Chapter 1081 – Grand Mountain and River Seal


Liang Kun didn’t dare hesitate. A dazzling and snow white wave of blades surged over, tearing through the sky and slashing down with a fierce and overbearing aura.

He’d utilized his entire strength and didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi in the slightest. He took Chen Xi to be the most formidable enemy he’d faced in his lifetime, thus when this strike was executed, the energy of the Laws blazed while it vividly displayed the essence of the Dao of Blades. It emanated an extremely oppressive imposing aura that seemed capable of slaughtering Yin and Yang and shattering the world!

The spectating Liang Clan disciple were astounded. They seemed to have never expected that as soon as the battle commenced, Liang Kun would suddenly execute his entire strength. Only a small portion of disciples with discerning gazes were able to perceive that Chen Xi wasn’t simple at all!

Earlier, that first move in the battle seemed to have been dealt with in an extremely relaxed and easy manner, yet it actually revealed Chen Xi’s extraordinarily terrifying combat strength. Otherwise Chen Xi would absolutely be unable to attain the effect of making something difficult seem so easy.


Chen Xi’s expression was calm when facing this strike, and he shook his wrist when the wave of blades was about to arrive before him. It caused a simple and direct sword light to arise, and it dispersed Liang Kun’s attack once more.

This caused Liang Kun’s expression to become serious. Before this move could disperse completely, he strode forward and struck with a violent move. Instantly, he actually slashed and executed thousands of snow white and dazzling blade lights.

Every single blade light seemed material, and it emanated waving and surging energy of the Laws.

The thousands of blade lights slashed down like thousands of waterfalls that streamed down from the sky, and it was like a dense stampede that was practically flawless and perfect.

This strike was both a direct attack and a watertight defense. He seemed to not intend to exchange moves with Chen Xi but desired to go head-on with Chen Xi!

Because Liang Kun had discerned that Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao was obviously much more terrifying than his cultivation in the Blade Dao, and Chen Xi could already be considered a grandmaster in the Sword Dao that created a myriad of techniques from a single strike, whereas he hadn’t attained this state yet.

So he could only go head-on with Chen Xi!

In his opinion, Chen Xi’s combat strength was extraordinarily formidable indeed, yet if they were to go head-on and compete in cultivation, then how could his cultivation in the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm be unable to obtain the slightest advantage?

Sure enough, it was just as Liang Kun had expected, and Chen Xi chose to receive this strike head-on with force. The blade and sword collided, and it caused shocking rumbling to resound while violent fluctuation stretched towards the surroundings. It shook the entire training arena to the point of trembling violently, and if it wasn’t for the formidable restrictions set up on the arena, it would have probably been destroyed beneath this collision.

But Liang Kun had never expected that he would actually be unable to gain any advantage from this head-on collision, and he was instead struck by the force of the collision to the point his wrist went numb while his body took three steps back uncontrollably!

What thick Immortal Force!

Is such Immortal Force something a cultivator at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm can possess?In an instant, Liang Kun’s expression became extremely heavy, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi faintly carried a wisp of surprise and bewilderment.

The spectators were shocked in their hearts instead. My god! Liang Kun was actually in a disadvantaged position during this collision! Chen Xi really is a freak!

“Again!” Liang Kun shouted loudly as he attacked once more, and his moves and imposing aura became stronger. Unfortunately, it was always easily dealt with by Chen Xi.

This caused the spectators to have the misconception that Chen Xi was like a rock in the sea, and no matter how the tempestuous waves surged, he remained there without moving and was impossible to move.

Later on, Liang Kun was already panting for breath while his forehead was drenched in sweat, yet Chen Xi still had a carefree and composed appearance.

Any sensible person was able to perceive that Liang Kun was probably on the verge of losing…

Liang Bing’s clear eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of shock when she saw this. Only a month has passed since Chen Xi defeated Yin Wanxun that day, yet now, his strength has actually improved so much, and it has changed to the point that even I’m unable to see exactly where his limits lie!

How could this not be shocking?

“That’s enough, I’m inferior to you.” On the arena, Liang Kun suddenly stopped attack and spoke while gasping heavily for breath. He didn’t reveal any sense of loss or unwillingness, and his eyes revealed heartfelt admiration instead.

He was very clearly aware that Chen Xi had already been very kind to him, otherwise he would have been defeated at the beginning of the battle, so if he still didn’t know when to call it quits, he would really be one that didn’t know what was good for himself. 

Everyone exploded into an uproar. Even if they’d guessed the outcome of this battle earlier, when they heard Liang Kun himself admit his inferiority to Chen Xi, they still couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Chen Xi really is as formidable as the rumors say!

For a time, all those Liang Clan disciples that slightly doubted Chen Xi’s strength had unconsciously changed their view towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi smiled as he cupped his hands, and he didn’t speak any further.

“Alright, Liang Kun, you’ve done well today. Head to the treasury and take three thousand immortal stones as your reward.” Liang Bing stood out and instructed in a clear voice, and then she looked at the young man by her side. “Liang Qun, head up the arena and spar with Chen Xi.”

Liang Qun!

Everyone present here was stunned and noticed to their surprise that Liang Qun who was ranked at the hundred and twenty second position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings was already present here.

Liang Qun’s had an ordinary appearance and a thick bone structure. He wore course linen clothes and seemed to be slightly poor, yet as he stood there silently, he revealed a firm, composed, and immovable aura.

He was at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm just like Liang Kun, yet his aura was undoubtedly stronger. It was even to the extent that many Liang Clan disciples looked at him with slightly fearful gazes.

Even Liang Kun was slightly stunned upon seeing him, and then he cupped his fists and said, “Big Brother Liang Qun.” His voice carried a wisp of respect.

