Chapter 1075 – The Rules Of The Game

Who is it that dares to berate Yin Feng’er like this? Everyone was astounded and looked over towards the extreme distance. There were two figures flying over from there. One had slanted blows and sharp eyes, and he was cold and thin. The other wore an embroidered marten coat, and he revealed an unrestrained bearing.

It was precisely the seventh ranked Gu Yutang and fifth ranked Luo Zifeng.

The two of them had just renewed their rankings on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, causing them to possess brilliant reputations. Coupled with the support of a great power standing behind each of them, it was impossible for them to not be known by all.

When they saw the two of them, all the experts in the surroundings couldn’t help but come to a sudden understanding amidst their astonishment because only these two that possessed both strength and status would dare to speak like this to Yin Feng’er.

The person that spoke earlier was Gu Yutang.

Even if the two of them were renowned figures, but when she saw there were actually people that rushed over to obstruct her from denouncing Chen Xi, Yin Feng’er was extremely infuriated. She raised her head high and sneered as she said, “What? Both of you have come to mediate?”

Gu Yutang frowned. “What sort of attitude is this?”

Yin Feng’er grunted coldly and said, “My attitude can be better if you stand aside and wait for me to deal with this little bastard. If my mood is good, then I might have a chat with the two of you.”

At this moment, even Luo Zifeng couldn’t bear the sight of this, and he said with displeasure, “Yin Feng’er, even your older sister wouldn’t dare speak like this to me.”

“Then how do you want me to speak?” Yin Feng’er’s beautiful brows rose. “Does your Luo and Gu Clans have any relationship with this little bastard? Why do you interfere in my business? And you even said I’m going too far? If the members of your clans were humiliated, then would the two of you be able to endure it?”  

Unreasonable! Arrogant!

Yin Feng’er was really as the rumors said, and she possessed a cold, unruly, and arrogant disposition.

When they saw this disagreement, everyone actually moved their attention from Chen Xi to Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng that had arrived in unison. All of them were slightly astounded, and they were clearly aware that all of this was because that Yin Feng’er’s attitude was truly too arrogant.

Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng had come over for no other reason than to seize this opportunity to win Chen Xi over and see if they could sow some goodwill with him, and when they saw the intense argument between him and Yin Feng’er, they naturally held the intention to reconcile these two parties.

But never had they imagined that Yin Feng’er would actually be so unreasonable and rude.

Gu Yutang’s face sank. As a figure that was ranked seventh on the Continental Ascensio Rankings and a disciple of the Gu Clan’s younger generation that carried much weight in the clan, he naturally possessed his own pride.

He immediately laughed as he said, “Alright, didn’t you want to challenge Chen Xi? Then why don’t we practice first?” 

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was shocked because all of them hadn’t expected that Gu Yutang would actually join this dispute.

Even Chen Xi was rather surprised, and then he suddenly recalled the first time he met Gu Yutang a month ago. Gu Yutang’s attitude towards him was rather warm and even expressed his desire to be friends with Chen Xi.

Originally, Chen Xi merely took it to be a form of probing or perhaps a method to win him over, yet when he saw Gu Yutang actually join in the dispute now, he instantly had a slight change of attitude towards Gu Yutang.

No one noticed that Luo Zifeng had always been observing Chen Xi, and when he saw Chen Xi’s attitude towards Gu Yutang seemed to have become rather amiable, he instantly cried in his heart. Shit!

He was just like Gu Yutang and was extremely interested in Chen Xi. He intended to win Chen Xi over from the Liang Clan, so how could he stand idly by when he saw Gu Yutang make the first move?

“Count me in as well. Yin Feng’er, didn’t you want to fight? I’ll accompany you.” Luo Zifeng smiled lightheartedly and spoke immediately.

Everyone was astounded when they heard this. Luo Zifeng that’s ranked fifth actually intends to join in as well?

Actually, if one observed carefully, one would notice that the current situation wasn’t simple at all. Shockingly, the shadow of the four great clans renowned in the Dao of Talismans, the Liang, Gu, Luo, and Yin clans stood behind these four young people.

These four clans seemed to be the top four great powers in the Southbridge Continent, and they possessed monstrous might and deep resources and reserves. Now, the disciples of the Gu and Luo Clan didn’t hesitate to fight the Yin Clan’s Yin Feng’er for the sake of a young man from the Liang Clan. This situation was too thought provoking.

Yin Feng’er acutely noticed this as well, and she was slightly apprehensive in her heart as she said coldly, “What? Both of you intend to bully the weak?”

These words obviously carried the meaning of admitting her inferiority, yet she spoke it in a justified and proud manner. This obviously showed how unreasonable her mentality and nature were.

But when these words entered into the ears of the surrounding spectators, all of them were extremely amused, and it was even to the extent that some couldn’t avoid from feeling disdain in their hearts. Bullying the weak? Then what about when you, Yin Feng’er, disregarded your identity and challenged Chen Xi?

Of course, all of them could only think this in their hearts, yet they didn’t dare speak of it.

But Gu Yutang dared, and he didn’t conceal his disdain at all as he smiled and said, “Bully the weak? To think that you were actually able to say it. Then why did you challenge Chen Xi?”

“Yin Feng’er, let me give you some advice. Leave now and stop running wild, otherwise it wouldn’t be good for anyone.” Luo Zifeng spoke indifferently from the side.

