Chapter 1097 – Enmity And Death Knocking On His Door

Startrace Talisman Brush.

Starsoul Beast.

A dark violet jade box that was densely covered with countless profound talisman markings.

These were the gifts the Liang, Gu, and Luo Clans had given Chen Xi before he left Southbridge Continent, and their actions of paying such a high price obviously showed how earnest they were in winning Chen Xi over.

Of course, Chen Xi was clearly aware that a very important reason was because of his other identity — a disciple of Oracle Mountain.

But no matter what, Chen Xi was very pleased that he was able to form goodwill with these three clans, and he was very clearly aware that he would have no choice but to fight all alone for a period of time.

Because even when he’d accumulated enough strength to shake the Zuoqiu Clan, it would still be absolutely impossible for him to topple it by relying on his strength alone. So, building a force of his own and drawing in forces that were beneficial to him could be considered as one of his future objectives.

The Liang, Luo, and Gu Clans were deeply related with Oracle Mountain, so forming deep goodwill between then was absolutely beneficial to Chen Xi.

Thus, he received their gifts in the end, and then he left Southbridge Continent by himself. 


There were 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension, and every single continent was practically boundlessly vast, gorgeous, and prosperous. Moreover, they’d given birth to countless legendary figures and created countless legends.

Amongst them, the Icesky, Valiant Star, Midnight, and Profound Path Continents were at the core of the Immortal Dimension. These continents possessed Immortal Kings with cultivations that reigned supreme over the three dimensions and various top powers residing within them, and it could be said that sects were like trees in a forest and experts were like the clouds in the sky!

These four great continents were like the most dazzling pearls. They studded the central area of the Immortal Dimension and emanated divine radiance that the myriad of living beings in the three dimensions had to look up to!

There were over a hundred continents between Southbridge Continent and Valiant Star Continent. It seemed to be ordinary, yet it was a distance that was absolutely impossible for most living beings in the Immortal Dimension to traverse through in their entire lifetimes.

Even if it was a Golden Immortal that possessed the ability to teleport, it was utterly impossible to traverse over a hundred continents without a few years of time.

Fortunately, there were teleportation formations in the Immortal Dimension to bring Chen Xi across continents, so he didn’t have to worry about being unable to arrive in Valiant Star Continent within three months.

Four Divinity City, within the teleportation formation.

A tall figure walked over and paid ten thousand immortal stones before directly walking into the teleportation formation. He took a glance and saw many experts were already waiting in the surroundings.

This person was naturally Chen Xi.

The teleportation formation was passed down from the primeval times, and it was capable of connecting continents together. Presently, it was under the control of the Immortal Court. For example, this teleportation formation in Four Divinity City was controlled by the Immortal Monarch’s Estate.

The teleportation formation could only be activated three times in a day, and every single activation required a sum of a million immortal stones. In other words, the teleportation formation was at most capable of teleporting a hundred people at a time, and every person had to pay ten thousand immortal stones.

There were only thirty plus people in the teleportation formation when Chen Xi arrived, so it meant that the teleportation formation wouldn’t be activated for now.

Since he didn’t have anything to do, Chen Xi spread open the map Liang Bing gave him and looked through it carefully. The map conspicuously marked a pathway that led to Valiant Star Continent from Southbridge Continent.

According to the map, he had to take six teleportation formations on the way in order to arrive at Valiant Star Continent, and they were respectively situated in the Hundred Spring, Northill, Martial Illumination, Thousandwhirl, Cloudrest, and Autumn Plain continents.

Moreover, Liang Bing seemed to have been rather considerate and even marked the specific location of the teleportation formations in these continents. In this way, it would save Chen Xi a lot of time.

The only thing that caused Chen Xi to frown slightly was that there actually wasn’t a teleportation formation in Cloudrest Continent because this continent was unlike other continents. It neighbored the Autumn Plain Continent, and a vast mountain range called the God Trove Mountain Range lay between them.

In other words, if he wanted to arrive at Autumn Plain Continent, then he had to traverse the God Trove Mountain Range from Cloudrest Continent!

The journey was much smoother after that because once he arrived at Autumn Plain Continent, then he would be able to directly enter Valiant Star Continent with the teleportation formation there.

If he didn’t travel according to this path, then he would naturally be able to arrive at Valiant Star Continent as well, but he would have to move through over a thousand continents. Moreover, there were various situations in those continents, so it would be utterly impossible for him to arrive in Valiant Star Continent within three months of time.

Thus, the path Liang Bing plotted was the shortest and smoothest path to Valiant Star Continent.

God Trove Mountain… Chen Xi stared at this name for a long time before he put the map away carefully and stopped thinking about it.

Meanwhile, many figures arrived successively within the teleportation formation, and it quickly arrived at a number of a hundred.

The nearby guard from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate stood up immediately when he saw this, and he formed seals with his hands as he intended to activate the teleportation formation.

Right at this moment, a wave of voices sounded out from afar.


“Wait a minute!”

Chen Xi raised his eyes and saw two figures rushing over swiftly. One had a figure that was ramrod straight, wore black clothes, had a pair of brows that were sharp like blades, and emanated an oppressive aura.

