Chapter 1084 – 100 Ingenious Methods

Chen Xi had become the center of attention.

But he couldn’t be bothered about all of this. Since the moment he defeated Liang Zhe, he repeatedly went over the talisman diagrams contained within the Ice Crescent Halberds.

Actually, the talisman diagram on it was similarly extremely simple to him, and it was from the Violet Myrtle Divine Talisman as well. Moreover, its arrangement was even more simple than Liang Bing’s Silverlight Shuttle.

But the difficult part was the Ice Crescent Halberds were a pair of Immortal Artifacts that complimented each other, and they weren’t existences that formed an entire whole.

If he wanted to improve their might, then not only did he have to consider repairing the talisman diagrams within the short halberds, he even had to form a unique connection between the two halberds.

Only in this way would he be able to bring forth its might completely.

The talisman diagrams were very easy to repair, and the troublesome part to Chen Xi was how he should connect these two short halberds in order to form a perfectly harmonious connection.

It was like breathing, inhale and exhale was done in coordination, and it would allow the Ice Crescent Halberd’s might to be completely exerted.

This was a difficult problem.

It was the first time Chen Xi had encountered such a situation. But in next to no time, over a hundred methods to deal with it had appeared within his mind, and every single method could be said to be perfect, yet they emphasized on different things and had varying styles.

He was pondering which method wouldn’t just be able to completely bring forth the might of the halberds but allow Liang Zhe to feel as if moving them was moving a part of his body, thus allowing his combat strength to be brought out completely.


The atmosphere around the arena was deathly silent.

Along with the passage of time, the gazes of all the Liang Clan disciples reveal slight anxiousness as they looked at Chen Xi, and there was even a trace of doubt.

“This fellow wouldn’t be unable to accomplish it, right?”

“Alas, the might of the Ice Crescent Halberds isn’t so easily improved. This is a treasure that was passed down by the ancestors of our Liang Clan, and even the ancestors were helpless against it, let alone a young man?”

“You can’t say that. Chen Xi is surely capable, otherwise he would be unable to guide Liang Qiao and tell him how to refine the Coiling Dragon Rod. At the bottom of it all, the Ice Crescent Halberds are too special.”

A wave of whispered discussion resounded. Even though their voices were soft, yet it was still heard clearly by everyone amidst this silent atmosphere.

On the arena, Liang Zhe heard it as well, but he still seemed to be calm while the hope in his eyes gaze towards Chen Xi hadn’t reduced at all.

He’d been living bitterly and in depression for so many years, and it had tempered his disposition to the point of being firm and strong, so how could he be unable to wait for this short period of time?


It truly feels like waiting for years! Liang Zhe spoke with self ridicule in his heart. Even if his disposition was tough like iron, he couldn’t help but be excited and perturbed when facing this opportunity that might change his fate.

“Silence!” Liang Bing couldn’t continue watching these disciples whisper in discussion, and her beautiful brows knit together as she berated in a low voice.

The atmosphere instantly quieted down once more. However, along with the passage of time, the gazes these Liang Clan disciples shot at Chen Xi had become slightly indifferent. Obviously, they felt Chen Xi’s possibility of success wasn’t great.

It was amidst this silence that Chen Xi returned to his senses from his deep contemplation, and he directly withdrew a jade slip before he recorded all the methods he’d thought of. He passed it to Liang Zhe and said, “These are the best methods I could think of. Choose one yourself.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked in their hearts. He…actually really succeeded?

On the other hand, even with Liang Zhe’s firm disposition, he couldn’t refrain from trembling while his lips shivered, and his calm expression couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of excitement.

He took repeated deep breaths when facing the jade slip Chen Xi passed over, and then carefully received it in a gentle manner. He seemed as if he was deeply afraid of damaging the jade slip, and it was an extremely amusing sight.

But no one present here laughed at this because if they were Liang Zhe, then they would probably behave even more embarrassingly. After all, to Liang Zhe, this was an opportunity that could change his fate!

The gazes of everyone descended onto Liang Zhe and the jade slip in his hand, and they waited silently.

Liang Zhe was naturally clearly aware that his chance to change his fate was right within his reach, yet when he really faced this moment, he actually couldn’t bring himself to take a look!

This was a very tricky feeling like how people became fearful when approaching their home after a long time.

But in the end, he gritted his teeth and shot his gaze towards the jade slip. In the next moment, his eyes opened wide while his expression instantly became extremely colorful. He seemed to be overjoyed, frustrated, shocked, filled with admiration, relieved, unable to believe his eyes…

The changes in his feelings was like a multicolored radiance that was emanated from a kaleidoscope, and it seemed to be extremely lively. If they didn’t see it with their own two eyes, they would truly be unable to imagine that there could actually be so many changes in one’s expression.

The hearts of everyone itched slightly, and they felt extremely curious when they saw this.

“There are actually…thirteen methods?” Liang Zhe spoke with shock and wonder on his face, yet the dominant expression on his face was one where he was at a loss for what to do because he’d discerned that every single method was extremely miraculous and perfect. So, he actually didn’t know which to choose!

When one didn’t have something, one wished for nothing more than to find one before one would have no more regrets. But when more than one appeared, one would actually be unable to choose!

This was a struggle that couldn’t be avoided, yet it was filled with indescribable happiness and pleasant surprise.

