Chapter 108 – Nine-Wyrm Earth Umbrella

Chapter 108 – Nine-Wyrm Earth Umbrella

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Surging Fifth-Earth energy violently swelled and shrank. It was like a towering mountain that seemed to be escorted by a myriad of stars, and the Grand Astral Palm that covered an area of ten meters successively smashed out over 10 enormous and terrifying holes on the ground and mountains.

The mountains shook and the earth split apart.

Instantly, Chen Xi felt as if he possessed boundless force of annihilation, and a light pinch would be able to shatter a star and grab open the sun and moon.

Of course, this was a type of misconception. Unless one ascended the extremity of the Grand Dao and mastered the quintessence laws of the heaven and earth otherwise, no one possessed the ability to obliterate the stars and the sun.

But Chen Xi had seen the might of the Grand Astral Palm. With a slap, the ground collapsed and the earth split apart explosively, whereas the stones and mountains crumbled inch by inch, and its might was formidable to an unbelievable level.

Moreover, he’d only just cultivated it and the Grand Astral Palm was only ten meters in area, and he couldn’t even be considered to have achieved minor attainment. Along with the advancement of his cultivation, this great primordial Divine Ability that was inherited from the Master of the manor would become even more formidable and terrifying!

The Fifth-Earth energy here is rich and plentiful, and it’s simply inexhaustible. Cultivating here isn’t inferior to cultivating with Starsoul Meteorites in the slightest. I have to make the best use of my time and properly improve my cultivation!

Moreover, this Fifth-Earth Realm is the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials. According to what Senior Ji Yu said, three days within here was equivalent to only one day in the outside world as the passage of time has become slow, and it’s simple a heaven defying assistance to cultivating.

Furthermore, there’s still half a year before the Dragon Lake City’s Hidden Dragon Ranking’s competition next year. If I cultivate here during this half year, then it would be equivalent to cultivating for one and a half years, and it’s sufficient to advance my cultivation to another realm! Chen Xi calculated in his heart. When he was at the Congenital Realm, wanting to cultivate and increase a bit of the strength of his body required absorbing an unknown amount of baleful qi from the stars, and it was exceedingly difficult. Whereas at the Violet Palace Realm, after condensing shaman markings and converting Shaman Energy, strength could be increased without limit, and this was the benefit of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement.

Right, there’s one more thing I’ve forgotten. Chen Xi slapped his forehead as he thought in his heart, then his body abruptly vanished into thin air.

“Senior Ji Yu.” Chen Xi stood on the bank of the surging river and shouted out.


A wisp of bright light flew out from the river and Chen Xi stretched out his hand to catch it. Shockingly, it was a jade slip.

“This is the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Art’s Violet Palace Realm cultivation technique. Take it and cultivate properly. I’m executing a technique to help the sword soul fuse with the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, don’t come disturb me if there’s nothing urgent.”

The Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts Chen Xi obtained earlier only recorded the cultivation technique to advance to the Violet Palace Realm, and the cultivation technique related to the nine levels of the Violet Palace Realm wasn’t recorded on it.

He’d come to see Ji Yu right now precisely because of this, yet he never expected that Ji Yu seemed to have guessed the reason he came since long ago. Without waiting for him to speak, Ji Yu had tossed out the cultivation technique, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned as a wisp of warmth flowed out from his heart. Looks like Senior Ji Yu had always been paying close attention to my cultivation.


In the next moment, Chen Xi appeared within the cultivation grounds of the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials once again. After passing the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, he was already able to enter and leave at will.

The Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Art’s nine levels of the Violet Palace Realm was to open the tiny apertures on the body’s skin and condense nine shaman markings. The cultivation technique was divided into the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking Chapter, the Second-Wood Shaman Marking Chapter, the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking Chapter, the Third-Fire Shaman Marking Chapter, the Tenth-Water Shaman Marking Chapter… There were a total of nine chapters.

So it turns out that the Grand Astral Palm and the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts complement each other and only the combination of the two is able to produce a formidable might… That was close! If I didn’t obtain the inheritance of the Grand Astral Palm in the Fifth-Earth Realm earlier, then I would surely be extremely regretful. As he sat cross-legged on the ground and saw the content of the cultivation technique, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart.

The Grand Astral Palm’s first level, the Fifth-Earth Realm, cooperated with the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking, and the thicker the Fifth-Earth Shaman Energy, the more formidable the Grand Astral Palm was.

Similarly, the second level, the Second-Wood Realm, cooperated with the Second-Wood Shaman Marking, and the third level, the Seventh-Gold Realm, cooperated with the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking.

