Chapter 1107 – The Critical Factor To Advance

At the instant the Laws of Water Chen Xi possessed encountered the Infinite Divine Talisman, it once again transformed into a myriad of types of water element talisman markings before condensing into a variety of sword qi.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to stretch out his mind when he saw this. Instantly, a variety of enormous ‘Energy of Inheritance’ surged into his soul like a river.

It was numerous supreme sword techniques that contained the essence, meaning, and strength of the Law of Water, and it was commanded by the Dao of Talismans to formed into numerous sword moves…

Water, the source of all things. It possessed an enormous capacity that included everything in the world.

This caused the inheritance, the ‘Sword of Water,’ to be vast like an ocean. It was sometimes sharp like strings of rain, sometimes powerful like a rainstorm, sometimes coagulated like a swamp, sometimes vast like a lake or sea…

Every single sword move emanated the true profundity of water, and it was condensed into the Laws of the Sword!

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed as if he was soaked in a world of water and was comprehending the change and rhythm of water. All of this were like marks of sword moves that were branded into his heart.

Even though this sort of inheritance was sword moves that contained the Law of Water, it had thoroughly and perfectly merged the quintessence of water into the sword moves. With Chen Xi’s comprehension ability, he was utterly incapable of grasping it in a short period of time.

However, he couldn’t be bothered about all of this right now. His heart was round like the bright full moon, his mind was clear like the clear blue sky, and he’d fallen into a deep level of comprehension.

In the blink of an eye, four months had passed in the world of stars.

On the other hand, almost a month had passed in the outside world.

During this period of time, Chen Xi’s clone had already entered into the territory of Thousandwhirl Continent from Floating Light City in Martial Illumination Continent. After that, he experienced travelling through over a hundred cities before finally relying on the teleportation formation in Whitepond City to arrive at Cloudrest Continent.

All along the way, he’d changed his appearance, and it was an unexpectedly smooth journey. He didn’t suffer any obstruction all along the way, and he’d instead arrived at Cloudrest Continent a few days earlier.

However, Chen Xi was aware that the enemy was waiting for him at God Trove Mountain Range, and that was the most difficult barrier he would face!



Cloudrest Continent, Jadewhale City.

Chen Xi that wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe walked slowly into a restaurant before sitting at a table by the window. He ordered a few dishes before starting to pour and drink wine by himself.

In his heart, he was thinking about God Trove Mountain Range.

This was Cloudrest Continent. If he desired to arrive at Autumn Plain Continent, then he could only traverse God Trove Mountain Range that stood towering between the two continents.

This was a mountain range that was rather famous even in the entire Cloudrest Continent. The peaks on the mountain range rose and fell while the mountain range itself was without bounds. It was said to possess one hundred thousand enormous mountains and a million peaks, and it was boundlessly vast.

On the other hand, there was only a single path that headed to Autumn Plain Continent from here — the Cloudlight Bridge!

The Cloudlight Bridge was situated at the deepest depths of the mountain range, and it was surrounded by spatial tempests. Only by passing through this bridge would one be able to arrive safely at Autumn Plain Continent, and there was no other method.

After all, the spatial tempests were formed by the chaotic flow of Laws in the Immortal Dimension that had converged together. It was like a wall that lay across the area between Cloudrest and Autumn Plain Continents. Moreover, even a Saint Immortal would be unable to avoid perishing from being swept into the spatial tempest. It was extremely terrifying.

The other ten Void Guards in Yue Zhen’s memories are probably waiting before the Cloudlight Bridge now… Chen Xi frowned as he entered into deep contemplation.

He’d heard that the Cloudlight Bridge was formed from a piece of the backbone of a perished god in the Immortal Dimension during the primeval times. It was suffused with divinity, allowing it to be unafraid of the assault of the spatial tempests.

In the countless years of the past, the Cloudlight Bridge had become the one and only path between Cloudrest Continent and Autumn Plain Continent, so if those Void Guards were waiting before the Cloudlight Bridge, then Chen Xi would surely enter into battle with them.