Thirteen methods!

Everyone was shocked to the point their eyeballs almost dropped out when they heard this. Never had they imagined that not only had Chen Xi succeeded, he’d even provided thirteen methods to Liang Zhe!

Someone couldn’t refrain himself from asking. “Liang Zhe, are you sure that all thirteen are effective?”

“Perfect, every single one of them can be called perfect!” Liang Zhe cried out unwittingly and exclaimed endlessly with admiration.

Everyone looked at each other and were flabbergasted. It’s actually true…

In the next moment, Liang Zhe’s face revealed an extremely conflicted expression, and he said in a troubled voice, “Brother Chen, every single one of these thirteen methods are flawless and can be said to rival nature, yet how should I choose which one to refine my Immortal Artifact with?”

Someone people couldn’t refrain from rolling their eyes. This fellow can really act after obtaining such a benefit. Is there any need to choose? Would it be fine to just casually choose one that’s most useful to you?

Chen Xi pondered deeply and said, “I’m unable to help you with this. Earlier, I thought of over a hundred types of methods and considered it repeatedly for a long time before I chose these thirteen that are the most suitable for you. As for which one to choose, that’s up to you.”

Over a hundred types of methods!


Everyone couldn’t help but gasp when they heard this, and they felt their scalps go numb while they stood there like status. That’s too shocking!

Even Liang Bing that was filled with blind confidence towards Chen Xi was stunned and extremely astounded when she heard this.

At this moment, everyone finally understood why Chen Xi stood there silently for a long time. It turned out that it wasn’t that he was unable to think of a method, and he was considering which method was most useful for Liang Zhe instead!

When they realized all of this, no one dared to question Chen Xi’s ability any longer. It wasn’t just that, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi had undergone a tremendous change. It had become extremely hot and even carried heartfelt admiration and respect.

“Brother Chen, thank you very much. If you need me, Liang Zhe, to help you with anything in the future, then I’ll naturally be at your command. No matter what it is, I’ll risk my life to complete it!” On the arena, Liang Zhe suddenly bowed and spoke respectfully.

His attitude was firm, sincere, and respectful while his voice was resolute and decisive. 

He turned around and walked down from the arena as soon as he finished speaking.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he started smiling. He knew very well that once Liang Zhe’s Ice Crescent Halberds were refined successfully, then his rankings would surely improve tremendously while he himself revealed shocking brilliance.

The value of being able to form goodwill with such an extraordinary expert was far greater than the value of the refinement methods he gave to Liang Zhe.

Liang Zhe left with fruitful results, and it aroused the fervor in the hearts of all the Liang Clan disciples present here. All of them rubbed their palms together while fighting to spar with Chen Xi on the arena, and it caused the scene to be extremely chaotic and bustling.

On the other hand, some other Liang Clan disciples that didn’t possess the qualifications to challenge Chen Xi struck their chests and stamped their feet in sorrow, and they were extremely upset.

They were ranked beneath Chen Xi on the Continental Ascensio Rankings while their strengths were inferior to Chen Xi, so they naturally didn’t have the qualifications to ascend the arena and spar with Chen Xi.

Moreover, after Liang Zhe left, there were many young experts of the Liang Clan that arrived successively after hearing the news, and they intended to spar with Chen Xi, causing the atmosphere at the scene to become extremely explosive.

But to the disappointment of everyone, the sky had turned dark and the veil of night had descended, so under Liang Bing’s signal, Chen Xi immediately ended the challenges for today.



Actually, with Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Dao Heart and coupled with the support of the Dark parasol Sapling, he wouldn’t feel exhausted even if he fought for a few days and nights. But in this way, it would be extremely astonishing.

So in the end, he left the martial training grounds according to Liang Bing’s arrangement.

Most importantly, he’d defeated Liang Zhe that was at the ninety second position, and his rankings had arrived in the top hundred. So it wasn’t realistic to desire to continue improving tremendously.

Firstly, all the experts in the top hundred rankings possessed extremely formidable combat strengths, and they couldn’t be compared to those experts that were ranked beneath the top hundred positions.

Secondly, his combat strength had been exerted to almost his limit during the battle with Liang Zhe, so even if he continued fighting, he would be unable to rise in rankings, causing it to be pointless.

Chen Xi entered the world of stars on that very night and chose to enter into closed door cultivation as he charged towards the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, a meeting of a rather large scale was being held in the hall of the Liang Clan.

It wasn’t just the Patriarch, Liang Tianheng, who was present here, and even some elders that cultivated behind closed doors in seclusion had made an appearance. There was even an old senior that was half a step to the Immortal King Realm present here, so the standard of this meeting was so high that it was absolutely astounding.

Liang Bing, Liang Qiao, and Liang Zhe were the youngest existences amongst the people present here instead.

As they looked at the dense mass of elders with monstrous might present here and the old senior that was half a step to the Immortal King Realm who sat at the central seat, Liang Qiao and Liang Zhe were filled with nervousness and became extremely reserved.

Only Liang Bing’s expression was calm because she knew the objective of the meeting that as held tonight.

When he saw everyone was here, the Liang Clan’s Patriarch, Liang Tianheng, coughed dryly before he flicked his sleeve and said, “Bing’er, allow the elders to have a good look at the refinement methods the three of you obtained!”

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