Chapter 1106 – The True Inheritance Of The Master Of The Manor

There was a boundless starry sky in the world of stars. Beneath the starry sky were numerous stars, nebulas, and rivers of stars that circulated without end while emanating clear radiance. It was a vast and mysterious sight.

This was a world of stars.

Yet at the same time, it was a world of talismans!

According to what Ji Yu said all those years ago, the true inheritance of the Master of the Manor was hidden within this boundless world of stars!

On the other hand, the Divine Talismans of metal, wood, fire, water, and earth were merely basic Divine Talismans. In other words, they were like the key to a door, and behind that door was the true inheritance of the Master of the Manor, Fuxi.

All those years ago, Chen Xi was only at the Golden Hall Realm, and he’d just acquired knowledge about Divine Talismans. Even though he remembered what Ji Yu had said, he hadn’t really taken it to heart, and it was only today that he suddenly noticed such a great fortune had actually only been noticed by him at this moment!

“This isn’t the end of the Dao of Talismans, it’s a new beginning instead. But it’s something for the future, and you’ll naturally understand once you grasp the five Divine Talismans.” The more he recalled it, the more shocked Chen Xi was to notice that every single word Senior Ji Yu had spoken all those years ago carried deep meaning behind them. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand it at that time, and he’d only obtained sudden and complete understanding at this moment.

The Divine Elements of the five elements are merely the foundation, the key to open the door of the world of stars, so what sort of inheritance lies behind the door? Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he worked hard to calm himself down.

He silently sensed the sky above him with a translucent and calm heart. Unknowingly, his experiences studying the Dao of Talismans during these past few years flashed within his mind.

There were his various experiences in the Talisman Dimension.

The various comprehensions he obtained from ascending the Grand Deduction Tower.

The experience he acquired from utilizing the Dao of Talismans to command the various Dao Insights he possessed.

The experience of reconstructing his Blackhole World and inscribing talisman diagrams on his meridians and apertures.

The scenes of him learning the Phoenixwind Divine Talisman, Demonspirit Divine Talisman, Darklightning Divine Talisman, and Eastern Myrtle Divine Talismans from his Senior Sister Li Yang. 


Various knowledge, comprehension, experience, tempering… All of it was reflected in his mind like a torrent, causing Chen Xi’s entire mind to fall into a strange state that seemed like he was in a daze yet seemed to be in a state of comprehension.

He was oblivious to the passage of time and the changes in his body.


After an unknown period of time, a strange buzzing stretched out from Chen Xi’s body, and it reverberated between the stars in the sky and passed through the nebulas and rivers of stars to finally rumbled throughout the entire world of stars.

At this instant, the myriad of stars were resplendent and suffused with dazzling and blazing divine radiance!

Amongst them, the Azurewood, Whitemetal, Crimsonfire, Blackwater, and Yellowearth Divine Talisman swiftly converged together and erupted with boundless starlight that illuminated the entire world of stars.


A door could faintly be seen to be floating into appearance within the boundlessly deep starry sky, whereas numerous phantoms that were mighty like gods, wore the crowns of emperors, and possessed boundless divine might could be vaguely seen before the door. In the end, all the phantoms transformed into a strand of light!

A strand of light that paved the starry sky, traversed countless nebulas, and descended before Chen Xi. It was like a curved bridge that penetrated the depths of the universe to descend into the mortal world!

At this moment, the sound of chanting and the Grand Dao resounded and shook the universe.

Chen Xi was bathed beneath brilliant starlight, causing his tall figure to seem as if it was covered in a layer of divine radiance, and he was like the most dazzling star beneath this universe.

His gaze was calm and peaceful as he stared at the door in the distant starry sky, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to walk up the curved bridge of light.

In an instant and under the support of the curved bridge, he traversed countless nebulas and rivers of stars to enter the door.

The speed he moved at was even swifter than teleportation, and it was unimaginable.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the outside world, otherwise, even a Saint Immortal Realm expert’s mind would tremble from disbelief after witnessing this scene. 


Behind the mysterious door in the starry sky was a boundless space that was filled with boundless darkness. The sky was nowhere to be seen, the earth was nowhere to be felt. There were no mountains or water, nothing.

It was merely a space that was pitch black and boundless!

But at the moment Chen Xi arrived here, a vast, mysterious, and cold fluctuation suddenly arose within this boundless and pitch black space. In merely the time for an eye to blink, a Divine Talisman had appeared within Chen Xi’s field of vision!

This Divine Talisman seemed to be extremely small, yet it was extraordinarily large, and it covered the entire space. It seemed to be simple, yet it was extremely complicated, and the marks formed from talisman markings could be seen everywhere throughout the Divine Talisman.

In short, this Divine Talisman was extremely miraculous. It seemed to be conflicting, yet when one looked carefully, every single inch of it was so natural, in harmony, and perfect.

The Infinite Divine Talisman!

At practically the first moment he laid eyes on this Divine Talisman, an unfamiliar word appeared within his mind. He very firmly believed that he’d never heard of this name, yet it instantly appeared within his mind.

This was a very profound experience. It seemed like so long he possessed the desire to know something, then the answer would appear in his mind within the next moment.

Sure enough, when Chen Xi was thinking about what sort of inheritance this was, rows of words instantly appeared within his mind, and it was the introduction of this Infinite Divine Talisman.

“The infinite is boundless. The boundless is without limit. The Dao is infinite, and the path is without limit. It’s just like talismans, the markings are the path to seek the Grand Dao!”

