Chapter 1101 – Scent Tracking Seal

Jadify City was unlike any city Chen Xi had ever seen. This city was a city built on numerous mountains, and everywhere the eye could see was luxuriant jade green.

It was numerous ancient trees that towered into the sky. They were rooted on the green mountains and rose and fell like a jade green ocean. The refreshing breeze blew through gradually, causing the green color to surge and paint a rather magnificent scene.

The name of the city came from this.

The numerous pavilions and buildings were constructed on the mountain and were concealed between the verdant branches and leaves. As soon as he entered, it was as if he’d entered into a bustling ancient forest.

This caused the streets here to be very different as well. There were paths that coiled between the mountains or perhaps people directly moved between the numerous ancient trees. It was a winding and complicated path, causing it to be like a natural maze.

At this moment, there were numerous figures moving about through the ancient trees and mountain path, causing it to seem extremely bustling.

As soon as he entered the city, Chen Xi saw a scene of peace amidst noise and a sea of verdant. He couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration, and then he shook his head and flashed directly ahead.

He didn’t have the time to appreciate the scenery, and he was amidst being pursued at this moment, so he didn’t have any intention to linger on and sigh emotionally about how extraordinary this city was.

The map Liang Bing provided him was branded into his mind a long time ago, and this allowed him to avoid getting lost within the streets of Jadify City that were complicated like a spiderweb. 

However, Chen Xi didn’t rush impatiently towards the area the teleportation formation resided, and he moved through left and right before arriving at the depths of a secluded and quiet street. He sized up the surroundings briefly, and then his figure immediately flashed and vanished on the spot when he noticed that there was no one nearby. 


After a short moment, a thin figure walked slowly out of the secluded and deserted street.

He wore apricot yellow Daoist robes, had wheat colored skin, and ordinary features. Only his pair of eyes were deep and bright like stars, and he revealed a smile while his bearing was extremely unique as it was ordinary yet carried a trace of elegance and extraordinariness amidst it.

This person was Chen Xi. However, it was his clone.

Since his clone advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement, he started to cultivate one of the cultivation techniques inherited from a Fiendgod that was born from the chaos in the beginning of the world, the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form.

This cultivation technique came from one of the teachers of Four Divinity Academy, Xuan Yun. It was originally hidden within a damaged ancient talisman, and Chen Xi had comprehended its secrets with the Eye of Divine Truth, thus allowing him to obtain this inheritance.

Needless to say, the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form could really be described as a supreme inheritance because studied the secrets of the Grand Dao to the extreme to transform strength into the form of nine cauldrons, and it was a top-notch and rare body refinement cultivation technique.

Merely the basic conditions to cultivate it was to grasp over nine types of Dao Insights to perfection. This was merely the basic conditions, and this was sufficient to prove how extraordinary this body refinement cultivation technique was. It was absolutely the cultivation technique with the harshest requirements to cultivate amongst all the cultivation techniques Chen Xi had seen since he started cultivating.

Moreover, according to Chen Xi’s deduction, this cultivation technique had absolutely been specially prepared for immortals that took the path of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement. In other words, those beneath the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement weren’t capable of cultivating it at all.

This cultivation technique was divided into nine levels, and it was called the nine levels of the Nethergod.

Every single level caused the body refiner’s strength to undergo a tremendous change that was akin to rebirth. When it was cultivated to the highest level, one would be capable of looking down upon the ages and strand supreme in world!

Presently, Chen Xi’s clone had just cultivated the basics of the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form or the first level of the Nethergod, so he could only be considered to have just learned the basics. 

Moreover, according to the records of the cultivation technique, when the Immortal Shaman Energy he possessed was tempered to the point of possessing the strength of ‘a cauldron’ then he would be considered to have attained perfection in the first level of the Nethergod.

The ‘cauldron’ here didn’t point to an ordinary cauldron, but the Universe Source Cauldrons that were born in the chaos before the world was split open. There were a total of nine, and the strength of a cauldron was sufficient to crush a large world!

