Chapter 1071 – As You Wish

Chen Xi’s pace was calm and composed, and it didn’t make a single sound. But every single step of his carried a heavy and oppressive force.

As they looked at this young and calm young man, as they gazed at his figure that moved unhurriedly towards the arena, the clamorous noise in the surroundings actually fell gradually.

When Chen Xi stepped foot onto the arena, the surroundings were already perfectly silent to the point a dropping needle could be heard.

This sort of atmosphere was something no one had expected. It was deathly silent, solemn, and even carried an oppressive aura.

“Interesting. His vital energy has actually soundlessly affected the crowd’s state of mind. This isn’t something an ordinary figure can accomplish.” In the extreme distance, Gu Yutan’s eyes suddenly flashed with a strand of bright light, and he was extremely surprised. He’d heard that Chen Xi had appeared in the Martial Emperor Domain, so he came over and just happened to witness this scene.

“This is Martial Dao Will. Only those that are completely concentrated in battle would be able to create this sort of influence that was like a ‘force.’ This also proves that this Chen Xi’s Martial Dao Will is so formidable that it’s unimaginable.” Luo Zifeng had rushed over here a long time ago, and he’d witnessed the entire process of the changes that occurred since Chen Xi arrived at the arena. As he spoke, his voice couldn’t help but carry a wisp of emotion.

Even at their level, this sort of Martial Dao Will was extremely rare. Now that it had appeared on a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration.

“One just advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, one has just advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. I wonder exactly who will prevail in this battle.” Gu Yutang pondered deeply before he spoke, and his gaze was fixed on the distant training arena.

“I look forward to it as well.” Luo Zifeng smiled. “Even though Liang Bing has taken him into the Liang Clan, I have to try fighting for him. My Luo Clan really lacks young men like this.” 

Gu Yutang’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard this, yet he didn’t say anything further. 


After Chen Xi stepped foot on the arena, the surrounding spectators finally seemed as if they’d awoken from a dream. They awoke from a deathly silent atmosphere, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi changed greatly along with this.

They knew very well that their minds had obviously been soundlessly affected by an aura, and it caused them to be only able to return to their senses now.

Moreover, this aura obviously came from Chen Xi!

On the arena, Yin Wanxun had similarly noticed this scene, and his gaze was deep and flickered indeterminately. He chuckled when Chen Xi stood facing him far away on the arena. “What? Those two assistants that helped you sign IOU’s didn’t come with you?”

He was naturally speaking of Liang Zhen and Liang Liang.

The surrounding crowd recalled what they’d seen and heard last month when they heard Yin Wanxun, and they recalled the pair of weirdos that had infuriated Yin Wanfeng. All them couldn’t help but burst into laughter, and the atmosphere instantly became much more relaxed.

But when Chen Xi heard this, his gaze turned cold instead because he instantly understood that Yin Wanxun probable knew that Liang Zhen and Liang Liang had suffered heavy injuries and were almost crippled.

Moreover, the culprit was their Yin Clan!

“Unfortunately, they left too swiftly after collecting the debt, otherwise the Liang Clan would have another two more idiots.” Yin Wanxun revealed a ghastly smile while he revealed a mouthful of snow white and sharp teeth. “But it’s fine. Crippling you will be sufficient to take revenge for my younger brother.”

“Big Brother, how can you let him off so lightly. Cripple him first, and then I’ll get even with him in the outside world! I want him to know how living is worse than death after he offended me, Yin Wanfeng!” Yin Wanxun’s voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when someone let out a grim shout from the crowd. That person had a handsome yet warped face, and his gaze bluntly revealed resentment. It was exactly Yin Wanfeng.

Everyone was amused and surprised when they saw him. They were amused because he was infuriated to the point his soul suffered a heavy injury and was forced to leave that day, and it was too humiliating. They were surprised because they never expected that he would actually be so resentful towards Chen Xi and seem to be unwilling to stop until he killed Chen Xi.

“Idiot.” Chen Xi’s reaction towards such cries was similarly simple, and he didn’t even turn around as he lightly spat out a word. His voice wasn’t loud, yet everyone present could hear it clearly.

Yin Wanfeng’s expression turned livid, and he was angered to the point of gnashing his teeth as he pointed at Chen Xi and said resentfully, “Kid, just you wait!”

“There’s no need to wait. I’ll annihilate him right now!” On the arena, Yin Wanxun’s face sank as well, and he let out an icy cold and explosive shout. His figure moved out ferociously while his right arm tore through the sky, and it was like a dark dragon that shot out water as it shot out a copious amount of force from his palm.

This palm force actually contained an extremely violent energy that was like the eye of a storm. Everywhere it passed, space was actually shaken to the point of shattering inch by inch, and it emanated an ear piercing sonic boom.

“The Yin Clan’s Darkspirit Tide Palm!” Someone exclaimed with shock as he’d recognized this immortal art. It was one of the inheritances of the Yin Clan that contained the Laws of water. Once it was executed, it was like the birth and destruction of a tide, and it swept out like a thousand waves with might that could split rivers and destroy everything in its path.


The might of his palm surged over, yet Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when he sensed the force within it. He casually swung his hand, causing a strand of sword qi to be slashed out. It was fierce and murderous, and it directly split the palm force open.

It was like a scissor that cut a piece of cloth from the center, and it emanated an ear piercing sound from friction.

“Hmph!” Yin Wanxun’s imposing aura grew even more violent after his first strike was obstructed, and his long hair fluttered while he revealed a domineering and unrestrained aura of superiority.

He took a step on the ground while his palms seemed to hold the sun and moon, and his entire body glowed while he slapped down with his palms at Chen Xi once more.

