Chapter 1077 – Old Dog Yin

At this moment, Liang Bing was like a dazed little girl. Her sexy red lips were slightly slanted while her peerlessly beautiful and icy cold appearance held a trace of vexation, and there wasn’t a trace of her queen-like aura.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but rub his nose when he saw this. He was truly unable to imagine why she would be so excited just because he possessed the method to refine a Talisman Armament.

As if she’d seen through his thoughts, Liang Bing rolled her eyes and said angrily, “Stop showing off.”

When she spoke up to here, she couldn’t refrain herself. “Can my Silverlight Shuttle’s might really be increased?” 

Chen Xi nodded. “Of course.”

After she obtained a definite answer, Liang Bing’s eyes instantly lit up and were filled with waves as she stared with Chen Xi while filled with anticipation.

“But with my current cultivation, it’s very difficult for me to refine a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact.” Chen Xi shrugged and spoke helplessly.

Liang Bing was stunned and slightly disappointed, and she couldn’t help but bite her moist red lips as she sighed faintly. “Is that so? Looks like I was a bit too anxious.”

“But…” Before Chen Xi could finish speaking, Liang Bing glared angrily at him and said, “Be frank if you have something to say. Stop speaking disjointedly and causing my feelings to rise and fall. You’re really too cruel.”

Her voice carried a wisp of a pouting tone. Coupled with a peerlessly beautiful and sexy appearance and her graceful and hot figure, she emanated shocking charm.

Chen Xi was stunned by this scene. One was absolutely not a normal man if one remained unaffected when facing such a charming and breathtaking scene of her peerlessly beautiful appearance and sweet breath at such a close distance.

Liang Bing seemed to have noticed that this wasn’t good as well, and she coughed slightly before her expression returned to normal, yet she felt a wave of embarrassment in her heart. Dammit! I actually lost my composure! It’s all the Silverlight Shuttle’s fault! 

Chen Xi recovered his senses as well, and he felt the atmosphere was slightly tricky and said immediately, “Even though I’m unable to help you refine it, you can.”

Liang Bing was astounded and stretched out her hand to point at herself. “Me?”

Chen Xi nodded with a smile and said, “Wouldn’t it be enough for me to pass down the method of refinement to you?”

Liang Bing’s heart trembled, and she said while staring blankly at him. “Wouldn’t it be bad to do this?”

Even if she urgently wanted to improve the might of the Silverlight Shuttle, she was very well aware that it was a secret of the Oracle Mountain. Not to mention her Liang Clan, even the Gu, Luo, and Yin Clans didn’t have the slightest qualification to obtain such an inheritance.

Their ancestors were at most mere Dao Attendants by the side of Oracle Mountain’s Master and they weren’t personal disciples, so how could they possibly obtain such an inheritance?

Chen Xi guessed the worries in Liang Bing’s heart with a glance, and he could help but smile. “I’m only guiding you in equipment refinement and not secretly leaking any technique, so it doesn’t matter.”

Only now did Liang Bing heave a sigh of relief while he entire body felt relaxed. Truthfully speaking, if Chen Xi persisted in passing down the method to refine Talisman Armaments to her, then she wouldn’t dare receive it because she was clearly aware that the inheritance of Oracle Mountain wasn’t something her Liang Clan could encroach on.

Chen Xi’s actions weren’t considered as leaking a technique to someone outside the sect, and it helped her solve the problem she had with the Silverlight Shuttle, so it naturally couldn’t be any better.

Subsequently, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to get an empty jade slip and record the method of refining the Silverlight Shuttle within it, and then he passed it to Liang Bing.

Liang Bing seemed as if she’d obtained a precious treasure and chatted with Chen Xi for a while longer before leaving anxiously, and she seemed impatient as if she wished for nothing more than to refine the Silverlight Shuttle once more overnight.

Chen Xi was amused, yet really understood Liang Bing’s feelings.

He didn’t waste any more time and directly entered the world of stars before starting to cultivate in meditation while condensing the energy of the Laws.

Presently, he’d just advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and it was impossible for his cultivation to improve once more in a short period of time. So, he placed all his thoughts on condensing the energy of the Laws.

Besides the five elements, Yin, and Yang, he’d also grasped the Grand Daos of wind, lightning, star, eternal, creation, paramita, oblivion, obliteration, and so on and so forth. Moreover, all of them had been comprehended to perfection.

Other people had to first grasp a Grand Dao and attain perfection in the Grand Dao before they could condense a Law, and the process was extremely difficult. After all, not everyone could possess such high comprehension ability.

On the other hand, condensing the Laws to Chen Xi was merely a matter of time, and there was no obstruction standing before him.

Presently, he intended to condense the Laws of wind and lightning!



The Liang Clan’s main hall was illuminated brightly by lanterns. 

The Liang Clan’s Patriarch, Liang Tianheng, sat in a leisurely manner at the seat of the host, and he was sipping a cup of tea.

“Patriarch, Yin Dezhao will arrive in fifteen minutes.” Meanwhile, a black robed old man walked in from outside the hall, and he bowed slightly towards Liang Tianheng before he said, “According to the information that came from the Yin Clan, Yin Dezhao came alone this time and didn’t bring anyone with him.”

“Heh. Since Old dog Yin sat at the position of the Yin Clan’s Patriarch, his balls have become bigger and bigger.” Liang Tianheng chuckled before he waved his hand and said, “You may leave.”

The old man nodded and was about to leave when he couldn’t help but say. “Patriarch, are we really going to spare no cost in protecting Chen Xi this time?”

Liang Tianheng glanced indifferently at the old man and said unhurriedly, “What? Is there something wrong?”