Liang Qun nodded slightly before directly ascending the arena, and then he said to Chen Xi, “Please utilize your full strength. There’s no need to hold back.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was in an uproar. Didn’t this mean that Chen Xi was holding back while fighting Liang Kun earlier? Isn’t this too shocking!?

Meanwhile, Liang Bing spoke as well. “Exactly. Chen Xi, these are all disciples of my Liang Clan. Respect your opponents and utilize your full strength.” 

When they heard Liang Bing speak these words, everyone instantly understood that Chen Xi had really held back, and besides feeling shocked in their hearts, they couldn’t help but have a slightly complicated feeling. This young man is only at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Surmounting a realm to do battle is already extremely heaven-defying, yet he was actually holding back… If others who felt themselves to be geniuses were to be compared with him, then they would surely die of embarrassment.

Chen Xi was stunned when he heard this and then he nodded.

 He had indeed held back in the battle between him and Liang Kun, and he hadn’t just held back a little bit. When he fought Yin Wanxun that day, he’d merely utilized four types of Laws at the same time to heavily injure Yin Wanxun!

Now, not only had his cultivation improved quite a bit, he’d even grasped the Grand Dao Laws of wind and lightning, and he’d attained the extremity of strength that could be possessed at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. So how could Liang Kun that was only slightly stronger than Yin Wanxun possibly be a match for him?

It was even to the extent that if it wasn’t out of consideration to not make Liang Kun lose face, Chen Xi didn’t even intend to utilize the Talisman Armament at the beginning of the battle with Liang Kun!

Yes, in the battle earlier, Chen Xi had indeed intended to preserve Liang Kun’s face and couldn’t bear to make Liang Kun lose too terribly. After all, he was a clansman of the Liang Clan and a top figure amongst his peers, so if Liang Kun was struck down by Chen Xi as soon as he ascended the arena, it would be a bit too cruel.

“Please provide me with your guidance!” Liang Qun cupped his hands slightly while his gaze emanated cold lights. His imposing aura instantly changed to become like a lofty mountain that rose into the sky, and he was suffused with thick and seemingly material energy of the Laws of Earth. He revealed a firm and fearless aura.

His imposing aura that was heavy like a mountain even caused sharp sounds of friction to be emanated from the surrounding space, and space shook, collapsed, and sunk inch by inch to form an extremely terrifying spatial ripple that was like a vortex.


In the next moment, his palms formed a mysterious seal that soared through the sky and crushed down at Chen Xi. This palm was suffused with a glow and carried the Laws of Earth that were extremely condensed, and it emanated a heavy imposing aura that felt impossible to obstruct.

“Grand Mountain and River Seal!” Someone exclaimed with shock and recognized this immortal art. It was one of the Liang Clan’s ultimate inheritances. Once it was executed, it was like a mountain and river resided in the palm, and it crushed the land and split the earth.


At the same time, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he moved out ferociously. Since he didn’t intend to hold back, so how could he hesitate? He held the Talisman Armament in hand as he charged forward, and it was suffused with a myriad of talisman markings as he slashed down.

Instantly, an extraordinary strand of vast and five colored sword qi shot into the sky, and it was dazzling and gorgeous like the sun and erupted with boundless five colored blazing light that enveloped the heavens and the earth.

As he sensed how terrifying this strand of sword qi was, Liang Qun’s firm face revealed a wisp of shock, and he suddenly shouted explosively while the Grand Mountain and River Seal was executed to the limit and without holding back in the slightest.


Palm and sword collided, causing the entire arena to erupt with divine radiance, and rumbling that was like thunder resounded while space transformed into shattered ripples that whistled towards the surroundings. Everything fell into great chaos.

The spectators in the surroundings were shocked to the point of retreating repeatedly as they were deeply afraid the training arena would be destroyed, and the chaotic energy within it would spread out and affect them.

This was merely the first attack at the beginning of the battle, yet it was able to create such a terrifying might, and it caused them to be unable to calm down. This also proved that Chen Xi had indeed held back earlier.


Before everyone could recover from their shock, they saw a figure suddenly shoot out from the arena, and the figure was still in midair yet was already coughing up blood repeatedly and was unable to control his body at all.

When they saw the appearance of this figure clearly, the hearts of everyone jerked fiercely and were drowned by indescribable shock.

That’s…actually Liang Qun!

It has only been a single exchange since the battle began, yet he has actually lost!

Everyone was dumbstruck. Compared to the battle with Liang Kun from before, the scene before their eyes now was undoubtedly even more shocking.

Because all of this had occurred too quickly and how could anyone have imagined that Liang Qun who was much stronger than Liang Kun would actually be blasted off the arena with a single strike as soon as the battle began?

Actually, it was very easy to explain. During the battle with Liang Kun earlier, Chen Xi had held back too much, whereas in this battle with Liang Qun now, he’d exerted his true strength instead.

Thus, the impact caused from this seemed to be even stronger and shocking.

This was as the saying — one remained ignorant without comparison, yet it was shocking once compared.

“Merely based on your current strength, it’s sufficient for you to compete within the top hundred ranks.” Liang Qun staggered as he stabilized his body, and then he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. As he looked at that tall figure on the arena, a bitter smile couldn’t help but suffuse his firm face, and he shook his head and said, “Truly unimaginable… I admit, Yin Miaomiao will probably be surpassed by you in the future.”

When they heard this, everyone exploded once more into an uproar because this evaluation was truly shocking.

However, Liang Bing’s beautiful brows knit together instead, and she said with displeasure, “Yin Miaomiao is nothing! Can she even be compared with Chen Xi?” 

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