Chapter 110 – Meeting

Chapter 110 – Meeting

The surging river rolled without end.

The instant Chen Xi came out from the Heavenpeak of Trials, he noticed Ji Yu standing on the grass on the bank of the river from afar, seeming to have been waiting for him since long ago.

“Your advancement isn’t bad, really not bad.” Ji Yu swept his gaze over Chen Xi, seeming to have already seen through the fruits of Chen Xi’s cultivation during this period of time, and a trace of a smile appeared on his face.

Chen Xi smiled as he frankly received this praise, and he was extremely calm and indifferent in his heart. After all, during this half a year, thousands of kgs of the spirit liquid in his storage ring had been consumed and over 100 Starsoul Meteorites had been used up. It would truly be bullshit if he didn’t advance in the slightest.

“I’ve already refined the Seventhgold Swordbamboo for you, take a look.” As Ji Yu spoke, he flipped open his hand and a meter long sword appeared before Chen Xi’s eyes. The sword was entirely pitch-black, with dim black lights surrounding it, and it vaguely emitted traces of the piercingly cold aura of lightning.

“There seems to be nothing different?” Chen Xi was stunned, and he was just intending to take it up and inspect it when an unexpected event occurred at this moment.


A strand of boundless and vast nirvanic aura abruptly surged out from the surface of the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, then a black light flashed and it had already transformed into a little person that was 10cm tall. The extremely handsome little person wore white clothes that drifted in the wind, and he had starry eyes and sword shaped brows. Bright lights revolved around him as he floated in midair, and there were even traces of lightning arcs twined around him. His imposing manner was exceedingly vast, sharp, piercingly cold, destructive, and even carried along a strand of nirvanic aura that seemed eternal.

“Little Ling Bai?” Chen Xi’s eyes sprang wide open as he instantly came to an understanding. After Ji Yu executed the Soulfuse Arts, the Seventhgold Swordbamboo wasn’t the inanimate object from before, but had instead fused with Ling Bai who was a sword soul to become a living life!

Moreover, the energy of lightning that was originally contained within the Seventhgold Swordbamboo had completely fused with the Nirvana Sword Insight that Ling Bai possessed. It possessed the lightning’s piercingly cold aura of annihilation and the eternal nirvanic aura, and it had become even more terrifying from before to the point that it caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid from feeling a trace of fear.

“Chen Xi, I can cultivate already! HAHAHA!” Ling Bai leaped onto Chen Xi’s shoulder as he smiled to the point his eyes became two crescents, and he was obviously exceedingly happy.

“Oh, then how formidable are you now?” Chen Xi asked curiously. This was the first Magic Treasure he’d seen that was able to cultivate by itself, moreover, he’d never heard of anything about Magic Treasures being able to cultivate in the past, so he was naturally exceedingly curious in his heart.

Ling Bai was stunned and his expression flickered between a livid and ashen expression, seeming to be extremely furious yet seeming to be depressed, and he didn’t open his mouth for a long time.

Chen Xi hurriedly consoled. “It doesn’t matter if your strength is weak. Can’t you cultivate? So long as you continue persisting, there will come a day that you’ll become strong.”

“Really?” Ling Bai’s spirits were rejuvenated, then a strand of embarrassment surged onto his little face as he said slowly, “There’s no harm in telling you. My current strength is extremely weak indeed, it’s almost, almost similar to a Golden Hall Realm cultivator.”

Golden Hall Realm cultivator!?

Chen Xi was stunned. If this level of strength was extremely weak, then wouldn’t that mean that I can’t even be considered to be weak?

“Don’t laugh at me, I was actually very formidable in the past. Hey, why has your expression become so stiff? Are you looking down on me? Alas, actually, I feel it’s extremely shameful as well!” The shame on Ling Bai’s little face grew when he saw Chen Xi staying silent, and his voice went lower and lower.

Chen Xi’s expression had completely gone stiff. Is this little fellow mocking me? Is he? Is he?

