Chapter 1091 – Who Subdued Whom?

Three months!

Three months to advance from the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm to the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Such a speed of cultivation could simply be described as world shocking. As direct descendants of great clans and existences that were ranked in the top ten of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang had seen all sort of geniuses, yet compared to Chen Xi, all geniuses seemed to be cast into a shade no matter how outstanding they were.

This fellow really is a freak!

Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang sighed endlessly with emotion in their hearts, but right after that, both of them were stunned. Wait, from the advanced-stage to the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm?

If memory serves, then Chen Xi was merely at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm when he fought Yin Wanxun in the Martial Emperor Domain…

“Brother Chen, may I ask how long it took for you to advance in your cultivation last time?” Luo Zifeng couldn’t refrain himself from asking. He was truly shocked and even if he faintly guessed the time Chen Xi took to advance from the intermediate-stage to the advanced-stage, he didn’t dare say for sure.

“Is there any need to ask? It was naturally a month.” Before Chen Xi could answer, Liang Bing had answered casually.

There was indeed no need to ask because everyone knew that Chen Xi was at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm four months ago, and now that he’d entered into closed door cultivation for three months and charged into the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, then he was surely at the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm three months ago. This was something that was very easy to calculate.


But when they heard this answer, Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang still couldn’t refrain from gasping while their entire bodies froze. My god! Where did this freak come from?

For a time, both of their gazes towards Chen Xi had become strange, and they were truly unable to find a word to describe their current feelings.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance at Liang Bing, causing the latter to grin before she said via voice transmission, “Could it be that I was wrong?”

Chen Xi felt helpless. It was naturally correct, yet telling them so directly caused him to seem extremely unusual. He didn’t want to be always seen as a freak.

“Alright, I just wanted to see their reactions.” Liang Bing explained in a low and gentle voice, and then she bit her sexy and plump lips as she spoke, causing her to seem extremely pitiable.

The heart shocking and soul moving allure that came from an icy cold, proud, and imposing beauty like Liang Bing when revealing such an appearance was something that could even melt steel.

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t be angry, and even if he was angry, it would have vanished completely when he laid eyes on such an appearance from Liang Bing.

In the next moment, he changed the topic and expressed his intentions.

“What? You want to challenge Liang Bing?” When they found out that Chen Xi had actually come her for the sake of sparring with Liang Bing in order to verify his current strength, Luo Zifeng had already exclaimed with surprise before Liang Bing could speak.

The nearby Gu Yutang had a strange expression as well.

Chen Xi was stunned. “Could it be that I can’t?”

Liang Bing stood there with her arms crossed before her chest, and she grinned while maintaining silence.

Luo Zifeng seemed to have a lingering fear in his heart instead as he warned once more. “Are you sure?”

Chen Xi felt that these fellows seemed to be too warm and strange today. They seem to be…even more worried than me about sparring with Liang Bing.

“Haha! Chen Xi, Liang Bing has already ascended to the fifth position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and Brother Luo lost miserable at her hands. That’s why he couldn’t help but warn you.” Gu Yutang explained, and he glanced at Luo Zifeng with pleasure in his eyes that came from Luo Zifeng’s misfortune.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. It turned out that this fellow had been bashed up terribly by Liang Bing. No wonder he’s giving so much thought to this matter.

Luo Zifeng was instantly embarrassed from having his past exposed, and he glared fiercely at Gu Yutang before he said with an ill expression, “Brother Yutang, why don’t we have a spar as well?”

Gu Yutang shook his head. “Thinking of venting your anger on me? If you have the ability, then why don’t you go look for my big brother?” 

“Your brother, your brother, all you know is to mention your brother. Can you even survive without your brother?” Luo Zifeng grunted and didn’t conceal his ridicule at all.

Gu Yutang’s older brother was naturally Gu Yueming, a peak expert that stood at the second position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings. When facing such an existence, Luo Zifeng naturally didn’t have the courage to challenge him.

Liang Bing’s beautiful brows knit together when she saw these two fellows quarreling with each other, and she asked Chen Xi directly. “Do you really want to spar with me?”

Chen Xi shrugged and sighed in a joking manner. “For the sake of the rankings, I have no other choice.”

“You don’t need me to hold back slightly?”


“Why don’t I refrain from utilizing the Silverlight Shuttle?”

“Please don’t.”


“Alas, I just want to fight to my heart’s content. All of you seem to be rather worried that I’ll lose… Could it be that I’m so weak?” When he saw Liang Bing seeming hesitant, Chen Xi shook his head with a feeling of speechlessness.

Liang Bing, Luo Zifeng, and Gu Yutang glanced at each other before they finally realized that Chen Xi was serious.

“Alright, then quickly notify me if you’re unable to hold on in the battle. Don’t injure…” Liang Bing still couldn’t refrain herself from reminding him.

Chen Xi instantly became slightly annoyed because even though her words were filled with good intentions, being looked down on like this by a woman was something that no man could endure!

In the next moment, he swung his hand and said resolutely, “I remember that you live to subdue your opponents, right? Come, fight with me this time and see who subdues who!”


This word caused Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang to be stunned before they revealed a wisp of a dubious expression. So it turns out that this kid has that in mind.

