Chapter 1087 – Flamespirit Devilslaughter Blade

Liang Tu who was ranked twenty first had lost!

As they looked at Chen Xi’s tall figure that stood on the arena, all the Liang Clan disciples present here were shocked speechless, and they couldn’t help but arose a wisp of reverence in their hearts.

The ten plus battles of today had proven Chen Xi’s strength!

Especially the battle between him and Liang Tu, it had carried on from noon until now, and this was simply impossible to imagine because an existence at the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm could persist until now.

Most importantly, Liang Tu had lost in the end!

After experiencing such a scene, would anyone dare take Chen Xi to be an ordinary expert?

In the entire Southbridge Continent, was there anyone that possessed such heaven-defying combat strength as Chen Xi while at the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm?

Could it be that such an existence wasn’t worthy of respect?

Liang Bing herself hadn’t expected that Chen Xi was actually capable of defeating Liang Tu, and there was even a moment she couldn’t help but be dazed as she felt indescribably shocked.

The atmosphere was deathly silent.

The combat strength Chen Xi revealed today had conquered the hearts of most people present here, including Liang Bing.

Even if Chen Xi’s figure was in a slightly sorry state now, his entire body was drenched in sweat, and his countenance was pale, yet no one dared laugh at him.

“Again.” A low and calm voice sounded out from between Chen Xi’s lips, and it resounded clearly in the ears of everyone amidst this deathly silent atmosphere. Everyone raised their heads in astonishment while carrying complicated feelings in their hearts. Could it be that he still intends to continue fighting?

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.” Liang Bing was stunned, and then she explained in a low voice.

Chen Xi was stunned. “Why?”

Even though the previous battle with Liang Tu was extremely difficult, caused him to suffer heavy pressure and fall into a slightly sorry state, yet with the support of the Dark Parasol Sapling and his Heart Soul realm cultivation in the Dao Heart, he was able to recover quickly, so he naturally possessed the strength to fight another battle.

“You intend to fight me?” Liang Bing asked directly.

Chen Xi instantly understood what she meant. Obviously, only Liang Bing’s ranking was above Liang Tu amongst all the people present here. As for the others, they didn’t have the qualifications to challenge him.

“No.” Chen Xi refused without the slightest hesitation. What a joke, not to mention her ninth position ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, merely the Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, Silverlight Shuttle, that she possessed was superior to his.

After all, the current Silverlight Shuttle couldn’t be compared to the past as its might had increased by around forty percent. Chen Xi even suspected that if Liang Bing was willing, then she was absolutely capable of fighting her way into the top five of the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

Under such circumstances, fighting Liang Bing was like looking for a beating, and the possibility of victory wasn’t great. Of course, Chen Xi felt that if his cultivation was able to attain the perfection-stage in the Heavenly Immortal Realm, then perhaps he would have the strength to go against Liang Bing.

When she saw Chen Xi refuse so decisively, Liang Bing couldn’t help but smile while the nearby Liang Clan disciples smiled while meaning well. They were very clearly aware of this Eldest Young Miss’s strength, so they were naturally aware how sensible Chen Xi’s actions were.

Subsequently, Chen Xi returned to his room directly as he intended to rest before continuing his closed door cultivation.

However, he was told by Liang Bing that he had to make a trip to the Rainbowcloud Pavilion tomorrow morning. At that time, many Liang Clansmen would bring along Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones and gather there. If Chen Xi was willing, he could guide them in the refinement of their treasures in exchange for the Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones in their possession.

Chen Xi agreed to this request without the slightest hesitation.

It could be said that the cultivation of his clone had become a knot in his heart since a long time ago, so how could he let such an opportunity slip by?

Not to mention even if it wasn’t for the sake of the bloodsoul stones, so long as Liang Bing asked it of him, he would absolutely not refuse guiding her clansmen in refining their Immortal Artifacts.

The reason was similarly extremely simple. Liang Bing had helped him too much.


Early in the morning the next day.

Rainbowcloud Pavilion.

When Chen Xi arrived here, the entire hall was filled with numerous figures, and most of them were actually Liang Clan elders. All of them possessed monstrous might and practically all of them were existences at the Golden Immortal Realm, causing Chen Xi to be extremely shocked by this sight.

From another point of view, this proved that as a clan that was renowned in the Dao of Talismans, the Liang Clan’s resources and reserves were deep and formidable.

As for the Liang Clan’s disciples of the younger generation, there weren’t many that had come. After all, bloodsoul stones were too rare, and they were only useful to body refiners while it was useless to qi refiners, so there was naturally no one that would take the time to gather them in the past.

When Chen Xi arrived, all the Liang Clan elders nodded to him with a smile, and they revealed kind expressions while there was no lack of elders that came to greet Chen Xi warmly, causing Chen Xi to be slightly overwhelmed by this unexpected favor.

“Chen Xi, come over here. All you have to do later is provide refinement methods according to the various Immortal Treasures. Leave everything else to me.” Liang Bing appeared in time and helped Chen Xi out of the predicament, and then she instructed him before asking him to sit down at the side.

“Little Girl Bing, what’re you doing? Could it be that you’re afraid Fourth Uncle will eat up Young Brother Chen Xi?” A Liang Clan elder spoke with slight displeasure that Liang Bing had interrupted his small talk with Chen Xi.

This person was called Liang Tianqing, and he was Liang Bing’s fourth uncle.

