Chapter 1102 – The Battle Erupts


Jiang Ning was stunned. Sure enough, when he raised his head, he saw a group of figures swiftly approaching in a threatening manner from extremely far in the distance.

Surprisingly, the person in the lead was Wei Tian!

Even though Jiang Ning didn’t know who Wei Tian was, his face couldn’t help but turn grim when he saw this scene.

“There’s no time to lose, act now!” Yue Zhen shouted explosively before he grabbed the neck of the guard that stood before the teleportation formation and said in an icy cold voice, “Now! Activate the teleportation formation now! Otherwise, die!” 

The guard’s expression turned grim and was just about to refuse, yet when he saw Yue Zhen’s icy cold gaze that was filled with killing intent, his body instantly trembled before he seemed to have become a wooden puppet that had its soul stolen. He formed seals with his hand and immediately activated the teleportation formation.

During this entire process, Jiang Ning had flashed to enter the teleportation formation.

At the same time, all the people that were waiting in the teleportation formation since long ago couldn’t help but explode into a restless uproar when they saw this. Some were even unable to refrain from arousing the intent to charge out of the teleportation formation so as to avoid suffering any misfortune.

Unfortunately, all of this happened too quickly. Before any of them could make a move, the teleportation formation had been activated, and everyone vanished on the spot amidst an enormous bang.

Yue Zhen heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this, and then his gaze was icy cold as if he was completely emotionless when he turned around.

“Dammit! The teleportation formation has been activated!”

“One of them hasn’t fled. Kill! Kill him first!”

Meanwhile, those experts of the Wei Clan whistled through the sky as they swarmed over, and all of them roared furiously without end when they saw the teleportation formation had been activated, yet it was too late to change anything. They could only shoot their gazes onto Yue Zhen that remaining outside the teleportation formation, and they didn’t conceal their killing intent in the slightest.

“Truly a group of detestable idiots!” Yue Zhen sighed. Before Wei Tian and the others could make a move, his figure flashed as he vanished on the spot and flew swiftly towards the distance.

“Chase him down!”

“We must not allow him to escape!”

The dark mass of experts from the Wei Clan pursued Yue Zhen under Wei Tian’s lead, and it caused all the people passing nearby to be astounded and dodge them successively.



The void fluctuated as space and time moved.

In the next moment, a bright light suddenly flashed in a gorge outside Floating Light City within Martial Illumination Continent, and then a group of people appeared within the teleportation formation in the gorge.

Shockingly, it was Chen Xi and the others.

As soon as they arrived, the crowd dispersed with the intention of leaving as soon as possible.

The scene that occurred in Jadify City earlier allowed everyone to understand that Jiang Ning who was teleported along with them had come with ill intentions. So how could they dare stay here because what would they do if he caused trouble for them?

“Stop! I’ll mercilessly kill anyone that dares to flee!” Suddenly, an icy cold and murderous voice sounded out from within the gorge, and it shot into the nine heavens. At the same time, dense and copious killing intent that was impossible to resist enveloped the entire gorge like a storm.

Jiang Ning seemed to have transformed into a god of slaughter. His vital energy circulated with full force and enveloped every single person present here while the space between his brows that were sharp like blades was filled with icy coldness.

The crowd was horrified while the strides they were about to take had stopped abruptly. The faces of everyone were covered in astonishment because most of them were only at the Heavenly Immortal Realm in cultivation, whereas, when they sensed the terrifying imposing aura emanated from Jiang Ning, the few Mysterious Immortal Realm experts present amongst them were horrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies.

The intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm! 

His strength is even stronger than mine!

As he sensed the vital energy being emanated from Jiang Ning, Chen Xi’s eyes focused as he finally understood how terrifying Jiang Ning’s strength was. Such an expert is absolutely capable of being easily ranked at the top three positions on Southbridge Continents Continental Ascensio Rankings!

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi suspected Jiang Ning was capable of easily charging into the top thousand ranks on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, yet he was unable to determine Jiang Ning’s exact rankings.

Undeniably, Jiang Ning’s strength was really formidable!

“I have no intention to make it difficult for all of you. Now, all of you just have to stand there silently and allow me to search your memories. So long as you aren’t the person I’m looking for, then all of you can leave safely.” Jiang Ning spoke in an icy cold voice, and his voice revealed an unquestionable tone. “If anyone dares to resist, then the consequence is death!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone become restless while the terror on everyone’s faces revealed a wisp of fury. He actually intends to search our memories! This is simply the detestable actions of villains, and it’s disrespect to our pride and secrets. It simply caused them to boil with anger!

Chen Xi frowned as well, and he felt this situation was a bit problematic. He could conceal his identity by relying on his clone, yet he was unable to conceal his memories. In this way, he would surely be noticed by Jiang Ning.

“On what basis should we allow you to do this?” Someone couldn’t help but ask with rage. This was an expert at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and his cultivation was the highest amongst everyone present here. So he wasn’t afraid of Jiang Ning like everyone else.

Chen Xi cried out in his heart. Shit!

Sure enough, Jiang Ning revealed a ghastly smile and two rows of snow white teeth in the next moment, and he stared icy coldly at this person. “On what basis? On the basis that I can kill you!”

