Chapter 1100 – Senior Brothers

Chen Xi himself had never expected that they would actually recognize him!

But unlike everyone else, the might of his soul was enormous, and he acutely noticed that the vital energy in their body suddenly flashed with a trace of dense killing intent when they caught sight of him.

Even though this trace of killing intent flashed before vanishing, it was still acutely captured by him, and he was instantly apprehensive in his heart as he knew they’d come with ill intent.

But when he that the expressions of Wei Tian and the others hand turned gloomy from Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen’s arrival, Chen Xi had an idea and immediately smiled as he said to Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen, “Senior Brothers, you’ve come.”

Senior Brother?

Hearing these words caused the expressions of Wei Tian, Liu Qing’er, and the others to turn grim as they were even more certain that these two people were really that kid’s backup.

On the other hand, Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen were stunned. Senior Brothers? When did we become that kid’s senior brothers?

But in next to no time, they noticed that the situation wasn’t good. Based on the situation before them, this kid, Chen Xi, was obviously encircled by this group of people, and he’d obviously done this to use these people to get rid of the two of them!

Jiang Ning frowned and was just about to speak when Chen Xi had already shouted with righteous indignation. “Senior Brother, it’s these fellows that bullied me because I’m alone. You have to uphold justice for me!”

“Bastard! Who’s…” Jiang Ning opened his mouth with the intention of refuting Chen Xi’s words, yet Chen Xi had spoken before him once more. 

“Senior Brother, that’s right! They’re too arrogant indeed!” 

“You…” The nearby Yue Zhen had come to an understanding, and he was about to speak with a grim voice when Chen Xi revealed an anxious expression and said, “Senior Brother, let’s catch up later. There’s no time to lose. It’ll be too late if you still don’t make a move!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed as he suddenly howled and charged towards Wei Tian and the others. “Senior Brother, quickly, it’s best to end the battle as soon as possible. They’re the disciples of a great power in Jadify City, so once we delay, we’ll be unable to escape today!”

Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen’s expressions instantly became extremely gloomy, yet they looked on indifferently without taking any action. They didn’t pay any attention to Chen Xi, and they just said loudly with a grim voice to Wei Tian and the others, “Everyone, we’re absolutely…”

“That’s enough! Both of you weren’t early nor late, and you just happened to appear at this moment. Who do you intend to deceive? Do you really think we’re idiots?” An expert of the Wei Clan who had the most explosive temper amongst his peers held a blade in his hand as he slashed it down towards Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen.

“You’re courting death!” Jiang Ning started laughing out of extreme rage from this sight, and he slapped out with his palm. It transformed into a divine radiance formed from surging energy of the Laws, and it directly blasted this expert of the Wei Clan back with a bang. He coughed blood up repeatedly while his entire body was blasted flying like a cannonball.

This expert of the Wei Clan has actually lost in a single strike!

The nearby Yue Zhen said in his heart, Shit! In this way, these bastards will probably feel even more certain that we’re Chen Xi’s senior brothers…

“Senior Brother, nicely done!” Meanwhile, Chen Xi praised at just the right time. As he spoke, he wasn’t slow in the slightest to grab with his finger, forming a force that was like layer upon layer of tempestuous waves, and it surged towards Wei Tian and the others.

Everyone present was agitated, and they felt both shocked and furious when they saw this. Originally, they suspected that Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen were Chen Xi’s backup, yet they merely suspected it because they weren’t willing to offend people they shouldn’t offend.

However, at this moment, when they saw that Jiang Ning actually attacked so ruthlessly and instantly heavily injured one of their own, blood instantly rushed into their heads, and they were unable to contain their anger.

So what if these two fellows aren’t the senior brothers of this kid? Since they dared to attack a member of our Wei Clan, then they must pay the price in blood!

Instantly, all these experts of the Wei Clan couldn’t restrain themselves and howled furiously.

“Kill! Kill these three bastards!”

“They actually dared to come act wildly in our Jadify City! They’re really courting death!” 

“We absolutely can’t let them off! Kill!”

The battle erupted with a bang, and the scene was instantly thrown into chaos while the sound of battle could be heard everywhere.

“Everyone, calm you rage. We’re absolutely not the senior brothers of that kid…” Yue Zhen frowned as he dodged their attacks while speaking repeatedly with a voice that was like a thunderclap that resounded through the surroundings.

He was naturally not afraid of them, yet he wasn’t willing to be used by Chen Xi like this because if he were to miss the opportunity to get Chen Xi because of this, then he would be unable to accept it.

So as he spoke, he’d charged towards Chen Xi with the intention of proving that he really wasn’t Chen Xi’s senior brother.

But when this scene entered into the eyes of Wei Tian and the others, it transformed into a scene of Yue Zhen intending to assist Chen Xi, and they were even more infuriated.

“Motherfucker! You’re still acting at a time like this!?”

“Dammit! How many times do all of you intend to play such childish tricks? If you two aren’t that kid’s senior brothers, then why would you recognize him?”

“Despicable bastards! Ptooey! Kill them all!”

“Ah!!! You motherfucker! You actually crippled my right arm! You attacked so ruthlessly yet you say you aren’t that kid’s senior brothers? Despicable, truly despicable!”

“Kill! Don’t listen to them, it’s a trap! They’re intentionally deceiving us!”

The Wei Clan’s experts burned with rage and attacked madly. No matter how Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen explained, they remained completely indifferent, and Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen’s explanations caused them to feel that their wisdom was being humiliated, so they became even more infuriated.

