Chapter 1108 – The Stars Sway Beneath The Veil Of Eternal Night


Before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, he felt his soul suddenly tremble before it seemed like a resonant bell resounded by his ears, causing his soul to shiver.

In the next moment, the vital energy in his body circulated on its own while roaring Immortal Energy surged like a torrent along his meridians towards the Baihui Acupoint at the top of his head.

The Baihui Acupoint was at the peak of the head, where the Main Soul resided, and it was called the ‘Cerebral Palace.’

Amongst the barriers of the three mysteries, the first barrier was related to this area.

At this moment, the Immortal Energy in Chen Xi’s body was vast like a tide as it surged fiercely towards his ‘Cerebral Palace.’ There seemed to be a shapeless barrier there that obstructed it every single time it charged towards the ‘Cerebral Palace,’ causing rumbling to resound.

Fortunately, this was the world of stars, otherwise, such rumbling would surely cause an area of 500km to quake. Moreover, the phenomenon where the heavens and the earth rumbled while all the myriad of things in the world shivered would occur.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t dare be distracted. He held his breath in concentration while maintaining the clearness of his mind, and he led the vital energy and vast Immortal Energy in his body to charge towards the ‘Cerebral Palace’ at full force.

He knew himself very well, and he was very well aware of how strong his soul was. This caused the ‘Cerebral Palace’ his Main Soul resided in to be hard as a rock, and it was extremely difficult to shake.

Under such circumstances, he had to strike fiercely and swiftly to break open the ‘Cerebral Palace,’ otherwise once he lost this critical factor to advance, he didn’t know when it would appear once more.

This was what it was meant to break through the barrier and enter with a bold and powerful effort!

No matter if it was a cultivator or immortal, they placed importance on killing resolutely and fighting for supremacy with the heavens. If one didn’t fight, then one would be abandoned by the Heaven Dao!


Immortal Energy transformed into numerous torrents that charged and rumbled as they collided with the barrier of the ‘Cerebral Palace.’ It seemed like tempestuous waves slapping onto the shore, and its imposing aura rose steadily like a burning ray of light.

Every single collision caused Chen Xi to feel trembling that came from the soul. It was an extremely unique feeling, and it was if he would be able to discover a new frontier and see the scenery in the distance if he charged through the barrier.

This process continued for an entire six hours.

In the end, when the barrier around the ‘Cerebral Palace’ was on the verge of collapse, the vital energy in his body actually started to become dispirited.

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake. How could he dare hesitate anymore? He suddenly gritted his teeth and didn’t just push his Blackhole World to the limit, even the Immortal Force within the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger oceans were drawn by him, and they charged towards the ‘Cerebral Palace’ like an ocean.

At this instant, he felt the meridians within his entire body were on the verge of exploding, causing his entire body to surge with divine radiance. He seemed like a ball of dazzling light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three enormous bangs suddenly resounded in succession within the depths of Chen Xi’s soul, and it was like a moment of sudden enlightenment. At that moment, he felt every single pore and thought in him had attained ‘enlightenment.’

At the same time, a loud crack resounded from within the ‘Cerebral Palace’ as the extremely firm barrier had finally been broken apart, allowing his vast Immortal Energy to rumble and surge in as if it had found a place to be discharged.

At this moment, Chen Xi fully experienced the comfortable feeling of ‘the soul bathed in snow and cleansed of all impurities.’ It felt as if his soul was washed by the purest water in the world, causing all its impurities to be eliminated, and only pureness and serenity was left behind.

All of this indicated that Chen Xi had broken through the first of the barrier of the three mysteries, the Barrier of Heavenly Mystery. His ‘Cerebral Palace’ had transformed into an ocean of Immortal Energy that merged with the Main Soul, allowing him to attain the Mysterious Immortal Realm!


Suddenly, a completely round halo floated up into appearance behind Chen Xi’s head. It was deep and dark like the eternal night, and within it were a myriad of stars circulating while emanating clear radiance.

Along with every single breath he took, this halo that was like an expanse of eternal night was sway without end while emanating a thousand strands of divine radiance and an auspicious glow that shot 30km into the surroundings. When looked at from afar, he seemed like a ‘god’ that was worshiped within the temples of the mortal world, and he seemed solemn, dignified, divine, and supreme.

This was ‘Jadelight!’

When the Barrier of Heavenly Mystery was traversed, Jadelight would emerge, and it was the characteristic of the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

The Jadelight every single Mysterious Immortal Realm expert possessed was different, and one could discern the height of the expert’s strength and foundation from it.

A weaker Mysterious Immortal’s Jadelight would be like the size of a fist and lustrous like a luminous pearl.

An ordinary initial-stage Mysterious Immortal Realm expert’s Jadelight would attain the state of being large as a cattail leaf fan and capable of illuminating the land.

A top initial-stage Mysterious Immortal Realm expert’s Jadelight could even attain the state of being like a curtail with a glow that moved the nine heavens!

But unlike the other initial-stage Mysterious Immortal Realm experts of the world, Chen Xi’s Jadelight was like stars dazzling beneath the veil of eternal night. The vast and profound scene revealed by it was more than ten times greater than top initial-stage Mysterious Immortal Realm experts.

It was even to the extent that when one looked at him from afar, Chen Xi seemed to have been covered beneath the eternal night and enveloped by a myriad of stars. He was like the child of the starry sky, and if such a scene was seen by other Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, their jaws would probably hit the floor from shock.

This obviously displayed exactly how deep Chen Xi’s foundation was.