There’s only less than a month left before the recruitment period of Dao Emperor Academy. No matter what, I have to arrive at Autumn Plain Continent before this. So long as I enter Autumn Plain Continent, then I’ll be able to rely on the teleportation formation within the continent to instantly arrive at Valiant Star Continent. Chen Xi took a deep breath. He was able to sense that his main body was receiving the inheritance of the ‘Sword of Water’ within the world of stars, and his main body would be able to complete its cultivation in the next few days. At that time, he would be able to directly kill his way into God Trove Mountain Range. He absolutely couldn’t waste time any longer.

Perhaps I should seize this opportunity to prepare some other things… Chen Xi thought for a moment, and he immediately decided to seize this opportunity to prepare some treasures to go against his enemies. He intended to perfectly prepare because there were an entire ten Void Guards waiting for him, and there was even a top level existence, Lu Chen, amongst them. When facing such an enemy, he absolutely couldn’t be careless in the slightest.

However, right when Chen Xi intended to leave and head to a store in Jadewhale City to obtain some treasures he required, a wave of conversation within the restaurant drew his attention.

“What? The Cloudlight Bridge was locked down? Who had the audacity to do that?”

“I don’t know. But many experts refused to obey it recently, and they tried to get pass by force. However, not a single one of them survived.”

“Dammit! Who exactly are they? Could it be that the great figures of our Cloudrest Continent refuse to interfere?”

“Interfere? Hmph! I’m not afraid to tell you that the Immortal Monarch’s Estate sent four Golden Immortals over. Guess what happened in the end? All of them returned dejectedly!”

“Hiss! It can’t be! Could it be that they’re from some sort of great power?”

“It has to be, otherwise, the Immortal Monarch’s Estate wouldn’t come back without accomplishing anything and not even mention a word about it. Obviously, the Immortal Monarch’s Estate is afraid of their background.”

“But I heard that the Cloudlight Bridge won’t be locked down for long, and it will be for a month at most. Those fellows will leave after a month of time has passed.”

“What exactly do they want to do?”

“I don’t know, but they seem to be pursuing an enemy?”

“Hmph! Dammit! The recruitment period of Dao Emperor Academy in Valiant Star Continent will be starting in less than a month, and the top three experts on our Cloudrest Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings, Lie Binghan, Wang Ta, and Situ Ziying have to head to Valiant Star Continent to participate in the recruitment tests of Dao Emperor Academy. If they’re delayed, then wouldn’t they have no chance to enter Dao Emperor Academy?”

“Alas, we can’t do anything about this.”

All the guests in the restaurant were discussing animatedly, and all of them were slightly displeased, yet could only complain and express their discontent.

After Chen Xi heard all of this, he instantly understood that Lu Chen’s group had probably guessed that he was capable of changing his appearance and concealing this change from the detection of various secret techniques, whereas if he wanted to enter Dao Emperor Academy, then he had no choice but to pass through Cloudlight Bridge.

Thus, they immediately locked the Cloudlight Bridge down, and they would rather kill people that weren’t their target than let him off. Moreover, they even utilized the Zuoqiu Clan’s name, causing the Cloudrest Continent’s Immortal Monarch’s Estate to not dare interfere in this matter.

“Hmph! They’re just a bunch of bastards that came from another continent. I’ll surely kill them if they dare block my path!” Right at this moment, a low grunt resounded. It was like a thunderclap that shook everyone present to the point their entire bodies stiffened, and their gazes moved in unison towards the person that spoke.

It was a handsome young man that wore black robes, had a cold expression between his brows, and a pair of slanted eyes. He sat lazily there, yet he emanated an oppressive imposing aura.

Especially when his eyes narrowed slightly at this moment, they were like sharp blades that actually caused others to feel a piercing pain in their eyes when looking at him from afar. So, they didn’t dare stare at him.