“My Dao is infinite. What I seek is the extreme of the Dao. With infinity as my Dao, I deduce the secrets of the universe.”

“Divine Talismans contain the shape of the heavens and the earth, the scenes of the universe. Infinity contains the beginning of all talismans, the profound truth of all talismans.”

“Infinite is my Dao, and my Dao does not end here!” 


Row after row of profound words appeared. Besides feeling shocked, Chen Xi quickly understood that this Infinite Divine Talisman wasn’t a true Divine Talisman, but a type of inheritance!

This sort of inheritance was extremely unique, and it was said to be without limit. How much one was able to comprehend didn’t lie in the height of one’s comprehension ability, and it was instead dependent upon the amount of Grand Daos one had grasped and the depths of one’s understanding towards the Dao of Talismans.

All of this was specifically reflected in the number of Divine Talismans one grasped.

Presently, I’ve grasped nine types of Grand Dao Laws and nine types of Divine Talismans. I wonder what sort of inheritance I’ll be able to obtain from the Infinite Divine Talisman… Chen Xi took a deep breath to calm himself, and then in the next moment, his entire body suddenly emanated strands of the Laws of Water that seemed like a surging ocean. As soon as it appeared, it caused the Infinite Divine Talisman to fluctuate.

In the next moment, the scene before Chen Xi’s eyes changed. The Infinite Divine Talisman had transformed into the Blackwater Divine Talisman before transforming with a bang into a dense mass of various water element talisman markings that seemed to be boundless.

These water element talisman markings either transformed into fine trickling streams, water droplets, surging rivers, a vast body of rain and dew…

The essence of water, the profundity of water, the Laws of water… Everything was completely merged within it. If it was able to be commanded with the Dao of Talismans and utilized within the Sword Dao… Chen Xi stared at this scene and muttered to himself.


Before his voice finished resounding through the air, the countless water element talisman markings formed from the Infinite Divine Talisman actually transformed into numerous strands of sword qi! There was an enormous number of them, and it was in the billions!

Every single strand of sword qi reflected different forms of water. They were in the form of strings of rain that were condensed and sharp, or surging ferociously, or in the form of a vortex that was filled with extreme tearing and crushing force, or like a marsh…

They were strands of sword qi formed from the Laws of Water, and they were also sword moves formed from water element talisman markings!

At this instant, even with Chen Xi’s disposition that was firm like a rock, he still couldn’t help but be deeply shocked. If he wasn’t wrong, then this sword technique had deduced the Laws of Water to the limit, and it had been perfectly merged into the Dao of Talismans!

Very long ago, Chen Xi had started to cultivate in utilizing the Dao of Talismans to command the various Grand Dao profundities he possessed, so this scene wasn’t unfamiliar to him.

Because this scene was one where the Laws of Talisman were utilized to command other Grand Dao Laws before perfectly merging it into the Sword Dao!

Simply speaking, the Laws of Talisman was a technique, the other Grand Dao Laws were various types of energies, and the Sword Dao was the carrier of this technique and energy. After it was merged perfectly, it was obvious how terrifying the might it erupted with would be.

Now, the countless completely different strands of sword qi developed by the Infinite Divine Talisman were like a supreme Immortal Art, a supreme sword technique that took the Law of Water to the extreme!

Chen Xi repeatedly took deep breaths when he realized this. He was very well aware that if he completely grasped this ‘Sword of Water,’ then his combat strength would surely increase greatly once more!

Since he entered the Immortal Dimension, he still hadn’t come into contact with any Immortal Arts because the various cultivation techniques he possessed were no different from Immortal Arts once they contained the energy of the Laws, and some were even more formidable than Immortal Arts.

So he never worried about not possessing Immortal Arts.

Yet now, he noticed that he was still limiting his progress because the ‘Sword of Water’ that was presented before him was more than just ten times more formidable than the might of the sword techniques he possessed!

Even if nine types of Laws were contained within a single sword strike at the same time, it would be utterly incapable of being compared to the ‘Sword of Water!’

It was like a tiny pearl, so how could it compare to the brilliant moon?

After he thought all of this out clearly, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to execute the Laws of Fire. Sure enough, he saw the Infinite Divine Talisman transform into countless strands of sword qi once more, and every single strand of sword qi contained different profundities of the Laws of Fire!

After that, Chen Xi successively tried the Laws of Metal, Wood, Earth, Yin, Yang, Wind, and Lightning, and the same scene occurred once more.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood the profound use of the Infinite Divine Talisman. It was indeed a form of inheritance, an unbelievable inheritance that was capable of deducing various techniques with peerless might according to the Divine Talismans and energy of the Laws that one possessed!


Truly too formidable!

Never had Chen Xi imagined that the true inheritance in the world of stars, the true mantle left behind by the Master of Oracle Mountain would actually be such an unbelievable Divine Talisman.

After a long time, Chen Xi finally recovered from his shock. He pondered briefly before he decided that since his cultivation was unable to break through to the Mysterious Immortal Realm, then he would seize this period of time to cultivate the inheritance of the ‘Sword of Water’ first!

In this way, his combat strength would definitely improve greatly and the situation he was in would become even safer.

He acted according to his desire. Once he made a decision, Chen Xi immediately discarded all distracting thoughts and concentrated his mind before circulating the Laws of Water to resonate with the Infinite Divine Talisman…

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