Chapter 1112 – Thousand Autumn Sword

The smell of blood suffused the air as Gao Lin perished on the spot, and his tightly clenched right hand was chopped off by Chen Xi.

Under Lie Binghan’s curious gaze, Chen Xi pried open Gao Lin’s right hand to reveal a transmission jade slip.

“He was intending to seek help from his companions?” asked Lie Binghan.

Chen Xi shook his head. “He ought to have intended to report something even more important than a cry for help.”

Chen Xi scanned the content of the jade slip. Sure enough, he noticed that it recorded information like ‘Infinite’ and ‘Oracle Mountain.’

This fellow’s Double Pupils are really formidable. He was actually able to deduce the aura of Infinite contained within my grand formation… Chen Xi sighed emotionally in his heart before swiping with his hand to destroy all the information within it.

Chen Xi pondered for a moment before raising his hand once more, and then he swiftly wrote the character for kill, ‘’, on the jade slip!

The strokes were sharp like a blade, ghastly and oppressive, and an ordinary Immortal’s soul would probably be pierced into pieces at first glance of it!


Chen Xi activated this transmission jade slip with a wave of his hand, and it flew into the depths of the clouds in the sky.

Lie Binghan was stunned as he said, “You intend to declare war against them?”

Chen Xi replied with a question instead. “What’s wrong with that?”

Lie Binghan shook his head and laughed bitterly. He naturally understood that the present situation was extremely clear. If he wanted to pass through the Cloudlight Bridge, then he had to be enemies with them. Since it was like this, there was no difference whether they declared war to them or not.

“Come, it ought to be much safer now. I have some questions to ask you.” Chen Xi glanced at Lie Binghan.

Lie Binghan said, “Fellow Daoist, please go ahead. I’ll tell you all that I know.”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t speak any further before walking into the luxuriant forest. 



The transmission jade slip shattered, yet Lu Chen’s expression was as indifferent as before. However, the expressions of the three Void Guards by his side were extremely gloomy.


It was merely a single word, yet it undoubtedly carried extraordinary provocation towards them!

Lu Chen muttered. “Good, very good. I’m really slightly impatient to meet this Chen Xi now…”

His voice was extremely flat, yet it caused the hearts of the other three to shake. They were clearly aware that when their Senior Brother Lu Chen said he was impatient, he was actually infuriated to the limit in his heart! 


There was a small stream gurgling and winding about within the luxuriant forest, and it glistened lightly from the afternoon sunlight that passed through the dense branches and leaves.

Chen Xi sat casually on the ground while a campfire blazed before him. On the flames was a silver and large fish, and it emanated strands of a delicate and enticing fragrance.

The Starsoul Beast, Starry, lay at the side of the campfire like a large silver colored dog, and it stared covetously at the fish roasting on the fire while drool almost dripped from his mouth.

“I’m ranked at the 559th position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, yet I’m not a match for any one of them. Based on this, if they were to participate in the competition on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, then every single one of them would at least be able to be ranked in the top five hundred.”

“There’s also a commander amongst them, and his strength is probably even stronger. I took a glance at him from afar earlier, and even though it was only a single glance, it allowed me to be clearly aware that if he wanted to kill me, then it would probably be as easy as blowing off dust. So I could only turn around and flee at that time.”

Lie Binghan’s voice was low as he told Chen Xi everything he knew, and he occasionally glanced at Starry while revealing a wisp of envy that was impossible to conceal.

With his discerning ability, he was naturally able to discern that this was an extremely rare Starsoul Beast, and its bloodline wasn’t inferior to the Divine Beasts of the four symbols.

Yet Chen Xi actually possessed such an immortal beast as his companion in combat, and it caused Lie Binghan to feel that Chen Xi’s background was absolutely extraordinary.

Chen Xi listened in silence before he said casually, “Didn’t you still have another companion? I think he was called Wang Ta?”

