Chapter 1076 – Equipment Refinement Technique

Yin Miaomiao and Yin Feng’er left successively, yet the minds of the people present here couldn’t calm down after a long time.

Because from today onward, the Yin Clan might hesitate at nothing to kill Chen Xi in the real world. Even if his current combat strength was heaven defying and possessed peerlessly dazzling natural talent, and even if he could be protected beneath the roof of the Liang Clan, he was surnamed Chen and not Liang in the end!

What sort of attitude would the Liang Clan have when facing the Yin Clan’s rage? Would they protect him at all costs, or would they take him as a pawn that could be discarded after they benefited from him?

No one was able to guess the outcome.

Or perhaps it could be said that they didn’t believe Chen Xi would be able to escape calamity at all. Even if he had the protection of the Liang Clan, but so long as he was still in Southbridge Continent and within the Yin Clan’s sphere of influence, then he couldn’t avoid mishaps from occurring in the end.

Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng left successively as well. Before they left, both of them frankly told Chen Xi that if he needed anything, they could lend a hand. Chen Xi only nodded towards this but didn’t reveal any intention to seek help from them.

He’d never thought of asking for their help because it was just as Liang Bing had said, even if he pierced a hole through the sky, the Liang Clan would have no complains against him, let alone abandon him.

So Yin Miaomiao and Yin Feng’er’s decision was obviously too stupid, idiotic, and laughable to the extreme in Chen Xi’s opinion, thus he naturally wouldn’t feel despair or helplessness.


Sure enough, it was just as Chen Xi had expected. When he left the Martial Emperor Domain and returned to the outside world, he saw Liang Bing was waiting for him since a long time ago, and the first thing she said to him when she saw him was. “Beautifully done!”

Her voice clearly revealed praise and delight.

If Yin Feng’er saw this scene, she would surely be angered to the point of spitting blood, and even if Yin Miaomiao were to have seen this, she would probably feel slightly astounded, right?

“The Yin Clan is truly a bunch of bastards. The matter arose because of them, yet they turned around and seem to intend to kill you instead. They really think they can run wild in the Southbridge Continent.” Liang Bing obviously knew about everything that had occurred in the Martial Emperor Domain. She praised Chen Xi for a moment before her gaze turned cold, and her expression became icy cold.

Chen Xi just smiled in reply to this and said, “There’s no need to worry, aren’t I still alive and well?”

Liang Bing frowned and pondered deeply before she said, “Nevermind, it’s better for you to not go to the Martial Emperor Domain in the near future. For the sake of dealing with you the Yin Clan will probably stop at nothing. It was the God Killer Needle this time, and we can’t know what despicable tricks they’ll use next. It would be too late if any mishap occurs.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said, “There’s no need to be so nervous, right?”

In his opinion, if it was according to the rules of the Martial Emperor Domain, then no matter what the Yin Clan did, they would be unable to do anything to him.

“What if they don’t hesitate to break the rules of the Martial Emperor Domain?” Liang Bing said coldly, “To the Yin Clan, so long as they’re able to eliminate you, then even if they have to break the rules, the benefits would outweigh the losses. Not to mention that breaking the rules of the Martial Emperor Domain wouldn’t end in death, and one would only be expelled from the Martial Emperor Domain.”

Chen Xi pondered briefly and immediately understood this principle, and he frowned without end.

Even the calmest man had a moment of anger. Since the Yin Clan had forced him to such a state, how could he possibly not be infuriated in his heart? However, he was clearly aware that he still didn’t have the strength to challenge the Yin Clan, otherwise he would have killed his way there and turned it upside down.

If he had any other choice, he really didn’t want to stop heading to the Martial Emperor Domain to temper his strength.

Because the battles in the Martial Emperor Domain were directly related to the rankings on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, and it was extremely important towards his ability to enter the Dao Emperor Academy.

If it wasn’t for this, then not to mention the Martial Emperor Domain, he wouldn’t even be interested in the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.

“You’re worried that you’ll be unable to rise in the rankings?” Liang Bing discerned Chen Xi’s thoughts with a single glance, and she couldn’t help but chuckle. “What’s so difficult about that? Could it be that you think the changes of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings are only done through battles in the Martial Emperor Domain?” 

Chen Xi was stunned and suddenly came to an understanding, and then he burst into laughter as he felt he’d worried unnecessarily.

At the beginning when he was in the Eastern Peace Continent, he hadn’t even entered the Martial Emperor Domain, yet his ranking was still at the top two hundred of the Continental Ascensio Rankings of Eastern Peace Continent. This was none other than because he’d proved his strength by killing Xiong Ming, so when he tested himself before the floating wall of light, his name was directly reflected on the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

Simply speaking, the meaning of the existence of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings was to directly reflect the level of combat strength possessed by an expert. As for the changes in the rankings, no matter if it was in the Martial Emperor Domain or the real world, so long as one defeated an opponent that was of a higher ranking before testing one’s combat strength at the floating wall of light, one’s ranking would undergo a change.

However, the only benefit of the Martial Emperor Domain was the changes of one’s ranking was completely directly on the arena, and one didn’t have to be tested at the floating wall of light.

Liang Bing said with a smile when she saw Chen Xi had come to an understanding, “You can just stay in my Liang Clan for now. Stay in this private room when you intend to cultivate in meditation, and when you desire to spar and temper your strength, I’ll arrange for you to battle high ranked disciples of my Liang Clan at the martial practice grounds. As for your rankings on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, it’s only just an extra step of heading to the floating wall of light to test yourself.”

