Chapter 111 – One Against All

Chapter 111 – One Against All


The flying sword tore through the sky as if transformed into five tiny flying swords.

Every flying sword assumed a different color, red, green, blue, yellow, and violet. After they shot out, they formed a lotus shaped sword formation in midair, and a terrifying killing intent surged out from it, causing the space within a proximity of 300m to be pierced to the point that it droned ceaselessly. All the bones, tables, chairs and stone pillars within the great hall were obliterated into powder and scattered into the air.

At that instant, the originally empty great hall had become a ghastly and terrifying hell. The sky was filled with sharp and ear piercing sword howls that were like the incredibly forlorn and bitter wailing of ghosts.

“Five Evils Composite Sword!” A wisp of shock gushed out from Ling Bai’s eyes when he saw the five colored sword formation before being replaced by rage. He’d once heard his Master mention that this sort of sword technique was cultivated by those who cultivated the Evil Dao, and it was refined from five type of vengeful souls that died with rage, resentment, lust, sorrow, and greed. Every type required a total of 50,000 souls to refine the five malicious evil swords, and when they were grouped together, they were the Five Evils Composite Sword. Once the sword was successfully refined, it was even able to condense a Devil God, and its might was comparable to a top-grade heaven-rank Magic Treasure.

When he saw Su Leng use this sword, how could Ling Bai not know that this fellow had tortured and killed 250,000 lives?

“Chen Xi, leave this person to me!” These thoughts practically flashed in Ling Bai’s mind within an instant, and the little fellow shouted out in rage before suddenly soaring into the sky. His entire body was twined by lightning as nirvanic energy spread out, and he swiftly transformed into a large sword that was 30m wide before fiercely slashing downwards!

Chen Xi had already noticed something was off the instant Su Leng spoke, and the eight Netherezim Baleful Swords floated around his body, waiting to counterattack. When he suddenly saw Ling Bai fearlessly attacking, his figure moved towards the nearby Su Dingyi and the others right away.

No matter if it was Ling Bai or Chen Xi, the speed of their reactions at this instant simply seemed as if they’d long since discussed it, and the two of them had chosen their respective opponents with tacit understanding at almost the instant Su Leng made a move.

This was a battle!

A battle that decided life and death!

There was no time for unnecessary words, nor was there time for consideration. It tested combat experience and reaction speed, and it was possible that being a beat slower would cause one to die in an instant.

Ling Bai has fused with the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, his cultivation is comparable to a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, and he himself contains Nirvana Sword Insight of the highest order. When dealing with Su Leng, who’s at the Golden Core Realm, he would surely not be defeated for some time. Whereas what I have to do is swiftly kill Su Dingyi and the others, then go against Su Leng with Ling Bai! Chen Xi’s killing intent surged and he intended to end the battle swiftly.


The eight Netherezim Flying Swords droned and howled as they transformed into unparalleled flowing lights that were like tidewater as they shot towards the closest Su Dingyuan.

The reaction speed of Su Dingyi’s group of six wasn't slow either, and the six of them had withdrawn their own Magic Treasures, which were all flying swords, the instant Su Leng attacked.

The six of them were all Golden Hall Realm cultivators. Although their strength varied, they’d experienced numerous fierce battles together, and their cooperation possessed an extreme tacit understanding. At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi charging over in attack, it fitted exactly with their wishes, and the six flying swords tore through the sky as they thundered out.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

The might of the swords surged, and the energy of each flying sword was different, either powerful like a dragon, surging like a wave, fine like the rain, or violent like flames, and they were crisscrossed together both horizontally and vertically. They formed a myriad of sword lights that were like streams that oscillated in all directions, and it was like a large net that couldn’t be avoided had slashed towards Chen Xi.

This kid is dead!

Su Dingyi and the others were extremely confident that with their joint attacks, they were able to persist for a period of time, even if they were going against a cultivator at the Golden Core Realm, let alone Chen Xi who was only a Violet Palace Realm cultivator that was inferior to them by a realm. Killing a fellow like this was simply as easy as blowing off dust.

However, a scene that exceeded their expectations occurred...

Chen Xi’s entire body was surrounded by the eight Netherezim Flying Swords, and not only did he not dodge, he instead charged head-on to rush into the sword lights that covered the heavens and the earth. His figure was like a ghost, like wind, like lightning, he was fast to the point only a shadow that was almost translucent could be seen, and his entire body had virtually transformed into a strand of wind that could get into every opening. He shuttled back, forth, and between the tiny gaps in the myriad of sword lights, and he moved forward with extreme speed!

