Chapter 107 – Grand Astral Palm

Chapter 107 – Grand Astral Palm

Fifth-Earth Realm!

Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking!

As he felt the pure and thick Fifth-Earth energy that ceaselessly flowed towards him and the Shaman Energy between his flesh, blood, and skin that rose explosively without end, Chen Xi instantly understood in his heart.

This place was obviously the cultivation sacred ground that the Master of the abode had prepared for his disciple!

No wonder Senior Ji Yu asked me to attain the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement before allowing me to enter. So it turns out that this Fifth-Earth Realm was actually a type of test and trial, yet was also able to greatly benefit the Shaman Energy in the body!

“Kill!” An explosive shout that was like a dragon's roar and like a tigers howl sounded out, Chen Xi’s feet stepped on the ground and his body seemed to have become rooted deep within the thick and heavy earth, and he’d flawlessly conformed to the Fifth-Earth energy and merged into one with it.

At this moment, he felt himself to have become the ruler of this earthen yellow colored world and was immovable like a mountain. Striking out with his fist caused a variety of shapeless whirlpools to be formed in the surrounding space, and with his fist as the origin, the Fifth-Earth energy, air, and light within 300 meters converged. It seemed as if this strike had completely sucked this area of space dry, and even space collapsed inwardly.

“Collapse!” He accumulated force like a drawn bow then exerted the force like a thunderclap. A fist print that was glazed and translucent flew out, emitting howls in the air that were like the tide, and it was like a savage wild beast that bit the eardrums apart. This was the explosive sound of tearing apart the sky that could only be formed when vast energy was condensed into a single point.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Bloody holes of equal size appeared on the bodies of 12 Six-Winged Sandworms that were in a straight line. Their expressions froze on their faces and they seemed to have not understood what had happened.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Right at this instant, Chen Xi had once again struck two punches out towards the space before him. Due to the sounds being too concentrated, it sounded as if there was only one ‘Pu,’ and in the group of Six-Winged Sandworms, two straight rows of bloody holes appeared at the same time.

Unparalleled penetrative force!

Smashing through like smashing rotten wood!

Chen Xi had only smashed out a mere three punches, yet 36 Six-Winged Sandworms had crashed onto the ground. They all had a bloody hole the size of a bowl on their bodies.

“Satisfying!” Chen Xi’s battle intent was like a hurricane that was piercingly cold and flowed freely. He felt his entire body was filled with boundless energy that was like surging floodwater that had been accumulated for a long time and needed to be poured out. Whereas the Six-Winged Sandworms that gushed over from all over had become the target for him to pour this energy!


Chen Xi started to go on the counter offensive and slaughter.


At the bottom of the vast and surging river, Ji Yu suddenly raised his head as a trace of a smile appeared within his eyes. “Good work, kid! You’ve finally comprehended the profundity of the Fifth-Earth Realm. The Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm, of Master can once more see the light of day!”


In his hand, the one meter long Seventhgold Swordbamboo emitted a chirr, and it seemed as if there was something alive wriggling within it.

“Eh, the comprehension ability of this little sword soul is not bad either, he has already started to fuse his soul with the sword so quickly…” Ji Yu lowered his head to look, layers of dark light oscillated on the pitch-black body of the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, and it seemed like ripples that rippled without end. “According to this speed, it will take less than half a year for him to successfully fuse his soul.”

“Roar!” A furry little beast that seemed like a lion, yet wasn’t a lion, and was covered in snow white and soft fur howled restlessly and uneasily in Ji Yu’s embrace. It looked eagerly at the Seventhgold Swordbamboo as a strand of shiny saliva flowed out of the corners of its mouth. Its mouth was watering, as it hadn’t eater for more than a year, it was so hungry… So hungry…

“Bai Kui!” Ji Yu’s hand pressed onto the infant Pixiu’s head, then he scolded with a smile. “When Chen Xi goes out, I’ll ask him to bring you along to eat all the treasures in the world and satisfy your gluttony!”

“Wuwu~” Bai Kui stretched out his white and tender little tongue to lick Ji Yu’s palm before crying out in delight. Obviously, he’d understood Ji Yu’s words and was extremely intelligent.


