Chapter 1099 – A Storm Caused By A Misunderstanding

Chen Xi remained indifferent to Qing’er’s furious shout, and he turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Bastard, didn’t you hear her asking you to stop?” When he saw Chen Xi leaving, not only was the gold robed young man, Wei Tian, not happy, he instead seemed to share Qing’er’s hatred instead. As he spoke, he even pressed down towards Chen Xi’s shoulder with the intention of stopping Chen Xi, and he seemed to be extremely arrogant and domineering.

Chen Xi was finally furious. He swiftly turned around and casually raised his hand, causing his palm to be suffused with he divine radiance of the Laws before it moved to greet the young man’s palm.

This young man was simply going too far. He’s already spoken rudely and asked Chen Xi to vanish, and for the sake of saving him, Chen Xi had exercised forbearance and didn’t intend to make a fuss about it with the young man. However, the young man intended to stop Chen Xi when he wanted to leave, and the young man had even struck down with his palm at Chen Xi. This sort of actions were simply even more arrogant and unreasonable than the woman called Qing’er.


The palms collided and erupted with a blazing glow, and then the sound of cracking could be heard in the air. Wei Tian’s right wrist emanated the sound of bones breaking while he uttered a shrill cry as his figure was blasted flying.

The difference between them was clear in a single exchange!

Qing’er’s entire body stiffened while she almost bit her tongue when she witnessed this sight. Wei Tian was an expert at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and he was a disciple of Jadify City’s Wei Clan. Moreover, he was even ranked in the top hundred of the Continental Ascensio Rankings of Hundred Spring Continent.

Yet now, he was actually blasted flying with a single slap from a young man at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Instantly, the gaze Qing’er shot at Chen Xi had changed, and she had the absurd thought that her luck was seemed to be really too good today as random passerby she grabbed actually possessed such a formidable strength.

“You, you, if you have the balls…” Wei Tian was blasted back with a single palm strike, and he held this broken right wrist while crying loudly with rage. However, even though he spoke in this way, he turned around and transformed into a flowing light as he fled directly instead.

Obviously, he was clearly aware that it was impossible for him to be a match for Chen Xi, and he probably went to get help.

“This fellow has good judgment at least…” Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he saw the young man leave so decisively, and then he tossed all of this to the back of his head because he’d already bashed the young man, so why think so much about it?

At any rate, it was impossible that he would stay in Hundred Spring Continent, so all he had to do was leave before trouble arrived.

“Do…do you know who he is?” The nearby Qing’er never expected that Wei Tian would leave so decisively, but what exceeded her expectations even more was that this passerby was so ferocious and even dared to strike a blow against a disciple of the number one power in Jadify City. Logically speaking, so long as it was someone from Jadify City, then they ought to be aware of Wei Tian’s identity.

Could it be that he isn’t from Jadify City?

Qing’er quickly recovered from her shock, and she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. Chen Xi’s actions had indirectly helped her drive away a fly, and it was even a fly she really hated.

She smiled cheerfully. “Friend, you did well, I really have to thank you today. How about it? Why don’t we have a meal? It’s my treat. Don’t worry, I’ll absolutely provide the compensation I promised you.”

She felt that this ought to be giving him enormous face because there was no one in Jadify City who could make her, Liu Qing’er, treat them to a meal, yet those that wanted to treat her to a meal could be lined up from here to Jadify City.

In her thoughts, Chen Xi ought to agree with delight, and then follow behind her while overwhelmed by the sudden favor while ceaselessly thanking her for her invitation.

Of course, she was clearly aware that since he was able to defeat Wei Tian while at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he was surely no an ordinary figure. But since he seemed to be travelling by himself and didn’t even have a treasured carriage, servants, or lackeys, and he didn’t even know about Wei Tian’s identity, he was obviously an independent cultivator that came from far away.

Such a young man was worthy of being roped in by her, Liu Qing’er.

But unexpected to Liu Qing’er, Chen Xi actually glanced at her with slight detest and didn’t even give her a reply before he turned around and left as if she was a clump of air.

Liu Qing’er was flabbergasted, and she only recovered when Chen Xi’s figure had vanished. How dare that fellow act like that!?  When have I, Liu Qing’er, suffered such coldness?

Not to mention it was I who invited him for a meal, and I’ll even compensate him. 

Now that she was directly disregarded, it caused her to feel even more uncomfortable than how she would have felt if she’d swallowed a fly, and her face flickered between a livid and ashen expression.

This won’t do! No matter what, I can’t lose face like this. I don’t believe that an independent cultivator from far away like you can actually dare to disregard my existence!

Liu Qing’er was infuriated in her heart, and she immediately pursued him with all her strength.

In next to no time, she noticed that he was heading towards Jadify City, and this caused her to laugh coldly because that was her territory, so she didn’t have to worry about being unable to ‘invite’ him after he entered the city!

Hmph! Let me see if a fellow from out of town will dare to continue disregarding my existence!  Liu Qing’er grunted with complacency in her heart.

However, Liu Qing’er couldn’t help but frown when she was about to arrive at Jadify City because she saw Wei Tian had brought a group of people to stop that fellow, and they were in confrontation.