Chen Xi felt much more at ease when he heard this. The resources and reserves of the Liang Clan was deep, and it wasn’t inferior to the Yin Clan at all. So there was naturally no lack of outstanding geniuses amongst the disciples of its younger generation.

For example, Liang Bing or Liang Ren that he’d only heard of but had never seen, both of them were existences that were ranked at the top ten of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and there was surely no lack of existences ranked in the top hundred.

With them to spar against and temper his strength while charging up the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, it had really resolved his most urgent need.

Of course, the precondition was that he had to defeat them.

But Chen Xi wasn’t worried about this. With the world of stars to rely on and coupled with the Dark Parasol Sapling, how could he possibly be afraid of a fight?

“After you defeated Yin Wanxun, your rankings have risen to the hundred and fifty fourth position, and you’ve even charged into the nine thousand, three hundred and twentieth position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. I’ll arrange equally matched opponents for you according to your strength. Just tell me when you intend to spar.” Liang Bing spoke swiftly, and she seemed to be attentive and meticulous to the extreme.

A wisp of warmth couldn’t help but surge from Chen Xi’s heart when he saw this, and he felt that Liang Bing had helped him too much during this period of time. He wasn’t someone with a heart of stone, so how could he not be moved?

“Alright, I won’t disturb your cultivation. I have to go see my father and plan about how to deal with the Yin Clan’s subsequent actions against you. Didn’t Yin Miaomiao say that she would stop at nothing to make you lose the protection of my Liang Clan? Let me see what they can do.” Liang Bing instructed before she intended to leave.

Chen Xi said abruptly, “Wait.”

Liang Bing’s figure stopped momentarily before she turned around and looked at him with a questioning gaze.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “Can you let me see that Immortal Artifact of yours? Yes, the Silverlight Shuttle.”

Liang Bing was stunned, yet she still smiled as she flipped her palm before passing over the Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact that glowed brilliantly with silver light. “What? Do you not have an Immortal Artifact you like? Do you want me to give you one?”

Chen Xi shook his head and placed his gaze on the shuttle shaped Immortal Artifact that glowed brilliantly with silver light.

In next to no time, he noticed that the Silverlight Shuttle was densely covered with countless fine light violet colored talisman diagrams, and they were like the traces of the circulation of the stars and seemed mysterious and divine.

“Sure enough, it’s just like the Soul Severing Mountainsmasher in Yin Wanxun’s possession, and they’re both Immortal Artifacts that are like Talisman Armaments. However, this Immortal Artifact in Liang Bing’s possession is at the Cosmic Grade…”  Chen Xi revealed a wisp of sudden realization. In his opinion, if this Silverlight Shuttle was refined properly, then its might had much room for improvement.

When she saw Chen Xi seeming to have transformed into an equipment refiner that was scanning it with concentration, Liang Bing couldn’t refrain from asking. “How is it?”

Chen Xi said casually, “The Eastern Myrtle Divine Talisman on it is obviously extremely incomplete, and it can only bring forth less than forty percent of its might. Moreover, the refinement technique has many errors and omissions that affect the exertion of might.”

As he spoke, he stared fixedly at the Silverlight Shuttle, and he was completely unaware that Liang Bing was unable to conceal her shock when she heard these words.

She was the owner of the Silverlight Shuttle, so she was naturally clearly aware about everything related to the Silverlight Shuttle. It could be said that the Silverlight Shuttle was a significant reason she was able to be ranked in the top ten of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and it was her favorite Immortal Artifact.

But she was similarly clearly aware that this Immortal Artifact’s refinement wasn’t perfect, and it could only be described as incomplete. Even then, for the sake of refining this treasure all those years ago, the entire Liang Clan had paid an extremely great price and exhausted a great deal of effort to allow the Silverlight Shuttle to possess its current might.

Even though it was incomplete, its might was amongst the Cosmic Grade, and it was extremely outstanding.

Sometimes, Liang Bing would sigh emotionally that if the Silverlight Shuttle could be perfected a bit more, then her combat strength would probably attain an obvious increase. Unfortunately, she could only dream about this.

Because the Silverlight Shuttle wasn’t an ordinary Immortal Artifact, and its method of refinement was a type of inheritance that was a secret. Even with the Liang Clan’s ability, they were merely able to figure out some superficial knowledge.

This had also become a regret in Liang Bing’s heart that had faded from her memory a long time ago. At this moment, when Chen Xi pointed out the flaws in the Silverlight Shuttle with a single glance, it instantly caused her to recall everything.

After that, she suddenly realized something, and her eyes lit up and even carried a wisp of excitement as she looked at Chen Xi with anticipation before she said, “You…can perfect it?”

As she spoke, she’d tried her best to control her voice, yet she couldn’t prevent her voice from trembling slightly. This obviously showed how important the Silverlight Shuttle was in her heart.

Chen Xi’s gaze remained on the Silverlight Shuttle when he heard this, and then he said casually, “It’s very simple to perfect, it just has to be refined once more with the correct method.”

The correct method!

A bolt of lightning flashed within Liang Bing’s mind when she heard this, and then she suddenly thought of something and said, “Could it be that you know how to refine a Talisman Armament?”

As she spoke, she couldn’t conceal the wisp of pleasant surprise and excitement in her voice, and there was even a trace of disbelief.

Chen Xi was stunned, and only now did he notice that Liang Bing’s mood was slightly unusual. He immediately moved his gaze from the Silverlight Shuttle and said with bewilderment, “Is there anything surprising about that?”

When she saw Chen Xi seeming to be saying ‘Of course I know, is there anything surprising about that,’ Liang Bing immediately slapped herself on the head and muttered with vexation. “How could I have forgotten that you’re the heir of Oracle Mountain…”

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