The other was a robust young man with an ordinary appearance, and there was only a flame shaped tattoo on his left cheek, causing him to seem savage and arrogant.

To Chen Xi’s shock, their movement technique, speed, and even the aura they inadvertently emanated with every single move carried a cruel and murderous aura.

It seemed as if they weren’t immortals but machines of slaughter!

Mysterious Immortal Realm experts? There are such figures in Southbridge Continent? Chen Xi pondered in his heart. He was able to clearly sense that both their strengths could probably be ranked in the top ten of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and it was even to the extent that they might even be stronger. However, he’d never heard that such experts existed in Four Divinity City.

Dragons really do lay dormant in the Immortal Dimension. Looks like I can’t be looking solely at the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. After all, a ranking can’t contain all the experts in the Immortal Dimension… After that, Chen Xi withdrew his gaze.

“It’s full. Both of you can wait for the next teleportation.” The guard revealed an indifferent expression. As he spoke, he directly activated the teleportation formation, and a buzzing sound resounded before a strange and vast fluctuation stretched out.

In the next moment, everyone within the formation had vanished. 


“You’re…courting death!” The black clothed man was only a step away from entering the teleportation formation, yet wasn’t able to because of the guard, this caused his face to turn gloomy at once while his brows that were like sharp blades knit together, and his entire body emanated oppressive and ghastly killing intent.

At this instant, the black clothed man was like a savage ferocious beast that had revealed its true appearance, and the almost material killing intent in his surroundings shook the air to the point of droning.

The guard couldn’t endure it at all, and his countenance instantly turned pale from fear while his legs shivered to the point he almost fell to the ground. However, he still berated furiously. “I’m a guard of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate. How dare you use force against me!”

The black clothed young man said with a ghastly voice, “You ant! So what if I kill you?”

“Alright, Jiang Ning, nothing can be done. We can only wait for the next time the teleportation formation is activated.” Meanwhile, the robust young man had arrived as well, and he sighed before pulling the black clothed man away and leaving.

“Hmph! Who do you think you are? Both of you can dream of living if you dare kill me!” The guard puckered his lips and spat as he cursed in a low voice after their figures had vanished.

“Yue Zhen, you think I would make a fuss about it with a lowly guard of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate?” The black clothed man, Jiang Ning, was still furious, and he said hatefully, “I noticed earlier that our target seemed to be in that teleportation formation. Yet now, that bastard spoiled it. He truly deserves death!”

The robust young man called Yue Zhen was stunned, and then he revealed a serious expression. “Are you sure?”

Jiang Ning said, “Almost certain.”

“Quickly, report this matter to Commander Lu Chen. Say that we were a step too late and that kid has left Southbridge Continent, and his destination is the Dao Emperor Academy in Valiant Star Continent, so we must stop and kill him before that!” Yue Zhen spoke swiftly with a resolute voice while revealing a determined expression because he was very well aware that if the target really fled successfully into Dao Emperor Academy, then their assignment this time would have failed.

Jiang Ning realized the severity of the situation as well. He immediately withdrew blood red transmission jade slip that was in the shape of a water chestnut, and he recorded all the information he’d found out within it.


The transmission jade slip tore through the sky towards the distance. 


Lu Chen sat cross-legged in silence on a rock beneath a waterfall. His back was straight while his thin figure was filled with an immovable aura.

He had a handsome appearance, clear eyes, jade white skin, and dense hair that combed in a neat manner and coiled into a bun behind his head. His entire body emanated a clean and neat feeling.

He seemed to be like a handsome scholar that came from an aristocratic family in the mortal world, yet who would have expected that he was the expert with the coldest disposition amongst Zuoqiu Kong’s Void Guards?

In the vicinity were nine Void Guards that were either standing, sitting, whispering in discussion, and entertaining themselves. They were all experts that the Zuoqiu Clan had selected through layers of selection from the entire Immortal Dimension’s 4,900 continents.

Since they could remember, they cultivated the top cultivation techniques in the Immortal Dimension, consumed the best medicinal pills, and experienced the most brutal tests and tempering.

Actually, there weren’t just sixty four Void Guards, and there were even over a thousand. However, in the end, only sixty four survived while the others were unable to endure the tests and perished; or underperformed and were reduced to ordinary vassals of the Zuoqiu Clan.

This proved that these young men that possessed the qualifications to remain in the Void Guard possessed outstanding experience, extraordinary natural talent, and superb physiques!

The facts proved that they were indeed extremely outstanding. They were born to kill, lived to fight, and they were absolutely top-notch existences amongst their peers.

On the other hand, Lu Chen was the very best amongst the Void Guard, thus it was obvious how formidable his ability and strength was.

Even now, an inadvertent gaze from those other Void Guards more or less carried a wisp of fear and reverence.


Right at this moment, a jade slip transformed into a fiery red light as it flew over.

Lu Chen who sat cross-legged in silence suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes actually emanated a wisp of deep and rippling violet light. It was like a violet colored thunderstorm that surged and seemed to intend to obliterate the world!

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