Chapter 1074 – A Storm Rises Once More

Everyone felt that Chen Xi had been struck by the God Killer Needle, so he would surely suffer the fate of having his soul destroyed in the next moment.

Even Yin Wanxun thought so as well. After all, it was a God Killer Needle that slaughtered the soul and destroyed all before it. It was an extremely malicious and overbearing treasure, so how could there be any possibility of survival?

Yet now, Chen Xi who was originally standing there without moving had actually opened his eyes!

His gaze was piercingly cold and deep, and it surged with a frightening glow. At this instant, Yin Wanxun gasped with shock, and his soul almost left his body.

Before he could recover from his shock, he felt his throat pressured as a strong palm had choked it tightly. It caused his entire body to stiffen, and no matter how he struggled, he was unable to struggle free, causing his face to flush red from suffocation.

Everyone suddenly recovered from their shock when they saw this. But when they saw Chen Xi was actually completely unharmed and had captured Yin Wanxun in his hand, tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise in their hearts.

He’s actually still alive!

This was simply even more unbelievable than the previous scene, and if it they weren’t able to sense their surroundings at this moment, they would have thought that they were seeing things!


“This fellow!” 

In the distance, both Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng were stunned, and they exclaimed in unison. This had greatly exceeded their expectations indeed, and it caused them to almost not dare believe their eyes. 

“You… You…” Yin Wanxun’s throat was choked tightly by Chen Xi, and it caused his face to warp and flush red. Moreover, his face was filled with terror as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi, and no matter how he wracked his head, he was unable to figure out how Chen Xi was able to survive under the might of the God Killer Needle.


Chen Xi exerted force with his arm and suddenly pressed Yin Wanxun down to kneel before him. “Didn’t you like to make others kneel? Have a taste of it as well.”

Suffering such horrible humiliation under the gazes of everyone present here caused blood to rush into Yin Wanxun’s head, and it felt like it was on the verge of exploding as he roared furiously. “Chen Xi, kill me if you have the balls!”

“Do you think I don’t dare to?” Chen Xi pressed down forcefully on Yin Wanxun’s head to prevent him from fleeing before his other hand flipped to reveal a dark and fine needle shaped treasure. Surprisingly, it was the God Killer Needle.

When they saw this scene, everyone in the surroundings finally believed that Chen Xi had avoided calamity. Moreover, he’d used some unknown method to take control of the God Killer Needle.

On the other hand, when he saw the God Killer Needle in Chen Xi’s palm, Yin Wanxun’s face instantly revealed extremely terror while his eyes almost split apart. Originally, he was fearless because even if Chen Xi killed him here, he would still be able to thrive after leaving the Martial Emperor Domain.

But it was different now. If Chen Xi used the God Killer Needle against him, then his soul would absolutely be destroyed, and even if he was able to come back to life, he would be reduced to someone that was mentally challenged!

So Yin Wanxun was afraid, and he truly felt the threat from impending death.

“Let me off and the slate between us will be wiped clean. I can swear to the heavens!” He had an ashen face while he spoke with great difficulty.

“Do you think that’s possible?” A wisp of ridicule and coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he stopped delaying and raised the God Killer Needle before slapping it down.

“Stop!” A furious howl resounded from beneath the arena.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi was indifferent towards it.


The God Killer Needle pierced Yin Wanxun’s head before Chen Xi kicked him out of the arena.


Yin Wanxun’s figure hadn’t descended to the ground when it exploded in midair and transformed into countless specks of light. The specks of light were pieces of his soul. If it was only like this, then so long as he left the Martial Emperor Domain, he wouldn’t have to worry about his soul being destroyed. 

Unfortunately, the God Killer Needle was too malicious. It transformed into a jet black flowing light that seemed like a greedy locust, and as soon as it appeared amongst the pieces of Yin Wanxun’s soul, it completely devoured all the pieces before vanishing completely.

All the experts in the surroundings were horrified when they saw this scene. They didn’t feel that Chen Xi was too cruel but were slightly afraid of the destructive force caused by the God Killer Needle.

“You…deserve death!” The voice from before resounded once more, and it was filled with resentment and fury.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and he saw Yin Wanfeng that was within the crowd. At this moment, Yin Wanfeng was angered to the point his entire body trembled, and his face was livid and warped while his gaze was extremely resentful.

“Your older brother was crippled and made an idiot. As a younger brother, could it be that you don’t intend to take revenge for him?” asked Chen Xi with a calm voice. He didn’t feel any mental burden from destroying Yin Wanxun’s soul, and he felt that the bellyful of rage he had hadn’t been completely vented instead. So he targeted Yin Wanfeng who was below the arena.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s hearts jerked while they felt astounded in their hearts. Chen Xi obviously intends to pursue and attack without letting a single one of them escape!

Actually, they were able to understand Chen Xi’s feeling by just thinking about it.

Earlier, Yin Wanxun and his younger brother had provoked Chen Xi repeatedly. Moreover, not only had they utilized the God Killer Needle, they even wanted to cripple his soul and threatened to continue taking revenge in the outside world.

Under such circumstances, it was no wonder to them that Chen Xi took such action.

“You…” Yin Wanfeng was stunned. He seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would invite hm to battle, and for a time, he was stunned on the spot while his expression changed indeterminately.

“What? Could it be that you don’t even have the courage to take revenge for your elder brother? He fell to such a state for the sake of helping you take revenge.” Chen Xi continued speaking in a manner that was neither swift nor slow.

Yin Wanfeng’s temperament was one where he was unable to endure provocation, otherwise he wouldn’t be provoked by Liang Zhen and Liang Liang that day to the point his soul was heavily injured and left the Martial Emperor Domain in an extremely humiliating way.