At this moment, Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen were infuriated as well, and they said in a grim voice, “Good! Very good! You ignorant idiots! Since you’re courting death, then we’ll fulfill your wish!”

Both of them stopped hesitating and displayed their true ability.

For a time, the shrill and grim cries of battle resounded through the air while fresh blood sprayed in all directions, and the scene was extremely chaotic.

Amidst this chaos, Chen Xi was intentionally moving about at the borders of the battlefield while calmly observing Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen, and he was shocked in his heart because their strengths were so formidable that it exceeded his expectations. Both of them possessed strengths that were even superior to Liang Bing, and it even caused him to feel that fighting them would be extremely troublesome.

Who’re these two fellows? 

Could it be that the Yin Clan sent them to deal with me?

No, besides Yin Miaomiao, there’s absolutely no one in the Yin Clan’s younger generation that can compare to these two fellows. Then…who’re they?

Chen Xi took a deep breath as he felt a sense of danger. This sort of feeling was very similar to his situation in Eastern Peace Continent. In both situations, he was pursued with the intention to kill and didn’t know exactly which power they belonged to.

Looks like my path to the Dao Emperor Academy will probably not be too peaceful…

Once he realized this, Chen Xi didn’t dare dally here any longer. He immediately executed his strongest strike to forcefully open up a breach in the tight encirclement before executing the Wings of Disruption with all his might. His entire figure transformed into a wisp of flowing light that swiftly charged towards Jadify City.

“Big Brother Wei Tian, that kid has fled to the city!” 

“Should we pursue or not?”

At this moment, Wei Tian’s face was already covered with blood, and it was warped and savage from the battle. He let out ghastly laughter when he heard this, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “Isn’t this better? Once he enters into our territory, what difference is his actions from walking into a trap? Where can he escape to? Deal with these two damnable bastards first!”

“Wei Tian! All of you’ve been tricked, they’re surely not companions!” Meanwhile, the nearby Liu Qing’er seemed to be the calmest, and she discerned many clues from the various signs during the battle.

“Tricked!? Dammit, all I saw was that these two bastards injured many members of our Wei Clan!” At this moment, Wei Tian had fallen into a frenzied state since a long time ago, so how could he care about anything else?

“You…” Liu Qing’er was angered to the point of gnashing her teeth and said fiercely in her heart, You really are an idiot, and you’re thinking of pursuing me with that little bit of intelligence? Ptooey!

When they saw Chen Xi had fled yet they were being kept occupied by a group of idiots, both Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen were infuriated to the extreme. Their expressions were livid to the extreme as they fought with all their might.

A short moment later, Wei Tian and the others had been utterly defeated, and not a single one of them was left standing. All of them had either passed out from their heavy injury or had their arms or legs broken, causing them to be in an extremely miserable and horrifying state.

At this moment, Wei Tian and the others finally felt terrified, and the gazes they looked at Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen with had changed and revealed boundless terror.

“Both of you just wait! My Wei Clan’s experts will be right here. Both of you won’t be able to escape!” Wei Tian lost in battle yet not in spirit, and he still braced himself and shouted in a loud voice.

When he saw that Wei Tian still come to an understanding until now, Jiang Ning eyes went cold as killing intent arose in his heart, yet he was stopped with a sigh from Yue Zhen. “They’re only a group of idiots that were used. Pursuing the target is the important matter at hand.”

“With the Young Master’s command token in our possession, could anyone do anything to us even if we annihilate all of them?” Jiang Ning grunted coldly and was slightly unwilling to let them go. He was naturally aware that these bastards were probably the disciples of a great power in Jadify City, and if it wasn’t for this, he would have annihilated all of them a long time ago and not just heavily injured them.

“But we’ll still cause some trouble in the end. This will only delay us in pursuing our target,” said Yue Zhen with a frown. He knew very well that a mighty dragon didn’t move to strike a local serpent because it wasn’t a problem if they killed these people and caused the higher-ups of these people’s clan to move out against them. After all, they were from the Zuoqiu Clan, and they had entirely no reason to fear that those higher-ups of this clan would make a move against them.

However, if these people were to play some tricks in secret to obstruct the two of them, then what would they do? 

“Let’s go, the important matter at hand is pursuing the target!” Yue Zhen shook his head before transforming into a ray of light that charged towards the distant Jadify City. Jiang Ning glanced coldly at Wei Tian and the others when he saw this, and then he turned around and left.

Their conversation wasn’t carried out via voice transmission, so it was heard clearly by Wei Tian and the others. For a time, all of them couldn’t help but glance at each other. Could it have really been a misunderstanding?

The kid isn’t their junior brother but someone they’re pursuing?

“No matter who they are or what objective they have, since they dared to offend us, then we must not let them off.” Wei Tian was first stunned, and then he gnashed his teeth and said with a livid expression, “Since they dared to come run wild at our Jadify City, then they must pay the price! Otherwise, how will our Wei Clan maintain its foothold in Jadify City in the future?”

“Right! For the sake of our Wei Clan’s reputation, no matter who they are, they must pay the price!”

“Dammit! This resentment must be vented!”

“So what if their combat strength is formidable? I don’t believe the higher-ups of our clan will sit by and watch!”

Wei Tian and the others instantly became agitated. All of them gritted their teeth as they supported themselves up, and then they staggered as they flew towards Jadify City.

If one didn’t consider everything that occurred earlier, then when one saw the scene of Wei Tian and the others growing in courage as the situation developed and speaking fervently in unison, it would probably cause countless people to be extremely moved by this sight.

Unfortunately, all their actions today were a mere farce, and it would only draw the pity and ridicule of countless people if word of it were to spread.

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