Chapter 1103 – Turning The Situation Around

Chen Xi’s face sank as he revealed a flash of astonishment, and his hands swung repeatedly to form thousands of seals. At the same time, his figure retreated explosively without end.


Divine radiance erupted as a rain of light descended, and the intense sound of collision was like the eruption of a volcano. It crushed, collapsed, and transformed numerous mountains in the vicinity into dust and dirt that suffused the air.

Meanwhile, Jiang Ning was like an invincible divine blade that easily dealt with Chen Xi’s attacks, and he charged forward with a peerless edge and didn’t give Chen Xi any chance to catch his breath or dodge.


The Grand Astral Palm Chen Xi had just executed once more was shredded with ease like a piece of paper, and the cold and murderous gale emanated from it blew through his hair and left behind some bloody scars.

Chen Xi’s expression grew heavy and even revealed traces of fear.

This caused the ridicule on the corners of Jiang Ning’s mouth to grow, and he felt extreme disdain in his heart. It was even to the extent that he wondered why the Young Master just had to deploy twelve Void Guards and even make Commander Lu Chen lead the group when just he himself was sufficient to easily deal with such a little fellow.

Even though he thought like this in his heart, his actions weren’t slow in the slightest. Conversely, his attacks grew fiercer and swifter. Every single one of his attacks contained surging energy of the Laws, and it carried a condensed, fierce, swift, and invincible aura.

As a member of the Void Guard, even though Jiang Ning looked down upon Chen Xi in his heart, he wouldn’t be careless at all, and he would only be at ease once Chen Xi had perished.

This was instinct that was tempered through countless slaughters. It made him treat every single battle seriously and with all his strength, and he wouldn’t be affected by his feelings and underestimate his enemy.


Another ear-piercing collision resounded. Chen Xi was blasted flying by the force, causing blood to spill from the corners of his mouth while his face turned pale, and his figure was on the verge of collapse.

“Die!” Jiang Ning revealed a cruel smile when he saw this, and he flashed forward while his hands were coiled with surging jet black light. He was like an expanse of black clouds pressing down onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi gritted his teeth fiercely, and he advanced instead of retreating. He executed the Divine Abilities Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation, and he swiftly transformed into a 300m tall giant that was suffused with surging and vast Immortal Shaman Energy. His six arms that were thick and large like stone pillars gathered together inwardly as if they were embracing the world, and then they smashed down fiercely at Jiang Ning.

“You’re just struggling on your deathbed!” Jiang Ning didn’t dodge. He raised his hand and grabbed, easily tearing off one of Chen Xi’s arms, and then seized this gap in Chen Xi’s attack to charge into the sky like an awl. As he flew, his right palm struck out, and it chopped off Chen Xi’s head.


Blood sprayed out like a torrent, and it dyed Jiang Ning’s clothes red.

This scene threw Jiang Ning into a greater frenzy. His hands flashed repeatedly, and they transformed into numerous sharp blades that were coiled by the energy of the Laws as they sliced Chen Xi’s headless body to the point bits of flesh flew into the sky while blood splattered, causing the pungent smell of blood to suffuse the air.

However, even then, he was unable to kill Chen Xi. The numerous bits of flesh at the scene swiftly wriggled and merged together, and they were on the verge of condensing a new body.

“Heavenly Immortals in body refinement are truly difficult to kill.” Jiang Ning was stunned when he saw this, and then he waved his arms to suddenly cause expanses of misty flames to erupt. These flames enveloped every single bit of flesh and blood present here, and then started to burn violently.

“My White Deathbone Flame can even annihilate one’s Soul Core. Let me see how long you can struggle for now.” After he did all of this, Jiang Ning heaved a sigh of relief and watched coldly from the side.

It was faintly discernible that even though Chen Xi’s figure had been reconstructed, yet it had become blurry within the surging white colored flames instead, and no matter how he struggled, it was impossible to escape the envelopment of the flames.

This made Jiang Ning relax completely, and the corners of his mouth revealed a wisp of a savage smile as he muttered. “I can report to the Young Master once I’ve killed this kid…”


Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly let out a fierce roar within the sea of white flames, and he actually stopped struggling and charged towards Jiang Ning instead. He seemed as if he intended to drag Jiang Ning down with him.

Jiang Ning was stunned, and then he said with amusement, “This fellow’s vitality is really…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when an aura of extreme danger suddenly surged from his heart, causing his entire body to feel cold. His pupils constricted from this, and he practically instinctively dodged to the side.


Unfortunately, he was a little too late, and the left side of his chest was penetrated by a strand of sword qi, causing a bowl sized howl to open up there while blood flowed without end.

“Who? You’re courting death!” Jiang Ning’s face sank as he turned around swiftly, and he saw another Chen Xi had appeared suddenly at the side. This Chen Xi wore green clothes and held an immortal sword of simple make.

“Hmm? This is your true body, right?” Jiang Ning’s eyes narrowed as he sensed Chen Xi’s aura, and it was more than two times stronger than Chen Xi’s clone that cultivated in body refinement.

Chen Xi remained silent, and he slashed with his sword.

The surprise attack he launched earlier was practically certain to be successful, yet it was still dodged by Jiang Ning. This caused Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of how formidable Jiang Ning’s combat strength was, so how could Chen Xi continue wasting his breath on Jiang Ning?

He had to seize this opportunity to kill Jiang Ning, otherwise, a fierce battle couldn’t be avoided once Jiang Ning recovered.


