Chapter 1080 – The Extreme

Since that night, the entire Southbridge Continent gradually found out that the Yin Clan’s Patriarch left resentfully, and it was like a stone that caused a thousand waves and caused a might uproar.

What did this mean?

It meant that Yin Miaomiao’s words weren’t fulfilled!In other words, even if it was in the outside world, if the Yin Clan wanted to kill Chen Xi, then they had to ask the Liang Clan’s permission first!

Countless people exclaimed with shock and were truly unable to imagine why the Liang Clan wouldn’t hesitate to offend the Yin Clan in order to protect a young man that wasn’t related by blood to the Liang Clan.

Only the Luo Clan and Gu Clan were faintly aware of what was going on behind the scenes. However, since the Liang Clan didn’t reveal any information related to Chen Xi, they naturally wouldn’t make this unnecessary move because the fewer people knew about this the better.

No matter if it was the Luo Clan or the Gu Clan, both of them had the same opinion. After all, even if Chen Xi wasn’t a disciple of Oracle Mountain, he surely possessed some sort of relationship with Oracle Mountain. Such a secret could absolutely not be made public, otherwise would there be any show to see once the Yin Clan found out?

Exactly, they intended to watch the show, and they eagerly looked forward to the Yin Clan offending Chen Xi to the core. Moreover, they could also test Oracle Mountain’s attitude towards Chen Xi at the same time.

The intentions of the great figures of Southbridge Continent couldn’t affect the curiosity and discussion of the people towards Chen Xi.

It was also because of this incident that Chen Xi’s reputation grew greater and greater. Of course, it was mostly reproach towards him.

But since that day onward, Chen Xi’s tracks couldn’t be found in the Martial Emperor Domain any longer. This caused many people to suspect that Chen Xi had no choice but to go into hiding when facing the Yin Clan’s fury.

Chen Xi wasn’t aware about all these rumors because since that day onward, he’d been in closed door cultivation within the world of stars while concentratedly condensing the energy of the Laws.

Time flowed like an arrow, and a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xi had been in closed door cultivation for five months within the world of stars.

During this period of time, he’d grasped the Laws of wind and lightning, causing his combat strength to improve by another level, whereas he was unable to condense the other Laws like the laws of star, Paramita, Oblivion, and so on and so forth.

He was really unable to condense it, and he was faintly able to sense that this was the limit of the Laws a Heavenly Immortal could grasp. If he wanted to grasp and condense even more Laws, then he had to improve his cultivation by a realm.

Not the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, not the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, but the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

This was a very intriguing feeling.

The five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, and lightning were nine types of Grand Dao Laws that just happened to represent the number nine, the extreme of numbers. As it is said, nine always returns to one. In a sense, the nine types of Grand Dao Laws Chen Xi had grasped were already the extremity.

Unless he was able to break through the might of the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the world he resided in and charged through the shackles and chains from the heavens and the earth, then perhaps he might be able to grasp limitless Grand Dao Laws.

But remember, the Laws grasped by immortals came from the Heaven Dao, so when he broke through the rules of the Heaven Dao, it meant that he’d abandoned the Heaven Dao as well.

This was the meaning of this extremity, it was an extreme that was impossible to overcome.

On the other hand, the Mysterious Immortal Realm was a higher level, and it conformed to the saying of nine returning to one, and it was a new beginning.

All in all, even if Chen Xi grasped even more Grand Dao profundities in the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he would merely be able to condense nine Grand Dao Laws. This was a limit that was a rule under the Heaven Dao of the Immortal Dimension.

Actually, merely condensing the Laws of wind and lightning didn’t consume much time, and during these five months in the world of stars, he’d spent most of his time tempering his own cultivation.

Because he possessed the support of the Dark Parasol Sapling, he’d completely consolidated his cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm during this period of hard work, and it had arrived at a full and perfect state.

He wasn’t far from the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

This was the accomplishments Chen Xi had attained during these five months. Of course, if it was in the outside world, then only a month had passed.

To an expert at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, such accomplishments could be described as a miracle, yet to Chen Xi it was extremely ordinary, and it was even to the extent that he was slightly displeased.

Because the time of his closed door cultivation had exceeded the time he had planned. He originally intended to charge into the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, yet he was lacking a final step.

Nevermind, it’s time to temper my combat strength. Compared to the battle with Yin Wanxun that day, my current combat strength is probably much stronger. I wonder what sort of opponent Liang Bing will give me… Chen Xi woke up from his meditation and pondered briefly before he stood up, and then he left the world of stars.


When Chen Xi walked out of the private room, he saw Liang Bing walking over cheerfully and in high spirits from afar. Coupled with her graceful and slender figure, and her peerlessly beautiful appearance, she emanated an indescribable charm and allure.

“Eh, you’ve finished your cultivation. So I’ve come at just the right time?” Liang Bing noticed Chen Xi from afar and couldn’t help but speak with pleasant surprise.

“Indeed, I was just intending to go look for you.” Chen Xi smiled.

“For the sake of tempering your combat strength?” Liang Bing sized Chen Xi up, and she noticed that Chen Xi’s cultivation had actually changed slightly after this month of time. The vital energy in his body had become stronger and was restrained and deep like an abyss. If she didn’t inspect him carefully, it would be extremely difficult for her to notice these subtle changes. 

Chen Xi nodded.

“Then come with me.” Liang Bing wasn’t someone that liked to dally, and she immediately led Chen Xi towards the martial practice grounds.

