Chapter 1105 – Ji Yu’s Words

After experiencing a horrifying battle within the Nine Profundity Wind Grand Formation, Chen Xi finally killed Yue Zhen before he could detonate himself, and Chen Xi forcefully extracted Yue Zhen’s soul from his body.

This horrifying battle didn’t injure Chen Xi in the slightest. Just as Yue Zhen had said earlier, his combat strength was indeed inferior to Jiang Ning, and he was only skilled in pursuit and escape.

Unfortunately, he had no room to utilize what he was most skilled in while within the Nine Profundity Wind Grand Formation.

Zuoqiu Kong!

Twelve Void Guards!

Ambush at God Trove Mountain Range!

In next to no time, Chen Xi found out everything from within Yue Zhen’s memories, and his face instantly became icy cold and indifferent. The Zuoqiu Clan! So it was them…

This allowed him to instantly deduce that the pursuit he suffered in Eastern Peace Continent had probably come from the Zuoqiu Clan as well.

After all, only a great power like the Zuoqiu Clan was capable of ordering about Immortal Monarch Lin Hao. Even though Bing Shitian was formidable, he’d ascended from the Mortal Dimension in the end, and his cultivation was merely at the Golden Immortal Realm. Even if he possessed the backing of a great power, it would be absolutely impossible for him to make a Saint Immortal work for him.

I never expected that when I haven’t gone looking for all of you yet, all of you would come after me instead… Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before a piercingly cold arc appeared on the corners of his mouth. Finding out about all of this caused the rock that pressed down onto his heart to finally fall off, and he felt extremely relaxed.

After he confirmed the enemy came from the Zuoqiu Clan, his thoughts became clearer. He was very well aware that the Zuoqiu Clan had obviously noticed the fact that he was ranked in the top thousand in the Ascension Immortal Rankings, and then they found out he intended to head to Dao Emperor Academy. Thus, they arranged such a pursuit to kill him.

On the other hand, their objective was very easy to determine. Obviously, they were worried that he would enter Dao Emperor Academy and cause them to be helpless against him.

This proved that his Senior Sister Li Yang wasn’t exaggerating things. The Dao Emperor Academy did invoke fear in the Zuoqiu Clan! 


Subsequently, Chen Xi didn’t waste any more time. He used his clone to travel swiftly towards Floating Light City while his main body entered into closed door cultivation within the world of stars.

The teleportation formation within Floating Light City was capable of traversing the distance between the Martial Illumination Continent and Thousandwhirl Continent, and it was an extremely convenient and fast method of travel. However, he had to travel through over a hundred cities to arrive at Cloudrest Continent from Thousandwhirl Continent, and it would at least take almost a month.

Chen Xi was naturally unwilling to waste this month of time. So he chose to cultivate in the world of stars with his main body and prepare to charge into the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, his clone was capable of changing its appearance and walked on a path of cultivation that was completely different to his main body. It just happened to be suitable to deceive others, and it couldn’t be any better when used to travel.

The reason he was making the best use of his time to cultivate was actually very simple. It was because Chen Xi was very well aware that once he arrived at Cloudrest Continent or intended to enter Autumn Plain Continent from Cloudrest Continent, then he would have no choice but to cross God Trove Mountain Range.

Yue Zhen’s memories allowed Chen Xi to find out that another ten Void Guards were waiting before God Trove Mountain, and they were waiting for him to walk into their trap.

Moreover, the combat strength of the weakest amongst these Void Guards was comparable to Jiang Ning, and there was even a commander level existence amongst them that was a top level expert in the Void Guard.

All of this caused Chen Xi to have no choice but to be on the alert and seize every bit of time to improve his own strength. He was very clearly aware that he was unable to avoid God Trove Mountain if he desired to arrive at Valiant Star Continent within three months of time.

Zuoqiu Kong… Hah! Very good! You actually forced me into such a situation. I’ll remember this! Within the world of stars, Chen Xi muttered to himself while sitting cross-legged, and then he took a deep breath and closed his eyes in the end. He entered into a deep level of meditation.


Powerful immortal energy surged within the Blackhole World in his body, and it linked up with the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger oceans, forming a perfect circulation. After that, it surged into the meridians and apertures in his body, forming a circulation that inwardly reflected the world and outwardly reflected the universe.

This was the characteristics of the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

The Four Pools of Heavenly Origin had been created, and the vital energy in his body circulated perfectly. His body was permeable from inside out, and it was completely untainted.

To cultivators, the Violet Palace Realm was a foundational realm, whereas the Heavenly Immortal Realm was similarly a foundational realm to immortals. The strength of one’s foundation was directly related to how far one could go in the future.

Presently, Chen Xi was already at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and he could be considered to be invincible amongst his peers and was a peerless existence capable of surmounting a realm to do battle.

All of this came from his unusually thick foundation that exceeded ordinary Heavenly Immortals, and this obviously showed how important the tempering of one’s foundation was.

However, charging into the Mysterious Immortal Realm was exceptionally difficult as well. After all, he’d just advanced into the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and the difficulty for him to surmount this barrier to enter a completely new realm was obvious.

The most important aspect in the Mysterious Immortal Realm was to open up the barriers of the three mysteries.

The first was the heavenly barrier that stored and accumulated Jadelight, the second was the earthly soul that nurtured the spirit and transformed the soul, and the third was the vitality barrier that unraveled the mystery. They were called the barriers of the three mysteries.

These three barriers were also called the three soul barriers, and they were respectively the Main Soul, Sense Soul, and Vitality Souls.