It could be said that if he wanted to cultivate the Grand Astral Palm to the perfection-stage, then it couldn’t do without the cultivation of the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts!


Chen Xi let out a long breath of foul air. He felt he was extremely fortunate, as he’d obtained a body refinement cultivation technique and a Divine Ability, and he wouldn’t have the regret of lacking one of the two anymore.

Amongst the five attributes in the heaven and earth, earth possessed great virtue from allowing things to grow on it. It gathered the quintessence of everything in the world… Chen Xi didn’t continue wasting time and started circulating his cultivation technique while sitting cross-legged.

Only his figure was present within the earthen yellow world, silently sitting cross-legged there, and gradually, his figure seemed to fuse together with the sky, earth, and mountains. The Fifth-Earth energy in the world gushed towards him to pour into the Fifth-Earth Shaman Markings on his back before converting into the small Shaman Energy streams between his flesh, blood, and skin.

Everything was so peaceful.


While Chen Xi was cultivating, at the border of the Oceanic Desert that neighbored the Rowdy Grasslands, the mood of Su Dingyi and the other five Su Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators became even unhappier.

“I can’t take it anymore! If this continues, I’m afraid I’ll go mad!” The red robed bald fatty roared in depression, and he broke the dreary atmosphere.

“Junior Brother Dingwei, with this disposition of yours, you won’t be able to cultivate to the intermediate-stage of the Golden Hall Realm even after another 10 years!” Su Dingyi frowned as he coldly glanced over and berated.

The Golden Hall Realm absorbed the energies of Yin and Yang in the heaven and earth to temper the True Essence in the entire body, causing the Yin and Yang within it to blend together, promoting the generation of spirit and essence. It was divided into the initial-stage, intermediate-stage, advanced-stage, and perfection-stage. Obviously, the red robed bald fatty called Su Dingwei possessed a cultivation around the initial-stage of the Golden Hall Realm.

Su Dingwei seemed to be afraid of Su Dingyi’s power and influence, and he pursed his lips, yet didn’t dare complain again.

Su Dingyi moved his gaze to descend onto the beautiful woman and he asked. “Junior Sister Dingrou, have you sent out the voice transmission command token? Is there any news from the clan?”

“I’ve already sent it out. The Patriarch has already sent out Martial Uncle Su Leng to hurry over here, and I presume it won’t be a few days before he arrives.” Su Dingrou spoke slowly.

Martial Uncle Su Leng!

The expressions of the others became cold when they heard this.

As one of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City, the Su Clan was able to go against the eight great sects and three great institutes not only because of its numerous clansmen, but also because there were over 10 Golden Core Realm Elders holding the fort in the Su Clan, and this was the Su Clan’s foundation for survival. So long as these elders were alive, the Su Clan was unshakable!

All of them who were Golden Hall Realm cultivators only belonged to the central force of the Su Clan, and only cultivators that had stepped into the Golden Core Realm were able to become a Su Clan Elder that controlled authority and possessed an exceedingly lofty status.

At the same time that Su Leng was a Golden Core Realm cultivators, he was a Su Clan Elder, and he possessed an impressive reputation based on his strength!

“Why is it him…?” Su Dingwei’s voice unconsciously became weaker. Obviously, he had quite a great deal of resentment and fear towards this Elder Su Leng.

“How dare you!? Your attitude is greatly disrespectful of Martial Uncle Su Leng, and if you dare talk nonsense once again, don’t blame me for being hard on you!” Su Dingyi’s berated in a deep voice.

Actually, Su Dingyi was unhappy in his heart as well. Su Leng originally possessed a cultivation similar to them, and they were all Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the ‘Ding’ generation, and his identity and status was even inferior to all of them.

However, this situation completely turned around half a year ago.

During a trip to gain experience and toughening, Su Leng unexpectedly entered into a mysterious ruins. No one knew what benefits he obtained from within, but when he returned to the clan, his cultivation had already advanced to the Golden Core Realm from the initial-stage of the Golden Hall Realm in one go! This matter had instantly shocked the entire clan and his status rose in line with this to enter into the ranks of the Su Clan Elders. Moreover, he was the youngest amongst all the elders, and had taken a great leap to become the legendary figure that was respected by countless Su Clan disciples.

Su Dingwei didn’t go quiet again when he was berated this time, and his fat face was covered in an unwilling expression. “Chasing down and killing Chen Xi was a matter between us six brothers and sisters. If we’re able to succeed, we can share a great portion of the treasures this kid obtained from the sword immortal’s abode. But now that Su Leng has come, wouldn’t we be doing all this for naught, and we’ll get nothing in the end?”

