Chapter 1086 – Booming Popularity

“Chen Xi has emerged from his closed door cultivation!”

“Quickly! Quickly report to the Young Master and ask the Young Master to rush to the martial practice grounds!”Fortunately, it wasn’t long before the nearby people recovered from their shock, and then they tore their throats shouting as they dispersed towards all directions.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose while feeling slightly astounded. It seems like others are even more excited than I am from leaving my closed door cultivation?

Chen Xi shook his head and directly headed towards the martial practice grounds.

However, to his surprise, he would surely cause an uproar everywhere he passed, and everyone dashed around to tell others as if his emergence from closed door cultivation was an important matter.

But this allowed Chen Xi to finally come to an understanding. The news of his guidance towards Liang Qiao and Liang Zhe that day had probably spread, thus drawing the attention of many people.

It’s fine like this as well. It’ll be much easier for me to rise in rankings if I’m able to draw even more experts to participate… Chen Xi pondered deeply as he walked, and he felt this situation was really not bad because he was most worried about the embarrassing situation where there was no one that accepted his challenge.

But when he arrived at the martial practice grounds, the grand scene before him still caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but be stunned, and he even doubted his eyes.

The entire martial practice ground was already densely filled with figures a long time ago, and the waves of great commotion caused the layer of clouds in the sky to be shattered and dispersed completely.

Especially the surroundings of the number one training arena. It was tightly packed with people, and it seemed to be extremely popular.

Could it be that something significant happened in the Liang Clan? Chen Xi was bewildered because this scene was too grand. There weren’t just younger generation Liang Clan disciples within his field of vision, and he was even able to see some old seniors with monstrous might. They were at least at the Golden Immortal Realm!

He didn’t dare believe that all of this was caused because of his emergence from closed door cultivation.

However, to his surprise, the things that occurred next caused him to have no choice but to believe it…

“Chen Xi! Chen Xi has finally come!” 

“Only a bit more than half a month has passed now. I thought he would at least need a few years of closed door cultivation!”

“Dammit! Aren’t you anxious? Why don’t you wait a while longer and leave the opportunity this time to all of us?”

“We’ve already agreed that I’ll be the first to ascend the arena and spar with Chen Xi. I won the bet earlier!”

“Hmph! Bastard! I’m your uncle yet you actually intend to seize my position? Believe it or not, I’ll slap you out of here?!”

When they saw Chen Xi’s tall figure appear far away outside the martial training grounds, the grounds were instantly in an uproar while waves of clamorous voices resounded as if it had become a market.

When facing such a scene, even Chen Xi hesitated whether he should leave and lie low or not because this scene was too shocking. What if they’re too fervent and won’t leave me alone? What if they force some sort of trampling incident to occur?

“All of you shut your mouths!” Fortunately, Liang Bing appeared in time like a savior sent from heaven. Her icy cold and clear gaze swept the entire grounds while her sexy red lips parted lightly, and she spoke a mere few words, yet they seemed to possess magic that completely wiped off the clamorous noise at the scene.

The atmosphere at the scene quieted down once more.

However, the gazes everyone shot towards Chen Xi became even more fervent, and it was like they were big bad wolves that were staring at a little white bunny. It was extremely horrifying.

“Come with me.” Liang Bing couldn’t be bothered about all of this, and she directly led Chen Xi towards the arena. Everywhere she passed, the crowd consciously opened up a path.

“What exactly is going on?” Chen Xi followed by Liang Bing’s side and couldn’t refrain from asking in a low voice.

Liang Bing glared imperceptibly at him and said angrily, “It’s all because of you. Presently, everyone in the Liang Clan knows that you possess the miraculous ability to improve their Immortal Artifacts, so do you think anyone can sit still under such circumstances?”

Chen Xi said, “But there are so many people, and it doesn’t seem like all of them are here to spar with me, right?”

There was one more thing he didn’t say, and it was that even the figures of Golden Immortals had appeared here. If they were to spar with him, then wouldn’t it be better for him to turn around and leave?

“Don’t worry, only those ranked above you have the qualifications. As for others… Yes, they’re only here to watch the show. I told them that if they’re able to produce sufficient Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones, then everything can be discussed. As for whether you help them or not, then will depend on you.” Liang Bing explained.

Chen Xi praised. “That’s a good idea.”

Presently, his clone was stuck in the Earthly Immortal Realm, and all he lacked was sufficient Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones. If he was able to obtain some from those Liang Clan disciples, then he wouldn’t mind providing them with some guidance.


In next to no time, both of them arrived before the arena.

When they saw Chen Xi step up onto the arena, an extremely unpleasant voice resounded abruptly, and it broke the silence at the scene. “Brother Chen, Brother Chen, I beg to be bashed on my knees!”

Beg to be bashed on his knees… The expressions of everyone froze. Who’s this fellow to actually speak such shameless words!?

Everyone looked over towards the source of the voice, and they instantly saw a thin fellow with a pointed mouth who was completely suffused with a wretched aura that was impossible to conceal.

Surprisingly, it was Liang Liang.

Everyone came to an understanding. So it’s this wretched weirdo!

Moreover, when their gazes moved to the side, sure enough, they noticed Liang Zhen who wore snow white clothes and had a proud and icy cold expression standing by Liang Liang’s side like his shadow.