Instantly, everyone seemed to have seen a vast ocean suddenly surging down from the sky with a shocking impetus, and it intended to drown the world. 

Chen Xi didn’t dare dally and made a move as well. His calm expression revealed a strand of killing intent while he utilized both palm and fingers to form sword qi that covered the sky and slashed down both horizontally and vertically.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Numerous thick strands of sword qi that shot into the sky intersected while emanating multicolored blazing lights. It seemed like it was ploughing through the sky and tearing through the earth. The five strands of sword qi intersected together and dispersed all attacks beneath their edge.

The two of them were locked in battle. One of them executed palm strikes that were violent like the ocean, and it was overbearing and fierce; the other executed fierce and murderous sword qi that shot into the surroundings, and they were locked tightly in battle.

The spectators were able to clearly notice that the aftershock from their battle actually caused the training arena to be shaken to the point of trembling and droning without end. Immortal Force raged endlessly within it, causing it to be like a dazzling and resplendent volcano that was on the verge of erupting, and it cast the heavens and the earth into a shade.

The spectators in the surroundings were unable to take in all their eyes saw since a long time ago, and their minds were shaken.

Yin Wanxun was extremely strong, strong beyond all doubt. He who’d advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm was many stages above Chen Xi, and he’d even grasped an ultimate immortal art of the Yin Clan. Such strength was sufficient for him to charge into the top hundred ranks of the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

Most people looked extremely favorably upon him in this battle. After all, even though his opponent’s combat strength was heaven-defying, his opponent was only at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm in the end, and this was his opponent’s greatest weakness.

But never had they imagined that as soon as the battle erupted, Yin Wanxun was actually unable to gain any advantage, and it seemed like they were equally matched!

“Even though this fellow has advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, his combat strength has actually more than doubled. He’s simply a freak!” Everyone was astounded in their hearts. It was truly difficult for them to imagine how a young man at the Heavenly Immortal Realm could possibly possess such an unimaginable combat strength.

“Needless to say, you’re a genius in the path of immortality. Unfortunately, the greater a genius one is, the easier it is for one to die early because you’ve offended my Yin Clan!” During the battle, Yin Wanxun suddenly let out a long howl while his entire body was suffused with surging waves. He seemed as if he was possessed by the god of water, and he revealed an imposing aura while his might rose violently once more.

At the same time, a thick, blunt, and pitch black sabre appeared in his hand. The saber was 1.3m in length and had the width of a palm., and it was branded with numerous dense and profound patterns. As soon as it appeared, it emanated a horrifying, vicious, and bloodthirsty aura, and it caused Yin Wanxun’s imposing aura to become even more violent and formidable.

“The Soul Severing Mountainsmasher, a high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact. It’s a ferocious weapon that was supposedly tempered and refined by an ancestor of the Yin Clan in the Bloodland of Sinners, and he used the souls and fierce aura of eight thousand sinners to refine it. Nine levels of strength are sealed within it. I wonder how many levels of the seals Yin Wanxun is able to release.” In the distance, Gu Yutang evaluated with a light voice, and he obviously had a clear understanding of this ferocious weapon. 

“Yin Wanxun has only advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm not long ago, so he’ll at most be able to release five to seven levels of the seal.” Luo Zifeng added from the side. “Now, if Chen Xi were to continue fighting him barehanded, then Chen Xi would fall into a losing battle.” 

The nearby Gu Yutang nodded as well as he deeply agreed.

It wasn’t just the two of them. All the nearby experts had discerned this as well. Yin Wanxun was at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm in the beginning, and now that he’d utilized a ferocious weapon like the Soul Severing Mountainsmasher, he surely intended to defeat Chen Xi in one go without giving him any chance to continue struggling!


A sabre cry shock the heavens as it rose into the sky. Yin Wanxun held the sabre in his hand as he slashed it down at Chen Xi. The edge of the sabre was shimmered with a pitch black glow, and it carried a horrifying and icy cold aura as it emanated a sharp howl that caused others to shudder.

This strike carried a violent, unreasonable, unrestrained, and domineering might, and it practically vividly displayed the essence of the Dao of Blades.

The Dao of Blades was domineering, wild, uninhibited, and unrestrained, and it was a completely different path when compared to the Sword Dao, yet there was no advantage or disadvantage between the two.

Actually, every single Dao had no disadvantage or advantage from another Dao, and it depended on whether the user was skilled and proficient in the Dao.

Obviously, Yin Wanxun’s attainments in the Dao of Blades had arrived at a shocking height, so as soon as this strike was executed, it actually caused everyone outside the arena to feel a strand of horror. Their hands and feet felt icy cold while their minds suffered a great blow.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as well while his palms and fingers slashed repeatedly. In an instant, an entire hundred plus strands of sword qi had been slashed out. Every single strand of sword qi was condensed to the point of seeming to be material, and they were thick and vast. They emanated deafening and rumbling explosions as they collided with the blade qi from the sabre, and it shook the nine heavens.

However, this was barely able to resist the might of only a single strike from Yin Wanxun’s sabre!

“Little Fellow, reveal your weapon, otherwise you’ll die without a doubt!” Yin Wanxun roared with laughter in an unrestrained and complacent manner before he struck once more with his sabre in hand. He was like a war god that was skilled in the sabre, and he emanated a peerless imposing aura that was domineering and oppressive.

When he saw this, Chen Xi was clearly aware that he had to utilize his true strength, so he lightly spat out three words. “As you wish!”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when a pitch black, lusterless, and simple immortal sword had appeared in his white and slender palm, and it was extremely ordinary.

But at the instant it fell into Chen Xi’s palm, a sword cry that shook the nine heavens resounded through the sky.

At this moment, the Talisman Armament that had undergone a completely new transformation was — unsheathed! 

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