When one cultivated the first level of the Nethergod successfully, even though the strength of ‘a cauldron’ that one possessed wasn’t as terrifying as the real Universe Source Cauldrons, yet it wasn’t much inferior, and it was more than enough to crush a small world.

Presently, even though Chen Xi could only be considered to have cultivated the basics and hadn’t succeeded in cultivating the strength of ‘a cauldron,’ his strength in body refinement had undergone a tremendous change, nevertheless. His blood surged while his Shaman Energy was like an abyss with every single move he made. Moreover, his vital energy was like cauldrons that collided with each other, and they created rumbling that sounded like the rumbling of the Grand Dao.

According to his estimation, merely his present strength in body refinement coupled with the nine types of Grand Dao Laws he’d condensed successfully a long time ago would be sufficient for him to crush most of his peers!

Moreover, if he was able to cultivate the strength of ‘a cauldron’ successfully, then his might would absolutely be unimaginable.

At the very least, Chen Xi had deduced that if that time really came, then even his with his main body’s current combat strength, his main body might not be a match for his clone.

This was how formidable the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form was. But it was precisely because of this that it was extremely difficult to cultivate. With Chen Xi’s natural talent, he’d merely grasped the first level of the Nethergod by thirty percent.

This was already the limit his cultivation at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement could attain. If he wanted to improve it a step further, then it could only be possible with a breakthrough in cultivation into the Western Goldpeak or the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement.

Presently, the reason Chen Xi appeared with his clone was firstly because he suspected his main body might had been branded by the enemy, allowing them to track him.

But most importantly, after his clone cultivated the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form, it was capable of changing its appearance, bearing, and even bones, meridians, and apertures at will. It just happened to be able to allow him to change his appearance and avoid being noticed by his enemies.

Moreover, these sort was changes weren’t a disguise, so even if one possessed the Eyes of Divine Truth, the Profound Gold Eyes, the Profound Symbol Eyes, and various other natural talents and Divine Abilities or had cultivated various formidable detection type cultivation techniques, it would be utterly impossible to discern his true appearance.

This was the might of the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form cultivation technique, and it was unique in the world!

In this way, I don’t have to worry about being noticed… Chen Xi pondered as he left the secluded street and walked into one of the bustling main streets. After that, his figure flashed before he hurried towards the teleportation formation without stopping.

It was early in the morning right now, and there were many people on the streets of Jadify City, causing it to be bustling with activity.

“What? Someone bashed up members of the Wei Clan?”

“Exactly. That battle occurred outside the northeast city gates, and many people saw it. Presently, those three assailants have entered our Jadify City one after the other.”

“My god! Who’re they? They were actually so bold! The Wei Clan is the number one power in our Jadify City, so can they even escape the city after offending the Wei Clan?”

“Hehe, I saw two figures rushing hastily towards the teleportation formation earlier. Perhaps they’re two of those three assailants.”

“Hmph! Everyone saw it alright? Both of them were like gods of death and emanated their auras completely as they flew swiftly all the way towards the teleportation formation. It was too conspicuous and alarmed countless people. It was absolutely impossible for one to not notice them.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel apprehensive in his heart as he listened to the discussions of the people that passed by, and he understood that Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen had already entered Jadify City at this moment.

But he heaved a sigh of relief because they’d rushed towards the teleportation formation. Obviously, they’d guessed his plans, yet it also revealed that they didn’t possess his exact location. Otherwise, they would have come here a long time ago, and how could they have possibly run over to the teleportation formation like idiots?

Presently, I’m using my clone, so it’s probably impossible for the both of you to recognize me. However, where did these two fellows come from exactly? And who put them up to this? Chen Xi pondered deeply as he attempted to derive the answer from the existences that had enmity with him, yet he came up empty handed. This sort of feeling was extremely uncomfortable because he didn’t even know who the enemy was, so how could he possibly feel relaxed? 

