Chapter 1095 – Void Guard

“Dammit! This fellow Chen Xi actually pushed my name down!” Zuoqiu Ke waved her snow white and slender arms as she spoke angrily, and she didn’t notice at all that Zuoqiu Kong’s expression was covered in a wisp of gloominess.

“Eh, wait! Why does this name feel slightly familiar?” Zuoqiu Ke was stunned and seemed to have realized something, causing her beautiful brows to raise while she said with surprise and bewilderment, “This Chen Xi wouldn’t be that Chen Xi, right?”

Zuoqiu Kong remained silent while he stared at that name at the 999th position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings with a calm and deep gaze.

The description on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings was extremely simple, and there was only a line of words — Chen Xi, 5th on the Southbridge Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings, 999th on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. Besides this, there wasn’t any further information.

But Zuoqiu Kong seemed to have discerned too many things from this, thus he’d fallen into deep thought and was silent for a very long time. 

This unusual action caused Zuoqiu Ke to realize that this Chen Xi was probably that fellow. In the Zuoqiu Clan, the name Chen Xi was a taboo, and it represented a bastard that shouldn’t have been born into this world!

“Big Brother, could it really be him?” Zuoqiu Ke couldn’t refrain herself from asking.

“Mmm.” Zuoqiu Kong awoke from his deep though while his expression recovered its indifference, and he said, “I never expected that after ascending for less than a year of time, he has actually grown to such an extent. I’m really slightly surprised.”

Zuoqiu Ke grunted. “If it wasn’t for half the Zuoqiu Clan’s bloodline running through his veins, how could he possibly cultivate so quickly? Little Aunt shouldn’t have given birth to him all those years ago!”

Zuoqiu Kong frowned and said, “Ke’er, don’t mention the words Little Aunt again!”

Zuoqiu Ke puckered her lips indifferently in reply.

“Young Master, news about Chen Xi has just been sent over.” Right at this moment, an unsteady and wrinkled old man with white hair suddenly appeared out of thin air, and he bowed to Zuoqiu Kong before passing over a jade slip.

Zuoqiu Kong’s brows raised as he never expected it such a coincidence would occur. He’d just noticed Chen Xi and news about Chen Xi had arrived.

He stretched his hand out to receive the jade slip before he sized up its content.

The content was extremely simple, and it recorded in detail everything related to Chen Xi in Four Divinity City, including his tempering in the Martial Emperor Domain, how he lay dormant in the Liang Clan, and of course it included the enmity between him and the Yin Clan.

Zuoqiu Kong wasn’t the slightest bit interested in all of this because it was only the Southbridge Continent and four clans that were of slightly ancient heritage. If it wasn’t because of Chen Xi, he wouldn’t pay any attention to all of this. 

Yes, he was only concerned about Chen Xi’s fate!

Some concern came out of goodwill, and some concern was merely for the sake of an assignment that must be completed, otherwise, this concern would transform into anger.

Obviously, Zuoqiu Kong’s concern was the latter.

After he finished looking through the jade slip, he finally found out that Chen Xi was indeed alive and well. Chen Xi’s cultivation had advanced to the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm and had grasped more than five types of Grand Dao Laws. Moreover, Chen Xi’s combat strength was extremely extraordinary.

Actually, this was obvious from Chen Xi’s rankings on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. The only thing that Zuoqiu Kong didn’t expect was that Chen Xi had actually advanced so quickly in cultivation and improved so greatly in combat strength.

“What exactly is contained in that jade slip?” Zuoqiu Ke was curios.

Zuoqiu Kong casually passed the jade slip over and said, “Just the struggles of a nobody.”

As soon as she finished looking through it, Zuoqiu Ke was slightly infuriated instead. “The perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm? Doesn’t this mean that his cultivation is inferior to me, yet possesses an even more formidable combat strength?”

Yes, she’d just advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm and passed through the test on the sixteenth level of the Warriorsoul Pagoda within the clan. In the end, she’d risen in ranking to the 999th position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.

Yet now, her name had been pushed down the rankings in less than a few breaths of time. Moreover, the person that did it was merely at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Zuoqiu Kong smiled before he said seriously, “He’s inferior to you because you’re the little princess of the Zuoqiu Clan, because you’ve only cultivated for a few tens of years now… There are too many reasons that show he doesn’t have the qualifications to compare with you at all.”

Zuoqiu Ke puckered her lips and said, “But I’m still slightly disgruntled, and I feel very uncomfortable when I think that such a fellow actually surpassed me.”

Zuoqiu Kong said indifferently, “You’re uncomfortable? That’s very easy to solve. We’ll kill him right now.”

“Big Brother, could it be that you intend to make a move yourself?” Zuoqiu Ke’s eyes opened wide.

“I don’t have the time to pay attention to a nobody who should have died a long time ago.” Zuoqiu Kong spoke casually before he shot his gaze towards the white haired old man that stood silently at the side.

The old man immediately took a step forward. “Young Master, please provide me with your instructions.”

Zuoqiu Kong pondered deeply and said, “The Void Guard have tempered themselves for so many years. It’s about time to test how sharp they are. Tell Lu Chen to bring along twelve Void Guards to deal with that little bastard.”

The Void Guards! 

A group of guards established for Zuoqiu Kong!

There was a total of sixty four of them, and every single one of them were promising seedlings that were selected from all over the Immortal Dimension through layers of tests. They were true geniuses that possessed great karmic luck and extraordinary willpower!

Since a young age, these guards were tempered by the Zuoqiu Clan with the best cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, and the cruelest tests, causing their combat strength to be extremely formidable. They were true machines of slaughter.