On the way, Chen Xi asked. “Why did you come looking for me?”

“My Silverlight Shuttle was refined successfully, and its might increase by almost fifty percent!” Liang Bing couldn’t restrain the happiness in her heart, and her eyes waved with light that was radiant and enchanting like a lake.

Chen Xi said to himself, Almost fifty percent? It clearly could have been increased by sixty percent...

Chen Xi pondered briefly and came to an understanding.  Presumably, the standard of that equipment refiner that helped Liang Bing was slightly weak, and that was the cause of it.

If Liang Bing knew Chen Xi’s thoughts, she would surely laugh bitterly and feel speechless because the equipment refiner that helped her refine the Silverlight Shuttle was her father, Liang Tianheng.



The Liang Clan’s martial training ground was extremely vast, and it was covered in extremely hard Chaotic Immortal Iron. Its surroundings were enveloped in a layer of restriction that were sufficient to obstruct the full forced strike of a Golden Immortal.

At this moment, there were numerous figures moving about on the martial training ground. They were practicing immortal arts and tempering themselves, and it seemed to be extraordinarily bustling.

“Eh, it’s the Eldest Young Miss.”

“The Eldest Young Miss has come!”

“Eldest Young Miss.”

When Liang Bing arrived here with Chen Xi, she was instantly welcomed by a wave of small talk, and they looked at Liang Bing with gazes of reverence while they gazed at Chen Xi with curiosity.

“Go notify Liang Kun to head to the number one training arena to see me.” Liang Bing was accustomed to this behavior a long time ago. She immediately called over a disciple and instructed him before leading Chen Xi through the crowd and heading towards an arena in the distant.

“That young man is Chen Xi, right?”

“Exactly, it’s him. I heard some time ago that the Eldest Young Miss arranged for experts in the clan to spar with Chen Xi. Now it would seem like it really is true.”

“What? There’s actually such a thing? Why didn’t you say so earlier? Let’s quickly head over to the number one training arena to watch.”

“Right, let’s go over. Big Brother Liang Kun is a first-rate expert in our clan that possesses a cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and he’s ranked at the hundred and thirty fifth position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings. On the other hand, Chen Xi isn’t much inferior, and it gave rise to much discussion in the Martial Emperor Domain. Supposedly, his current ranking is already at the hundred and fifty fourth position, so his battle with Big Brother Liang Kun will absolutely be brilliant.”

“Come, let’s go.”

On the martial practice grounds, most of the Liang Clan disciples had heard of Chen Xi’s reputation. After all, besides Yin Miaomiao, Chen Xi’s reputation was the most resounding in Southbridge Continent.

Moreover, everything he’d done in the Martial Emperor Domain had become everyone’s topic of conversation after their meals. At this moment, when they heard that Chen Xi might fight Liang Kun, how could they restrain themselves? They immediately surged over in unison with the intention of watching the battle.

The number one training arena.

When Chen Xi and Liang Bing arrived here, they saw the surroundings of the arena was filled with people, and all of them had their heads raised while they watched with expressions of anticipation and curiosity.

Before long, a young man in black clothes that had a pale countenance and narrow and long eyes walked over, and his arrival caused many Liang Clan disciples in the surroundings to be stirred.

Obviously, he was Liang Kun, and based on everyone’s reaction, he possessed extremely high prestige amongst the younger generation of the Liang Clan.

“Eldest Young Miss.” Liang Kun walked over and directly nodded to Liang Bing.

“This is Chen Xi, your opponent for today. Bring out all your ability and fight with all your strength.” Liang Bing introduced in an extremely simple manner.

“Chen Xi, I know you. Even though this is the real world, I’ll fight with all my strength.” Liang Kun turned around and glanced at Chen Xi with a calm and serious expression.

“That couldn’t be any better. Please provide me with your guidance,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

“I’m not worthy of providing guidance. It’s only a mere spar.” As he spoke, he flew onto the arena, and then his figure rose to stand straight like a spear. His entire figure emanated a fierce and murderous aura that was almost material, and it spread throughout the surroundings and caused the crowd to click their tongues in admiration.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to immediately walk up the arena when he saw this, and he stood in confrontation with Liang Kun from afar before he raised his hand and said, “Please go ahead.”


Liang Kun withdrew a snow white one handed blade, and then he raised it to display his respect.

In the next moment, his imposing aura changed once more. The blade in his hand buzzed like a tempestuous wave, and it was suffused with a fierce, murderous, and raging imposing aura.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm and composed while he nodded to himself in his heart. Merely based on Liang Kun’s imposing aura, Liang Kun’s strength was probably slightly stronger than Yin Wanxun.


In the next instant, Liang Kun had slashed down with his blade. The movement of his blade was like a fluttering snowstorm, and it carried a powerful imposing aura that was ghastly and fierce. It emanated a wave of deafening rumbling as it tore through space.

The scene it revealed was like a snowstorm that collapsed a mountain or a great torrent, and it was rather powerful and overbearing.

When he saw this, Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament in the end, and he raised it to block horizontally before him. A light swipe of  the sword dispersed this move of Liang Kun’s, and Chen Xi’s movements were extremely relaxed and done with ease.

Liang Kun’s narrow and long eyes narrowed while cold lights flashed within them. This probing strike of his allowed him to become clearly aware that Chen Xi’s strength was really as formidable as the rumors said, and it couldn’t be underestimated.

At this moment, he truly started to take this opponent before him seriously.

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