Chapter 1094 – Iris Continent’s Zuoqiu Clan

In the depths of the night, the hall of the Yin Clan was brightly illuminated by the flame of lanterns while all the higher-ups of the clan were gathered here, and the gloomy roar of the Patriarch, Yin Dezhao, that carried boundless rage resounded frequently from within.

The servants and maidservants outside the hall were terrified and uneasy. They held steaming hot tea, yet didn’t dare take a single step into the hall as they were deeply afraid that the flames of rage in the hall would be vented on them.

Tonight was undoubtedly extremely difficult to endure for the Yin Clan.

First the elder, Yin Tianhu, had failed to assassinate Chen Xi and perished in the process, causing the clan to be shocked. Then the Liang, Gu, and Luo Clans wanted the Yin Clan to pay the price for this matter. Otherwise, they would draw a boundary between their clans and consider the Yin Clan as their enemy.

All of this was like one disaster after another, and it caused a heavy blow to the Yin Clan.

So even if it was deep in the night, as the Patriarch of the Yin Clan, Yin Dezhao had no choice but to gather all the higher-ups of the clan to discuss how they should resolve this difficult position.

As she listened to the clamorous noise and furious roars that came from within the hall, Yin Miaomiao’s beautiful face changed indeterminately under the mystifying moonlight.

In the end, she shook her head before turning around and leaving. She knew that even if she did head to the hall, she was utterly unable to be of any help.

The night was still, and the moonlight mystifying.

Yin Miaomiao didn’t return to her abode but strolled on the pathways in the courtyard, and her lone and cold figure seemed illusory while bathed under the moonlight. 

She seemed to have thought of something, and it caused her proud and calm face to reveal a wisp of a blank expression. Could it be that I really misjudged him?

A tall figure inadvertently floated into appearance within her mind, and then his calm and indifferent voice resounded. “You won’t have any qualifications to challenge me in the future.”

This caused her delicate and black brows to knit together while her expression grew even more icy cold. He’s only ranked at the fifth position, and it’s still early. I won’t give him any chance to surpass me…

In the next moment, Yin Miaomiao had turned around and left the courtyard to return to her abode.

She was clearly aware that everything the Yin Clan suffered tonight seemed to be the Liang, Luo, and Gu Clans pressuring the Yin Clan, yet it was actually Chen Xi who was the key figure in all of this.

Without a doubt, she was unable to help her clan at this moment, yet she firmly believed that so long as she worked hard enough, then the day would come where she would be able to avenge the enmity from today!

All of you turned against my Yin Clan just because of Chen Xi. The day will come when all of you will regret it! Yin Miaomiao sat cross-legged within her room while staring blankly at the bright and clear moonlight outside the window, and her frustrated gaze was gradually replaced with a trace of firmness.

She’d decided that she would depart tomorrow and head to the Dao Emperor Academy!

Only the Dao Emperor Academy was the stage for her to unleash her ambition, and the day she returned from Dao Emperor Academy was the moment she took revenge for today’s enmity! 


The Liang Clan.

At this moment, Chen Xi was similarly sitting cross-legged in the world of stars, and he fell into deep contemplation as he looked at his clone that was in meditation there.

He’d ascended to the fifth position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings today after determining his ranking before the floating wall of light, and it was only inferior to Jiang Zhuliu, Gu Yueming, Yin Miaomiao, and Liang Ren, so it could be said that he’d cut a striking figure and had shocked everyone.

But Chen Xi didn’t care about all of this. His gaze wasn’t restricted to the Southbridge Continent, and it was placed onto the entire Immortal Dimension instead.

This caused his will to be unaffected by the pleasant surprise and sense of accomplishment from obtaining such a ranking.

Actually, when he saw that he was ranked at the 999th position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, Chen Xi wasn’t even able to arouse a slight feeling of happiness because this meant there were at least nine hundred people below the Golden Immortal Realm that were even more formidable than him in combat!

In this way, was all of this even worthy of feeling happy about?

Not to mention this was merely the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. The Immortal Dimension was enormous, and there was surely no lack of some existence that possessed extraordinary combat strength yet were unknown on the rankings.

After all, not everyone was interested in the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.

The thing that caused Chen Xi’s heart to feel slightly heavy was that he suddenly realized that since his name had appeared on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, then besides meaning that his identity would be exposed, it would be noticed by people that were paying attention.

For example, Bing Shitian, the Zuoqiu Clan, the enemy forces that eliminated the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension… In this way, it would surely cause a great deal of trouble for him.

Presently, he didn’t have to worry about any danger while under the protection of the Liang Clan, yet when he left the Liang Clan, this peace would probably be destroyed.

Based on my current situation, I can only head to the Dao Emperor Academy as soon as possible because only by arriving there that I might have no need to be worried about the threat of the Zuoqiu Clan… After pondering deeply for a long time, Chen Xi heaved a long sigh in the end, and then he discarded all his distracting thoughts and started cultivating in meditation.

As for the enmity with the Yin Clan, he didn’t have the time to consider it any longer. Not to mention there was no need for him to spare it thought since he had the assistance of the Liang, Luo, and Gu Clans.

He believed that Liang Bing would surely give him a satisfying answer. 


Iris Continent, Zuoqiu City.

There was only a single power in the entire city, the Zuoqiu Clan!

Precisely speaking, the entire city was actually the home of the Zuoqiu Clan, and besides the members of the Zuoqiu Clan, it was prohibited for anyone else to step foot into the city.

This was obvious from how the name of the city was ‘Zuoqiu.’ This obviously showed how great the forces of the Zuoqiu Clan were.