Before long, he arrived at the area of the teleportation formation.

At this moment, around seventy or eighty figures were standing within the enormous teleportation formation, and according to the time, the formation would be activated in less than eight minutes.

At the same time, Chen Xi noticed that Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen were surprisingly outside the teleportation formation!

Both of them had slightly gloomy expressions and gazes that were vigilant and icy cold like blades. They seemed to be standing there silently, yet they were actually scanning the changes in the surroundings at all time.

However, Chen Xi almost noticed that the numerous figures that stood within the teleportation formation looked at Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen with a wisp of rage. Moreover, some women were even extremely embarrassed, yet all of them dared to feel anger yet didn’t dare express it.

This caused Chen Xi to be slightly stunned, and he said in his heart, These two fellows have obviously offended many people since arriving here.

These thoughts flashed through Chen Xi’s mind in an instant, and he maintained a composed expression as he moved directly to the side. He paid ten thousand immortal stones to the guard from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate that stood on guard outside the teleportation formation before heading into the teleportation formation.

During this entire process, he clearly noticed a chilly aura scan him like the tentacles of an octopus, and it sized up his entire body from inside out in an extremely rude manner.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi turned his head and glanced at Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen with displeasure, and then he turned around and walked into the teleportation formation. He similarly seemed as if he only dared to feel angry yet didn’t dare express it. At this moment, he’d changed his appearance, so he naturally couldn’t make a display that was too composed, otherwise it would seem extremely unusual.

This allowed Chen Xi to figure out that Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen had certainly done the same to all the other people within the teleportation formation, causing all of them to reveal infuriated expressions. 

Fortunately, I’ve changed my tactics earlier. Otherwise, if I appeared with my main body, then I would probably be unable to avoid a fierce battle… Chen Xi stood within the teleportation formation and heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Jiang Ning withdrew his gaze that was sizing up Chen Xi, and he said via voice transmission, “It’s still not the target. My Netherevil Pupils didn’t notice anything unusual. Moreover, he’s a body refiner, so it doesn’t conform to that kid’s path of cultivation at all.”

The nearby Yue Zhen frowned and said, “He really is a cunning little bastard. The Scent Tracking Seal I placed on him earlier has vanished into thin air as well, causing me to lose all connection to him. Now it would seem like perhaps he has already seen through our identities.”

“That’s not right. The brand left behind by the Scent Tracking Seal you cultivated is something even a Golden Immortal is unable to eliminate, so how could a kid at the Heavenly Immortal Realm like him possibly accomplish it?” Jiang Ning’s brows that were sharp like blades raised up as he spoke with slightly wonder. “Even if he’s hiding in Jadify City, he shouldn’t be able to escape our tracking.”

“Perhaps he cultivated some sort of secret technique that doesn’t just allow him to change his appearance easily, it’s even able to notice the Scent Tracking Seal I placed on him. But no matter what, we have to change the situation before us.” Yue Zhen took a deep breath and seemed to be extremely calm as he said, “I’ve already noticed that most of the people in the teleportation formation are at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and there are only a few Mysterious Immortal Realm experts with inferior strengths. You enter the teleportation formation in a moment and leave along with them, and then capture and interrogate all of them once you arrive at Martial Illumination Continent. If that kid is amongst them, then you’ll surely be able to notice an inkling. With your strength, you ought to be able to easily accomplish such a small matter.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “On the other hand, I’ll stay behind in Jadify City and continue searching for that kid’s whereabouts. No matter who finds the tracks of that kid first, remember that you must report it to Commander Lu Chen at the first possible moment.”

Jiang Ning was stunned. “Why don’t we drive out all the people in the teleportation formation right now?”

“Do you think I don’t want to? Unfortunately, we don’t have time now.” A wisp of bitterness appeared on the corners of Yue Zhen’s lips, and his gaze shot towards the distance as he said, “Look, those annoying flies have come again…”

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