A dazzling and resplendent strand of sword qi shot into the sky, and it was brilliant like the scorching sun in the sky. As soon as it appeared, merely the aura it emanated caused the mountains, forest, and rocks in a vicinity of 500km to be crushed into powder.

Jiang Ning’s pupils constricted, and he said with surprise, “Nine Laws of the Grand Daos?”

He almost didn’t dare believe his eyes because he clearly noticed that Chen Xi’s strike contained the energy of the Laws of the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, and lightning. Moreover, a myriad of techniques seemed to form from this single strike as it had obviously attained the level of grandmaster in the Sword Dao.

All of this was actually executed by a young man at the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

“I thought all the experts in our Void Guard were freaks, yet I never expected that this fellow is even more abnormal than us. How extraordinary would he be if he’s allowed to grow?” At this moment, he didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi any longer, and he exerted his full strength to fight Chen Xi.

The longer the battle went on, the more shocked Jiang Ning was because Chen Xi’s combat strength was actually formidable to the extreme and even possessed extraordinary Sword Insight, causing him to actually be unable to do anything to Chen Xi for now. Coupled with the severe injury in his chest that flowed with blood, his situation would only grow worse if this stalemate continued…

Fortunately, the only thing that eased his heart was that Chen Xi’s body refinement clone was enveloped by his White Deathbone Flame and was unable to escape for now, otherwise, the situation would probably be even more disadvantageous.

Jiang Ning revealed a ruthless expression when he realized this, and his entire body was covered in killing intent while his vital energy surged, causing his imposing aura to rise once more as he charged madly at Chen Xi.


However, right at this moment, a heaven shaking roar reverberated through the nine heavens. A silver immortal beast suddenly appeared out of thin air before it clawed with its paw, causing a deep, icy cold, and mysterious energy fluctuation to whistle out.

“A Starsoul Beast!” Jiang Ning was shocked and instinctively flipped his hand to release a backhand strike. The might of his palm was powerful like a mountain, yet it was like a clay ox that fell into an ocean upon encountering the fluctuation, and it was completely devoured.

“The Law of Devour!” Jiang Ning was shocked once more. He seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi didn’t just possess a rare Starsoul Beast, this Starsoul Beast innately possessed the Law of Devour!

All of this caused his steel will to be shaken.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly slashed a strike that carried the might of a gale as he charged forward. At practically the exact same moment, the Starsoul Beast howled as it assaulted Jiang Ning from the other side.

Instantly, Jiang Ning was in a fix.

This caused him to reveal an extremely heavy expression as Jiang Ning finally realized that the target this time wasn’t as simple as he seemed, and he was extremely troublesome.


The area around him suddenly blazed with surging white flames, and he said with a grim voice, “You ant! You think you can defeat me? Dream on!”

Jiang Ning spread his arms apart. The right was like a flame dragon soaring into the sky, the left was like a dark turtle. He actually resisted the attacks of both Chen Xi and the Starsoul Beast at the critical moment.

“Haha! Little Bastard, do you still not understand how weak you are!?” Jiang Ning roared with laughter. However, in the next moment, his voice stopped abruptly. His face froze while his eyes bulged, and he seemed to be filled with disbelief.

Because his neck had shockingly been choked forcefully by an arm. At the same time, Chen Xi’s voice resounded by his ear. “Did you think White Deathbone Flames can break through the defense of my Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form?”

Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form?

Jiang Nine was bewildered. He didn’t know what cultivation technique this was, yet he clearly noticed that Chen Xi’s clone that cultivated in body refinement had vanished from within the White Deathbone Flame.

This allowed him to instantly understand where that arm that choked him at this moment came from.

But he was still filled with disbelief. How could a body refiner at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm possibly be unafraid of White Deathbone Flames?


Before Jiang Ning could figure it out, he felt a wave of intense pain on his neck as his bones split apart, and his head fell limply to the side.

“You…you were always showing weakness? What a pity… What a pity…” But even then, Jiang Ning actually didn’t perish completely. A trace of strange color emerged from within his pale expression, and his voice seemed as if it was forcefully squeezed out from within his chest.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but jerk. He noticed that a strand of destructive energy was raging about within Jiang Ning’s body. It was spreading and on the verge of bursting out from within his body.

“Shit!” The feeling of danger couldn’t help but surge into his heart, and Chen Xi practically instinctively took the Starsoul Beast and his clone along as he flashed towards the distance without the slightest hesitation.


Right at the instant Chen Xi left, Jiang Ning’s body suddenly exploded like an inflated ball, and then force that was like an erupting volcano rumbled towards the sky before transforming into a mushroom cloud that covered an area of 500 meters.

At this moment, an area of 5,000km in the vicinity was greatly shaken. Mountains shattered, the earth split apart, and violent and chaotic torrents of air crushed, shattered, and collapsed space itself, causing the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade.


Chen Xi was affected by it, and a mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth while his body was blasted flying by the terrifying torrents of air, causing him to almost fall unconscious.

Chen Xi hastily gritted his teeth and relied on his strong will to forcefully support his body and flee at full force. In the end, he was barely able to escape the area that the terrifying torrents and fluctuations affected and stopped on a low hill.

How ruthless! He actually chose to detonate himself. Could it be that he was a soldier trained to give up his life for his master? Chen Xi’s countenance was pale as he gasped for breath. He raised his hand to wipe of the bloodstains on the corners of his mouth, and he still felt a slight lingering fear in his heart as he looked towards the scene of desolation in the distance.

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