Chapter 1089 – Stamping With Rage

“A hundred Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones!”

“You’re extorting us!”

“Hmph! Don’t think I don’t know that besides being useful to body refiners, the bloodsoul stones are completely useless in your hands, yet you still complain that it’s expensive?”

“Can you make it a bit cheaper? Just a bit…”

“You refuse? Alright, then leave. Take it as I never said anything.”

“Alas, everyone is already so familiar with each other, why be so merciless? Alright, it’s a deal!”

After they obtained Liang Bing’s answer and Chen Xi’s agreement, Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang started negotiating with Liang Bing, and the outcome was obvious. The Luo Clan and Gu Clan had to pay a price of a hundred bloodsoul stones to obtain guidance on a single Immortal Artifact from Chen Xi.

As he looked at Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang’s extremely pained appearances, Chen Xi really rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, I didn’t stand out to negotiate with them. Otherwise, not to mention it would be harmful to our relationship, the key is the price!

Liang Bing acted very resolutely, and she butchered them without showing any mercy.

But later on, Chen Xi knew that he was wrong.

After he finished dealing with five Immortal Artifacts each for the Luo and Gu Clans, Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang who’d been keeping up a pained expression were excited and delighted to the point of being unable to restrain themselves, and they almost burst into laughter.

Obviously, their pained expressions from before had been faked!

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance at Liang Bing, and the latter was very composed and said frankly, “So long as they aren’t idiots, then using some useless treasures they were unwilling to discard in exchange for the improvement of the might of over ten Immortal Artifacts is something that no one will refuse.”

Useless? Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, yet he had no choice but to acknowledge Liang Bing’s opinion because if it wasn’t for the sake of his clone’s advancement into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement, he naturally wouldn’t gather these bloodsoul stones as well.

Even if he possessed them, they wouldn’t be of any use, and they would be useless.

Of course, in the eyes of body refiners, this sort of useless thing was priceless rare treasure, and this conformed to the saying that the price of an object was determined by who it was useful towards.

The improvement of ten Immortal Artifacts in exchange for a thousand bloodsoul stones had already exceeded the amount in Chen Xi’s plans, and it could be said to be unexpected gains.

Later on, Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang were even willing to pay an even higher price to obtain Chen Xi’s guidance, yet they were directly refused by Liang Bing, and her reason was very simple. “Do you think that providing guidance in the refinement of Immortal Artifacts isn’t tiring?”

Chen Xi was actually not tired, yet he could only make a very exhausted display to cooperate with Liang Bing, otherwise, not only would Liang Bing be in an awkward position, even he would seem to be too abnormal.

After all, all the ten Immortal Artifacts he appraised were existences at the Cosmic Grade!

If it was any other equipment refiner, then even if they wanted to think of a method to refine an Immortal Artifact once more, they would probably become exhausted and even suffer injuries to their soul.

Of course, this didn’t suit Chen Xi, yet it suited the other people present here, so for the sake of not standing out too much, Chen Xi could only reveal an exhausted appearance.

During these past few days, he’d already received too many unusual gazes because of this heaven-defying combat strength, and this sort of feeling of glory was something that others dreamt about in their entire lifetimes, yet it was only a source of trouble for Chen Xi.

So it was better to keep a low profile.

Subsequently, Liang Bing held a banquet to entertain Luo Zifeng, Gu Yutang, and the others, whereas Chen Xi only showed his face before bidding his farewells and returning to his room.

The reason was very simple. Since he was very tired, he naturally had to display his exhaustion.

But most importantly, he impatiently desired to return as he intended to charge into the Heavenly Immortal Realm with his clone!


Yin Clan, the meeting hall.

The atmosphere was deathly silent and murderous, and the air seemed as if it had frozen, causing it to be oppressive to the point it was difficult to breathe.

As Yin Feng’er gazed at her father, Yin Dezhao, that had an extremely gloomy expression as he walked up and down through the hall, besides feeling bewildered in her heart, she couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious and fearful.

Exactly who made father so unhappy?

Thoughts flew about in Yin Feng’er’s mind, yet she was unable to figure it out. She knew very well that the depths of her father’s shrewdness was like an ocean, and under normal circumstances, he would absolutely not reveal such a gloomy and terrifying expression.

“Speak, exactly what happened?” Yin Dezhao stopped moving, and his gaze was like a blade as it descended onto Yin Feng’er. He seemed to be extremely icy cold and frightening, and as he spoke, he’d tossed a jade slip onto the ground before Yin Feng’er’s feet.

Yin Feng’er was horrified and hurriedly bent down to pick it up. She scanned it carefully and couldn’t help but be stunned. There wasn’t anything else within the jade slip and only the image of a sword, an ancient, pitch black, and icy cold sword.

If she wasn’t wrong, this sword ought to belong to Chen Xi. But why would this make father so infuriated? Could it be that damnable bastard Chen Xi offended our Yin Clan again?

“This is Chen Xi’s sword.” Even though a myriad of thoughts ran through her mind, Yin Feng’er still replied obediently.

As soon as she finished speaking, she acutely noticed that her father’s expression became much gloomier, and this caused her to feel even more uneasy, surprised, and bewildered.

“Then what about this?” Yin Dezhao swung his sleeve and tossed out another jade slip, and his tone lowered even more and was icy cold like a piercingly cold gale in the depths of winter.

