Chapter 1111 – Devil Vanquish Slaughtering Immortals

At the instant the Devil Vanquish Grand Formation was activated, Lu Chen who sat cross-legged before the Cloudlight Bridge suddenly opened his eyes, and terrifying violet bolts of lightning rumbled within his eyes.

At practically the exact same moment that Lu Chen opened his eyes, the hearts of the other three Void Guards shook, and they simultaneously shot their gazes extremely far into the distance.

At that place, numerous thick and blazing beams of light were charging into the sky, and they illuminated the world while emanating a terrifying might that instilled terror in the hearts of all.

“What a terrifying formation!”

“Such might is sufficient to trap a Golden Immortal!”

“Senior Brother Gao Lin and the others wouldn’t have been…”

All of them were surprised and bewildered, and they couldn’t help but have a bad premonition.

Lu Chen was silent for a long time when he saw this, and then he slowly closed his eyes once more and said, “Gao Lin and the others won’t be able to return anymore.”

His voice was indifferent and casual as before, yet the other three sensed a strand of faint coldness and rage within it.

“Senior Brother Lu Chen, if we go over to help right now, we ought to be in time,” said one of the Void Guards.

“Oh? Which of you three has the ability to break open that grand formation?” Lu Chen closed his eyes as he spoke indifferently.

The three of them glanced at each other while they revealed hesitant and indeterminate expressions because they did indeed have no confidence in being able to break open that grand formation in a short period of time.

One of them said in a low voice, “But Senior Brother Lu Chen, you’re capable of accomplishing it.”

Lu Chen said, “If I leave, then what would we do if the target seizes the opportunity to flee?”

At this moment, all of them finally understood Lu Chen’s thoughts, and all of them were extremely shocked in their hearts. Besieging the capital of Wei Kingdom to rescue the Zhao Kingdom? Luring the tiger out of the mountains? If it really is like that, then Chen Xi’s plans are really meticulous!

“A few days ago, Junior Brothers Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen perished, and just moments ago, Junior Brothers Zhao Ding and Qiu Yan were killed by the enemy as well. Presently, Junior Brother Gao Lin and the others have fallen into that grand formation. Could it be that all of this was done by the target?” One of the Void Guards seemed to have thought of something, and his expression turned gloomy while he spoke with a frown on his face. “Isn’t he only at the Heavenly Immortal Realm? How could he possibly have accomplished all of this?”

His voice already carried a wisp of shock and bewilderment that was impossible to eliminate.

The other two Void Guards deeply agreed as well. Even if they were unwilling to admit it, but the facts before their eyes proved that their target this time was extremely difficult to deal with, and it was even to the extent that he’d exceeded their expectations every single time, causing them to be filled with disbelief.

The atmosphere seemed to be slightly oppressive, and only the droning sounds emanated by the spatial tempest around the Cloudlight Bridge sounded like the weeping of the heart.

Lu Chen said abruptly and broke this atmosphere, “At the beginning of our mission, I told all of you not to underestimate our target this time, and the incidents before us only prove that what I said wasn’t wrong.”

The others were stunned and were at a loss for what to say.

Lu Chen couldn’t help but sigh when he saw that they still hadn’t come to an understanding and said, “Since the moment we, Void Guards, were established, we’ve always been cultivating behind closed doors within the clan and relying on various cruel training to temper ourselves. So the Young Master wouldn’t disturb us for an ordinary matter.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Yet now, for the sake of dealing with a single expert at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, the Young Master sent twelve of us instead. Could it be that all of you didn’t notice the Young Master’s intentions?”

One of them said with astonishment, “Could it be that the Young Master was clearly aware since the beginning that Chen Xi was extremely difficult to deal with?”

Another one of the Void Guards muttered instead. “I originally thought that the Young Master only sent us for the sake of certain success. Now that I think about it, we really seemed to have underestimated our opponent…”

Lu Chen said indifferently, “We didn’t do anything wrong. All of this only proves that the target is even more difficult to deal with than the Young Master expected.”