At this moment, Yin Feng’er finally perceived that Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng were obviously intending to help Chen Xi today, and besides causing her to feel bewildered, she couldn’t help but feel a wisp of resentment.

She was bewildered why these two fellows would have nothing better to do than to interfere in her business, and she was resentful because they weren’t helping her but helping the little bastard called Chen Xi instead!

“So in this way, both of you will surely obstruct me if I intend to condemn that little bastard?” Yin Feng’er’s voice went cold as she questioned them.

Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng glanced at each other, and they were just about to speak, yet right at this moment, a piercingly cold voice suddenly resounded. “Feng’er, stand down for now. If they want to fight, then I’ll accompany them.”

This voice was too unusual, and there was a proud tone amidst the coldness of this voice. In the Southbridge Continent, only a single person possessed such a voice, and it was Yin Miaomiao!

At this instant, all the people in the surroundings including Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng shot their gazes over towards the source of the voice.

Sure enough, they saw Yin Miaomiao’s graceful figure standing on a sharp rock in the distance. She wore black gauze clothes, had a beautiful appearance, and she carried a trace of a unique otherworld and proud aura.

Instantly, everyone at the scene revealed a shocked expression. They were truly unable to imagine that Yin Miaomiao had actually made an appearance here.

This was the Martial Emperor Domain, and this was merely one of the many arenas on the fifth level. In the past, not to mention experts ranked in the top ten, even experts in the top hundred rarely appeared here.

Yet now, top experts ranked third, fifth, seventh, and eleventh were gathered here!

If news of this scene were to be spread to the outside world, then just this extraordinary lineup might be able to cause a mighty uproar.

Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng were slightly surprised as well, and then their faces sank because Yin Miaomiao’s words were obviously directed at them.

But they didn’t dare rashly agree to it.

Even though they were only a few rankings apart, in the top ten positions of the rankings, a difference of a single ranking was a completely different level, and it was even more brutal and severe than the lower rankings.

Amidst the people present, only Chen Xi didn’t turn to look at Yin Miaomiao because he knew that she’d come, so why did he have to turn around and look at her?

Similarly, only his expression was the calmest. Not to mention Yin Miaomiao, it would be futile even if Immortal Monarch Lin Hao came here because this was the Martial Emperor Domain. According to the rules here, he was unafraid of anything.

“Haha, why aren’t the two of you speaking?” When she saw Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng go silent, Yin Feng’er was unable to restrain the delight in her heart any longer, and she spoke with ridicule.

“Stupid little girl. We’re indeed afraid of your older sister, but we aren’t afraid of you. If you consider it carefully, why don’t you ask your older sister if she dares to challenge my older brother right now?” Gu Yutang sneered indifferently.

The older brother he spoke of was naturally Gu Yueming who was ranked second and was one ranking above Yin Miaomiao.

Yin Feng’er was instantly speechless because this was an indisputable truth.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be amused in his heart when he saw this scene. These are the disciples of clans that usually use their identity, honor, ranking, and background to speak. Strength is naturally an important factor, yet before they shed all pretenses, the thing they compare the most is those things besides strength.

Of course, he didn’t have any intention to belittle. He was just very clearly aware of the rules of the game between these disciples of great clans and powers during disputes. However, this wasn’t suitable to him, and he’d never thought of following them.

Right when Chen Xi was sighing with emotion in his heart, the distant Yin Miaomiao spoke once more. “In less than a year, your older brother, Gu Yueming, will surely not be a match for me.”

This was her reply to Gu Yutang’s words. She was clearly speaking about something that would happen in the future, yet it carried a convincing force because it was spoken by Yin Miaomiao.

Presently, she’d already become a figure that was the hottest topic in the Southbridge Continent, and she was like a dazzling and resplendent star that was rising gradually. Thus, no one dared to not take her words seriously.

It was precisely because he’d considered this that Gu Yutang’s face sank even more, and he finally said coldly, “I’ll be waiting.”

After that, he spoke no further because he was unable to deny what Yin Miaomiao said, yet he was able to express his attitude towards it.

“Feng’er, let’s go.” Yin Miaomiao was completely indifferent to this, and she just instructed Yin Feng’er before intending to leave.

“Big Sister, what about that little bastard?” How could Yin Feng’er let Chen Xi off just like this, so she immediately targeted Chen Xi.

“I’ll talk with the Patriarch to use every means possible to make the Liang Clan abandon their protection of him. At that time…he’ll be at your mercy.” Yin Miaomiao spoke casually as if she was speaking about an insignificant decision, and from the beginning until the end, she hadn’t spared a single glance at Chen Xi, yet her words seemed as if she was giving Chen Xi the death sentence.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and they were very well aware of the weight of Yin Miaomiao’s words. It could be said that since she dared to make her stand known like this, then it wouldn’t be long before it was realized!

For a time, the gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi was filled with emotion. There was admiration, surprise, pity, pleasure from his misfortune, and so on and so forth.

“Right, in the end, people can’t be killed in the Martial Emperor Domain. If we want to resolve something, then the outside world is the best choice.” Yin Feng’er smiled sweetly as she glanced at Chen Xi as if she was demonstrating her power, and then she held her head high as she turned and left.

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