Chapter 1078 – Thorough Examination

At the same time, within a hall in the Luo Clan.

The Luo Clan’s Patriarch, Luo Dufu looked at Luo Zifeng with an emotionless expression as he said in a low voice, “I require an explanation.”

Luo Dufu’s figure was bony, his brows sparse, and he was like an extremely ordinary old man. But when he spoke, it carried a domineering aura that didn’t conform to his appearance at all.

It seemed as if his thin figure contained a volcano and boundless might.

Luo Zifeng who stood below had a calm expression and seemed to have not noticed the trace of rage that was contained within Luo Dufu’s tone, and he grinned as he said, “Father, I feel that I didn’t do anything wrong this time because Chen Xi was worth me doing that.”

Luo Dufu remained expressionless and looked silently at Luo Zifeng.

He really needed an explanation and not whether it was worth or not. After all, a dispute between them and the Yin Clan had formed because of a single young man, and it didn’t conform to the interests of the Luo Clan.

“Chen Xi’s natural talent and combat strength exceed ordinary geniuses, and since I’ve started cultivating until now, it’s the first time I’ve seen such an extraordinary figure.” Luo Zifeng was clearly aware of his father’s disposition, and he pondered deeply before he explained. “Of course, I’m well aware that if it was only this, then I can only take him to be a genius that should be won over and made friends with. But when I saw the weapon in his possession, I decided that I had to help him!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and executed a profound immortal art, and it condensed a screen that was suffused with jade white divine mist. Shockingly, a simple immortal sword floated into appearance on it.

The immortal sword was pitch black and simple, its blade a meter long, and it was held in a white, slender, and strong palm. It revealed a pose of slashing down in midair, and one could faintly see that the blade of the sword surged with a myriad of dense talisman markings that emanated boundless divine light that was dazzling and resplendent.

Luo Dufu’s gaze moved to descended on it before sizing it up silently.

Luo Zifeng didn’t speak any further and waited silently. He knew that with his father’s discerning ability, his father would surely be able to notice something.

Sure enough, after a short moment, Luo Dufu’s gaze suddenly emanated a wisp of dazzling divine radiance, and it was like a scorching sun that suddenly surged into appearance with blazing and awe-inspiring might.

“A Talisman Armament!”  He spoke word by word with a voice that revealed a strand of shock, and it was like muffled thunder that reverberated in the spacious hall.

Luo Zifeng was terribly shocked in his heart as well when he heard this. He’d merely suspected it earlier, and he was only 70 or 80% sure that it was a Talisman Armament. But when he heard his father confirm it, besides feeling relaxed in his heart, a wisp of shock arose in his heart. Is turns out that it really is as I guessed. It’s real!

“Yes, it really is a Talisman Armament. Divine Talismans are contained within it and form talisman diagrams, an ordinary Immortal Artifact can’t compare to it at all…” Luo Dufu sized it up carefully once more. Unfortunately, it was only a screen condensed from an immortal art in the end, and it wasn’t real, so he was unable to discern even more secrets from it.

But he was sure that it was absolutely a Talisman Armament!

“Could it be that the Liang Clan has grasped the method to refine this treasure?” Luo Dufu seemed to have thought of something, causing his eyes to narrow while he pondered deeply and muttered.

Luo Zifeng knew his father had misunderstood when he heard this, and he said immediately, “Father, that’s absolutely not something the Liang Clan is capable of refining. Otherwise, Liang Bing would have probably refined her Silverlight Shuttle once more.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “It isn’t just the Liang Clan, even our Luo Clan and the Gu Clan haven’t been able to grasp the method to refine a Talisman Armament.”

“Oh?” Luo Dufu frowned and chuckled. “Could it be that you think this treasure was refined by that young man?”

Luo Zifeng said seriously, “Exactly.”

Luo Dufu’s brows knit even more tightly together. Obviously, he felt these words were too absurd, yet he still asked patiently. “What’s the reason?”

“Father, please take a look.” Luo Zifeng withdrew a jade slip and activated it this time, and it revealed numerous scenes.  Surprisingly, it was the scenes of the banquet that Liang Bing held a few days ago.

In the scene was a tall and handsome young man standing on an arena. He held a talisman brush in hand while casually drawing repeatedly, and then he placed the talisman down. The entire process was no less than twenty five breaths of time.

After that, the screen from the jade slip flashed once more, and it revealed the miraculous scene of a river of stars filling the sky. The specks of stars densely covered the veil of night, and it was profound, vast, and overflowing with starlight.

At this point, the screen from the jade slip vanished.

On the other hand, Luo Dufu fell into deep contemplation. He stared blankly and silently, and he didn’t return to his senses for a long time.

“Any Talisman Formation Grandmaster can craft this first talisman of the Seven Forbidden Talismans. But very few are capable of crafting it within twenty five breaths of time, whereas amongst our four great clans, there isn’t a single person capable of crafting one that reveals the phenomena of a river of stars filling the sky in such a short period of time.” Luo Zifeng spoke slowly, and he couldn’t conceal his emotion as he said, “But Chen Xi accomplished it, and he relied precisely on this to help Liang Bing deal with the provocation of Wu Yifan from the Icesky Continent’s Wu Clan.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Father, could it be that you’ve forgotten that the ancestor of this Wu Clan had once been a Young Dao Attendant at the side of Oracle Mountain’s Master. In the countless years after, he has always called himself as a branch heir of Oracle Mountain.”