“What swift speed!”

“Wind Dao Insight!”

“What movement technique is this?”

The pupils of Su Dingyi and the others had all constricted, yet their movements weren’t slow. They controlled their flying swords to instantly slash out with a myriad of swift and fierce sword lights that descended like a violent storm, and the sword lights were dense to the point they were like rolling tidewater.

Hiss! Hiss!

Numerous terrifying cuts appeared on Chen Xi’s body, and fresh blood dripped from them.

Truly an idiot! Does he think that since he has comprehended Wind Dao Insight, he can approach by relying on his speed? He’s simply courting death!

Su Dingyi and the others revealed traces of cold smiles when they saw this. However, in the next moment, they noticed to their astonishment that the cuts on Chen Xi’s body recovered flawlessly in almost an instant, and it was as if everything from before was an illusion.

The ability to regrow limbs… This fellow is actually a Violet Palace Realm body refiner!

“Die!” It was at this moment that Chen Xi had already arrived beside Su Dingyuan, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords formed the 1st level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation before slashing down right at him.

“Earthsky Mountainsplit Shield.” Never had Su Dingyuan imagined that Chen Xi was actually able to pass through the tight encirclement and arrive by his side, but his reaction was extremely swift. With an explosive shout, a 3m tall enormous shield had appeared before him. Runes covered the shield as earthen yellow lights suffused it and drifted out, and it possessed oppressive spirit energy. Obviously, it was a formidable Magic Treasure with shocking defense.

However, what Su Dingyuan never expected was that the eight Netherezim Flying Swords would suddenly stop, then shoot like a ghost towards the nearby Su Dinglong with a swish.

“This fellow is intelligent, he knows that he’s unable to move my Earthsky Mountainsplit Shield forcefully… Ah!” Su Dingyuan abruptly felt a wave of intense pain from his soul, it was like his soul was fiercely smashed by a sledgehammer, and it ached to the point his head droned and he felt dizzy.

“Watch out!”

“Idiot! What’re you still standing there for!?”

“He’s done for!”

Su Dingyuan shuddered when he heard the explosive shouts that entered into his ears, and he knew that he’d encountered a soul attack. However, when he awoke, he saw a fist swiftly enlarging within his pupils…


Su Dingyuan’s head was directly smashed into a ball of meat paste that scattered out, and his body crashed onto the ground.

Kacha! Kacha!

Right when Su Dingyuan’s head was smashed into pieces, the nearby Su Dinglong had similarly encountered danger.

He’d originally seen Su Dingyuan encounter an attack and was just intending to move ahead to save Su Dingyuan, but he never imagined that Chen Xi’s eight flying swords would change direction and rush towards him. He was caught off guard and only had the time to utilize his flying sword to protect his body.

However, it was already too late. The Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation was famous for its extreme speed, and it was a profound-rank sword formation, whereas the eight Netherezim flying swords were all top-grade yellow-rank flying swords. When they enveloped him, they instantly minced him and his flying sword into powder, and he didn’t even emit a shrill cry before he died.

Su Dingyuan and Su Dinglong had died. Two Golden Hall Realm cultivators were annihilated by Chen Xi at almost the exact same instant. His speed was so swift and the situation of the battle was so strange that it caused the other four people to almost be unable to react.

Just think about it. First Chen Xi charged up boldly, causing the others to mistake him for an idiot, but in actuality, he’d intentionally allowed himself to be injured. Then, he pretended to attack one target while really aiming for the other by confusing the hearts of his enemies. He carried these two things out simultaneously because he wanted to kill two of them the moment he made a move!

The resoluteness of his actions, the ruthlessness of his attacks, and his cunning for utilizing schemes in an instant caused even Su Leng, who was in battle with Ling Bai, to be shocked. No one had expected that Chen Xi would utilize tactics so ingeniously during the battle. It was ingenious to the extreme, and he’d actually transcended a realm to annihilate two Golden Hall Realm cultivators with a cultivation at the Violet Palace Realm!

Actually, this was only Chen Xi utilizing his own advantage to the limit.

Who would have imagined that he wasn’t only at the Violet Palace Realm in qi refinement, but that even his body refinement had attained the Violet Palace Realm that could regrow severed limbs?