Chen Xi didn’t notice these details. He just very simply remembered that when he met Liang Bing for the first time, his Senior Sister Li Yang had once said that Liang Bing was a proud woman that liked to use strength to subdue everything.

So, if he wanted Liang Bing to be sincerely convinced of his strength, then he naturally had to suppress her by force. How could he have imagined that such a simple sentence would cause Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang to misunderstand his intentions?

Yes, it wasn’t just the two of them, there was also Liang Bing.

She was similarly stunned when she heard what Chen Xi said, and then her heart jerked. She recalled the scene when she met Chen Xi for the first time as well, and Li Yang had once tried her best to make Chen Xi subdue her and bring her home…

When she thought up to here, Liang Bing’s entire body felt uncomfortable while her beautiful face felt hot. She spat in her heart. I never expected that this fellow was still thinking about this matter. He really concealed it well! 


In the end, Chen Xi fought Liang Bing.

However, it wasn’t at the martial practice grounds, nor was anyone allowed to watch. As for the process, it won’t be described. In the end, when they both made an appearance once more, it was already at noon the next day, and they both seemed to be in a slightly sorry state.

Chen Xi’s hair hung loosely, and his clothes were tattered while he gasped for breath. He used a hand to support his waist while the muscles on his face twitched frequently, and he seemed to be enduring violent pain.

On the other hand, Liang Bing’s appearance was rather terrible. Her jet black and beautiful hair was disheveled, her clothes were wrinkled, and the shoulder, waist, and thigh areas of her clothes were already damaged, causing them to reveal expanse after expanse of jade white and dazzling smooth skin.

Her beautiful face flushed red like the sunset while her clear eyes flowed with light, and she was embarrassed and slightly frustrated. It seemed as if she’d suffered some sort of blow, causing her to seem slightly preoccupied.

Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang hadn’t left, and they actually saw such a scene after waiting bitterly for a day, causing them to instantly feel slightly dazed and muddled.

Who exactly won?

Both of them glanced at Chen Xi, they looked at the muscles on his face that twitched without end, and they couldn’t help but feel slightly amused in their hearts. Wishfully thinking of subduing Liang Bing, now you’ve suffered, right?

After that, both of them glanced at Liang Bing. As they looked at her damaged clothes, her snow white skin that was faintly visibly, and her beautiful face that was flushed red, they couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva in secret while they were almost unable to move their gazes away.

Needless to say, Liang Bing’s current appearance was truly too alluring. She was usually like a high and mighty queen that was proud and icy cold. When had she ever had disheveled hair, wrinkled clothes, and a trace of embarrassment within clear eyes that carried frustration? She was extremely alluring, and she caused others to wish for nothing more than to embrace her and protect her in their arms.

“Have both of you seen enough?” An icy cold voice resounded, and it jolted Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang awake. After that, they welcomed Liang Bing’s murderous and piercingly cold gaze, and they instantly felt extremely horrified and embarrassed.

“Who…won?” Luo Zifeng hurriedly changed the topic.

Liang Bing paid no attention to him instead, and she just glanced at Chen Xi with a complicated expression before she said, “Why don’t we head to the floating wall of light to determine your ranking right now?”

Chen Xi nodded then shook his head. “Let’s clean up first. It’s truly too easy to cause many misunderstandings by going out like this.”

As he spoke, he looked at Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang, and he was obviously talking about them.

“Alright, then wait a moment and we’ll go together.” Liang Bing nodded as well.

As they spoke, both of them returned to their rooms and left Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang behind. Both of them looked at each other and were both slightly stunned, and they were still unable to figure out exactly who had won.

Gu Yutang was unable to figure it out no matter how he wracked his head, and he sighed in the end. “There’s no need to continue guessing. We’ll find out when we follow them to the floating wall of light later.”

Luo Zifeng deeply agreed.



On a bustling street in Four Divinity City.

Chen Xi’s group of four headed towards the floating wall of light at the center of the city, and it caused an uproar in the surroundings.

The reason was very simple. Even though this group was only made up of four people, all of them were extremely dazzling figures in Four Divinity City, and even if it was in the entire Southbridge Continent, the possessed brilliant reputations. So it was impossible for them to not be known.

For example, Luo Zifeng, Gu Yutang, and Liang Bing weren’t just figures ranked in the top ten of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, they themselves were heirs to their clans, so the authority they possessed could be said to be monstrous. 

Besides them, even though Chen Xi’s background wasn’t as formidable as theirs, yet he possessed a considerable reputation as well, and he was one of the figures that were the hottest topic of discussion in Southbridge Continent.

Moreover, since he defeated Yin Wanxun, Chen Xi hadn’t shown himself in public any longer. Everyone was guessing where he’d gone, yet now that he’d actually appeared once more before the eyes of everyone, it naturally drew the attention of many.

Most importantly, he was walking with the heirs of the Liang, Gu, and Luo Clan, so who could maintain their composure after witnessing such a scene?

Chen Xi’s group of four was indifferent towards all of this, and they walked directly towards the floating wall of light. They were utterly unaware that when they’d just passed a corner in the street, a pair of gloomy eyes gradually withdrew from them before its owner turned around and vanished.

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