Chapter 1079 – The Price

When he heard the roaring laughter that came from outside the hall, Liang Tianheng instantly withdrew his smile and regained his composed expression.

On the other hand, Liang Bing sneered briefly before she sat down solemnly, and she become emotionless, ice cold, and proud.

A wave of steady footsteps resounded outside the hall before a robust, handsome, and poised middle aged man in a dark violet colored crane feather cloak walked in.

He walked with vigorous strides while holding a smile in the corners of his mouth, and his fierce gaze shot out like a cold bolt of lightning. Every single move he made emanated an oppressive imposing aura of control and arrogance.

He was precisely the Patriarch of the Yin Clan, Yin Dezhao!

A Saint Immortal Realm expert that possessed monstrous authority in the Southbridge Continent!

After he walked into the hall, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned upon seeing Liang Bing that sat at the side, and then he moved his gaze onto Liang Tianheng that sat at the seat of the host before he roared with laughter. “Brother Liang doesn’t mind me coming without an invitation, right?”

Even though he spoke like this, Yin Dezhao knew in his heart that since this little girl, Liang Bing, had appeared here, he would probably have to pay a great price to have his wish fulfilled.

Because he knew that the young man called Chen Xi seemed to have been brought into the Liang Clan by Liang Bing. Moreover, she was extremely protective of him.  Now that she’d appeared here, it was obvious that she’d heard the news, so she came to stop him from acting against Chen Xi’s interests.

But Yin Dezhao wasn’t worried. He believed that so long as he paid a sufficient price, he wouldn’t have to worry that Liang Tianheng wouldn’t agree to his conditions. As for Liang Bing, she was merely a junior and he didn’t have to consider her attitude.

“Brother Yin, what’re you saying? Please have a seat.” Liang Tianheng smiled lightly.

Yin Dezhao directly sat on a chair at the side, and then he sighed with emotion. “How many years has it been? Since I took the position of Patriarch, I’ve always been held up by affairs of the clan, and I was unable to find a chance to personally pay a visit to Brother Liang. Truly a pity.”

Liang Tianheng smiled and said, “Then why has Brother Yin found the free time to come to my humble clan now?”

Yin Dezhao shook his head. “It isn’t free time. I have important business to deal with, but if I’m to succeed in this matter, then I need to rely on Brother Liang.”

Liang Tianheng said lightheartedly, “Rely? Brother Yin really makes me feel overwhelmed from this sudden favor.”

Yin Dezhao’s expression turned solemn as he said seriously, “Brother Liang, this matter really can’t be accomplished without your agreement.”

Liang Tianheng’s expression remained calm. “Oh, then tell me what it is. But let me tell you first that even though I’m the Liang Clan’s Patriarch, I have to consider the feelings of my clansmen before I do some things. If Brother Yin’s request is over the top, then even I’ll be unable to help.”

“Don’t worry Brother Liang, this matter is like lifting a finger to you.” Yin Dezhao said with a smile, yet he cursed in his heart. You old fox, I knew you would say that.

Subsequently, he revealed the reason for his arrival in a concise and comprehensive manner, and he faintly hinted that if the Liang Clan could hand Chen Xi over, then his Yin Clan was willing to pay a certain price that will absolutely satisfy the Liang Clan.

After engaging in small talk until now, they were finally about to enter the main topic.

Liang Tianheng revealed a trace of an interested expression when he heard this, yet he didn’t speak about any conditions and seemed to be lost in thought. “Looks like Brother Yin is really diligent in matters related to that little girl, Miaomiao.”

Miaomiao naturally was Yin Miaomiao.

Yin Dezhao knew why Liang Tianheng said this, and he didn’t make a modest remark but smiled proudly instead. “Exactly. The Martial Soul Hall’s Tie Qiuyu personally evaluated Miaomiao as one who possesses the natural endowment to charge into the position of a blazing sun of the new generation. If nothing unexpected happens, then she’ll be able to be ranked amongst the six great blazing suns within a hundred years, and she’ll become the seventh blazing sun of the Immortal Dimension!”