At practically the exact same instant Chen Xi advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, the originally bright and clear azure sky above the inn he resided in suddenly seemed to have been tainted by ink, and it transformed into pitch black eternal darkness. Countless chilly stars emerged in the sky, and they emanated a myriad of rays of starlight.

This scene instantly caused all the nearby immortals to explode into an uproar.

On the streets, inns, and stores within 500km in the vicinity, no matter how formidable their strengths were, every single immortal raised their heads in unison and looked towards the origin of the phenomenon before being flabbergasted.

“This is?”

“It seems like someone advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm!”

“My god! This wouldn’t be the phenomenon created by the ‘Jadelight,’ right?”

“The stars sway beneath the veil of eternal night. Only the phenomenon that appeared all those years ago when the six blazing suns advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm can compare to it, right?”

“Indeed. According to my knowledge, when the Jade Phoenix Wan Jiansheng advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm all those years ago, he caused the phenomenon of the ‘the azure sky transforming into a sword while the clouds revealed their edges.’ It’s on par with this phenomenon before our eyes, and I’m unable to differentiate a winner between the two.”

“Oh, all of you didn’t witness it with your own two eyes, so how could you possible determine a winner? Stop discussing it, let’s quickly rush over to see exactly which genius expert advanced. There doesn’t seem to be such a shocking figure in our Jadewhale City…”

The crowd was in an uproar, and they discussed animatedly as they gazed at the phenomenon in the sky above the inn. Moreover, some even directly approached the inn with the intention of going over to take a look and see who exactly had created such a phenomenon.

But to everyone’s astonishment, the phenomenon only appeared for a short moment before vanishing without a trace, and the starry eternal night was replaced by the clear azure sky once more.

When some of the crowd rushed over to the inn, they noticed that the place was deserted a long time ago.

“Alas. No matter what, it was absolutely a top figure that was capable of causing such phenomenon when advancing.” Someone couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

The others deeply agreed.

Actually, they were utterly unaware that this phenomenon was caused by Chen Xi while cultivating within the world of stars, and if it had occurred in the outside world, then the entirety of Jadewhale City would have probably been enveloped by the phenomenon! 



Beneath the sky, a tall figure strode through the wavy clouds and flashed towards the extreme distance.

I never expected that I’d actually cause a phenomenon of the heavens and the earth when I advanced. Even the world of stars was unable to isolate it completely… Chen Xi shook is heart and felt that it was fortunate that he left swiftly, otherwise he might have gotten into trouble and caused his trip to God Trove Mountain Range to be delayed.

After all, he’d stayed in Jadewhale City for seven days already, and there were merely twenty plus days left before the recruitment period of Dao Emperor Academy, whereas, he hadn’t even traversed God Trove Mountain Range to arrive at Autumn Plain Continent, let alone arrived at Valiant Star Continent!

So he had to make the best use of his time!

Even though I wasted some time comprehending the ‘Sword of Water,’ I was actually able to advance into the Mysterious Immortal Realm by coincidence, and it can be considered to be a pleasant surprise… Chen Xi sensed the tremendous changes in his vital energy as he flew forward, and he felt even more relaxed in his heart and wasn’t so laden with anxiety like he was during the past few days.

Originally, after he grasped the ‘Sword of Water,’ then coupled with the strength of his clone and Starry, he didn’t have to worry about those ten Void Guards.

Now, he’d actually unexpectedly advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm. This caused his combat strength to undergo a transformation overnight, and it was more than ten times more formidable than before!

This was the advancement of an entire realm!

Earlier when he was at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he was already capable of defeating Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, whereas when he was at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Ream, even Liang Bing who utilized the Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, Silverlight Shuttle, wasn’t a match for him. Now that he’d advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, his combat strength wasn’t just simply capable of surmounting a single stage.

It’s better to be more careful. Those Void Guards are Sacrificial Soldiers of the Zuoqiu Clan, and they’re top figures selected from all over the Immortal Dimension. All of them have tempered their strengths thousands of times, and they absolutely can’t be compared to ordinary Mysterious Immortals. Chen Xi took a deep breath and completely recovered his calm, and then he stopped thinking about all this and rushed along his journey at full speed.

God Trove Mountain Range was situated 15,000km outside Jadewhale City. After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi was able to see a boundlessly vast and lofty mountain range lay across the distant horizons. Peaks rose and fell on it, and he was unable to see the end of it.


As soon as he arrived here, Chen Xi swiftly charged into the forest like a flowing ray of light, and then he started to move through the layer upon layer of trees in the forest.

If he continued flying in midair, then he would be too conspicuous, and it would be extremely easy to notice him.

Moreover, Chen Xi didn’t dare confirm that all of the Void Guard were waiting before the Cloudlight Bridge. So for safety’s sake, he decided it was better to rely on the natural cover of the forest to move forward on the mountain.

God Trove Mountain Range was said to possess 100,000 enormous mountains and a million peaks. It was boundlessly vast indeed. There wasn’t just a dense forest within it, there were even intersecting gorges, and it was filled with various dangers.

Chen Xi had just flashed through the forest for a mere fifteen minutes when he was able to sense the aura of numerous demon beasts that were extremely ferocious and formidable, and it was even to the extent that they weren’t weaker than Golden Immortals!

Fortunately, Chen Xi had restrained his aura as he travelled, so he was able to safely avoid these extremely dangerous auras.

Two hours later, Chen Xi suddenly frowned and stopped moving. He’s sensed strong fluctuations of battle within his Immortal Sense, and the fluctuation was moving swiftly towards him…

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