“Don’t worry, when I executed the Soulfuse Arts, I left behind a trace of a Soul Brand for you. This little fellow will only be your most loyal subordinate in the future and it’s impossible for him to harm you,” said Ji Yu via voice transmission. He thought that Chen Xi’s expression was unnatural because Chen Xi was afraid the Ling Bai would escape his control.

“I… Just want to know… Is the strength of a Golden Hall Realm cultivator extremely weak in the cultivation world?” Chen Xi sighed via voice transmission.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Ji Yu laughed loudly as only now did he understand that Chen Xi had been provoked by Ling Bai’s words.

“Senior Ji Yu, are you making fun of me?” Ling Bai’s expression was extremely unsightly, and he resolved in his heart to properly cultivate, as the feeling of losing face was too depressing!

Ji Yu laughed even louder when he heard this, to the point he bent over with laughter.

“Senior Ji Yu, I intend to leave. How should I leave this Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm?” Chen Xi hurriedly changed the topic of conversation.

“The energy that holds the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm together was left behind by Ling Bai’s Master, and it’s an extremely powerful Nirvana energy. So long as Ling Bai is alive, this energy will be confined within that space forever, and its objective is naturally to protect Ling Bai’s life. But, so long as Ling Bai is dead, that space will be destroyed along with him,” said Ji Yu slowly.

Kill Ling Bai?

Chen Xi’s heart skipped a beat, and he forcefully stopped himself from asking. He knew that Ji Yu would surely not do this, otherwise, Ji Yu wouldn’t execute the Soulfuse Arts and fuse Ling Bai with the Seventhgold Swordbamboo.

Ji Yu continued. “Of course, it’s different now. After Ling Bai cultivated the Soulfuse Arts, he has already fused into one with the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, and it’s no different from being reborn. At this moment, the Nirvana energy that holds the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm together is a tree without roots, water without a source, and you can break open the confines by asking Ling Bai to absorb them.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding.

“Right, take Bai Kui along when you leave,” said Ji Yu. Bai Kui that lay in Ji Yu’s embrace was already extremely anxious since long ago, and he flew onto Chen Xi’s left shoulder with a swish before stretching out his pink and tender little tongue to lick Chen Xi’s neck with extreme warmth.

Chen Xi was licked to the point he felt slightly itchy, and he was just about to stop Bai Kui when he instead saw Ling Bai’s eyes light up upon seeing Bai Kui. Ling Bai leaped onto Chen Xi’s left shoulder with a swish before straddling his legs, intending to ride on Bai Kui’s body, and he even cried out excitedly. “What a good spirit beast, it’s just right to be my mount, to accompany me as I point my sword at the world and make a name for myself!”

Ling Bai was 10 cm tall and wore white clothes; Bai Kui instead possessed fluffy snow white fur and was only the size of a fist, and the two little fellows seemed to contrast beautifully with each other.

However, Bai Kui was instead unwilling to allow Ling Bai to mount him, and his figure flashed, instantly leaping onto Chen Xi’s right shoulder. When Ling Bai saw this, he couldn’t help but burst into rage, and he said in his heart before chasing after Bai Kui. A little spirit beast dares resist me? 

Just like this, the two little fellows chased after each other atop Chen Xi’s shoulders, and their speeds were both swift like a bolt of lightning as they played extremely happily.

“After you go out, find some Magic Treasures you can use to feed him. After all, he’s a top auspicious beast in the world, and making him starve isn’t a good thing.”

Ji Yu said with a smile, “I’ve already helped you conceal his aura. Unless it’s an almighty figure that has comprehended the profundity of nature, otherwise, no one in this world is able to recognize his identity.”

“Okay, I’ll take good care of him.” Chen Xi nodded. A Pixiu was able to gather karmic luck, and such an auspicious beast was something even many almighty figures from ancient times were extremely covetous of, so he naturally wouldn’t do anything that ruined god’s good gifts.

“Alright, leave the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm first. Once you leave the abode this time, you can enter once more when your body refinement and qi refinement cultivations both enter into the Golden Hall Realm.” Ji Yu flicked his sleeve and a formidable strength that couldn’t be defended against surged out, and Chen Xi felt his vision go black before he vanished within the abode in the next moment.