When he spoke up to here, his voice suddenly became low and cold as he said, “But no matter what, since the Young Master entrusted us with this mission, we must complete it this time! Even if we die!”

The other three Void Guards were shocked, and their expressions became heavy as they said solemnly, “Don’t worry Senior Brother Lu Chen, we’ll surely do all in our power to succeed!”

Crack! Crack!

Right at this moment, a wave of fine cracking sounded out from Lu Chen, and he seemed to have expected this since the beginning and said with an indifferent expression, “Junior Brother Gao Lin’s Soulfate Tablet is on the verge of shattering completely…” 


Within the Devil Vanquish Grand Formation, the figure Gao Lin who’d always been seated cross-legged on the ground while investigating the secrets of the grand formation with all his might suddenly stiffened while strands of blood suddenly surged into his pair of strange double pupils, and then they directly exploded with a bang!

“AH!!!” Extreme piercing pain flowed throughout his body. This bit of pain wasn’t anything to him, yet the destruction of his Double Pupils caused Gao Lin to be unable to help but let out a shrill cry of misery.

All his ability revolved around the Double Pupils. Now that they were destroyed, it was similar to crippling his cultivation, and this sort of unparalleled blow caused him to be unable to maintain the composure in his heart.

“Senior Brother Gao Lin!” 

“Dammit! What is this happening?”

When the three Void Guards who were resisting the sword qi that came from all directions saw this, all of them were horrified. Especially when they saw Gao Lin’s Double Pupils had been destroyed, their hearts couldn’t help but constrict fiercely while they felt extremely terrified.

“Dammit! That bastard actually set up a talisman diagram that contains the meaning of ‘Infinite’ within the grand formation. The formation contains boundless variations that caused me to fall deeper as I investigated, and I suffered backlash in the end!” Gao Lin’s eyes were bleeding and empty while his countenance was ghastly pale and extremely terrifying, and his voice even revealed a strand of terror. 

Infinite! That’s one of the most supreme and mysterious inheritances in the Immortal Dimension!

Could it be that the person who set up the formation is…an heir of Oracle Mountain?

Gao Lin was astounded while he almost lost his mind. The reason he felt it was the person who set up the formation and not Chen Xi was because Gao Lin didn’t believe at all that the target this time would be related to Oracle Mountain.

“Infinite… That’s…that’s impossible, right?’

“That’s Oracle Mountain’s…”

“Could it be that an heir of Oracle Mountain is lending the target a hand?”

The other three Void Guards were greatly shocked. They’d grown up in the Zuoqiu Clan since a young age, so they were extremely well aware of all the sects in the Immortal Dimension. Thus, how could they be unaware of the various supreme and mysterious existences in the Immortal Dimension?

Presently, when they heard Gao Lin say the world ‘Infinite,’ it caused all of them to instantly think of that sect that was the most mysterious and supreme in the three dimensions, and the shock in their hearts was clear.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, the sword qi that surged over from all directions became even more powerful and dense, and it was like a myriad of enormous waves were surging over, like a powerful army was assaulting them.

The attack this time was even more terrifying than before!

“Shit! If this goes on, then all of us will perish without a doubt!”

“Senior Brother Gao Lin, we must make a decision!”

“Right! The three of us will fight with our lives on the line to create a path for you to escape. Senior Brother Gao Lin, no matter what, you have to pass the information of what happened here to Senior Brother Lu Chen!”

The three Void Guards sensed unparalleled pressure, and they immediately roared with rage while looking towards Gao Lin with resolute expressions.

“All of you…” Gao Lin opened his mouth with the intention to speak.

“It’s decided.” One of them gritted his teeth and shouted explosively. After that, he looked at the other two by his side, and all of them saw each other’s resolution.

