Chapter 1093 – A Storm Is Brewing

The area before the floating wall of light was bustling and clamorous, and it formed a surging ocean of voices.

Everyone’s gazes were fixed upon the fifth position as they exclaimed with shock, and they didn’t notice at all that Chen Xi’s expression had become heavy and icy cold.

Similarly, no one had noticed that middle aged man in yellow silk clothes, an ordinary appearance, seemed too fat to move, and was like a merchant that carried the stench of money had appeared before Chen Xi.

The middle aged man’s hands were held within his sleeves as he smiled while standing before Chen Xi. His bearing was ordinary and didn’t emanate any imposing aura at all, and he caused others to be unable to detect any cultivation from him.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that there was absolutely no such person before him earlier, and when the strand of extreme danger arose in his heart, this man had suddenly appeared before him.

It seemed as if he’d teleported!

It was even to the extent that he didn’t draw the attention of the others in the surroundings.

Only a Golden Immortal was capable of accomplishing this! And only a Golden Immortal could move freely and teleport under the Laws of the Immortal Dimension.

He comes with ill intent! Chen Xi was able to clearly notice that even though the middle aged man was smiling, there wasn’t a trace of a smile in his eyes. It was icy cold, calm, and it was extraordinarily cold and emotionless.

Who’s this person?

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to consider this question because the nerves in his entire body had strained as if he was a fully drawn bow, and the four oceans within the Blackhole World in his body circulated and boiled while his essence, spirit, and energy suddenly surged into its peak state.

But his mind was still calm as ice. He was able to clearly sense that everyone in the surroundings including Liang Bing, Luo Zifeng, and Gu Yutang who were nearest to him actually seemed to have not noticed that something was off!

It was even to the extent that the changes in his vital energy seemed to have been isolated by a shapeless force, so it didn’t draw any attention.

In other words, he seemed to be within a crowd, yet was actually isolated and helpless!

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to sink. He knew that this was surely caused by this middle aged man, and how could this middle aged man who was able to accomplish this so easily be an ordinary figure?

It took long to describe, yet occurred in an instant. These thoughts actually flashed in Chen Xi’s mind within an instant, and it had only been a breath of time since the middle aged man appeared before him.

A breath of time seemed to be extremely short, yet in the eyes of true experts, it was sufficient to kill their enemies no less than a hundred times!

The facts proved that the middle aged man had indeed come for Chen Xi.

Because as soon as he made an appearance, he’d launched an attack. His right hand held within his sleeve suddenly stretched out and formed a fist before he exerted force with his arm, causing an extremely simple punch to smash down at Chen Xi’s head.

As soon as he made a move, his imposing aura instantly changed. His obese figure became frightening and ferocious while his ordinary face was filled with a dignified expression that horrified the soul, and he just seemed to be like a peerlessly sharp blade sealed within a chest that was unsheathed!

This was absolutely an expert with extraordinary experience. Since the moment he appeared, he didn’t utter a single word nor did he give Chen Xi the chance to speak before executing such a punch that was simply and violent as it smashed down directly at Chen Xi. Obviously, he didn’t intend to give Chen Xi any chance to survive.

This was a true assassin!

Before he made a move, he was ordinary to the point others wouldn’t notice his existence at all, yet once he did make a move, it would surely be a strike swift like a bolt of lightning!

This sudden punch was indeed swift like a bolt of lightning. Even though it was soundless, yet it vividly displayed the imposing aura of lightning. It seemed as if it had passed through the ages and the void and carried an oppressive force that was impossible to avoid.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he truly sensed the aura of being on the verge of death. But he was prepared a long time ago, and he was prepared to utilize techniques such as the Godslaughter Burst or to utilize his clone to resist this strike for him…

But in the end, he didn’t do anything.

Because at the instant the middle aged man attacked, numerous arms suddenly appeared from all directions.

One was thin like a bamboo and held into the form of a claw as it locked onto the middle aged man’s throat.

One was slender, white, broad, and powerful, and it formed the shape of a blade as it slashed down towards the middle aged man’s left rib.

One was covered in bulging veins and coiled with a layer of a metallic sheen, and it transformed into a fist that was ferocious like a sledgehammer as it smashed towards the middle aged man’s chest.

The numerous arms represented numerous formidable existences, and the might they emanated wasn’t inferior to the middle aged man’s punch at all and were even slightly superior!

The scene was too ruthless. It was like a group of spiders were surrounding and capturing a bug that was trying to escape the spider web.

At this moment, Chen Xi felt the scene before his eyes was covered in an expanse of blazing light, and he wasn’t able to see anything clearly because their imposing aura was too terrifying while he was merely a foot away. Under such a close distance, he was affected by it as well.


An explosion that shook the heavens and the earth resounded by his ears, and then a furious shrill cry sounded out. After that, an expanse of clamorous noise that was mixed with chaotic fleeing footsteps arose in the surroundings.

Even though he was unable to see everything clearly, yet Chen Xi was still able to imagine through the sounds he heard that the middle aged man who came to assassinate him would surely be doomed beneath this attack.

On the other hand, everyone else in the surroundings of the floating wall of light were jolted awake from their shocked states and fell into chaos.

Chen Xi’s strained nerves and boiling vital energy returned to calm in the end.

All of this had occurred too quickly, unimaginably quick, yet it felt to him like he’d experienced an extremely long cycle of life and death, and only he was aware how it felt.

