Chapter 1073 – God Killer Needle

Everyone was astonished!

Even if it was amongst Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, a strand of sword qi that contained the energy of four types of Laws could only be executed by some extremely formidable existences, yet now it had actually appeared in the hands of a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Moreover, this sword strike had even easily destroyed Yin Wanxun’s perfectly condensed sabre strike and slashed it in two. This was simply unbelievable!

On the other hand, Yin Wanxun was even shocked to the point his entire body went cold while his pupils dilated, and he felt a chill run down his spine.

“How could this be possible!? How could this be possible!? No!!!” When he saw this sword qi’s momentum didn’t reduce and still continued to slash down directly towards him, Yin Wanxun suddenly let out a fierce and practically insane roar as he waved his sabre repeatedly.

However, that strike from before had already exhausted a great deal of his strength, so he was actually shaken to the point of retreating repeatedly when facing this strand of sword qi. Even though it was still resisted by him in the end, he was only a step away from leaving the arena!


Yin Wanxun’s figure shook while his countenance suddenly went pale, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood. His cold and cruel face had become savage and warped while his shocked expression was covered in dense disbelief.

The crowd was in an uproar.

Yin Wanxun who was at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm had actually fallen into a disadvantageous position from this strike!

“Exactly four types of Laws at the same time? How many experts with such natural endowment can be found amongst all the Heavenly Immortal Realm experts in Southbridge Continent?” Gu Yutang exclaimed with admiration. Chen Xi’s display had similarly exceeded his expectations as Chen Xi grew stronger along with his opponent, and it seemed as if Chen Xi’s limits could never be discerned.

“Perhaps only the younger generation of the four great continents possess figures like him. But unfortunately, why was he recruited by Liang Bing?” Luo Zifeng sighed without end, and his intent to rope Chen Xi to his side grew even stronger.

“Little Bastard, do you think you’ve won? Haha, I’ve said it before. I’ll blast apart your soul and made you a complete idiot. So you’re bound to be unable to escape calamity today!” On the arena, Yin Wanxun suddenly roared with mad laughter as he flipped his palm, and he actually withdrew a dark and shuttle shaped treasure that was fine like a needle and was suffused with a horrifying glow.

“This is…” 

“What a horrifying aura!”

The pupils of the surrounding crowd constricted as they felt indescribable horror from the shuttle shaped treasure in Yin Wanxun’s palm, and it seemed as if their souls would perish as long as they slightly touched this treasure.

“That’s a God Killer Needle!” Someone recognized it and spoke with shock.

“What? Didn’t this treasure vanish along with the eradication of the Soulvampyr Immortal Beast?”

“Even though the Soulvampyr Immortal Beast was eradicated, it doesn’t mean that the God Killer Needle has vanished, and it’s extremely easy for ancient powers like the Yin Clan to gather some.”

“Chen Xi’s in trouble now. Unless he crushes the God Killer Needle, otherwise it’s bound to invade and destroy his soul. It’s extremely terrifying and is the most difficult to deal with.”

“Looks like the Yin Clan has decided to leave him no chance of recovering. Obviously, they feel that if Chen Xi’s allowed to grow, then he’ll surely become a disaster for the Yin Clan in the future.”

The crowd discussed animatedly. All of them had never expected that Yin Wanxun had actually prepared such an extremely malicious treasure since the beginning.

The God Killer Needle was refined from a poisonous spike at the center of the Soulvampyr Immortal Beast’s forehead. So long as one came into the slightest contact with it, then one’s soul would instantly collapse and be destroyed. It was an extremely malicious weapon.

But a few thousands of years ago, along with the Soulvampyr Immortal Beasts being slaughtered to the point of eradication, the God Killer Needle had vanished, and it very rarely made an appearance. No one had expected that Yin Wanxun would actually be able to possess this treasure!

“The Yin Clan has gone a bit too far!” In the distance, Gu Yutang’s face sank while he spoke coldly. He knew very well that with the might Chen Xi had revealed earlier, it was almost impossible for Chen Xi to resist the attack of the God Killer Needle.

“The Yin Clan is worried he’ll grow to become a disaster for them.” Luo Zifeng seemed to be speaking on behalf of the Yin Clan, yet his expression turned icy cold.

The meaning of the Martial Emperor Domain was to temper one’s cultivation in the Martial Dao and improve one’s strength. If it was in the outside world, then no one would say another word about a treasure like the God Killer Needle, yet it was like a taboo in the Martial Emperor Domain because no one was willing to go against an opponent that possessed a God Killer Needle.

“Little Bastard, did you think you can be lawless with the protection of the Liang Clan? Kneel down before me now and kowtow to atone for your sins, and I can spare your life!” Yin Wanxun seemed to have consumed a pill of confidence when he grasped the God Killer Needle in his hand, and he recovered his arrogant and cruel appearance from before. Moreover, the gaze he looked at Chen Xi with was filled with icy cold disdain.

Chen Xi didn’t know what the God Killer Needle was before this, but after he heard the discussions that came from the surroundings, he understood how malicious this treasure was.

But he wasn’t afraid because his soul was protected by the Fuxi Divine Statue, and the River Diagram fragments were even circulating without end within his soul. If his soul was so easy to destroy, then he would be utterly incapable of coming this far.

Even if his soul was destroyed, what about it? If worst came to worst, he could execute the Worldmend Technique and divide another strand of his soul from his clone!

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sneer without end in his heart when he heard Yin Wanxun actually start bragging from feeling that he had Chen Xi in the palms of his hand.