A nearby middle aged man with brows that were like two blades said in a low voice, “Martial Uncle Su Leng wouldn’t keep all the treasures for himself, right?”

“He won't? Su Dingyuan, don’t think that we don’t know you’ve been currying favor with Su Leng in secret!” Su Dingwei had a face full of disdain as he spoke.

“That’s a fucking lie!” Su Dingyuan burst into rage.

“I’m lying? Do you want me to take out some proof for you to see?” Su Dingwei stood in sharp opposition as he aggressively pushed Su Dingyuan into a corner.

“You…” Su Dingyuan was angered to the point his chest rose and fell continuously, and his edge seemed to obviously become much weaker. Obviously, Su Dingwei’s words had struck his Achilles heel.

“Shut up!” When he saw this, the nearby Su Dingyi didn’t keep quiet any longer and he emitted a cold and explosive shout. “Do both of you not respect me, this Eldest Senior Brother of yours? Hmph! Both of you only know how to engage in overt and covert struggles all day, and the entire Su Clan had become filled with a foul atmosphere because of all of you pests!”

Su Dingwei and Su Dingyuan glared at each other, then they shut their mouths resentfully.

“But, Senior Brother Dingyi, we have to guard against this matter. If by any chance Martial Uncle Su Leng wants to forcibly seize all the treasures in the possession of that kid once he arrives, then wouldn’t we have done all this for nothing? Once this matter spreads back to the clan, where would we put our faces?” The voice was soft-spoken, yet the owner was a rough and burly fellow that was tall and fierce.

The man with an appearance of a scholar who hadn’t spoken all along slowly nodded as he said, “Yes, Senior Brother Dinglong is right, I’m worried about this as well.”

One was Su Dinglong, the other Su Dingkong, and amongst the six, only these two people spoke the least and kept silent all along away. Only at this moment, when it related to their own benefit did they speak out successively.

Su Dingyi didn’t continue putting on an act when he saw these two fellows who concealed their thoughts had spoken up, and he said with a bitter smile, “My head is aching as well. If it was before, I could still stand out and restrain him slightly, but Su Leng is already one of our Su Clan’s elders, and there’s a great disparity between our statuses. If he wants to swallow all the treasures, then even I am helpless as well.”

“I never imagined that I, Su Leng, would actually cause Eldest Senior Brother’s head to ache, truly unexpected!” It was at this moment that accompanied by an icy cold voice that sounded out from extremely far away, a 300m long rainbow flew over to arrive before the six of them in the blink of an eye.

This was a black clothed young man whose corners of his mouth were thin like blades, his appearance was frosty, and his entire body was like a shocking sharp sword. The aura he emitted from his entire body caused the spirit energy of heaven earth within an area of 5km to become extremely disordered and dispersed.

“Greetings Martial Uncle Su Leng!” When they saw the black clothed young man, Su Dingyi’s group of six went stiff, then they hurriedly stood up and bowed in greetings.

“Hmph!” Su Leng swept the six of them with his gaze, and he especially took an extra glance at Su Dingyi before saying slowly. “Don’t worry, I’ve come here this time only to assist you six in capturing that little thief, Chen Xi. As for whatever treasures, I, Su Leng, don’t want it!”

Su Dingyi’s group of six looked at each other, although they felt Su Leng’s words were extremely unpleasant to the ear, they still secretly heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts. Not seizing the treasures? It couldn’t be better!

“I heard that little thief entered the Oceanic Desert. He is indeed extremely bold. But, I’ve prepared since long ago as well, and I’m unafraid of the assaults of the sandstorms and gales.” As he spoke, Su Leng tossed something out casually, and a large umbrella soared into the sky before suddenly enlarging to cover an area of over 30 meters and completely covering everyone.

This umbrella shaped Magic Treasure was completely suffused with gold lights, and innumerable runes that flickered with a bright light were drawn on the umbrella. Nine wyrms that were indistinct swam about within it, and they emitted boundless might.

Nine-Wyrm Earth Umbrella!

Su Dingyi’s group of six were shocked in their hearts, then their eyes emitted traces of burning desire. This Nine-Wyrm Earth Umbrella was an intermediate-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure, and it was refined with Venusearth Iron as the skeleton, and there were even nine souls of thousand year old evil wyrms sealed within it. The nine wyrms were linked together, and it possessed an exceedingly shocking defense.

Just its value was comparable to over 500,000 kgs of spirit liquid!

“Let’s go, I still have a cauldron of medicinal pills that are being refined right now, and I have to hurry back after we capture this kid.” Su Leng flicked his sleeve and a cloud that had an area of over 30 meters supported everyone up before swiftly charging towards the Oceanic Desert!

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