Chapter 1083 – Overjoyed

If Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, then if he were to allow the floating wall of light to evaluate him, then his rankings would surely improve from the hundred and fifty fourth position to the hundred and twenty second position.

Because Liang Qun that lost to him earlier possessed such a ranking.

If he worked hard in the subsequent battles, then he would probably be able to fight his way into the top hundred ranks!

In next to no time, a Liang Clan disciple leaped up onto the arena and started a spar with Chen Xi.

This was a young man with a robust figure. His bare arms were formed from piece after piece of muscles that seemed to have been made from metal, and they were filled with explosive and oppressive force.

He was called Liang Qiao, and he was ranked one hundred and third on the Continental Ascensio Rankings. Even though he was at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, he was a true Mysterious Immortal in body refinement!

Existences like these possessed a crushing advantage amongst those of the same cultivation realm.


As soon as he ascended the arena, Liang Qiao withdrew an iron rod that was over a meter long, and it was thick like a bowl. Its surface was densely inscribed with talisman diagrams, and it was suffused with a frightening and pitch black glow.

“This is my Coiling Dragon Rod, an Immortal Artifact at the medium-rank of the Darkspirit Grade. Can you improve its might for me?” Liang Qiao asked directly before they had even fought.

Chen Xi said, “I’ll tell you after we fight.”

“Alright, then I’ll see if you’re bragging or not!” Liang Qiao grunted coldly before the iron rod in his hand smashed onto the ground with a bang, and then he utilized the force from this to soar into the sky before smashing down fiercely at Chen Xi.


When the rod was swung in Liang Qiao’s hand, it was like a pillar that could pierce through the sky. Everywhere it passed, space was smashed apart, and it carried a violent and fierce imposing aura that caused the scalps of everyone to go numb just from looking at it from afar.

“Bring it on!” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up while battle intent blazed in his chest, and he held his sword in hand while entering into fierce battle with Liang Qiao.

On the enormous training area, two figures dashed about indeterminately. One executed a rod technique that was imposing like a dragon and whistled through the surroundings as it smashed space apart. The other revealed extraordinary sword technique that was fierce, swift, and impregnable, and he caused the layer of clouds to be shattered, the world to be cast into a shade, and immortal radiance to flash chaotically in the world.

Everyone was bedazzled by this sight and were extremely astounded in their hearts.

Liang Qiao was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm in body refinement, and he possessed unparalleled strength to crush those at the same cultivation realm. Yet now, he was locked in battle and on par with Chen Xi who was at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and the battle was so fierce that it could be described as brilliant.

Ten minutes later.


Chen Xi slashed with his sword. Unlike before, this sword strike contained the energy of the Laws of the five elements, and it struck the Coiling Dragon Rod in Liang Qiao’s hand to the point it flew from his grasp while buzzing and trembling without end, whereas his entire body staggered back from the force while he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone was astounded when they saw this because Liang Qiao was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm in body refinement. His body was extremely formidable, yet at this moment, he was actually shaken by Chen Xi’s sword strike to the point of spitting blood!

“Again!” Liang Qiao roared furiously while his tone was filled with unwillingness to admit defeat, and he intended to charge forward once more.

Meanwhile, Liang Bing said abruptly, “Enough! Liang Qiao, you’ve lost. Could it be that you intend to fight to the death?” Her voice was icy cold and resounded in the heavens and the earth, and it was filled with extraordinary dignity and imposingness. 

Liang Qiao instantly awoke from his fury when he heard this, and he glanced at Chen Xi with slight unwillingness before he finally put away the Coiling Dragon Rod and muttered. “You’ve won.”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said truthfully, “If this was a true life and death battle, then the outcome would probably not be determined so quickly. It was only a spar this time, and it allowed me to gain a great advantage instead.”

He was indeed speaking the truth. Expert body refiners were formidable because they could be reborn from a drop of blood or consciousness during battle, so it was exceedingly difficult to kill them.

Everyone understood this characteristic of Liang Qiao’s, and they nodded endlessly in their hearts when they saw Chen Xi admit it openly.

Liang Qiao was stunned and glanced at Chen Xi with a slightly surprised gaze, and his expression eased up greatly as well before he said, “If we’re talking about advantages, then my cultivation was much higher than yours. So it’s still my loss in the end, and I, Liang Qiao, am convinced of it.”

As he spoke, he intended to leave the arena.

“Wait.” Chen Xi stopped him before taking out a jade slip. Chen Xi pondered for a short moment before he recorded some techniques within it, and then passed it over. “Refine your Immortal Artifact once more according to the method in here and your Coiling Dragon Rod’s might will at least improve by around thirty percent”

Chen Xi had spoken conservatively because he’d estimate earlier that Liang Bing’s Silverlight Shuttle would improve in might by sixty percent, but it had merely improved by forty percent, and this was probably closely tied to the attainments of the person that refined it.

So Chen Xi could merely give a conservative number, and if he were to personally refine it for Liang Qiao, then it was sufficient to improve the might of the Coiling Dragon Rod by fifty percent!

Liang Qiao was stunned and received it with slight doubt. But when he saw the content of the jade slip, his eyes instantly opened wide before he couldn’t help but reveal a smile of delight on the corners of his mouth. In the end, he couldn’t restrain his happiness to the point of roaring with laughter, and he seemed as if he’d obtained a precious treasure.

The crowd became restless when they saw this, and someone couldn’t help but ask. “Liang Qiao, could it be that there’s some sort of secret technique within that jade slip?”

Liang Qiao instantly awoke from his happiness when he heard this, and he carefully put the jade slip away and completely disregarded the questions that came from the surroundings as he cupped his hands towards Chen Xi before he said, “Thank you for your guidance. I’ll surely repay you generously in the future.”