Liang Bing grunted coldly. “I’m only worried that Fourth Uncle isn’t able to produce bloodsoul stones, so you’re relying on small talk to intentionally request a refinement method from Chen Xi.”

Liang Tianqing immediately sighed with a distressed expression and said, “Aiya! This won’t do! It’s hard to keep a grown woman at home! You’re only willing to help your little boyfriend and don’t even give face to your own uncle.”

Everyone burst into laughter when they heard this, and it caused Chen Xi to be extremely embarrassed.

Little boyfriend?

This old fellow really speaks without any consideration.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance at Liang Bing, yet he saw her clear eyes flowing with light while her white, supple, and peerlessly beautiful face was dyed with a wisp of red, causing her to be even more delicate and charming.

This sort of shy appearance extremely rarely appeared on Liang Bing who was filled with the aura of a queen. 

To Chen Xi’s embarrassment, at the same time that he glanced over, Liang Bing had inadvertently glanced at him as well. Their gazes instantly met in midair, causing both of them to feel slightly embarrassed in their hearts, and they hurriedly avoided each other’s gazes as if they’d done something wrong.

All the Liang Clan elders laughed without any restraint when they saw this, and it caused Liang Bing’s beautiful brows to knit together before she glanced fiercely at her fourth uncle and threatened. “Fourth Uncle, I’ll cancel your qualification if you speak like this again!”

Liang Tianqing’s expression froze immediately, and he waved his hand and said, “Alright, Little Girl Bing is shy, so all of you old fellows shouldn’t make trouble because if you anger her little boyfriend and cause any complications in the feelings between them, then I, her fourth uncle, will feel sorry.”

Everyone couldn’t help but roll their eyes. Who’s causing trouble? Wasn’t it you that teased her first?

“Alright, now anyone that’s able to produce ten bloodsoul stones can come over. Anyone with less than ten can forget about pleading because I’ll disregard it!” Liang Bing hurriedly changed the topic of the conversation because if this continued, then she was worried that it wouldn’t just be her who couldn’t take it, but even Chen Xi would probably be unable to endure this teasing.

After this request was put forward, there was no one that objected. Obviously, they were told by Liang Bing a long time ago, so they’d come prepared.

Chen Xi didn’t know all of this, so he was still slightly worried when he heard this amount at the beginning. After all, bloodsoul stones weren’t common goods, and they could only be chanced upon by luck.

But when he saw that no one present revealed any signs of objection, he was instantly relieved in his heart.

“This is my Flamespirit Devilslaughter Blade, and it’s a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact. Please have a look, Young Brother Chen Xi.” As soon as Liang Bing finished speaking, an elder strode forward with large strides at a speed that was even swifter than teleportation, and then he passed ten bloodsoul stones to Liang Bing with one hand while directly passing over a blade that was coiled in layers of flaming waves to Chen Xi.

“This old fellow Liang Huan is usually irritatingly slow in everything he does, yet he was actually faster than all of us today!” The other elders felt a wave of displeasure because someone had gone a step ahead of them, and all of them secretly prepared to grab the next opportunity before anyone else could…

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t dare dally. His expression became serious as he received the blade and looked at it in detail for a short moment, and then he said with embarrassment. “Senior, the might of this blade is extremely extraordinary, and it’s very difficult to improve it by a great deal.”

The heart of the elder, Liang Huan, jerked, and he couldn’t help but ask. “Then…roughly how much can it be improved?”

Chen Xi pondered deeply and said, “If it’s refined once more according to my method, then it will only be able to be improved by around thirty percent.”

Thirty percent!

It wasn’t just Liang Huan, even the other elders were stunned.

Chen Xi thought Liang Huan was slightly dissatisfied when he saw this, and he couldn’t help but speak apologetically. “This is already the limits of my deduction. If…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by a wave of practically insane roaring laughter. “Thirty percent! My Flamespirit Devilslaughter Blade can actually still be improved by thirty percent!”

His laughter was filled with excitement and happiness, and he was on the verge of dancing with joy.

Only now did Chen Xi come to an understanding, and then he looked at the other elders. Sure enough, he saw that all of them revealed undisguised envy, and there wasn’t any dissatisfaction, causing Chen Xi to relax completely.

Actually, it was obvious. Improving the might of existences like Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts wasn’t simple at all and being able to instantly improve it by thirty percent was already a pleasant surprise that was difficult to imagine.

“Thank you, thank you, young brother! If you’re free in the future, please come have a chat with me at my humble abode. I lack everything at my home except beauties. There are many that I gathered from the Outerealm, and every single one of them have hot figures and are innately charming. I guarantee…” Liang Huan’s face glowed with excitement and thanked Chen Xi repeatedly. But he hadn’t finished speaking when he noticed the nearby Liang Bing’s expression was slightly unsightly, and he instantly shut his mouth.

But before he left, he gave Chen Xi an ambiguous gaze that every man understood before leaving with large strides while roaring with laughter.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be amused. He’d heard that many experts had their own hobbies. Some liked to gather immortal treasures, some like to gather cultivation techniques. Of course, there were also some that liked to gather beauties…

Obviously, Liang Huan was that type of expert that liked to gather beauties.


As soon as Liang Huan left, all those experts who were itching for their turn long ago swarmed over in disorder. They seemed to have taken Chen Xi to be a precious treasure, and they seemed as if they would fight to the death for him.

Liang Bing really understood their feelings, yet she couldn’t tolerate any mishaps from occurring and affecting Chen Xi because of their fighting, so she said coldly in the next moment. “Line up, now!” 

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