Chapter 1088 – Coming Uninvited

Line up!

This word was too far back in the past for all these Golden Immortals because with their current identities, was there anything that they needed to line up for?

So when they heard Liang Bing, all these elders that were considered great figures with monstrous authority in the Southbridge Continent were slightly stunned.

But in next to not time, they recovered from their shock. It depended on the situation, and they were seeking help from Chen Xi now, so they naturally had to be humble.

Even though they rarely acted humbly in the recent years, yet Chen Xi was worthy of them acting in this way!

Even if all of this was disregarded, just based on Chen Xi’s ability to improve the might of their Immortal Artifacts, if Chen Xi asked them to help him complete some shady business, they would seriously consider doing it…

This was reality.

To those old fellows that had lived for countless years, their understanding and control of reality was obviously much more skillful than those of the younger generation.

So in the next moment, all of them consciously lined up and didn’t dare act in a disorderly manner any longer. Even though it was slightly harmful to their dignified disposition, yet no one cared now.

This caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief. Truthfully speaking, even he felt pressured like a mountain was pressing down on him when he was encircled by so many Golden Immortals with vast divine might, and he was unable to concentrate.

“Young Brother Chen Xi, this is my Snowring Glistening Pagoda, an Immortal Artifact at the medium-rank of the Cosmic Grade. Please have a look. Oh, these are sixteen bloodsoul stones, take the extra stones as kind intentions from me. Haha!”

“Young Brother Chen Xi, keep this high-stage immortal material Jadegold Startempering Wood. Don’t refuse it because with your relationship with Little Girl Bing, you’d be taking me as an outsider if you refused!”

“Unfortunately, Young Brother Chen Xi will probably be leaving Four Divinity City in the future. But it’s fine, I’ll still keep that divine abode of mine for you, and it can be your place of residence when you have the chance to return.”


Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi appraised and provided various methods of refinements, and not only did he obtain a large amount of bloodsoul stones, he even obtained many gifts from these Liang Clan elders.

Immortal materials, immortal pills, immortal treasures, abodes… It was a superb collection of everything one could desire, and this obviously displayed how wealthy these elders of the Liang Clan were.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh emotionally in his heart. The resources and reserves of these Golden Immortals are really no joke.

Up until noon, Chen Xi had already appraised over ten immortal treasures and obtained almost two hundred bloodsoul stones. Compared to this, the immortal materials and treasures gifted to him were even more numerous.

This obviously showed how rare and scarce Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones were, and even these elders of the Liang Clan were only able to produce a little over ten at most.

“How much more is needed?” Chen Xi seized a slight moment of free time to ask Liang Bing in a soft voice.

“Around half.” Liang Bing replied. All the bloodsoul stones gathered recently were in her possession, so she was even more knowledgeable than Chen Xi.

Chen Xi frowned. According to his plan, his clone would require at least a thousand bloodsoul stones to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement.

Yet now, he was actually lacking around half of this. This caused him to slightly wonder how those body refiners in the Immortal Dimension had advanced to the Heavenly Immortal Realm all those years ago.

“There’s no need to be anxious. Only two months have passed now, yet we’ve already gathered almost five hundred bloodsoul stones, and it’s already surprising to me.” Liang Bing consoled Chen Xi in a low voice. “All those years ago when Liang Kun advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement, he waited for almost a hundred years before he obtained a mere three hundred bloodsoul stones.”

When compared to this, Chen Xi came to sudden understanding, and he was just intending to continue when a wave of loud and clear laughter resounded from outside the hall.

“Young Miss Liang Bing, Young Master Chen Xi, you won’t blame us for coming uninvited, right?” Accompanying this voice was a group of people that walked in the hall in single file. Surprisingly, the people in the lead were Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang. Behind them was some young men and women and a few old seniors with formidable auras.

Such an array could be considered vast and mighty.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, this was clearly within the Liang Clan, so how could these clansmen of the Gu and Luo Clan make an appearance here?

It wasn’t just Chen Xi who was surprised, even Liang Bing and all the elders of the Liang Clan present here revealed surprise and bewilderment when they saw this scene. Obviously, they never imagined such a scene would occur.

“Who allowed all of you to come here?” Liang Bing’s expression was icy cold as she questioned bluntly.

Luo Zifeng was clearly aware of Liang Bing’s disposition and was worried she would attack abruptly, so he explained hastily. “Liang Bing, keep calm. Could it be that you’re unable to guess something from the fact that we were able to arrive here safely?”

Liang Bing’s beautiful brows rose. “My Father agreed to it?”

The nearby Gu Yutang interrupted. “Exactly. It isn’t just us who’ve arrived today, and even my father and Brother Luo’s father have arrived. Presently, they’re talking with your father.”

Three fathers had appeared in this sentence, and it could be said to be slightly awkward. However, the meaning within these words was displayed in an extremely clear manner, and it was that the Luo Clan’s Patriarch, Luo Dufu, and the Gu Clan’s Patriarch, Gu Zhenyu, had taken the initiative to pay the Liang Clan’s Patriarch, Liang Tianheng, a visit today.

It was very easy to explain why Gu Yutang, Luo Zifeng, and the others would make an appearance here. Obviously, they’d come over along with their respective patriarchs.