His serious expression faintly carried a wisp of respect and admiration, and it caused all the people in the surroundings to be envious. Could it be that a profound technique that can improve the might of the Coiling Dragon Rod is really contained within that jade slip?

“This big fellow, Liang Qiao, is pretty lucky. From today onward, he’ll surely be able to charge his way into the top hundred of the Continental Ascensio Rankings.” Liang Bing smiled when she saw this, and she was extremely gratified in her heart.

She naturally firmly believed that the technique contained within the jade slip was capable of improving the might of the Coiling Dragon Rod by a level because the Silverlight Shuttle in her possession was the best proof!

“Haha! Stop annoying me, wouldn’t all of you know the answer if you go have a spar with Chen Xi yourselves?” When he walked down the arena, Liang Qiao was instantly surrounded by everyone while they questioned him endlessly in unison. However, he wouldn’t speak no matter what, and he parted the crowd with a pleased expression before leaving impatiently.

“This fellow really kept his mouth sealed tight!”

“Could it be that he intends to refine the Coiling Dragon Rod once more right now?”

“Probably. If it’s as Chen Xi said earlier, then the might of the Coiling Dragon Rod will increase by an entire thirty percent once Liang Qiao refines it successfully!”

As they looked at Liang Qiao’s overjoyed figure that was dashing towards the distance, everyone in the surroundings felt a wave of envy, whereas some people had already shot their gazes towards Chen Xi while burning with eagerness.

If it was said that they doubted Chen Xi’s words earlier, then through Liang Qiao’s test, the trace of doubt that resided in their heart was completely wiped away.

Yes, at this point, they firmly believed that Chen Xi was really capable of helping them improve the might of their Immortal Artifacts! This was something that even the elders of the clan were incapable of accomplishing, so would any of them let such a rare and superb opportunity to slip by them?

Liang Bing struck when the iron was hot and said with a clear voice. “Who will be…”

Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by noisy argument.


“All of you don’t fight with me, let me do it!”

“Fuck! You’re really a bastard, Liang Zhe! Who allowed you to go up there? Get down right now!”

For the sake of fighting for this opportunity, the crowd was restless while they argued emotionally, and they couldn’t be bothered about maintaining their graceful bearing and were on the verge of fighting with each other. The scene was extraordinarily bustling.

The smile on the corners of Liang Bing’s mouth couldn’t be concealed any longer when she saw this scene, and the gaze she shot at Chen Xi was filled with extraordinary splendor. She revealed a prideful appearance as if she felt the honor he received as well.

In the end, it was that young man called Liang Zhe that seized the opportunity and won the chance to spar with Chen Xi.

Liang Zhe possessed a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and even Liang Bing was inferior to him in terms of the dept of his cultivation.

Unexpectedly, Liang Zhe’s ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings wasn’t high, and he was only at the ninety third position. Logically speaking, a top figure in the younger generation of the Liang Clan that possessed such a cultivation ought to have a higher ranking, so why was he merely ranked at the ninety third?

Before long, Chen Xi obtained the answer through the battle.

It turned out that it was because of the Immortal Artifact that Liang Zhe utilized. It was a pair of unusually shaped short halberds. The tip of the halberds was shaped like crescent moons that were curved beautifully and emanated cold lights, whereas the body of the halberds were only one meter and three inches long. It was called the Ice Crescent Halberds, and it was a low-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact handed down by the ancestors of the Liang Clan.

Liang Zhe’s cultivation was immersed on this pair of short halberds, and he’d cultivated a cultivation technique that matched the Ice Crescent Halberds. He relied on this to fight his way into the top hundred positions on the Continental Ascensio Rankings while still at the perfect-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and it caused the entire Liang Clan to be greatly stirred at that time.

However, it was precisely this pair of halberds that had restricted  the improvement of his combat strength. The might of this pair of Immortal Artifacts was merely at the low-rank of the Darkspirit Grade, and it was already impossible for him to bring forth a greater might from it.

But if he were to abandon these halberds, then it would be equivalent to abandoning everything he’d cultivated. So even if his cultivation had attained the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm now, there were no changes in his rankings on the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

This matter had once caused Liang Zhe to become a laughingstock, and they said he thrived when he was young and possessed peerless natural talent, yet he’d now fallen to the become like an ordinary person.

Chen Xi’s battle with Liang Zhe allowed him to clearly sense this. Liang Zhe’s cultivation and foundation was extremely deep, and it even faintly suppressed Chen Xi. However, the might of his Immortal Artifact was just too weak and was unable to completely bring forth his strength. In the end, he lost at Chen Xi’s hand.

“Please provide me with your guidance.” Liang Zhe’s loss caused a wave of pity to arise in the crowd, yet he seemed to be completely unaffected and straightened out his clothes instead before he cupped his hands and spoke to Chen Xi. Even though his voice was calm, yet he was unable to conceal a wisp of excitement and anticipation.

So many years had passed. He’d become renowned because of the Ice Crescent Halberds and had become a laughingstock because of them as well. The depression and conflict in his heart from being unable to improve his rankings for so long was absolutely not something others could understand.

Moreover, even the elders of the clan were helpless towards his circumstances. Now that he’d actually unexpectedly obtained such a superb opportunity and might even be able to change his fate if he grabbed onto this opportunity, how could he not be excited in his heart?

Most of the Liang Clan disciples present here understood Liang Zhe’s depression during these past few years. As they looked at him bowing to seek guidance from Chen Xi and the excitement between his brows that was impossible to conceal, all of them were slightly worried in their hearts.

At atmosphere became heavy and silent while the gazes of everyone looked at Chen Xi from afar.

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