Yin Feng’er puckered her lips and bent down once more to pick up the jade slip on the ground. She scanned it briefly before her beautiful face instantly turned pale, and then she cried out in shock. “How could this be possible? This information is absolutely fake. How could a little bastard at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm like him possibly be able to accomplish something that even a grandmaster in equipment refinement is unable to accomplish!?”

Her sharp voice resounded in the hall, yet Yin Dezhao didn’t refute her. However, his expression grew even gloomier and was practically to the point it couldn’t get any worse, and this represented that he’d already fallen into a state of extreme fury.

This scene caused Yin Feng’er to be even more terrified, and she couldn’t help but tremble while she looked at the jade slip one more time, and the outcome was that she was still unable to believe that this was true.

The content of the jade slip was very simple. It recorded in detail everything that had occurred in the Liang Clan during these past few days, and it especially emphasized on the description of the miraculous ability in equipment refinement that Chen Xi possessed.

No matter how unruly and willful Yin Feng’er was, she was very well aware that the Immortal Artifacts possessed by their four clans were unlike those available on the market, and they were Immortal Artifacts refined via an ancient technique.

They were called Talisman Armaments. However, they weren’t real Talisman Armaments because in the entire three dimensions, only Oracle Mountain possessed the method to refine Talisman Armaments.

The technique their four great clans possessed was merely an inherited technique surmised and deduced by their ancestors through observing Talisman Armaments.

Obviously, if an Immortal Artifact was refined according to this method, then even though its might was extraordinarily great, it was incomplete in the end, so it was unable to compare to a true Talisman Armament.

Moreover, this sort of flaw was something even the seniors of their four clans were helpless against and were unable to do anything about.

Yet now, Chen Xi who was only at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm was actually able to refine the Immortal Artifacts in the possession of the Liang Clansmen once more, and he eliminated the impure and retained the pure, allowing its might to be improved greatly. How could she accept this?

“This is absolutely not true!” Yin Feng’er couldn’t refrain from crying out with a sharp voice.


A resounding slap reverberated through the hall, and then Yin Feng’er’s entire body fell backwards from the force of the slap. Blood spilled out from the corner of her mouth while her rosy cheek was swollen, and she looked at Yin Dezhao with disbelief.

Never had she imagined that her father who usually doted on her the most would actually slap her so ruthlessly!

“Do you still not recognize your mistake? Why didn’t you tell me after you found out that kid possesses a Talisman Armament? Why did you encourage your older sister to go against that kid? Why? Why?” Yin Dezhao who’d been holding back for a long time was like a boiling volcano, and he erupted completely. His expression was livid as he roared with a grim voice, and he repeatedly asked the question why, obviously displaying how furious he was in his heart.

Yin Feng’er was terrified to the point of shivering, and the last trace of grievance in her heart was replaced by boundless terror. Never had she imagined that once her father became angry, he would actually be so terrifying.

It caused her to even suspect that if she were to talk back to him, then her father would absolutely not hesitate to kill her!

Yes, Yin Feng’er didn’t dare to speak another word, and she just looked with horror at her father that had fallen into explosive rage. She was like a terrified pup that was dazed and at a loss for what to do.

“Father, this isn’t Feng’er’s fault.” Right at this moment, a cold and faint voice drifted through the hall, and then a graceful figure walked over by herself, and it was precisely the beautiful Yin Miaomiao that wore black gauze clothes.

When he saw her, the expression of the infuriated Yin Dezhao eased up slightly, and he gradually restrained his rage. This caused Yin Feng’er to heave a sigh of relief in her heart.

In the entire Yin Clan, only Yin Miaomiao had this effect on Yin Dezhao.

“Hmph! If it wasn’t for this stupid little girl offending him repeatedly, would the matter have fallen to its current state?” Yin Dezhao’s rage hadn’t dispersed completely, and he grunted coldly, causing Yin Feng’er’s entire body to tremble from her fear.

“Feng’er did it for the sake of taking revenge for our clansmen, so it isn’t her fault.” Yin Miaomiao was extremely composed as she said indifferently, “Not to mention that the situation is already like this, and it can’t be turned around even if you get infuriated.”

“Yes, Father, he’s only an outsider to the Liang Clan in the end. You…” Yin Feng’er spoke weakly.

But she hadn’t finished speaking when she was interrupted by Yin Dezhao’s grim voice. “Shut up! Do you know that the Patriarchs of the Luo and Gu Clans went to express their goodwill to that old bastard, Liang Tianheng, today?”

Yin Miaomiao’s heart jerked not because she was terrified by Yin Dezhao but rather the meaning behind these words, and it caused her to feel a strong feeling that the situation wasn’t good.

What did this mean?

It naturally meant that the Liang, Luo, and Gu Clans had joined forces to go against their Yin Clan! Moreover, the cause of all of this was merely a little fellow at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

These words also caused Yin Miaomiao to go silent because no matter how high her rankings were on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, she was only a leading figure in the younger generation of the Yin Clan in the end. So she was unable to give any further ideas in the face of matters that affected the entire clan.

“Alas, all of you can leave. Only I can deal with this matter.” Yin Dezhao pondered deeply for a long time before he sighed in the end, and then he waved his hand while seeming to be slightly dispirited.

Yin Miaomiao nodded and said, “Feel free to tell me if you need my help.”

“You cultivate at ease and leave this matter to me. It’s only a little fellow that came out of nowhere, he thinks he can shake the forces of our Yin Clan with his mere ability?” Yin Dezhao instructed while his eyes flickered with bright lights, and it revealed a strand of a ghastly and resolute expression.

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