“The second on the Continental Ascensio Rankings — Wang Ta!” Someone cried out with surprise as he’d recognize the identity of the young man. The others entered into a mighty uproar as well when they heard this because they’d never imagined that after they just spoke about Wang Ta, he would actually appear here before them.

He was a legendary figure in the younger generation of Cloudrest Continent that possessed a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. He’d attained perfection in the Blade Dao, causing ordinary Mysterious Immortal Realm experts to be unable to withstand a single strike of his blade!

In the last hundred years, many experts that challenged Wang Ta weren’t even able to endure three strikes of his blade, and because his blade technique was extraordinarily beautiful and unrestrained, he won the title ‘Demon Blade Wang Ta.’

Chen Xi was slightly surprised as well when he heard the discussions in the surroundings. However, Chen Xi wasn’t surprised by Wang Ta’s rankings on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and Chen Xi was instead surprised that Wang Ta actually intended to head to Valiant Star Continent to register himself to take the recruitment test of Dao Emperor Academy.

After that, Chen Xi immediately came to an understanding. Wang Ta was ranked at the second position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings of Cloudrest Continent, so Wang Ta’s rankings on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings was definitely in the top thousand. Thus, Wang Ta naturally possessed the qualifications to participate in the recruitment tests of Dao Emperor Academy.

“Come, it’s time to set out.” Right amidst the sounds of commotion and discussion, an extremely ordinary grey clothed young man stood up from Wang Ta’s side before turning around and leaving.

To everyone’s surprise, Wang Ta nodded before he actually left along with the grey clothed young man. Moreover, he actually faintly revealed a trace of respect on the space between his brows.

“Who’s that?”

“It seems…to be Lie Binghan?”

“It should be him because only he’s capable of making Demon Blade Wang Ta act in such a manner, right?”

“Tsk, I never expected that we would have the luck to meet two young geniuses of legend. They wouldn’t be intending to get past Cloudlight Bridge by force, right?”

“That’s really very likely.”

As they watched Wang Ta leave with the grey clothed young man, the mood of everyone in the restaurant didn’t lower but rose instead, and all of them started discussing the identity of the grey clothed young man. 

Chen Xi wasn’t really interested towards all of this, and he immediately stood up and left the restaurant.

Goldwave Immortal Pavilion.

Chen Xi entered with the VIP token Wu Yuan gave him, and he returned two hours later.

He’d already exchanged all the treasures in his possession that were of no use to him now into various immortal materials, and then he chose an inn before entering behind closed doors.

Seven days later, Chen Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief as he sized up the Formation Flags that he’d finished refining, and he muttered. “1,008 Devil Vanquish Formation Flags, and it’s sufficient to set up a large-scale slaughter formation…”

After he sized them up one by one and confirmed there was no problem, Chen Xi immediately put these Formation Flags away. He sensed briefly before a wisp of delight couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. “I’ve finally grasped the ‘Sword of Water’!”

At the same time within the world of stars, Chen Xi’s main body awoke from state of deep comprehension he was in, and he opened his eyes. A myriad of swords crossed and droned within his gaze before displaying boundless profundity, and it was an extremely terrifying sight.


Surging Laws of Water coiled around Chen Xi’s main body like an enormous river, and it seemed like a myriad of strands of sword qi that emanated misty water vapor were rumbling with a slaughterous, fierce, and powerful aura!

As he sensed the terrifying aura of the ‘Sword of Water,’ Chen Xi finally revealed a relaxed expression. However, right when he intended to stand up and leave the world of stars, his brows suddenly knit together while a wisp of astonishment appeared on his face.

Om~ Om~

Within his body, a wave of the sound of vital energy rumbling resounded abruptly. It was like numerous volcanoes were erupting within his body, and the essence, energy, and spirit within his entire body seemed to have been instantly lit ablaze.

This is…the critical factor to advance! Chen Xi was fiercely shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that the critical factor to advance into the Mysterious Immortal Realm would actually appear at this moment.

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