At this moment, when he heard Chen Xi mention his older brother, Yin Wanxun, repeatedly, he instantly lost all reason and couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He howled furiously. “Bastard! Do you think this Young Master is afraid of you!?”

As he spoke, he’d started charging towards the arena.

“Fool! Stop right now!” Right at this moment, a delicate shout suddenly resounded. At the same time, a fiery red figure flashed over from the distant crowd like a bolt of lightning. Surprisingly, it was the Yin Clan’s Yin Feng’er.

She spoke in a timely manner. Unfortunately, she never expected that under his blazing rage, Yin Wanfeng had lost all reason a long time ago, and he disregarded everything as he charged towards the arena like a mad cow. So how could he possibly stop now?

Thus, when she intended to stop him, Yin Wanfeng had already stepped foot on the arena, and he flashed towards Chen Xi.

“Stupid! Fool! A pair of useless fools!” Yin Feng'er was infuriated to the point of almost gnashing her teeth into pieces when she saw this, and her ample chest rose and fell rapidly. But she was a disciple of the Yin Clan after all, so she naturally wouldn’t watch as Yin Wanfeng courted death.

So in the next moment, she shouted at Chen Xi with a grim voice. “Chen Xi, stay your hand! Otherwise, you’ll definitely die from offending my Yin Clan!”

Chen Xi paid no attention to her at all because when he saw Yin Wanfeng charging over to him, how could he possibly let such a superb opportunity slip by?


In the next moment, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to execute a brilliant strand of sword qi, and it was coiled with the Laws of five types of Grand Daos. He’d already utilized his entire strength.

At this instant, sword qi surged and Yin Wanfeng felt a lethal aura assault his face. He suddenly returned to his senses from his infuriated state and stopped abruptly while feeling extreme regret. What’s wrong with me? Even Big Brother wasn’t a match for him, so why did I have to come take revenge?

“Fool! What’re you standing there for? Flee! Quickly!” Yin Feng’er’s furious shout erupted by his ears, causing Yin Wanfeng’s face to go grim, and he knew that the chaotic state of his mind had affected his reaction. However, he felt a piercing pain before his eyes when he was just about to dodge, and then his field of vision was enveloped by a vast and brilliant five colored strand of sword qi…


Under the horrified gazes of everyone in the surroundings, Yin Wanfeng stood there like a wooden puppet that was without a soul, and he didn’t resist at all. His figure was directly slashed into two by Chen Xi’s sword qi, and then it transformed into a rain of light that vanished on the arena.

He wasn’t really killed and only his soul had been heavily injured. After all, this was the Martial Emperor Domain, so no one was able to kill another without a malicious weapon that was a taboo like the God Killer Needle.

But even then, this strike was sufficient to make Yin Wanfeng bedridden for three to five years.

“You…deserve death!” Yin Feng’er’s beautiful brows knit together when she saw this, and her beautiful eyes almost emanated flames. She glanced at Chen Xi with an icy cold gaze, and she seemed as if she wished she could use her gaze to kill him.

“I challenge you! Do you dare to accept!?” In the next moment, Yin Feng’er took a deep breath and spoke with an icy cold tone.

The spectators burst into an uproar. Never had they imagined that the situation would develop to such an extent. Yin Feng’er is an existence ranked at the eleventh position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, yet she actually intends to challenge Chen XI who is at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm?

Isn’t this bullying the weak?

“I’ve said so in the past. Even your older sister doesn’t have the qualifications to challenge me.” Chen Xi’s answer was extremely simple yet thought provoking. The meaning behind his words was that even if her older sister, Yin Miaomiao, were to come here, he wouldn’t accept her challenge, so was Yin Feng’er even worthy?

Yin Feng’er was arrogant and unruly, yet she wasn’t stupid, so she naturally perceived the meaning behind his words, causing her beautiful face to sink as she sneered. “I finally understand why you said those words that day. It turns out that you were worried my older sister would desire to get even with you one day, so you intentionally said that, right? Little Bastard?” 

After staying silent for a short moment, Chen Xi said calmly, “It doesn’t make a difference no matter what you say.”

He really couldn’t be bothered to be harassed by her unreasonable demands. There were some things that were most forceful when done, and merely relying on words would cause it to seem weak and feeble.

“If you’re afraid then you’re afraid, why put on an act?” Yin Feng’er didn’t intend to let Chen Xi off instead, and she sneered. “You’re right, this is the Martial Emperor Domain, so out of consideration for the rules, I’m indeed unable to do anything to you. But don’t let me encounter you in the outside world, otherwise the consequences will be worse than Liang Zhen and Liang Liang!”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed and were suffused with a piercingly cold and sharp glow, and he went silent for a short moment before he said, “So in this way, you don’t intend to let this matter go until death?”

“Hah!” Yin Feng’er seemed as if she’d heard a joke, and she laughed with disdain, “Until death? Do you think a little bastard like you that’s being protected beneath the roof of the Liang Clan is worthy?”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “I understand.”

What did he understand? 

Everyone was bewildered, and they were unable to figure out exactly what Chen Xi meant.

Yin Feng’er was unable to figure it out as well, yet she was clearly aware that Chen Xi had no intention of showing weakness of compromising at all. So, she could only think negatively. “You wouldn’t be thinking of going against my Yin Clan by yourself, right?” Her voice was filled with boundless ridicule.

“That’s enough! Yin Feng’er! Your Yin Clan has gone a bit too far today.” Right at this moment, a clear and bright voice resounded from the distance.

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