When his vision recovered, Chen Xi finally saw everything clearly. The area before the entire floating wall of light was empty, and there was only an icy cold corpse lying on the ground before him. It was that middle aged man. The middle aged man had an astounded expression and seemed that even until the moment before his death, he hadn’t figured out how this assassination could possibly fail.

“Chen Xi, are you alright?” Liang Bing, Luo Zifeng, and Gu Yutang walked over with concerned expressions.

Two figures stood behind each of them. There were men and women, young and old, and all of them were existences at the Golden Immortal Realm that possessed obscure and shocking auras.

Obviously, these Golden Immortals were experts from the Liang, Gu, and Luo Clans.

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that it was precisely these Golden Immortals who lent a hand earlier and annihilated that middle aged man in one go!

Chen Xi shook his head and glanced at Liang Bing, Gu Yutang, Luo Zifeng, and all the Golden Immortals. In the end, he didn’t say anything and just looked at the corpse on the ground and said, “That’s a member of the Yin Clan?”

“Yes. He’s called Yin Tianhu, an elder of the Yin Clan at the Golden Immortal Realm.” Liang Bing explained.

“A Golden Immortal? The Yin Clan really thinks highly of me…” Chen Xi muttered with a calm expression, and it caused others to be unable to figure out exactly what he was thinking.

“Heh, I knew the Yin Clan wouldn’t let the matter rest. I never expected that we’d catch such a large fish as soon as we made an appearance.” Luo Zifeng laughed coldly without end.

“We won’t let this matter rest either. Hmph! If it wasn’t for us accompanying Chen Xi over this time, the Yin Clan would probably have really succeeded,” said Gu Yutang in an extremely icy cold voice.

“There are too many people here. Let’s talk after we return.” Liang Bing swept the surroundings with her gaze before immediately leading everyone back to the Liang Clan. On the other hand, Yin Tianhu’s corpse was swept up and put away by a Golden Immortal Realm expert of the Liang Clan. 


After they returned to the Liang Clan, Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang left hastily. Obviously, they intended to return to their clans and report the matter to their fathers.

“All of you guessed this would happen?” When he was alone with Liang Bing, Chen Xi was finally unable to refrain from asking this question.

“No, we were just clearly aware that the Yin Clan would absolutely not let you off so easily. So we deployed some experts in secret to escort us when we left the Clan.” Liang Bing explained in a casual manner.

Chen Xi came to an understanding.

“You don’t have to continue worrying about this. This action of the Yin Clan is equivalent to giving us an excuse. In the past, it wasn’t convenient for us to stand out and go against the Yin Clan, but it’s different now. They actually dared to conduct an assassination on the streets, and it has already touched our bottom line.”

Liang Bing’s expression was calm as she said indifferently, “After this, you don’t have to show your face. Our Liang, Gu, and Luo Clans will naturally pressure the Yin Clan. The Yin Clan must pay a hundredfold for the incident this time!”

Chen Xi was naturally very well awake that he was utterly unable to do anything to the Yin Clan by himself, and only by relying on the strength of the Liang, Luo, and Gu Clans could be give a heavy blow of the highest degree to the Yin Clan.

“Thank you,” said Chen Xi in a serious tone.

Liang Bing smiled and said abruptly, “Right, what’s your ranking on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings? It was too chaotic at that time, so I didn’t have the chance to look for it.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when this was mentioned. “The 999th, a ranking away from being unable to be ranked in the top thousand. I can be considered to be lucky.”

Liang Bing was stunned instead. “So in this way, you can head to Valiant Star Continent right now?”

“Yes, that’s what I plan to do. Presently, only three months remain from the recruitment date of the Dao Emperor Academy, whereas, I have to pass through over a hundred continents to arrive at Valiant Star Continent from Southbridge Continent. In this way, I have to start my journey in advance.” Chen Xi nodded and didn’t notice at all that Liang Bing’s mood seemed to have become downcast.

“Then when do you intend to leave?” asked Liang Bing.

“If it’s possible, then I intend to leave tomorrow,” said Chen Xi after pondering deeply.

Liang Bing went silent for a long time before she raised her head, and she stared at Chen Xi with her clear eyes as she said with a smile, “Then I’ll congratulate your success and smooth entry into Dao Emperor Academy beforehand.”

She knew very well that Chen Xi’s departure was unavoidable, and it was only a matter of time. Since it was like this, then why try to persuade him to stay?

Chen Xi smiled as well. “Thank you for the well wishes.”

This day was bound to not be peaceful. The news of Chen Xi’s ascension into the fifth position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings and the Yin Clan’s elder, Yin Tianhu, failing in his assassination of Chen Xi were like two explosive pieces of news that swiftly spread throughout the entire Southbridge Continent and caused countless uproars.

At the same time, the higher-ups of the Liang, Luo, and Gu Clans converged together on that very night, and they started a secret meeting.

After that, a piece of news spread out late at night — If the Yin Clan didn’t pay the price for this incident, then the Liang, Luo, and Gu Clans would completely draw the line between them and consider them enemies!

It was a stone that caused a thousand ripples. The entire Southbridge Continent seemed to have fallen into a great earthquake. No one dare believe that the four great clans that had existed since the primeval times would actually get into a fight because of this matter.

A storm was brewing in Four Divinity City tonight! 

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