Chapter 1069 – Azure Dragon Ocean

Liang Ren had lost to Yin Miaomiao!

This news spread like a storm throughout the Southbridge Continent in less than a day, and it caused a mighty uproar while countless powers were shocked.

Under the effect of this important news, no one paid attention to Chen Xi’s victory over Yan Ping.

The reason was that no matter if it was Liang Ren or Yin Miaomiao, both of them were top experts on the Continental Ascensio Rankings that everyone in Southbridge Continent knew.

One was from the Liang Clan, and he was ranked in the third position on the Continental Ascension rankings, whereas the other was from the Yin Clan and ranked at the fourth position.

Regardless of which one it was, both of them were existences that stood at the top of the pyramid in Southbridge Continent. Yet now, Yin Miaomiao had actually succeeded in defeating Liang Ren to be ranked in the third position. How could this not be shocking?

Some well-informed people were even clearly aware that Liang Ren was prepared to challenge the second  ranked Gu Yueming before this, yet how could he have imagined that he would instead be suddenly defeated by the fourth ranked Yin Miaomiao?

For a time, topics related to Yin Miaomiao instantly rose to the limit, and it became the hottest topic in Southbridge Continent that everyone took delight in talking about.

At the same time, the matter of Chen Xi challenging Yin Miaomiao that day had been brought out by some busybodies, and they used it as comparison to Yin Miaomiao.

“What a clown!”

“Hmph! That fellow even said that Young Miss Yin Miaomiao wouldn’t have the qualification to challenge him after that day. He really has an exaggerated opinion of his ability!”

“He’s just seeking popularity by talking big! A genius like Young Miss Yin Miaomiao is bound to become another blazing sun in the Immortal Dimension. How could she be challenged by an ignorant fool like him?”

“Alas, he’s too young. Even though his combat strength is formidable and far exceeds ordinary experts, by the time he grows, Young Miss Yin Miaomiao would have entered a higher realm a long time ago. So it’s probably impossible for him to catch up to her in his entire lifetime.”

“Exactly. Presently, in our Southbridge Continent, only the first ranked Jiang Zhuliu and the second ranked Gu Yueming are capable of competing with Young Miss Yin Miaomiao.”

Discussions like this occurred in every corner of the 99,000 cities within Southbridge Continent. All of them laughed at Chen Xi’s for overestimating his strength like an ant that was trying to shake a tree.

On the other hand, Yin Miaomiao’s power and influence rose to the limit overnight. She was like a brilliant sun that caused the entire cultivation world of Southbridge Continent to exclaim with admiration.

Chen Xi wasn’t aware of all of this.

Even if he was, he wouldn’t care. Since he started cultivating until now, he’d never taken any rankings seriously, so how could he possibly care about such reproach?

At this moment, Chen Xi had returned to the private room, and he rested briefly before entering the world of stars.

He intended to enter into closed door cultivation and charge into the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!


The world of stars. A myriad of stars shined brightly and emanated strands of piercingly cold starlight.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged amidst them as he sensed the changes in the vital energy within his body. He felt strands of comprehension surging into his heart while his heart was calm like an ancient well.

The battle with Yan Ping in the Martial Emperor Domain had allowed him to completely grasp the strand of critical factor to advance. Now it was the time to completely digest the various comprehensions he’d obtained and charge into a higher stage of cultivation.


A wave of the rumbling of the Grand Dao resounded within his body, and it was the continuous striking of a loud drum or numerous mountains colliding within his body.

This was the change in the vital energy within his body, and it was a phenomenon created by the essence, energy, and spirit in his body while at their prime.

At the same time within the Blackhole World, the Dark Parasol Sapling emanated strands of pure and thick Immortal Energy that surged like a tide and rumbled through his limbs and bones like a roiling river.

When the Immortal Force in his body arrived at a saturated state and even caused him to feel slight pain from fullness, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to lead the Immortal Force in his body to charge towards the eastern side of his Blackhole World.

The east conformed to the wood element, and the Azure Dragon hibernated there.

At this moment, the originally hazy and blurry eastern area of his Blackhole World suddenly emanated a wave of violent fluctuation when the surging Immortal Force dashed over like a group of wild horses that had escaped captivity.

Moreover, along with the passage of time, this sort of violent fluctuation grew in strength. In the end, it even emanated a wave of rumbling sounds of shattering, and it seemed like the walls of a world were being destroyed.

This process carried on for an entire month!

If it was an ordinary expert at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, then after the expert grasped the critical factor to advance, the expert would be able to develop the Azure Dragon ocean and advance to the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm overnight.

But Chen Xi was different. His foundation was too enormous and deep, and it was over a hundred times greater than another Heavenly Immortal. This caused his advancement in cultivation to be much more difficult than an ordinary Heavenly Immortal Realm expert.

However, under the support of the Dark Parasol Sapling, all of this wasn’t difficult anymore.

Azure Dragon roar and transform into an immortal ocean! 

One month later, Chen Xi had a strong feeling of yearning in his heart, and he immediately converged the Immortal Force within his entire body without any hesitation. It was like he’d clenched his fist, and it fiercely charged towards the eastern area of his Blackhole World.


An enormous bang like the bang when the chaos was split apart to form the heavens and the earth resounded, and a boundlessly vast space was suddenly created at the eastern area of the Blackhole World.

Besides that, the Immortal Force in Chen Xi’s body seemed to have found a place to flow into, and it rumbled as it surged into the space, instantly transforming that space into a boundlessly vast ocean. 

An ocean that was formed from the convergence of Immortal Force!