When he spoke up to here, he shrugged and said with a helpless expression. “Brother Liang, tell me, can I possibly decline a request from Miaomiao?”

Even though he revealed a helpless expression, yet his tone and actions were filled with pride and gratification. This obviously showed how high his opinion of Yin Miaomiao was.

The seventh blazing sun…

When she heard this, Liang Bing who was listening silently at the side couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Even though her laughter was extremely soft, Yin Dezhao was a figure at the Saint Immortal Realm, so he naturally heard it clearly. But his expression remained unchanged while he remained completely indifferent, and a wisp of a proud and gratified smile still hung on the corners of his mouth.

He knew very well that the relationship between Yin Miaomiao and Liang Bing was terrible, so Liang Bing’s reaction was within his expectations. How could he possibly be infuriated by this?

As the Patriarch of the Yin Clan, he had at least this much ability to conceal his emotions.

Meanwhile, Liang Tianheng said with a smile, “Then I really have to congratulate Brother Yin. Even though that old fellow Tie Qiuyu is greedy, his eyes are extremely discerning, and no one in Four Divinity City can compare with him.”

Yin Dezhao roared with laughter and waved his hand as he said, “There’s no need for any congratulations. Brother Liang’s agreement to my earlier request is the best gift to Miaomiao.”

Liang Tianheng suddenly went silent and just smiled as he looked at Yin Dezhao.

When he saw this, Yin Dezhao cursed in his heart. Old fox, you really won’t let out the eagles without seeing the rabbits.

He immediately considered his options and said with a smile, “If Brother Liang agrees, then then my Yin Clan’s mine and two grade-one immortal veins in Greenvoid Continent will be given to your Liang Clan as compensation.”

Liang Bing was shocked in her heard when she heard this because this was an extraordinary amount of wealth. If she wasn’t wrong, then the Yin Clan’s mine in Greenvoid Continent contained an enormous mass of the mid-stage immortal material, Bright Goldhorn Iron. It was valued at over a hundred thousand immortal stones.

This was merely one of them, and there were still two more grade-one immortal veins. If they were combined together, then these conditions were extremely tempting indeed. At the very least, one could establish an ordinary sect!

Looks like old dog Yin is aware that my Liang Clan won’t hand Chen Xi over without him paying a heavy price… Liang Bing sneered endlessly in her heart.

She shot her gaze at her father, Liang Tianheng, yet she saw that he was still smiling while slowly sipping tea in a composed manner, but he just wouldn’t speak. Liang Bing couldn’t help but smile and feel much more relaxed.

Yin Dezhao frowned imperceptibly when he saw this, and he spoke once more. “Brother Liang, my Yin Clan will also pay ten high-stage immortal materials and a bottle of Soul Saturate Liquid.”

As he finished speaking, even he felt slightly pained because high-stage immortal materials were precious treasures used to refine Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts, and they were rather rare. Of course, it wasn’t much to the wealthy Yin Clan. The main point was Soul Saturate Liquid.

This liquid was also called Immortal Dew of Wisdom. Consuming a single drop would allow one to obtain miraculous wisdom and greatly increase one’s comprehension ability towards the Laws of the Grand Dao, and it carried especially unbelievable effect when utilized while charging into another realm of cultivation.

This was the most precious aspect to cultivators. Moreover, the value of this treasure was unimaginable as it could only be chanced upon by luck, and it was almost impossible to obtain no matter how much wealth one possessed.

Liang Tianheng was still composed and smiling. It was even to the extent that he bluntly revealed his lack of interest, and he seemed to be in slightly low spirits.

This bastard that hides a knife behind his smile! He obviously intends to seize this opportunity and take a fierce bite out of my Yin Clan!

The corners of  Yin Dezhao’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely while he gritted his teeth in secret before declaring his willingness to hand over a few more treasures that were rare and precious.