Lie Binghan was stunned, and then he understood who Chen Xi was talking about. A wisp of dense detest and contempt couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as he said, “That fellow is a spineless coward. For the sake of passing through the Cloudlight Bridge, he knelt and swore to them to prove his identity. He was truly vile.”

“He knelt and begged for mercy?” Chen Xi was slightly stunned. He hadn’t imagined that the fellow who seemed to be ruthless would actually be so spineless because he clearly remembered that while he was in that restaurant within Jadewhale City, Wang Ta had said that he would kill anyone who stood in his way.

Originally, Chen Xi felt slight admiration towards Wang Ta’s courage. Never had he imagined that for the sake of passing through the Cloudlight Bridge, Wang Ta would actually choose to kneel down and beg for mercy, and this truly displayed how it was impossible to judge a man’s heart from a man’s outward appearance.

“Demon Blade Wang Ta, he was the second ranked existence on the Continental Ascensio Rankings of Cloudrest Continent.” Chen Xi sighed with emotion.

These words caused Lie Binghan to be silent for a long time before he said, “Not all the experts of my Cloudrest Continent’s younger generation are spineless like him.”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t speak any further. He removed the silver fish from the fire and tore half of it off before tossing it to Starry, and then he shared some with Lie Binghan.


Starry held it in his mouth and couldn’t be bothered about whether it was hot or not before starting to chew on it. Glistening oil flowed from Starry’s mouth while he indulged in eating the fish, and he seemed as if he’d never had such a tasty delicacy.

After he finished eating, he started looking eagerly at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi had no other choice. He tossed over the piece of fish in his hand to Starry, and then he stood up and walked over to the stream to capture a few more silver fish. These fish grew in the Immortal Dimension. They possessed a tender texture and contained dense Immortal Energy. It was smooth and wonderful on the palate when roasted.

When he saw Chen Xi starting to roast more fish, Starry happily rubbed his head against Chen Xi with an intimate and delighted expression.

Chen Xi patted Starry on the head and said to himself, One more little fellow that possesses the potential to be a glutton… I wonder what A’Man, Bai Kui, and Ling Bai will think when they see Starry.

Lie Binghan tasted it and clicked his tongue with praise. “How tasty! Fellow Daoist’s attainments in the Culinary Dao is even superior to those grandmaster spirit chefs.”

Chen Xi shrugged. Grandmaster spirit chefs? I was already a grandmaster spirit chef a long time ago at the Dark Reverie’s Taotie City…

“Since you intend to register yourself at Dao Emperor Academy, I presume you have a good understanding of the situation in Valiant Star Continent?” asked Chen Xi abruptly.

“Yes, I travelled through Valiant Star Continent a few years ago. It really deserves to be one of the four great continents. Sects are numerous like the trees in a forest while experts are many like the clouds in the sky, and it’s like a paradise in the Immortal Dimension. The other continents are simply like the barren countryside compared to it.” When he mentioned Valiant Star Continent, Lie Binghan’s expression couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of burning yearning and desire, and he wasn’t stingy with his praise at all.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wisp of anticipation when he heard this, and he nodded as he said, “Once I kill those fellows, I’ll see exactly what sort of prosperous place Valiant Star Continent is.”

Lie Binghan hesitated for a moment and said, “Fellow Daoist, can you bring me along?”

Chen Xi laughed lightheartedly. “Of course.” 


That night, Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground while regulating his breathing in meditation.

He stood up when dawn arrived, and as he sensed the extremely abundant vital energy within his body, he said immediately, “Come, let’s head to Valiant Star Continent!”

He didn’t mention the Void Guard or the Cloudlight Bridge, and he seemed to have already placed his target on Valiant Star Continent. This indirectly proved that the obstruction all along the way wasn’t able to obstruct Chen Xi’s resolution.

Lie Binghan’s expression turned solemn as he stood up.

Both of them immediately stopped hesitating, and they flashed towards the depths of God Trove Mountain Range. 