Ancient and decayed marks were everywhere within the exceedingly vast and grand hall, like broken tables, chairs, pedestals, stone pillars… And the white and ghastly bones that filled the ground.

“Why are there so many bones in this place? Could it be that it’s a restricted area used for confining prisoners?” Su Leng’s gaze swept the surroundings, and as he looked at the decaying bones, rusty and mottled weapons, and corroded and shattered clothing, his heart palpitated for no reason.

Kacha! Kacha!

Su Dingyi’s group of six trampled on the innumerable bones as they searched the great hall excitedly, and they seemed to want to discover some treasures. But to their astonishment, this place actually didn’t contain a single treasure, and their expressions instantly became exceedingly unsightly.

“Martial Uncle Su Leng, this place is obviously an abandoned palace. There are no treasures here and it seems like no one has come here for an extremely long time.”

“Yeah, I originally thought that Chen Xi was hiding here, but who knew that it’s actually a damnable place like this, such bad luck!”

“Dammit, I wonder who had nothing better to do than to open a confined space like this. There’s something wrong with that person’s head, right?”

Su Dingyi’s group of three grumbled endlessly. They originally thought it was a secret realm and even if it wasn’t good, they would still be able to find Chen Xi’s tracks from within it. But unexpectedly, there wasn’t anything valuable at all, and they were naturally slightly exasperated.

“Did all of you not notice that there seems to be a type of energy surging here? It’s neither being created nor destroyed, neither alive nor dead, and it causes one to feel despair, helpless, dispirited, uneasy…” Su Leng’s eyes gazed at the surroundings as he spoke slowly.

The hearts of everyone jerked when they were reminded, and it was indeed as Su Leng said, the entire vast great hall was indeed deathly silent to the point it was slightly bizarre. Unknowingly, it had caused their feelings to be stuffed full of various unpleasant feelings.

“Let’s go! This place is too strange, we should leave quickly…” Su Leng hadn’t finished speaking when an unexpected event abruptly occurred within the great hall.


A black hole tore space apart as it appeared at the center of the great hall, and practically at the same moment, a thin youth flew out from within it.

This youth had handsome features and an extraordinary disposition, and the hole in space vanished without a trace after he appeared.

“Chen Xi!”

“This fellow was really hiding here!”

“Haha, traveling far and wide, yet finding him by chance!”

When they saw this youth, Su Dingyi and the other all revealed a trace of violent joy, as they originally thought that they would return empty handed, yet never imagined that the ‘treasures’ would deliver itself to them!

“Dammit! Why have they come in as well?”

Chen Xi’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict as his gaze swept past Su Dingyi’s group of six, and especially when he saw the black clothed and cold young man that stood in the center position.

This person casually stood there yet his body emitted an extremely terrifying aura. Moreover, the energy of Yin and Yang vaguely flowed about above him, occasionally transforming into spirit and essence, and occasionally surging out with strands of black and white flames that leaped about.

Spirit and essence being generated together, and Yin and Yang blended together.

A Golden Core Realm cultivator.

After a cultivator advanced into the Golden Core Realm, the cultivator would have condensed the True Essence within the body into a Golden Core which the Yin and Yang within had blended and promoted the generation of spirit and essence, and various strange phenomenon would surge out above the cultivator.

For example, the indistinct pattern of airflow that surged out above Su Leng was the phenomenon that was formed from the circulation of his own formidable vital energy and blood.

Six Golden Hall Realm cultivators are already sufficient to give me a headache. Now another Golden Core Realm cultivator has come… Besides being surprised in his heart, the nerves in Chen Xi’s entire body were instantly strained to the limit.

“He’s Chen Xi?” Su Leng glanced coldly at Chen Xi and said coldly, “I’m Su Leng, don’t forget my name when you die.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As he spoke, the airflow on Su Leng’s body surged and roiled like a beating drum that emitted a string of explosive bangs.


A flying sword tore through the sky and fiercely struck towards the distant Chen Xi.

He didn’t even say a word before attacking, he was cold and merciless!

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