Unfortunately, Liang Tianheng still remained unmoved and the corners of his mouth puckered slightly as if he was dismissing a beggar.

Liang Bing was extremely amused in her heart when she saw this, and she forcefully restrained herself from bursting into laughter. It was even to the extent the slightly regretted not bringing Chen Xi over to witness this scene in secret.

Yin Dezhao’s expression was slightly gloomy as he said, “Brother Liang, these treasures are sufficient to display my sincerity. I wonder what other requests you have. Why don’t you tell me so that I can consider them?”

Liang Tianheng raised the tea cup and took a mouthful before he shook his head and sighed, yet he didn’t speak.

When Yin Dezhao saw this old fellow seeming as if he held Yin Dezhao within his grasp and continued to remain silent, Yin Dezhao felt rage blaze within his chest, and his expression turned extremely gloomy as well.

He went silent for a long time before he gritted his teeth.


He tossed a pitch black small bottle on the table and said with a low voice, “This is a Heavenfire Vitality Soul Pill. Isn’t Liang Bing about to charge into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm? After she consumed this pill, it would be sufficient to assist her in overcoming the vitality soul barrier and enter the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!”

There were three barriers in the Mysterious Immortal Realm. The first was the barrier of heavenly mystery that formed a light in one’s body, the second was the earth soul barrier that developed the spirit and transformed the soul, and the third was the vitality soul barrier that allowed one to discern the profound, and it was called the barriers of the three mysteries.

Every single barrier was like defying the heavens and changing one’s fate. It was extremely obscure. The Heavenfire Vitality Soul Pill was capable of helping one charge through the third barrier in the Mysterious Immortal Realm, so this obviously showed how precious it was. 

Even with the Liang Clan’s might and wealth, it was difficult to find one of it, and it was a precious immortal pill that could only be chanced upon by luck.

Liang Bing felt that there was a moment where she was tempted. Unfortunately, this matter involved Chen Xi, so no matter how tempted she was, she wouldn’t change her mind.

On the other hand, handing over a Heavenfire Vitality Soul Pill was already the limit in Yin Dezhao’s heart, but to his disappointment, Liang Tianheng remained unmoved even at this moment!

Instantly, he couldn’t restrain the rage in his heart and said in a low voice, “Brother Liang, could it be that you intend to give me no face for the sake of a young man that isn’t related to your Liang Clan at all?”

Liang Tianheng finally opened his mouth, and he smiled indifferently as he said, “Brother Yin, if I give you face, then who will give me, Liang Tianheng, face? If this matter was to be spread, then my Liang Clan would be too incapable for even being unable to protect a young man.”

Yin Dezhao’s expression was extremely gloomy when he heard this. He finally understood that this old goat didn’t intend to negotiate with him since the beginning!

“Brother Liang, could it be that you’ve been making fun of me since the beginning!?” Yin Dezhao suddenly stood up while his voice carried a questioning tone. He felt that he’d been played, and everything he did earlier was like the actions of a clown. This sort of feeling caused him to be completely infuriated.

“I didn’t say that. I wouldn’t agree even if you handed over that little girl, Miaomiao.” Liang Tianheng still maintained a carefree expression.

But the meaning behind his words caused Yin Dezhao’s expression to turn livid because this obviously meant that Yin Miaomiao’s worth was inferior to Chen Xi!

“Very good! Brother Liang, I, Yin Dezhao, will remember everything that happened today! Farewell!” Yin Dezhao had fallen into a furious state, and he flicked his sleeve and left.

“I won’t bother to see you out.” Liang Tianheng’s indifferent and calm voice resounded by his ears, causing Yin Dezhao’s flames of rage to burn even brighter, and he almost gnashed his teeth into pieces.

A humiliation! 

An extreme humiliation!

Liang Tianheng you bastard! You humiliated me repeatedly for the sake of an outsider? Do you think I’ll be helpless against Chen Xi by doing this? From today onward, our clans will break off all relations and be irreconcilable enemies! Yin Dezhao roared in his heart.

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