Fortunately, this was already considered the area outside Jadify City, so she wasn’t worried about being continuously annoyed by Wei Tian any more. Even though the Wei Clan was the number one clan in Jadify City, her Liu Clan wasn’t inferior at all. Moreover, Wei Tian was only a direct descendant of the Wei Clan, whereas she was the eldest daughter of the Liu Clan’s Patriarch.

“Little bastard! Kneel down and receive your death!” Wei Tian had a resentful expression as he berated endlessly with a grim voice. Obviously, his confidence had improved greatly with the experts of the Wei Clan by his side to rely on.

Chen Xi frowned as he sized them up. There were a total of fourteen people that Wei Tian had called over as backup, and every single one of them was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, while the most formidable was at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

But merely in terms of their aura, there wasn’t a single one that could compare to Liang Tu. In other words, if these people were in Four Divinity City, then the strongest amongst them could only be ranked below the top twenty of the rankings.

At the same time that this caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart, he couldn’t help but hesitate slightly because since Wei Tian was able to call so many people over in such a short amount of time, he obviously came from a great power in Jadify City.

If he were to fight them head on, Chen Xi was entirely confident in being able to deal with them in a short period of time. However, he had to consider what he would do if some old fellows were to come over once he bashed up all these fellows.

“Do you want me to help you? Take it as me returning that favor from before?” Right at this moment, Liu Qing’er’s voice sounded out by Chen Xi’s ear, and it still carried a trace of the tone of someone superior giving charity to another.

He glanced over and saw Liu Qing’er had rushed over, and she was standing in the distance with a spurious smile that carried a wisp of arrogance.

Chen Xi felt even deeper detest towards this woman. Return the favor? If it wasn’t for her self-centered actions, how could I have fallen into such trouble?

“Qing’er, you’ve come.” Meanwhile, Wei Tian noticed Liu Qing’er as well, and he cried out. “That kid was disrespectful to you earlier, and I’ll help you vent your anger right now. Just stand aside and watch the battle. I’ll come catch up with you after I deal with this little bastard.”

Liu Qing’er grunted coldly yet paid no attention to Wei Tian, and she just looked at Chen Xi as if she was saying ‘I don’t believe you won’t beg me to help you.’

Chen Xi suddenly said, “Qing’er, aren’t I your fiancé? Could it be that you intend to stand idly by and do nothing to save me?”

Liu Qing’er was stunned. She’d already thought in her heart about how she should destroy this fellow’s pride with words if he begged her for assistance, yet never had she imagined that he would actually use this excuse to seek assistance from her!

This caused her to be infuriated in her heart, and she couldn’t help but frown and berate. “I was joking with you earlier, yet you took it to be real? Of course, if you beg me obediently for assistance, then perhaps I’ll help you. But you can dream about obtaining the compensation I promised you earlier.”

When it had come to this, she couldn’t be bothered to conceal it any longer because this matter was related to her reputation, and this place was outside Jadify City, so she wasn’t afraid of Wei Tian annoying her any longer. Thus, she naturally wouldn’t use any shoddy excuse to make Chen Xi cooperate with her and put on a show.

“Haha! Did you hear that? Qing’er was playing with you. Idiot! Just take a look at yourself in the mirror and see exactly what sort of person you are! Are you even worthy of Qing’er?” Wei Tian roared with laughter that was indescribably complacent, and then the gaze he shot at Chen Xi was even more resentful instead.

Chen Xi suddenly felt that everything that had happened today was truly too absurd. He’d been involuntarily swept into this, and then inadvertently became both their enemies, causing him to be in trouble from both sides.

It was even to the extent that if he hadn’t experienced it himself, he would doubt that such an incident had occurred in the world.

But this was reality. Sometimes, it was even more bizarre, absurd, and filled with various unimaginable situations than legends were.

“What’re you standing there for? Quickly kneel down and receive your death!” Wei Tian shouted explosively.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and raised his head to look at the sky. He estimated the time and knew that he had to quickly deal with the trouble before him, otherwise he would probably miss the time when the teleportation formation in Jadify City was activated.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

But right when Chen Xi intended to make a move, a wave of whistling howls from the air being torn apart suddenly sounded out from extremely far away behind him, and then two figures flashed over like bolts of lightning.

They were extremely swift!

The layer of clouds that these two figures passed through were split open at the center while they emanated sharp and ear piercing rumbling that caused the expressions of all the people present here to focus.

There are experts are on the way!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he turned around and glanced over. But when he saw those two figures, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned because he seemed to have seen them when he left Four Divinity City.

This was a pair of men. One had a ramrod straight figure, wore black clothes,  possessed a pair of brows that were sharp as blades, and emanated an oppressive aura. The other was a robust young man with a flame shaped tattoo on his left cheek, and he seemed to be savage and arrogant.

Shockingly, they were Jiang Ning and Yue Zhen! However, Chen Xi wasn’t aware of their identities now.

“Chen Xi!” When Chen Xi saw the two of them, they saw Chen Xi as well, and they were slightly stunned. After that, they exclaimed with surprise at the same time, and they seemed to have not expected that they would actually be able to catch up to him here.

Even though they thought like this, both of them revealed a wisp of pleasant surprise that flashed before vanishing. One really does find something by chance after searching far and wide!

However, their reactions caused the faces of Wei Tian, Liu Qing’er, and the others to sink while they thought in their hearts. Could it be that these two are that fellow’s backup? 

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