The facts were indeed so. As one of the most ancient large clans in the Immortal Dimension, the Zuoqiu Clan didn’t just control Iris Continent, it was within one of the four great continents, the Profound Path Continent. Moreover, its foundation allowed it to be ranked amongst the top powers in the continent!

Practically all the existences that were able to be ranked amongst the top powers in the four great continents possessed world shocking ancestors that were at the Immortal King Realm because this was one of the standards to determine that a power was a top power in the Immortal Dimension.

In other words, if an Immortal King Realm expert hadn’t been born in a power, then this power was absolutely unable to be ranked amongst the top powers of the Immortal Dimension.

At this moment, within a grand estate at the core area of Zuoqiu City.

Zuoqiu Kong sat upright beneath a towering ancient pine tree that was at the center of the courtyard. He wore loose white clothes, had dense jet black hair that hung loosely on his shoulders, a pair of deep eyes that were profound like the stars, and dense mist enshrouded him, causing him to seem like a god.

Right before him was another person that was sitting upright as well. This person was a tall and dignified middle aged man in violet clothes, and he was the Eastern Peace Continent’s Immortal Monarch Lin Hao!

“You ought to be aware what sort of price my Zuoqiu Clan paid when Chen Xi ascended to find out that he would be ascending into the Eastern Peace Continent. Unfortunately, you botched the matter.” Zuoqiu Kong stroked a black sword on his lap that was clean and translucent like the night sky, and he said calmly, “That wasn’t a big deal because he’s only a bastard that shouldn’t have been born into the world, and so long as he’s in the Immortal Dimension, then he’ll be unable to escape death in the end.”

When he spoke up to here, he raised his head to look at Immortal Monarch Lin Hao before he said, “But what disappointed me was that not only did you botch the matter, you even offended Mu Junlin, causing me to have no choice but to send someone to explain everything to him.”

His voice was extremely calm and indifferent.

Yet Immortal Monarch Lin Hao felt horrified from the sound of it, and he was silent like a cicada in the winter. It was truly impossible to imagine that as the ruler of the Eastern Peace Continent in name and an existence at the Saint Immortal Realm, he would actually reveal such an appearance at this moment.

Only Immortal Monarch Lin Hao himself was clearly aware that Zuoqiu Kong was worthy of such a reaction. Not to mention that he was one of the six blazing suns in the Immortal Dimension, merely his identity as a direct descendant of the Zuoqiu Clan caused Immortal Monarch Lin Hao to have no choice but to put down his dignity when facing Zuoqiu Kong.

“I never expected that a little girl from the Mu Clan would actually ascend to the Eastern Peace Continent. If I knew at the beginning that she was the cousin sister of the Midnight Continent’s Mu Junlin, then I surely wouldn’t have acted in that way.” Immortal Monarch Lin Hao took a deep breath and explained in a low voice.

Zuoqiu Kong glanced indifferently at Lin Hao before he withdrew his gaze and said, “You can leave. I won’t blame you this time because of Mu Junlin. But I don’t want to hear of any other excuses next time.”

Immortal Monarch Lin Hao hurriedly stood up and cupped his hands before he lowered his head and left.

“Big Brother, I’ve finally advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Moreover, just moments ago, I passed through the sixteenth level of Warriorsoul Pagoda. I’ll surely be able to be ranked in the top thousand of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings!” Not long after Immortal Monarch Lin Hao left, a young woman that wore clothes made of silk gauze walked over swiftly. Her appearance was elegant and beautiful, her figure graceful and delicate, and her eyes were clear and glistening, causing her to seem gorgeous and otherworldly.

Zuoqiu Kong grinned as his deep eyes were suffused with a wisp of tender love. The young woman was his younger sister, Zuoqiu Ke. She’d only been cultivating for a few tens of years yet was able to advance into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and it caused he who was her older brother to feel extremely proud of her.

“You passed through the sixteenth level of the Warriorsoul Pagoda? Ke’er really is formidable, and you’re much more outstanding than your older brother all those years ago. Come, let’s go get you tested and see exactly what position you’re at on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.” Zuoqiu Kong smiled as he pulled his younger sister’s hand, and then he turned around and left the courtyard.

In next to no time, both of them arrived before the floating wall of light in Zuoqiu City.

Zuoqiu Ke moved forward and poured her Immortal Sense into it, and then it wasn’t long before she opened her eyes and cried out excitedly in a clear voice. “The 999th rank!”

“Oh? Let me see.” Zuoqiu Kong was surprised because never had he expected that Ke’er would actually be able to instantly rise from over 4,000 in ranking to the top 1,000 on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.

He poured his Immortal Sense into the wall and sized it up briefly. Sure enough, he saw that the words ‘Zuoqiu Ke’ had appeared at the 999th position, and a wisp of a happy smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his lips.

He opened his mouth with the intention of praising his younger sister, yet he was stunned on the spot before he could even speak. Because he noticed that at this moment, there was a wisp of golden light flickered repeatedly on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, and it was rising with extreme speed.

It actually instantly charged into the top 2,000 from over 8,000 in ranking, and it was still rising.

“Eh, who’s this? He was actually able to improve his ranking so much in an instant?” meanwhile, Zuoqiu Ke noticed this scene as well, and she couldn’t help but speak with surprise.

“This is what is meant by the saying however strong you are, there’s always someone stronger. Ke’er, you have to remember that you must not be self-satisfied because this Immortal Dimension…” He hadn’t finished speaking when Zuoqiu Kong was stunned on the spot.

Because he noticed that wisp of golden light had occupied the 999th position, and it had pushed Ke’er down to the 1,000th position.

This wasn’t the main point; the main point was that this name was — Chen Xi! 

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