Amongst the three souls and seven spirits, the three souls represented the barriers of the three mysteries.

If one desired to advance into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, then one had to open up the area where the Main Soul resided, and then converge Immortal Force to form the profundities of the Laws. At that time, every single move one made would cause a completely round halo to appear behind one’s head, and it was capable of taking a variety of profound appearances. It was called Jadelight.

For example, the dazzling and completely round circle that appeared on the portraits and painting of gods that are worshipped within the temples of the mortal world were Jadelight.

In the eyes of immortals, the appearance of Jadelight meant that one’s cultivation had attained the Mysterious Immortal Realm, allowing one’s soul, Immortal Force, and Laws to merge together into one before developing a variety of profound forms.

The Mysterious Immortal Realm was indescribably profound, yet what part of it was profound? The three souls!

This caused every single barrier in the Mysterious Immortal Realm to seem like one was defying the heavens and changing one’s own fate, and it was extremely difficult. On the other hand, if one was able to advance, then the strength one possessed and the level of being one was would undergo a shocking transformation!

Presently, for the sake of charging into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, Chen Xi was relying on the strength of the Dark Parasol Sapling and his powerful foundation. He was just waiting for the opportunity to leap up into the Mysterious Immortal Realm when the conditions were ripe.


Right when Chen Xi’s clone moved towards Floating Light City, Lu Chen who was meditating silently within a peerlessly quiet and beautiful gorge in God Trove Mountain frowned before swiftly opening his eyes.

“Yue Zhen has perished…” He withdrew a shattered Soulfate Tablet from his pocket, and his expression was calm, yet his eyes carried a wisp of a cold light that vanished in a flash.

As soon as these words were spoken, it jolted the nine nearby Void Guard awake, and all of them had gloomy expressions and frowned without end.

Yue Zhen had once sent back a transmission jade slip before leaving Jadify City, and he’d clearly reported the news of Jiang Ning’s death, that the target might possess a mysterious cultivation technique that was capable of changing the target’s appearance, that the target was capable of avoiding the detection of the Netherevil Pupils, and so on and so forth.

This caused them to raise their level of vigilance by a great deal, and they didn’t dare underestimate the target. But never had they imagined that Yue Zhen had actually perished as well after a mere two days.

All of this was like a wisp of haze that silently floated into their hearts.

One of the Void Guards couldn’t help but cry out. “Senior Brother Lu Chen, should we change our strategy? That kid’s disguise is capable of avoiding the detection of the Netherevil Pupils, so he’ll be able to easily deceive us and get through if we just wait here.”

Lu Chen’s expression was calm, and his voice was calm and emotionless as well. “All of you are clearly aware that he’s able to change his appearance and escape the detection of various secret techniques. Then, where would we go looking for the target if we leave this place?”

Everyone was stunned. All of them had no choice but to admit that pursuing the target under these circumstances was really no different from looking for a needle in the ocean.

Lu Chen said, “What we’re doing isn’t wrong. Moreover, the only thing we can do now is wait here. However, unlike before, we have to make some preparations.”

“What preparations?” Everyone was shocked by these words.

“Lock down God Trove Mountain Range and kill any immortal that intends to head to Autumn Plain Continent.” Lu Chen spoke casually as if he was speaking about an extremely ordinary thing.

When he spoke up to here, Lu Chen stood up and straightened his clothes before staring at the boundless mountain range that rose and fell in the distance, and then he said indifferently, “The target will surely arrive in less than two months from now…”


In the blink of an eye, over a month had passed in the world of stars.

Chen Xi who’d been sitting cross-legged in meditation all along frowned abruptly before he opened his eyes, and then he muttered. “I’m still lacking. If this goes on, then it’ll probably be extremely difficult to advance into the Mysterious Immortal Realm before arriving at Cloudrest Continent…”

He stood up and strolled up and down beneath the myriad of stars in the sky, and he pondered about how he should improve his combat strength.

The quality of the Talisman Armament had already arrived at the extreme rank of the Darkspirit Grade, and if he wanted to improve it, it was absolutely impossible to accomplish unless he advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, his clone had just broken through into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement, and it was impossible for it to improve in cultivation within a short period of time. As for the Starsoul Beast, Starry, it was only in its infancy, and it was impossible for it to mature in an instant…

What should I do? Chen Xi inadvertently recalled the tiny cauldron, and then he shook his head right after. Since he entered the Immortal Dimension, the tiny cauldron had fallen into silence, and according to what the tiny cauldron had said before, the might of the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Immortal Dimension was too strong, so the tiny cauldron had no choice but to lie dormant.

Unless it could recover its injuries by around eighty percent one day, otherwise it would have to fear the threat that the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Immortal Dimension posed.

If I really can’t, then I’ll utilize the Godslaughter Burst to go all out… Hmm? Amidst his contemplation, Chen Xi’s gaze inadvertently descended onto the sky above him. In his eyes, a portion of the myriad of stars that seemed to be in a mess had actually formed Azurewood Divine Talisman, Whitemetal Divine Talisman, Crimsonfire Divine Talisman, Blackwater Divine Talisman, and the Yellowearth Divine Talismans, and they were circulating endlessly within the sky.

These five great Divine Talismans that were constructed from the stars in the sky only occupied a portion of the starry sky, and there were numerous mysterious and unknown stars circulating further into the distance.

This caused Chen Xi to have a flash of inspiration. His thoughts instantly arrived to the time he was in Pine Mist City, and he recalled something Senior Ji Yu had said all those years ago.

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