At the same time that he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed, and it transformed into five sharp pitch black radiances that easily tore through space like the blade of the reaper that came from hell. In the next moment, it had enveloped that person.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

A wave of muffled bangs resounded. That person that spoke seemed as if he was dismembered to death by thousands of blades. Blood and flesh splattered onto the ground, and the person didn’t even have the chance to react or let out a shrill cry before being annihilated on the spot!

That was an expert at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

As they watched this bloody scene that occurred abruptly and an expert at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm being easily crushed like an ant, everyone present was horrified. Their bodies shivered as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice.

The gazes they shot at Jiang Ning were filled with deep terror because a casual strike of his was capable of achieving this, causing them to wonder exactly how formidable Jiang Ning was.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was shocked because even though Jiang Ning’s attack seemed to be simple and casual, yet he clearly felt that it contained the Laws of five Grand Dao. Moreover, Jiang Ning’s strength was condensed, ghastly, and murderous. Obviously, his strength had been tempered through countless slaughter.

This proved that Jiang Ning had at least grasped the energy of five Laws and possessed abundant combat experience, causing Jiang Ning’s combat strength to far exceed the cultivation he possessed.

Exactly where did such a ruthless and formidable fellow come from? Chen Xi frowned as he pondered in without end in his heart.

“Now, does anyone have any objections?” Jiang Ning spoke indifferently with an emotionless gaze.

Everyone looked at each other, and they felt both terrified and perturbed. In the end, it transformed into a dejected feeling while they seemed as if they were forced to the point of having no choice but to accept this.


Jiang Ning’s right palm flipped before a bundle of pitch black and icy cold chains appeared. Every single part of the chain was thick like a thumb and was covered in countless dense talisman markings. It was like a pitch black venomous serpent coiled together while emanated a terrifying aura.

“This is a Six-sense Immortal Binding Chain. It’s best that all of you don’t resist, and I’ll naturally allow all of you to leave safely once I’ve finished searching.” Jiang Ning explained casually before he raised his hand and swung it, causing the pitch black chains to transformed into over a hundred black colored rays of light as they enveloped down towards every single person present here.

Obviously, he intended to put everyone here in chains before he searched their souls.

The expressions of everyone present here became even more ashen and dejected when they saw this, and they seemed as if they would allow themselves to be captured without putting up a fight.


However, at the same time that Jiang Ning made a move, a figure suddenly rose from the ground and flew swiftly towards the distance like a wisp of flowing light that was unbelievably fast.

This figure was precisely Chen Xi.

This matter had arisen because of him in the end, and his Dao Heart caused him to be unwilling to cause these innocent people to be affected because of him.

“Hmph! It really was you. Do you still think you can escape when it had come to this?” Jiang Ning grunted coldly while he revealed a wisp of a relaxed expression. He immediately put away the chains before he vanished on the spot in the next moment, and he’d moved to pursue the distant Chen Xi.

In merely an instant, both of them had vanished on the spot.

Everyone present here glanced at each other when they saw this, and they seemed to feel a slight lingering fear in their hearts.

“Motherfucker! What a bastard!”

“For the sake of capturing a single person, he actually implicated us as well. How unreasonable!”

“Let’s leave quickly to avoid any other mishap from occurring. Alas, now that I speak of it, that kid isn’t bad. At least, he would rather expose his tracks than implicate all of us…” 


Beneath the boundless azure sky, two figures were like cat and mouse, once chasing while the other fleeing, and they quickly vanished in the horizon.

Ten minutes later, in a mountain range with peaks that rose and fell, a figure suddenly flew over. His figure was tall, his appearance handsome, and his bearing was extraordinary. It was precisely Chen Xi who’d returned to his original appearance.

“Why aren’t you fleeing anymore?” At the same time, another figure flew over to reveal Jiang Ning. He stared at Chen Xi with an icy cold gaze that revealed a cruel feeling.

Chen Xi asked with a calm voice.  “Can you tell me who you two are?”

“Of course…” A wisp of a cruel arc appeared on the corners of Jiang Ning’s mouth. “I can’t!” He opened his mouth and was about to say something else.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi attacked. A myriad of thunderstorm vortexes coiled on his right arm before it transformed into a hand that covered the sky as it smashed down.


The palm strike was simple and vast, and it was coiled with he Laws of lightning as it suffused the surroundings with an imposing aura capable of crushing the heavens. It was the Grand Astral Palm.

However, unlike before, the Grand Astral Palm at this moment didn’t contain Dao Insights any longer, and it was the Laws instead! Its might had risen explosively by more than ten times.

“Hmph!” The cruel expression grew deeper on the corners of Jiang Ning’s mouth. Before this palm could descend, his body flew out like an arrow that left the bow as he suddenly stretched out with his hand and grabbed. His fingers contained surging jet black light that actually tore the Grand Astral Palm apart with a bang!

This proved exactly how terrifying Jiang Ning’s strength was.

After all, even though Chen Xi was utilizing his clone right now, yet after he cultivated the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form, his combat strength was sufficient crush most of his peers, and even if he were to surmount a realm to do battle, it wouldn’t be a difficult matter.

Yet now, he was actually in a disadvantageous position after a single strike.


A rain of light rained down while Jiang Ning’s imposing aura grew even more fierce and murderous. In the next moment, he arrived before Chen Xi, and his right hand that was coiled with surging jet black light grabbed fiercely while blasting space apart with its might.

He actually intended to tear Chen Xi apart with this grab! It was extremely terrifying!

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