On his back, the mysterious Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking was suffused by a misty earthen yellow sheen, and the Fifth-Earth energy in the heaven and the earth continuously flowed into it. Then it transformed into powerful Fifth-Earth Shaman Energy that howled within Chen Xi’s blood, flesh, and skin.

Under these circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t have to consider his defense, and the Grand Collapsing Fist was executed by him to become even more swift and fierce, and its might was naturally stronger.




Batch after batch of Six-Winged Sandworms fell onto the ground, when swept through by the fist prints that were condensed to the limit, it was simply like sweeping through dry leaves and it crushed everything.

“It’s too formidable. No wonder it’s said that between cultivators of the same cultivation, the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement crushed all cultivators in the School of Qi Refinement!” Chen Xi became more and more excited, and he even felt that when he smashed out with his fist, even a Golden Hall Realm cultivator wouldn’t dare bear the brunt of it!

Time flew by. Chen Xi was like an invincible master that was immersed in battle, and he’d completely forgotten the time and everything else in his surroundings.

After an unknown period of time.

“No more?” Chen Xi raised his head in disappointment before looking at the surroundings, yet it was quiet, deathly silent, and there wasn’t a single Six-Winged Sandworm in the earthen yellow world. It was even to the extent that the severed limbs and remains on the ground had vanished already, and the heaven and earth were still boundless with thick earth that stretched out continuously. It was exactly alike to when he first came in.


It was at this moment that a wave of strange buzzing sounded out in the heaven and earth, and the thick earth on the ground shot out from the ground to converge together, and it instantly condensed into an enormous figure that was almost 33km in height. The figure wore linen clothes and had bare feet, and had long hair that draped across his shoulder. As the figure stood in the heaven and earth, the figure’s body was ancient and magnificent, emitting a wave of desolate aura that was shocking.

An earthen yellow halo that was 7 hectares in size and emitted a myriad of tiny lights was condensed atop his head, and the halo was like an exceedingly enormous talisman. The stones, stars, ground, mountains… Everything in the talisman revolved eternally like the orbit of stars, seeming to be slow, yet the scenes changed a myriad of times within an instant, changing in countless ways!

When faced with this enormous 33km tall figure, a tiny feeling like that of an ant arose unconsciously within Chen Xi’s heart as boundless reverence was born involuntarily. He wished for nothing more than to prostrate himself on the ground and kowtow.

It was at this moment that a similar figure surged out with a bang within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, and besides the scene surrounding the figure being different, it was exactly similar to the figure before his eyes.

The two figures seemed to raise their heads at the same time while being a myriad of years apart and looked at each other from afar, and at the instant their gazes met, a miraculous thing occurred.


It seemed as if the heavens and earth were collapsing, and Chen Xi felt as if his entire soul was shuddering and roaring as strands of ancient thoughts seemed like a great river as it surged into his soul before fusing into Chen Xi’s memories.

“The impartment has begun.” At the bottom of the river, Ji Yu raised his head, his gaze was distant as if he could see everything within the Fifth-Earth Realm, and his expression was complicated, seeming to be gratified, seeming to be in anticipation, and seeming to be feeling grief. “Grand Astral Palm, a million years have passed, I wonder if anyone still remembers this Divine Ability now…”

His soul was trembling and stretching, and his consciousness had become obscure and blurred. Chen Xi felt as if he’d arrived at a boundlessly vast starry sky. The array of stars were like a river that emitted a chilly radiance, and it flowed according to a profound orbit and seemed to be eternally undying.

Suddenly, as if it was sucked by a terrifying energy that came from the chaotic time when the earth was formed, the stars that covered the sky left their fixed orbit to converge and fuse. They formed an enormous palm that blotted out the heavens and the earth as a myriad of stars converged within the palm, the striations on the palm was their circulation orbit, and they fluttered about… It was vast and mysterious.

A single hand that covered the heavens!

This enormous hand that was condensed from a myriad of stars slapped downwards, the innumerable towering mountains and vast rivers shattered into ash, the boundless sea withered and dried up, the perpetually vast earth shattered and was obliterated, and numerous 50 million km long rifts were ripped open in space…


The entire world was obliterated and vanished under this palm!