These two were always together, and they were rather well known in the Liang Clan. It wasn’t because of their strength, but because they were unforgiving in speech and acted too shamelessly, and this was the true reason they were well known!

But Chen Xi’s opinion of them was really good, and Liang Liang and Liang Zhen had helped him greatly in the Martial Emperor Domain. Later on, when he heard they’d suffered heavy injuries because of him, he’d even charged furiously into the Martial Emperor Domain and taught Yin Wanxun and Yin Wanfeng a good lesson.

“Wait a moment, I’ll talk with both of you later.” Chen Xi immediately smiled as he spoke.

Liang Liang and Liang Zhen were both extremely delighted when they heard this.

In these past few days, the two of them had heard about Chen Xi’s ability, and they were unable to restrain their curiosity and came over. They were originally just trying to make a joke, yet they never expected that Chen Xi would actually agree without the slightest hesitation, so they were naturally overjoyed.

The sight of this scene caused the eyes of the nearby crowd to go red with envy, and they cried out successively. 

“What about us?” 

“Big Brother Chen Xi, you can’t be so biased, right?”

“Brother Chen, Brother Chen, I beg to be bashed on my knees as well!”

The scene was filled with clamorous noise.

Liang Bing immediately said in an extremely icy cold voice, “If anyone continues making noise, then repent while facing a wall in the restricted area of the clan right now! And you’re not allowed to a step out for three months!”

Everyone instantly shut their mouths while looking resentfully at Liang Bing as if they’d been wronged.

Liang Bing was completely indifferent to this and said directly, “Liang Zhixing, you ascend the arena and spar with Chen Xi.”

Immediately, a yellow clothed young man flew up the arena and cupped his fist towards Liang Bing from afar before he said, “Thank you, Eldest Young Miss, for fulfilling my wish.” 

After that, he cupped his fists to Chen Xi and said, “Please provide me with your guidance, Brother Chen.”

He was Liang Zhixing, one of the top experts in the younger generation of the Liang Clan. He was ranked at the 87th position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and he possessed a formidable strength and a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

When they saw him ascend the arena, all the other Liang Clan disciples revealed envious expressions, yet they were unable to do anything about it. Most of them were ranked past the first hundred positions, so they could only watch the show and were unable to participate.

“I’m not worthy of providing guidance. My only request is that you must utilize your full strength,” said Chen Xi.

“Of course.” Liang Zhixing nodded.

Subsequently, the curtains to this battle were drawn under the gazes of everyone present here.

There was no need give any unnecessary details about the battle. Even if he hadn’t advanced to the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, Chen Xi’s prior combat strength would be sufficient to defeat Liang Zhixing if he went all out.

Presently, in this battle, Chen Xi who possessed a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm and was able to execute the might of seven Grand Dao Laws at the same time was able to win this battle even more easily.

But even then, it still couldn’t avoid a wave of exclaims of admiration resounding from the crowd of spectators.

It couldn’t be helped because comparatively speaking, Chen Xi’s cultivation was too low, yet the combat strength he revealed was too abnormal. Most of the spectators were only watching Chen Xi fight for the first time, so slight shock could naturally not be avoided. 

The curtains to the battle were drawn. Liang Zhixing got his wish of obtaining a method to refine his Immortal Artifact. After he thanked Chen Xi repeatedly, he left the arena while filled with joy, and it drew a wave of admiration and envy in the crowd.

“Next, Liang Cha!”

“Next, Liang Rufeng!”

“Next, Liang Zhenwan!”



Under Liang Bing’s arrangement, expert after expert of the Liang Clan that was ranked in the top hundred ascended the arena before sparring with Chen Xi. Because they were worried of trying to be smart but being a fool instead, none of them dared hold back, so the battles seemed unusually brilliant.

On the other hand, through these battles, Chen Xi gradually obtained a clear understanding of the combat strength he possessed and experience to deal with various situations in battle.

For example, these disciples were skilled in speed, defense, surprise attacks, or possessed rare and formidable Grand Dao Laws. Moreover, they possessed a huge variety of Immortal Artifacts… It could be said that fighting with them greatly broadened Chen Xi’s horizons.

Under these circumstances of winning battle after battle, Chen Xi’s ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings advanced by leaps and bounds. Even though he hadn’t tested himself at the floating wall of light, yet it was sufficient for him to find out exactly what height his combat strength had attained based on the rankings of his opponents.

In the end, the time Chen Xi took to obtain victory lengthened because the strengths of his opponents had become extremely formidable, causing him to feel pressured as well.


A figure was blasted out of the arena, and it drew exclaims of shock in the crowd.

It was a thin young man called Liang Tu. Even though he possessed an ordinary appearance, yet he possessed an extremely extraordinary combat strength, and his rankings on the Continental Ascensio Rankings was even at the twenty first position!

His battle with Chen Xi was the fiercest amongst all the ten plus battles that had occurred today, and it continued from noon until the veil of night descended, causing all the spectators to practically forget to breathe.

At this moment, when they saw him losing regretfully to Chen Xi, everyone couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi was similarly in an extremely sorry state. His entire body was soaked with sweat, his hair hung loosely, his countenance was pale, and he gasped for breath without end.

Only his pair of eyes were still bright as before, and his battle intent surged! 

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