“Oh? So that’s how it is. Alright, then all of you leave first, all I’ll entertain all of you later.” Liang Bing’s expression eased up, yet she was still icy cold as before and seemed to intend to send them off.

“Liang Bing, we came here after receiving your father’s approval, so why be so guarded against us? Even though we usually compete intensively, yet we’re all clans renowned in the Dao of Talismans in the end. So we can’t draw lines between each other because of this.” When he saw Liang Bing seeming as if she was taking precautions against thieves, Luo Zifeng couldn’t help but laugh bitterly and explain. “Not to mention we came here because we heard you’re gathering bloodsoul stones, so we brought some over.”

Liang Bing’s heart jerked as she faintly guessed their reason for coming here, and she said with disdain, “So in this way, all of you have come to share my burden?”

Luo Zifeng grinned and seemed as if he didn’t hear the ridiculing tone in Liang Bing’s voice at all, and he said frankly, “It isn’t just for the sake of helping you overcome your burden, but perhaps it’ll be able to help Chen Xi.”

When she heard these words, Liang Bing instantly confirmed that they’d surely heard that Chen Xi was capable of improving the might of Immortal Artifacts, so they shamelessly took the initiative to come here!

It wasn’t just Liang Bing, all the elders of the Liang Clan including Chen Xi had come to an understanding.

Chen Xi frowned yet didn’t say anything.

As for those elders of the Liang Clan, their faces sank and were slightly hostile.

When he saw this, Gu Yutang glared at Luo Zifeng with slight dissatisfaction as if he was blaming Luo Zifeng for being too direct.

“Everyone, please listen to me. This matter was brought up by Uncle Liang, and if it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t dare be so rude and pay a visit here.” Gu Yutang explained.

Uncle Liang was naturally Liang Tianheng.

Liang Bing couldn’t help but be stunned when she heard this, and she was slightly unable to figure out why her father did this.

“Little Girl Bing, isn’t it obvious? The Patriarch surely did this to withstand the pressure from the Yin Clan, thus he took the initiative to contact the Luo and Gu Clans. In this way, our clans will be on the same side.”

“Moreover, based on their reactions, they’re obviously very happy to see this occur. I can predict that from now onward, the Yin Clan’s situation will only grow worse.”

An elder sent Liang Bing a voice transmission to enlighten her, and it instantly allowed her to come to an understanding. Moreover, she was very well aware that the reason their Liang Clan, the Luo Clan, and the Gu Clan could be joined together was Chen Xi.

This could be discerned from the fact that Liang Tianheng had allowed Luo Zifeng and the others to come here and exchange Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones to seek Chen Xi’s guidance.

When she thought up to here, Liang Bing had come to an understanding. She understood her father’s actions would only be even more beneficial to Chen Xi and harmful to the Yin Clan at the same time, and it could be considered a win-win.

But Liang Bing still have a slightly strange feeling in her heart. After all, many experts from the Gu and Luo Clan had perished at Chen Xi and her hands in the Talisman Dimension…

Of course, besides Chen Xi, Teng Lan, and her, no one else knew about it.

“Hmph! If you said so earlier, then wouldn’t we have avoided such misunderstandings? You talked so much nonsense and kept beating around the bush, you’re even worse than a woman like me.” Liang Bing glared at Luo Zifeng and continued speaking bluntly.

But everyone discerned that Liang Bing had come to a complete understanding, and this caused Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang to heave sighs of relief in their hearts.

“Haha! How could I dare be disrespectful to you, Liang Bing, who’s famous for being a woman that talks like a man.” Luo Zifeng laughed lightheartedly.

“But don’t get happy too soon. This matter has to receive Chen Xi’s agreement.” Liang Bing grunted coldly because she couldn’t bear the sight of these fellows.

The reason was that their objective caused her to feel as if they’d come to snatch Chen Xi away from her, and she faintly felt slightly uncomfortable in her heart. Of course, this sort of feeling was actually very understandable. After all, no one was willing to see a share of something that belonged to them being taken by another.

“Brother Chen, you wouldn’t refuse our good intentions, right?” Luo Zifeng moved his gaze to Chen Xi and spoke with a joking tone, and he seemed as if he had a deep relationship with Chen Xi.

These words of his caused Chen Xi to become the center of attention.

This caused Chen Xi to hesitate about what actions to take. There wasn’t much of a relationship between him and Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang, yet he had no choice but to appreciate their kindness because a long time ago in the Martial Emperor Domain, both of them had stood out when he faced Yin Feng’er arrogant cries, and they’d indirectly helped him.

But if he agreed directly, he was worried it would harm Liang Bing’s face.

In the end, he shot his gaze towards Liang Bing.

This small action caused Liang Bing to feel indescribable happiness. This at least proved that Chen Xi hadn’t overlooked her feelings just for the sake of obtaining bloodsoul stones.

In other words, it at least proved that Chen Xi really cared about her!

This was more than enough.

The last trace of depression in Liang Bing’s heart was washed away, and she said immediately, “Chen Xi, I think you should agree. Since generous people have taken the initiative to give themselves to you, wouldn’t it be a waste if we don’t take a piece of them?”

These words weren’t concealed and entered into the ears of every single person present here, and it caused Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang to glance at each other while being unable to refrain from laughing bitterly.

At the same time, they sighed in their hearts. Based on these circumstances, it’s obviously impossible for us to snatch away this treasure, Chen Xi, from the Liang Clan…

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