The old man pondered deeply before he said, “Our four great clans of the Dao of Talismans, the Liang, Gu, Luo, and Yin Clans have existed since the primeval times. Moreover, our ancestors once fought side by side while following and cultivating by the side of the Master of Oracle Mountain, causing us to have deep relationships with each other.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Even though the young disciples of the various clans compete with each other and form enmity occasionally, it’s only on a small scale.”

“This time, for the sake of Chen Xi, the Yin Clan has already flown into rage and decided to stop at nothing to eliminate him. If we go against them this time, then we’ll probably fall completely into a hostile state with the Yin Clan. That’s more harmful than beneficial to our Liang Clan.”

Liang Tianheng listened silently to all of this, and then he shook his head in a lighthearted manner after a short moment and said, “So what if we become hostile? Could it be that you think I’m afraid of that old dog, Yin Dezhao?”

The black clothed old man laughed bitterly and said, “Patriarch, you know that I don’t mean that. I just can’t bear to see our Liang Clan’s interests being harmed.”

Liang Tianheng seemed to be lost in thought when he heard this, and then he said, “Do most of the people in our Liang Clan think like this as well?”

The old man nodded.

“They really are…” Liang Tianheng couldn’t help but shake his head when he heard this, and he was at a loss for how to speak about them.

After that, his warm and handsome face was suffused with an arrogant expression as he waved his hand and said, “Then tell them that even if our Liang Clan is annihilated, we have to protect Chen Xi! If anyone dares to complain, then ask him to come see me!”

His voice was resolute and decisive, and he seemed extremely domineering.

The old man was shocked and finally understood that the Patriarch was determined to protect Chen Xi, and perhaps there was some sort of secret behind this, yet he didn’t dare to ask any further and left hastily.

Not long after the black clothed old man left, Liang Bing’s figure appeared before the hall. She hadn’t arrived within the hall, yet her piercingly cold voice had already resounded within the hall, and it carried a trace of happiness. “Father, I’ve found a way to improve the might of the Silverlight Shuttle. You must help me!”

“Oh? Where did you get it? I remember that you’ve found many methods over the years, yet not a single one succeeded. Moreover, there were a few times where the Silverlight Shuttle was almost destroyed.” The corners of Liang Tianheng’s mouth carried a trace of a smile as he teased.

Liang Bing blushed before a wisp of pride arose on her peerlessly beautiful face, and she grunted. “It’ll absolutely be able to succeed this time!”

Liang Tianheng roared with laughter. “You said that so many times that calluses have formed on my ears.”

As he spoke, he raised his tea cup and took a light sip before he said, “You’ve come just at the right time. The Yin Clan’s Patriarch, Yin Dezhao, will be coming over in a moment. Listen to the conditions this old dog raises. As the heir of our Liang Clan, not only must you possess a sufficiently formidable strength, you must know to gamble and make choices when faced with benefits.”

How could Liang Bing have any mood to listen to all of this? When she saw her father seemed to not believe her at all, she instantly felt slightly angry. “It’s the truth this time!”

Liang Tianheng was slightly stunned, and he took another sip of tea before he grinned and said, “Alright, alright, alright. Tell me which ancient sect you got the method from this time?”

“See for yourself!” Liang Bing couldn’t help but be furious when she saw her father was still teasing her, and she raised her hand and tossed a jade slip over.

“You little girl, you really show no respect for your elders. Just for the sake of a treasure…” Liang Tianheng raised his hand to receive it and casually scanned through it before his voice stopped abruptly, and his expression became slightly serious as well.

“Eh!” After a short moment, Liang Tianheng’s expression became extremely serious, and he couldn’t be bothered to tease Liang Bing anymore. His gaze was profound, his brows knit together tightly, and he stared fixedly at the jade slip in his hand.

“Where did you get this?” After a long time, when Liang Tianheng raised his head once more, his expression carried a wisp of surprise.

Liang Bing kept silent instead, and she crossed her hands before her chest while her cherry lips raised up slightly. She seemed as if she was saying ‘I knew you would be like this.’

Liang Tianheng laughed bitterly and said, “Little Girl, you’re even sulking to your father, huh? Quickly tell me where you go this? If I’m not wrong, it might really be able to improve the might of your Silverlight Shuttle.” As he finished speaking, his expression had become solemn.

The anger in Liang Bing’s heart finally reduced greatly when she saw this, and she didn’t continue concealing it. “Chen Xi gave it to me.”


Liang Tianheng’s hand trembled, causing the tea cup to fall to the ground and shatter into pieces. However, he couldn’t be bothered about this and said with shock, “This wouldn’t be related to the Oracle Mountain’s technique to refine a Talisman Armament, right?” His voice didn’t carry much happiness and it was pure shock.

“No, I don’t have the nerve to encroach on such a technique. This is a method of refinement that Chen Xi provided for my Silverlight Shuttle.” Liang Bing immediately explained because she knew her father had misunderstood.

Liang Tianheng heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this, and then he said, “Good. We really can’t encroach on the Oracle Mountain’s technique. In the countless years the Immortal Dimension has existed, because they coveted the treasures of Oracle Mountain, many powers were…”

He didn’t say what happened to them, yet Liang Bing was clearly aware of the consequences, and she said in a light voice, “I know the consequences.”

“Bing’er, you’ve done very well this time, extremely well! Hahaha!!!” Liang Tianheng stared at Liang Bing for a long time before he suddenly started laughing, and his laughter grew louder by the moment and shook the entire hall.

Liang Bing was slightly stunned and was slightly unable to guess what her father was thinking.

“Brother Tianheng, are you roaring with laughter because something auspicious occurred?” Right at this moment, a low and feminine voice suddenly sounded out from outside the hall, and every single word of this voice was extremely clear yet carried a unique rhythm that caused it to seem like the truths of the Dao were resounding in the hall.

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