“He’s finally here…” Before the Cloudlight Bridge, Lu Chen who sat cross-legged in meditation suddenly opened his eyes. Violet light surged from his eyes and seemed to pass through the layer upon layer of space to view everything in the extreme distance.

He clothes fluttered as he stood up, and his tall and handsome figure was like a spear that could hold up the heavens. He stood before the Cloudlight Bridge, and he seemed to emanate the peerless courage of being able to hold off all the enemy forces by himself.

At the same time, the other three Void Guards stood up as well, and the vital energy in their bodies rose steadily. The rage and killing intent that had accumulated in their hearts during these past few days surged throughout their bodies, causing them to seem like weapons of slaughter that had left their sheathes!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two rays of light tore through the sky and tore open the clouds. They drifted down to a mountain peak that was 30km away from Lu Chen and the others, and it was precisely Chen Xi and Lie Binghan.

Chen Xi looked towards the distance in silence, and he said casually, “I’ll deal with Lu Chen later. You only have to persist for ten minutes.”

“Alright!” Lie Binghan nodded with a solemn, resolute, and murderous expression.

Chen Xi glanced at Lie Binghan, and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Lie Binghan was slightly anxious, then confidence suffused Chen Xi’s handsome face.

Lie Binghan seemed to be affected by this, and he seemed to become much more relaxed.

“Ten minutes?” Right at this moment, the distant Lu Chen smiled lightly with an indifferent and composed expression. “Looks like advancing into the Mysterious Immortal Realm caused you to be much more confident.”

Chen Xi casually withdrew the Talisman Armament and pointed it at Lu Chen from afar before he said, “You’ll know whether I’m confident or not after I give it a try.”

As he spoke, a peerlessly fierce imposing aura suddenly swarmed out from within his body, and it shot into the nine heavens. It crushed the clouds in an expanse of 5,000km, and it even caused space to drone.

Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed while his violet pupils surged with the glow of lightning and flickered with a cold and ghastly sheen. “A very good imposing aura. It wouldn’t take long for a figure like you to be able to be ranked in the top hundred of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. Unfortunately, God Trove Mountain Range will be your burial grounds today.”

When he finished speaking the last word, an indescribable aura of slaughter rumbled from Lu Chen’s body, and he was like a weapon of slaughter in the depths of an abyss that had left its sheath. The terrifying aura of slaughter caused the originally clear sky to be covered by a layer of dense haze.


Lu Chen rose into the air while his clothed fluttered. At this moment, he who was originally calm had an icy cold and indifferent expression, his long hair fluttered, and his eyes surged with violet light while he emanated an oppressive imposing aura annihilation.

“I heard that Zuoqiu Kong’s Void Guard has a total of sixty four members, I presume you’re one of the top existences amongst them?” Chen Xi straightened his clothes and walked up the sky step by step, and then he stood in confrontation with Lu Chen from afar.

Zuoqiu Kong!

The Void Guard!

Lie Binghan was shocked in his heart when he heard this. He finally understood that these freaks that had locked down the Cloudlight Bridge actually came from the Zuoqiu Clan!

“I can’t be considered to be one of the top existences, yet I’m sufficient to kill you.” Lu Chen spoke indifferently. As he spoke, a sword had appeared in his hand. The sword was clear like the sky, and it faintly surged with a layer of the aura of bright and clear flames.

Thousand Autumn Sword!

The character autumn ‘’ was formed the characters of ‘’ and ‘’. The character ‘’ represented wood while the character ‘’ represented fire. This sword contained the elements of wood and fire, and it nurtured a great murderous aura. It was a supreme weapon of slaughter passed down within the Zuoqiu Clan, and it was at the high-rank of the Cosmic Immortal Grade!

“Kill me? You’re unworthy, Zuoqiu Kong is unworthy, the entire Zuoqiu Clan is similarly unworthy!” Amidst his indifferent and piercingly cold voice, Chen Xi flashed while the Talisman Armament swept out like a river of stars that carried a myriad of layers of powerful waves as it slashed down. 

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