drizzle formed from sword qi didn’t disperse. It still floated gently in the sky, and it seemed to move slowly, yet it was actually fast to the point it seemed dreamlike.


Lu Chen’s face turned grim as he dodged repeatedly. He’d just dodged the veil of rain formed from sword qi that covered the sky and didn’t even have the chance to heave a sigh of relief when he felt a piercing pain on his face, and then a strand of scarlet red blood flowed. 

“Dammit!” Lu Chen emanated a low and deep voice from the depths of his throat.

“Cloudwave Destruction!” Before his previous move could disperse completely, Chen Xi slashed once more. As soon as the sword qi appeared, the sound of waves of clouds roiling suddenly rumbled throughout the heavens and the earth, and then strands of sword qi descended like layer upon layer of cloud waves.

At this moment, clouds gathered from all over while the weather changed. Extremely powerful Laws of Water rumbled down from the sky, and they seemed to intend to crush the heavens and the earth into pieces!

This… Lu Chen’s face turned pale because this strike was even more terrifying than the ‘Dreamlike Drizzle’ from before, and it fully displayed the ability of water to condense and the boundless might of water!

Dammit! How could such an inheritance in the Sword Dao exist in the world? Lu Chen was able to sense that the aura of danger grew stronger and stronger, and it caused his hairs to stand on end. He didn’t dare hesitate and grit his teeth tightly, and he actually didn’t dodge but counterattacked with his sword instead! 

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