“Moreover, all through these years, the Wu Clan has never taken our four great clans seriously. Yet now, the Wu Clan’s most outstanding young Talisman Formation Grandmaster lost at Chen Xi’s hands.” When he spoke up to here, Luo Zifeng took a deep breath and said, “With all this put together, I feel that even if Chen Xi isn’t a disciple of Oracle Mountain, he definitely possesses some sort of unknown relationship with Oracle Mountain!”

Meanwhile, Luo Dufu had awoken from his deep contemplation, and he silently listened to all of this before the gaze he shot at Luo Zifeng changed. It carried a wisp of heartfelt praise as he said, “Meticulous observation and careful thought. Zifeng, you’ve really grown up.”

The grown up he spoke of was naturally a form of commendation and acknowledgement.

Luo Zifeng was delighted in his heart because he was aware how difficult it was to receive praise from his father. Since he started cultivating at a young age until now, the amount of times his father had praised him could be counted with his fingers!

“In this way, the Liang Clan is going to prosper with this kid in their possession.” Luo Dufu sighed with emotion. With his status and identity, he couldn’t help but feel a wisp of envy.

When he spoke up to here, he nodded to Luo Zifeng and changed the topic. “You did well this time. Even if you can’t win Chen Xi over to our Luo Clan, it’s sufficient to form some goodwill with him.”

Luo Zifeng smiled and hurriedly declined modestly. He was aware that with these words, his status as the heir of the Luo Clan had strengthened a step further.

“Heh, oh Yin Clan. That old goat Yin Dezhao is going to the Liang Clan tonight to denounce Chen Xi’s crimes. I really look forward to the reaction of that ruthless fellow, Liang Tianheng.” Luo Dufu seemed to have thought of something and roared with laughter.

Luo Zifeng suddenly asked. “Father, if the Yin Clan infers Chen Xi’s value as well, then their attitude towards him will probably change greatly, right?”

“So what if they inferred it? According to what you’ve said, they’ve terribly offended that young man. They won’t try to save the situation, and they’ll only eliminate all future disasters.” Luo Dufu said indifferently, “If I was Yin Dezhao, I would do the same. After all, no one knows who exactly Chen Xi is and what relationship he has with Oracle Mountain. He’ll become a disaster if they don’t kill him, and even though they have to bear some risks by killing him, it’s the safest path of action.”

“What if Oracle Mountain seeks to punish them?” Luo Zifeng couldn’t refrain from asking.

“Since he’s already dead, the Yin Clan is entirely capable of finding someone to be a scapegoat, and they’ll push all the blame on that person to calm the rage of Oracle Mountain.” Luo Dufu said casually, “Of course, if Chen Xi is a disciple of Oracle Mountain, then there’s only one consequence for the Yin Clan, annihilation.”

He spoke casually, yet Luo Zifeng was horrified from hearing it, and he felt even more reverence towards Oracle Mountain.

He knew that this name represented one of the most mysterious sects in the three dimensions. He merely possessed superficial knowledge about Oracle Mountain’s ability, but even that was unable to stop him from feeling reverence towards Oracle Mountain.

It was still that same reason. How monstrous was the authority and might possessed by their four great clans in the Southbridge Continent? But their ancestors were merely Dao Attendants at the side of the Master of Oracle Mountain.

“Even though it’s like that, I feel that it’s impossible for Chen Xi to be a disciple of Oracle Mountain. Since the primordial times until now, I haven’t heard of Oracle Mountain ever recruiting a personal disciple…” Luo Dufu sighed. Only he was clearly aware that throughout the boundless ages, countless figures with extraordinary natural talent in the Immortal Dimension desired to join Oracle Mountain, yet none were able to obtain this fortune.

It was even to the extent that there was no lack of disciples from the top powers in the four great continents amongst these people!

Thus, how could that young man who was only at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm possibly be a disciple of Oracle Mountain? If he was a disciple of Oracle Mountain, then how could he possibly appear in Southbridge Continent?

Luo Dufu didn’t tell Luo Zifeng all of this. Just as Luo Zifeng had said earlier, even if Chen Xi wasn’t a disciple of Oracle Mountain, since Chen Xi was capable of possessing such attainments in the Dao of Talismans and possessed a true Talisman Armament, Chen Xi might be deeply related to Oracle Mountain. 

So he supported Luo Zifeng in winning over and making friends with Chen Xi.


At the same time, such a scene occurred in the Gu Clan as well.

The only difference was the parties to the conversation had become the Gu Clan’s Patriarch, Gu Zhenyu, and Gu Yutang.

As the Gu Clan’s Patriarch, Gu Zhenyu had a fiery and decisive disposition. He did everything resolutely and never hesitated. 

When he heard the news Gu Yutang brought back, he directly decided. “You and Yueming will wield the authority of the clan one day. So these things will be decided by the both of you. Right or wrong, it’s only training.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he sent Gu Yutang out, and he didn’t pay any attention to the hesitation and helplessness in Gu Yutang’s gaze.

“Little Bastard, once you’ve done some things, then why be fearful and hesitant? You’re still too young…” Gu Zhenyu shook his head as he sat along in the hall and sighed.

After that, he started laughing because he was very pleased with Gu Yutang’s actions as well.

Moreover, he similarly looked forward to how that fellow, Liang Tianheng, that conceals a knife behind his smile, would deal with Yin Dezhao coming to the Liang Clan to denounce Chen Xi’s crimes. 

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