Chen Xi forgot to breathe, his scalp went numb, and he felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit. The scene before his eyes caused infinite shock within Chen Xi’s heart.


A chilly ray of starlight directly flew towards Chen Xi, then a bright light flashed as if a flicker, and it vanished without a trace. Whereas on the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking on his back, an extremely tiny pattern that was difficult to find with the naked eye had appeared, and the markings of the pattern seemed to connect perfectly with the shaman markings.

“The Grand Dao is profound and Divine Abilities are born from nature, born from deriving the boundless secrets of the heavens. Is it good fortune? Or is it misfortune? To comprehend the Heaven’s Dao, one must stay true to one’s heart. Cultivate diligently and bitterly, and not let go of one’s heart that yearns for the Dao…” The voice was resonant and clear as the morning bell in a monastery as it resounded out in the heavens and the earth, and it became indistinct as it silently vanished.

Chen Xi’s entire body shook as he suddenly awoke from the strange state.

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth held a smile. His appearance was serene, seeming to have been given a timely warning and suddenly felt refreshed. He sat cross-legged on the ground as pieces of obscure and profound words and numerous lifelike scenes gushed out from his sea of consciousness.

Grand Astral Palm!

First level — Fifth-Earth Realm.

Second level — Second-Wood Realm.

Third level — Seventh-Gold Realm.

Fourth level — Third-Fire Realm.

Fifth level — Tenth-Water Realm.

There were a total of nine levels, but, Chen Xi was only able to see the cultivation technique for the first level, the Fifth-Earth Realm. The remaining eight levels were obstructed by a shapeless restriction that caused his vision to blur and be unable to see anything clearly.

However, being able to obtain the inheritance of the Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm, had already caused Chen Xi to be exceedingly excited, and he didn’t delay in the slightest before sitting down cross-legged and diligently studying and comprehending it.

Divine Abilities were extremely vast, and Techniques were boundless.

Divine Abilities were the method used by the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement to attain the Dao, whereas Techniques were instead the method used by the School of Qi Refinement to attain the Dao. The two were on different paths, yet reached the same goal by different means, and they both pointed straight towards the source of the Grand Dao.

The School of Fiendgod Body Refinement used the body as a furnace of the heavens and the earth, and it deemed that the body was formed from tiny apertures. Every tiny aperture was a tiny universe that contained the heavens and the earth, and developing the worlds would allow them to become almighty. It was similar to the Buddhist principle, every grain of sand is another world.

Body Refinement was to rely on the myriad of things in the world to open the tiny apertures in the body and condense a variety of shaman markings. Thereby possessing supreme Divine Abilities to blaze the heavens and obliterate the earth, to overturn rivers and seas, pluck the stars from the sky, and swallow the sun. For example, the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts relied on the baleful qi of the stars in the universe to temper the body and open the tiny apertures before condensing star diagram shaman markings.

The Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking Chen Xi condensed on his back know was tempered from the Fifth Earthstar’s baleful qi, and it was able to collect Shaman Energy between the flesh, blood, and skin.

At its source, Shaman Energy was actually a type of advancement of the body’s strength.

Whereas the Divine Techniques were a type of profound method of utilizing Shaman Energy with the body as the foundation.

After he recalled the cultivation technique of the first level of the Grand Astral Palm once more and confirmed he didn’t make any mistakes, Chen Xi started to cultivate.

The Shaman Energy in his entire body boiled and howled between his flesh, blood, and skin, then followed along his arm to condense and circulate…


An enormous palm that covered an area of ten meters appeared out of thin air. The edges of the palm were like blades and it was entirely twined by a powerful earthen yellow airflow. Innumerable dazzling stars circulated without end in the striations on the palm, and they flickered between brightness and dimness. At the instant the palm appeared, a heavy aura like a towering and lofty mountain spread out towards the surroundings with the enormous palm as the center, causing layer upon layer of ripples to undulate, and the thick earth on the ground was even pressed down upon by this aura to the point it cracked inch by inch.


The enormous palm fiercely slapped down onto the ground, leaving behind a terrifying and enormous palm print, and the nearby ground even split open into cracks that were like spider webs.

When he walked over to look closely, the palm print that remained on the ground was simply like a five finger chasm, and it was at least 100 meters deep!

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