Who would have imagined that he possessed a rare soul attack technique?

Who would have imagined that the might of the sword formation his eight Netherezim Flying Swords formed was actually so formidable?

All this could be sufficiently described as attacking before the enemy was prepared.

“Watch out everyone, this kid possesses a cultivation in both body refinement and qi refinement. His sword formation and movement technique are exceedingly formidable as well, and can’t be judged by common sense. Attack with your full strength and avenge Dingyuan and Dinglong!” Su Dingyi roared in rage, his flying sword transforming into a 30m long enormous dragon that possessed lifelike scales, a long beard, and claws. Its imposing manner was violent and powerful, and a terrifying wave of flames swept out from it.

“Flamedragon Wind Slash!” The enormous flame dragon soared into the sky, then its enormous tail was like a mountain splitting greatsword that fiercely struck towards Chen Xi who was on the ground.

“Seven Strike Soul Death!”

“Second-Wood Devil Subduing Sword!”

“Ultimate True Lightningbreak!”

Su Dingwei, Su Dingkong, and Su Dingrou didn’t dare hold back any longer, and they executed their most formidable trump cards in unison. Instantly, various techniques, sword techniques, and Magic Treasures soared into the sky within an area of 300m, and the violent and terrifying energy shook the sky to the point it wailed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the sky of the great hall, there seemed to be countless bolts of lightning that struck down, a violet sword qi in the form of a flame dragon, a technique that was swift like a bolt of lightning, and an azure colored enormous sword… A variety of attacks crashed down, instantly creating numerous large holes on the ground from impact. It caused dirt to fly up into the air and the ground was charred. The dispersing airflow collided with the surrounding walls and emitted a deafening bang.

Chen Xi seemed to have expected that he would encounter this scene, and after he annihilated Su Dingyuan and Su Dinglong, his figure floated, executing the Divine Windwing Flight to flash out at an extreme speed like a nimble sparrow. Due to him having seized the initiative, his speed wasn’t affected in the slightest, and the instant before the various attacks above him crashed down, he’d already charged out 3km. Ling Bai was battling Su Leng at the place he charged out to!

“This damnable thing only knows how to rely on his swift speed to flee?” Su Dingyi ceaselessly gnashed his teeth with hatred, and the gazes of the other three all shot fire. If their gazes were able to kill, then Chen Xi would probably have died a thousand times long ago.

“This won’t do! We absolutely can’t allow him to be killed by Martial Uncle Su Leng. If we can’t even kill this little fellow at the Violet Palace Realm, then we’d have lived until now for nothing!”

“Right! Attack together, Dingyuan and Dinglong can’t just die like that!”


Under Su Dingyi’s lead, the figures of the four flashed out explosively to closely chase after Chen Xi.

However, right when they flew out over 100m, they suddenly noticed that the distant Chen Xi’s tracks had vanished, and they were actually unable to find him again within the exceedingly vast great hall!

“Could it be that he used a Stealth Talisman?”

“How could that be possible? If it’s a Stealth Talisman, then I would have found it long ago with my Spiritual perception!"

“Could it be a cloaking Magic Treasure? That’s not right, all Magic Treasures have an aura fluctuation, and even if the body vanished, it would be unable to conceal the aura!”

Su Dingyi’s group of four were bewildered and indeterminate, but the four of them had already experienced Chen Xi’s cunning and crafty way of battle. All of them were extremely vigilant as they carefully took precautions, as they were deeply afraid that Chen Xi would launch a sneak attack.

Actually, Chen Xi had stayed on the spot and utterly didn’t move, and he’d only used the Traceless Aura Technique to hide his figure and restrain his aura. This miraculous technique had come from the treasured techniques within the sword immortal’s abode, and unless it was a great cultivator that had condensed Divine Sense, otherwise, it was utterly impossible to discover his existence. The drawback was that he could only be in a motionless state, and so long as he slightly made a move, his figure and aura would be exposed completely.

But even then, as long as it was utilized well, the Traceless Aura Technique was still a top weapon in stealth and assassination.

Chen Xi didn’t move, and after he made sure that Su Dingyi’s group of four wouldn’t randomly attack his location, he’d temporarily placed his attention onto the battle situation between little Ling Bai and Su Leng. Chen Xi’s gaze was attracted by the battle between the two with just a slight look from the sidelines.

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