In an instant, an indescribable feeling of comfort suddenly arose in Chen Xi’s entire body, and he felt as if he was floating.

He was able to sense that his Immortal Force was rising steadily at a shocking speed, and he was able to sense that his essence, energy, and spirit were undergoing a swift transformation as well…

It was the transformation of strength, and it was a completely different and new stage!

This sort of transformation similarly continued for a long time, and it only calmed down three days later.

At this moment, the scene within Chen Xi’s Dantian had changed completely.

The Blackhole World revolved endlessly with a profound rhythm. At the north was a vast black ocean, and the image of a Black Tortoise could be faintly seen to be floating within it.

On the other hand, another vast ocean had been created at the east. The surface of the ocean was green and overflowed with surging vitality. It seemed like if a seed was thrown in, then it would grow madly into a towering tree in a second.

It was the Azurewood ocean that developed vitality. An overwhelming and divine dark azure image of an enormous dragon whistled through the ocean, and it frequently rose from the ocean and emanated waves of dragon roars.

This expanse of ocean was also called the Azure Dragon ocean!

The intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm! I’ve finally succeeded… Chen Xi who sat cross-legged on the ground suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes surged with the dazzling glow of lightning and reflected boundless profundities. They were deep, clear, frightening, and seemed capable of seizing the soul of another.

As he sensed the obvious increase in his Immortal Force and vital energy, even with Chen Xi’s composure, he couldn’t help but reveal a delighted expression.

The improvement of his cultivation meant that his combat strength had similarly undergone a transformation, and this was absolutely a strong and powerful guarantee towards his effort to charge his way up the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi stretched out his right hand before five strands of sword qi shot out from the center of his palm and floated in midair. They revolved endlessly while emanated multicolored radiance that was peerlessly resplendent, and they were either extremely verdant, dark blue like ice, overflowing with golden light, heavy like a mountain, fiery red like it was burning…

These were five types of sword qi that contained the Laws of the five elements.

In the past, he was only able to execute them one by one with his strength at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, yet it was different now. With practically a command in his heart, he was able to execute these five strands of sword qi at the same time, and he still had strength to spare!

In this way, merely this strike would be sufficient to defeat Yan Ping… Chen Xi thought for a moment before he made a grabbing motion with his right palm, causing the sword qi of the five elements to suddenly converge together, and they formed a sword qi that was suffused with the aura of five Grand Dao while its might rose explosively once more!

The five elements had always been one, and they circulated and merged with each other, so the might they erupted with was much more shocking than when they were separated.

Chen Xi revealed a wisp of satisfaction when he saw this. He immediately spread open his left hand with the intention of trying to execute the strands of sword qi that contained the Laws of Yin and Yang as well.

Om! Om! 

Immortal Force surged from the center of his left palm before gradually becoming suffused with the energy of the Laws of Yin and Yang that were black and white. However, before they could be condensed into strands of sword qi, a bang resounded as they shattered into pieces and vanished.

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised by this at all, and he just felt slightly regretful. He finally understood that only by advancing into the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm would he be able to execute sword qi that contained the Laws of seven Grand Dao at the same time.

However, if I’m able to condense the energy of the Laws of wind, lightning, star, and so on and so forth before improving the quality of the Talisman Armament, then perhaps I’ll be able to further improve my combat strength… When he thought up to here, Chen Xi raised his eyes and glanced at his clone.

The various immortal materials that were piled up into a small mountain before his clone had been completely refined a long time ago, and all the remained was for him to refine the Talisman Armament himself.

Nevermind, it wouldn’t be too late for me to refine the Talisman Armament after I speak to Liang Bing. Chen Xi thought for a moment before he decided to meet Liang Bing first.

After all, the refining of the Talisman Armament couldn’t be completed overnight. There were nine Divine Talismans within it. Merely refining the immortal materials required no less than three months of time, whereas it would at least take five months for him to finish refining the Talisman Armament.

Five months in the world of stars was equivalent to a month in the outside world.


When he saw Liang Bing again, her face clearly revealed slight weariness, causing Chen Xi to be stunned. He faintly felt that there seemed to be problems weighing down on her heart.

“Right when you defeated Yan Ping a few days ago, Liang Ren lost to Yin Miaomiao as well.” Liang Bing didn’t conceal it from Chen Xi and said with a slightly depressed tone, “Liang Ren is my cousin brother and the existence with the most extraordinary combat strength in the younger generation of my Liang Clan. He’s someone that cultivated wholeheartedly and wasn’t interested with anything else. Originally, he intended to challenge Gu Yueming that was ranked at the second position, yet never had he imagined that he would be defeated by Yin Miaomiao, and this loss of his caused the morale of my Liang Clan to suffer a great blow.” 

Chen Xi was stunned, yet he didn’t know what to say.

Liang Bing seemed to be aware that telling all of this to Chen Xi was no different than complaining, so she changed the topic in the next moment. “How is it? Have you advanced?”

“Yes, I intend to enter into closed door cultivation for some time, so I came to notify you,” said Chen Xi.

“Good.” Liang Bing revealed heartfelt happiness when she heard this. “Go ahead and feel at ease while you enter into closed door cultivation. I’ve gathered some Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones lately, but the amount is far from being enough. I’ll hand it over to you once I’ve gathered enough.”

Chen Xi nodded and said abruptly, “Do you still remember what I said to Yin Miaomiao? I’ll surely accomplish it within a year.”

He turned around and left as soon as he finished speaking.

Liang Bing was stunned on the spot, and she stared at Chen Xi’s vanishing figure for a long time before her sexy red lips couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a happy smile.

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