“What? Hesitating? Hahaha! Little Bastard, you actually fear death as well?” Yan Wanxun became even more arrogant when he saw Chen Xi stay quiet, and he seemed as if victory was within his grasp. Actually, if he didn’t have no choice, he wouldn’t utilize the God Killer Needle. After all, once he utilized it, the reputation of the Yin Clan would suffer great effect.

But he couldn’t care about all of this at this moment. For the sake of taking revenge for his younger brother and completely defeating Chen Xi on the arena, he could only stop at nothing!

The spectators in the surroundings frowned without end as well because they felt Yin Wanxun was going too far. There were even some people that were extremely worried for Chen Xi. After all, if an expert with extraordinary natural talent like this were to have his soul destroyed, it would be a great pity…

Only Yin Wanxun’s younger brother, Yin Wanfeng was laughing coldly in the crowd, and he was filled with delight from obtaining vengeance.

“Idiot!” Chen Xi finally couldn’t stand this fellow being delighted by himself, and Chen Xi spat out a single word in a light voice. At the same time, he casually swung his hand, causing an extraordinary strand of sword qi to slash out directly.

“You…actually still dare to make a move against me?” Yin Wanxun was stunned while his smile froze. Under such circumstances, not only had Chen Xi not begged for forgiveness, he even dared to humiliate Yin Wanxun, and this caused Yin Wanxun’s face to instantly turn gloomy before being suffused with a wisp of ruthlessness.


He swiftly swung his hand, causing the God Killer Needle that was fine like a strand of hair to tear through the sky, and it transformed into a jet black bolt of lightning that swiftly vanished. It actually wasn’t affected in the slightest as it penetrated through the strand of sword qi Chen Xi executed!

In the next moment, the wisp of jet black light had appeared above Chen Xi before piercing down forcefully.

The hearts of everyone tightened when they saw this scene, and some even couldn’t bear to watch.


Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament soared through the sky while its blade surged with five strands of sword qi that respectively represented the Grand Dao Laws of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They interweaved and circulated together to form a five colored vortex of sword qi that blocked before the God Killer Needle.

“Executing five Grand Dao Laws at the same time!?” Someone exclaimed with shock, and it was like a barrel of gunpowder that was lit ablaze. It caused the scene to explode into an uproar. At this moment, the faces of everyone were covered in shock and astonishment.

They finally understood that Chen Xi had always been holding back!

The eyes of the distant Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng opened wide while they almost bit through their tongues. How could this kid possess such a deep foundation?

Is he really still at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm?

Those are five Grand Dao Laws. Even an expert at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm wouldn’t be able to execute it without a sufficiently formidable natural talent!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The jet black God Killer Needle that was like a bolt of lightning was obstructed by the five colored sword qi vortex, and they rubbed against each other and emanated sharp and fine explosions.

This scene caused the uproar in the surroundings to quiet down as the gazes of everyone stared fixedly at this. Will Chen Xi’s strike be able to obstruct the God Killer Needle?

Even Chen Xi’s opponent, Yin Wanxun, couldn’t help but be slightly anxious at this moment, and he was envious of Chen Xi’s shocking natural talent and worried that the God Killer Needle would really be obstructed by Chen Xi because if that happened, then he wouldn’t know how to deal with the battle before him.


In the next moment, under the various gazes of everyone present here, the jet black God Killer Needle actually seemed as if it had teleported and directly penetrated the five colored sword qi vortex to pierce forcefully into Chen Xi’s forehead.

“AH!!!” The scene occurred too quickly and caught everyone off-guard, causing them to cry out involuntarily. Even if they knew since the beginning that the God Killer Needle was extremely overbearing and malicious, they never imagined that it would actually be so terrifying and was simply impossible to resist!

“This…” For a time, everyone in the surroundings of the arena was speechless, and it was deathly silent. All of them didn’t dare believe that a peerless young man with heaven-defying combat strength would have his soul crippled right before their eyes.

“What a pity.” Gu Yutang and Luo Zifeng sighed in simultaneously.

“Hahaha! This is retribution!” Only Yin Wanfeng couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart any longer, and he laughed loudly with complacency. In this deathly silent and oppressive atmosphere, it seemed to be extremely ear-piercing, and it drew a wave of furious stares from the surroundings, causing his laughter to stop abruptly before he shut his mouth.

But a wisp of a cold and complacent smile couldn’t be concealed on the corners of his mouth, and he said to himself, All of you idiots. Why are all of you blindly worrying for a little bastard that isn’t related to all of you at all? His soul has been crippled, but was has it got to do with all of you? Hmph! This Young Master’s mood is good today, so I won’t make a fuss about it with all of you for now!

At this moment, Yin Wanxun heaved a long sigh of relief on the arena as well, and his cold face was suffused with a gloomy smile.

“Unfortunately, I wasted a God Killer Needle. That’s a treasure that can’t be exchanged for with any treasure… But it’s fine. Since this kid has been eliminated today, it’s equivalent to having one less disaster in the future.” Numerous thoughts swiftly flashed through Yin Wanxun’s heart. As he looked at Chen Xi who stood transfixed in the distance, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of complacency. He immediately walked over and slapped down with his palm. He intended to strike Chen Xi down to a kneeling position before reclaiming the God Killer Needle from Chen Xi’s body to see if it could be reused…

Of course, there was also the simple immortal sword in Chen Xi’s hand. It was something he’d coveted for a long time.

However, right before his slap descended, Chen Xi who stood there without moving suddenly opened his eyes, and his gaze was piercingly cold, deep, and surged with a horrifying glow.

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