The old man was stunned when he heard this. “Young Master, using the Void Guard on Chen Xi is wasting ability on a trivial task.”

Zuoqiu Kong waved his hand and said, “Just do as I said.”

The old man could only receive his orders and leave when he heard this.

Zuoqiu Ke couldn’t help but ask curiously when she heard this. “Big Brother, the strength of these Void Guards are roughly at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, right? If they’re placed on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, then what rankings would they be able to obtain?”

Zuoqiu Kong thought for a moment and laughed lightheartedly. “The weakest is probably in the top 500 positions? Actually, you can’t compare them in this manner. Since the moment the Void Guards were established, they had a single mission, slaughter! As for glory, ranking, and influence, they have no need for all of that.”

“Then should father be notified about this matter?” Zuoqiu Ke couldn’t help but continue.

“It’s only a small matter. It’s fine with just me dealing with it. If he were to find out, he would instead be worried that I wouldn’t have the heart to do it and spare that kid’s life.” Zuoqiu Kong was obviously unwilling to say anything further. In the next moment, he changed the topic and said, “Ke’er, I heard you intend to register as a candidate for Dao Emperor Academy?”

Zuoqiu Ke nodded and said, “Yes, amongst the seven great academies of the Immortal Dimension, only the Dao Emperor Academy towers above the rest and is peerless in the world. I naturally intend to experience it.” 

Zuoqiu Kong frowned, but he nodded in the end. “Our Clan’s relationship with the Dao Emperor Academy isn’t good. So you have to listen to the seniors of our clan once you get there, and you must not cause trouble.”

Zuoqiu Ke said with surprise, “Aren’t there many elders of our clan serving as teachers in Dao Emperor Academy? How could our clan’s relationship with Dao Emperor Academy be bad?”

“You’ll understand once you get there. In conclusion, listen to the seniors of our clan, otherwise, if you cause any trouble in the Dao Emperor Academy, then even Father would be unable to be of any help.” Zuoqiu Kong frowned. Obviously, mentioning the Dao Emperor Academy caused him to recall something that troubled him, so he wasn’t willing to speak further about it.

Zuoqiu Ke was surprised in her heart. In her heart, her father was an existence that commanded great authority in the entire Immortal Dimension, and there was practically nothing that he couldn’t accomplish.

However, based on what her older brother said, her father wasn’t able to influence the Dao Emperor Academy!

But all of this didn’t dispel her intention to head to the Dao Emperor Academy, and she became curious instead. Exactly what sort of force exists in Dao Emperor Academy to the point that even my Zuoqiu Clan actually has no choice but to be afraid of it?



Early in the morning on the next day.

The sky had just brightened when Chen Xi walked out of the private room. He’d already made all preparations, and he intended to head to Valiant Star Continent today.

As if they knew Chen Xi would leave today, as soon as he left the private room, Chen Xi saw Liang Bing, Luo Zifeng, and Gu Yutang were already long since waiting here.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but joke. “All of you intend to send me off?”

Luo Zifeng sighed and said, “Brother Chen, you don’t know how busy I was last night. For the sake of dealing with the Yin Clan, I…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Liang Bing glared at him and interrupted. “Let’s not talk about anything else today.”

Luo Zifeng instantly started smiling in embarrassment and said, “Right, Brother Chen is about to leave, so it would spoil the mood if we talk about all of this.”

“Brother Chen, this is a Startrace Talisman Brush passed down by my clan’s ancestor, and it was my father that asked me to give it to you. Please accept it.” Meanwhile, Gu Yutang directly moved forward and passed a talisman brush over.

This talisman brush was around 20cm in length, fine like a knuckle, and completely dark silver in color. It was suffused with strands of silver radiance, and it was mysterious and light like the glow of a star.

The Startrace Talisman Brush!

Both Liang Bing and Luo Zifeng’s eyes opened wide as they were slightly surprised. This was one of the ultimate treasures of the Gu Clan, and not only was it a perfect-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact, it possessed various miraculous effects when utilized to craft talismans. In the circle of talisman formation masters of the Immortal Dimension, it was absolutely an extraordinary treasure.

In the past, this Startrace Talisman Brush had always been in the care of the Gu Clan’s Patriarch, Gu Zhenyu, and it was impossible for others to have a look at it. Yet now, Gu Yutang had actually taken it out and given it to Chen Xi, so how could Liang Bing and Luo Zifeng not be shocked?

This present was too valuable! 

This obviously displayed the good intentions the Gu Clan intended to express to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was just about to refuse when he heard Luo Zifeng suddenly roar with laughter. “I never expected that it would be such a coincidence. My father similarly entrusted me with a treasure, and he said I have to give it to Brother Chen no matter what, otherwise he’ll never allow me to take a step back into the clan for my entire lifetime.”

As he spoke, he withdrew a rectangular dark violet colored jade box, and it was inscribed with dense and complicated talisman markings, causing it to seem mysterious and extraordinary.

Chen Xi was stunned. He glanced at the Startrace Talisman Brush in Gu Yutang’s hand, then glanced at the dark violet colored jade box in Luo Zifeng’s hand, and he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly as he turned around to look at Liang Bing before he said, “What’s going on? I…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he shut up.

Because at this moment, Liang Bing had similarly taken something out. No, she led out an immortal beast that seemed like a tiger or leopard in shape. It was completely silvery, had a ferocious bearing, fur that actually flickered with strands of talisman diagrams, and it emanated a frightening and arrogant imposing aura.

Even when looked at from afar, it emanated an overbearing aura that assaulted the face! 

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