In the next moment, a strand of extremely terrifying fluctuation suddenly surged from within their bodies, and it was like numerous volcanos were about to explode within their bodies.

“NO!!!” Gao Lin roared furiously with a hysterical tone.

But before his voice finished resounding through the air, a wave of heaven shaking bangs rumbled by his ear, and an extremely terrifying torrent of air blasted towards the surroundings like a raging gale.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The entire Devil Vanquish Grand Formation shook and emanated explosive sounds of shattering, and then it rumbled as it vanished into nothingness.

It was the self-detonation of an entire three top experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, so the violent and chaotic flow of energy caused by it didn’t just break open the Devil Vanquish Grand Formation, it even spread towards the surroundings, causing the mountains, plants, and living beings in an area of 5,000km to be completely crushed into powder. It transformed into a place of desolation.

On the other hand, Gao Lin’s figure was carried by a shapeless force and was fiercely tossed 5,000km away. He knew that this was the last thing those three Junior Brothers of his had done before they perished.

“DAMMIT!!!!” After he fell to the ground, Gao Lin looked up and roared with anger, and his voice that was filled with boundless sorrow, anger, and hatred resounded in the surroundings.

As a genius that was fostered with the entire might of the Zuoqiu Clan, as a member of the Void Guard, he’d cultivated the best cultivation techniques, consumed the best medicine, and received the cruelest training in the Immortal Dimension since a young age.

They were machines of slaughter, a sharp blade in the hands of one of the six blazing suns, Zuoqiu Kong. They had always been kept hidden in a box, and they hadn’t covered their hands with the blood of their enemies.

Yet now, so many of his companions had fallen on their first mission, so how could Gao Lin, who’d always taken pride in the Zuoqiu Clan and taken pride in being a member of the Void Guard, be able to accept this?

“Don’t worry Junior Brothers, I, Gao Lin, will surely repay the enmity of today by a hundredfold to the enemy!” Gao Lin gasped rapidly for breath for a while before he gnashed his teeth and spoke word by word.

“Unfortunately, you’ll be unable to accomplish it.” Right at this moment, a soft and indifferent voice entered into Gao Lin’s ears, and it caused him to swiftly stand up before turning his head around.

Even though he was blinded, Gao Lin still possessed his Immortal Sense. Instantly, a tall figure floated into appearance within his Immortal Sense, and it was precisely his target — Chen Xi!

Gao Lin turned around and fled when he saw Chen Xi. He didn’t hesitate at all, and he seemed to be extremely resolute and decisive.

Unfortunately, he’d just turned around when he noticed that his path of retreat was sealed off by Lie Binghan. His heart instantly sank when he noticed this, and his mind was in chaos.

“Your companions didn’t come help you after so long, so they obviously intend to stand on guard at the Cloudlight Bridge because they’re worried that I’d seize the opportunity to leave. In other words, you’re currently all alone and without any support. It’s impossible for you to escape.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. He was slightly surprised in his heart as well because he didn’t expect the enemy to be so ruthless to the point of detonating themselves just like that. They were simply like a group of freaks that didn’t know what life and death were.

“Hmph! Do you think you’ll be able to arrive at Dao Emperor Academy if you kill me? A foolish dream…” Gao Lin silently clenched his right fist together tightly as he spoke.

“Attack!” Before he could finish speaking, Chen Xi attacked ferociously. At the same time, Lie Binghan’s figure flashed while he slapped his palm towards Gao Lin’s head.

This strike could be said to be extremely sudden, and Gao Lin didn’t expect it at all! Coupled with the fact that his cultivation was considered to be crippled due to the destruction of his Double Pupils, he wasn’t able to react in time at all.


A muffled bang resounded. Gao Lin’s head was directly smashed apart by Lie Binghan’s palm strike, causing blood and brain to spray into the air.

On the other hand, Chen Xi stretched out his hand and executed the Grand Confinement Dao Art, and he directly imprisoned Gao Lin’s right hand! 

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