Chapter 1068 – Coming For Vengeance

“You ought to possess a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Treasure. Why don’t you use it?” asked Chen Xi because he was slightly shocked that Yan Ping would take the initiative to admit defeat.

“I’ve already occupied a great advantage over you. Not to mention this isn’t a true battle, whereas my trump card is my Immortal Artifact, so I won’t utilize it unless it’s a life and death battle.” Yan Ping’s answer was very simple. As he spoke, he’d stood up and cupped his hands. “Even though I’ve lost, I’ve comprehended that critical factor to advance, and I’ll come fight you again next time.”

Chen Xi nodded and seemed to be lost in thought.

Yan Ping’s answer allowed him to realize that the Ascensio Immortal Rankings were only a ranking in the end, and it wasn’t related to life and death battles in the real world at all.

There were people that attached great importance to their rankings, and they would use all their strength to seize a higher ranking, whereas there were similarly some people that didn’t really mind about their rankings, and they’d come here only for the sake of tempering their strengths, so they wouldn’t completely reveal all their true trump cards.

For example, Yan Ping was the latter.

Yan Ping’s answer caused all the people in the surroundings to come to a slight understanding, yet they were still unable to guess why Yan Ping would admit defeat under the condition that both of them were on par.

Only Chen Xi was well aware that if they continued exhausting their strength like this, then Yan Ping would surely be unable to overcome him because his cultivation in Heart Energy had attained the Heart Soul realm, so in terms of ability to continue in a drawn-out battle, it was utterly impossible for Yan Ping to be a match for him.

The realms of Heart Energy were divided into the Heart Qi, Heart Core, Heart Soul, and Heart Infant realms. In the Mortal Dimension, the limits that the myriad of cultivators there could attain was the Heart Core realm. Moreover, only a small group of cultivators were able to attain this realm.

On the other hand, the situation in the Immortal Dimension was similarly like this. Cultivators had mostly condensed a Heart Core, yet very few were able to comprehend the Heart Soul realm.

As for the Heart Infant realm, it was a realm of legend that even Saint Immortals might not be able to attain.

Perhaps Yan Ping had realized this, so he admitted defeat in an extremely decisive manner.

Subsequently, Yan Ping’s figure flashed as he left the Martial Emperor Domain.

When they saw Yan Ping leave, all the experts in the surroundings returned to their senses from the various thoughts that surged through their minds. For a time, all of their gazes carried slight shock as they looked at Chen Xi’s tall figure on the arena.

This battle was a true battle between experts, and there wasn’t any falsification at all. Chen Xi had relied on his cultivation at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm to defeat Yan Ping who was ranked one hundred and ninety third on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and it could be said to have exceeded their inherent perception.

Everyone finally understood that all the rumors were actually true. With Chen Xi’s combat strength, he did indeed possess the strength to surmount a realm and defeat an expert at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

The clamorous voices that wanted to defeat Chen Xi to protect Yin Miaomiao’s reputation weakened greatly before this extremely shocking truth.

“I’m leaving. I’ll come back to fight another day.” Chen Xi turned around and instructed Liang Zhen. He’d grasped onto the critical factor to advance, so he naturally wouldn’t stay in the Martial Emperor Domain. Coupled with the battle with Yan Ping earlier had caused him to exhaust a rather great deal of strength, so if he continued to accept challenges, then a situation where he was unable to continue might arise. 

After all, he didn’t have the Dark Parasol Sapling to support him in the Martial Emperor Domain.

Liang Zhen nodded. “As it happens, I can go to the Yin Clan to collect the debt from before as well.”

Liang Liang chuckled and said, “Young Master Chen Xi, go on, leave this place to us. After you advance in cultivation, we can challenge opponents at a higher level, and your ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings will surely rise up rapidly.”

Chen Xi nodded and was just about to leave. Right at this moment, a loud shout sounded out abruptly from extremely far in the distance. “Who’s Chen Xi? Get the fuck out here!”

The scene was in an uproar.

The gazes of everyone shot towards the distance, and they saw a figure approaching menacingly from there. This was a robust and black clothed young man that possessed a cold appearance, and he resembled Yin Wanfeng slightly.

However, the imposing aura of the black clothed young man was even more formidable. As he flew over, he stirred the wind and clouds in the sky to the point of raging through the sky while he emanated a domineering aura, and he seemed extremely striking.

“Yin Wanxun!” Someone exclaimed with surprise as he’d recognized this person’s identity.

“So, it’s Yin Wanxun who’s ranked at the hundred and fifty fourth position on the rankings. He has probably come to take revenge for his younger brother, Yin Wanfeng.” 

Everyone recognized the person that had arrived, and they guessed the reason for his arrival.

Actually, it was very simple. Earlier, Yin Wanfeng had been infuriated to the point his soul was heavily injured and was forced to leave the Martial Emperor Domain. Now his older brother, Yin Wanxun, had obviously come for vengeance.

“Yin Wanxun is Yin Wanfeng’s older brother. He just passed through the Heavenly and Earthly barriers of the three mysteries, and he possesses a cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. He’s a ruthless figure that changes his mood at a whim.” Liang Liang’s voice transmission sounded out by his ear, allowing Chen Xi to instantly understand this person’s background and ability.

Meanwhile, Yin Wanxun had arrived here. He looked up at the three banners that hung in midair while his cold and fierce face was suffused with a ruthless and vicious aura.

After that, his gaze was filled with hostility as it glanced towards Chen Xi that stood on the arena.

But unexpectedly, Yin Wanfeng didn’t speak harshly and directly moved to arrive before Liang Zhen, and then he said coldly, “Don’t I have to pay ten thousand immortal stones? Come, this Young Master will sign an IOU!” His voice was indifferent and overbearing, and it even carried a wisp of ridicule.

Liang Zhen frowned and said indifferently, “It’s over for today. Please come back another day.”

“Oh?” Yin Wanxun’s expression turned even more indifferent as he glanced at Chen Xi once more, and then he grabbed with his hand to actually crush the three banners in the air above the arena that were condensed from Immortal Force, causing a rain of light to scatter.

Everyone was shocked. This fellow really is ruthless, ferocious, and unbridled like the rumors say.

Liang Zhen was still proud and cold as he glanced indifferently at Yin Wanxun and said, “Are you so anxious to take a beating?”

Yin Wanxun revealed a ghastly smile and a mouth full of snow white teeth as he stared at Liang Zhen with an icy cold gaze. “Don’t try to infuriate me, otherwise I’ll make living worse than death for you!”

“Idiot, what has taking a beating got to do with infuriating you?” Liang Zhen shook his head with an expression of disdain.

“Forget it, forget it. Let him sign an IOU, and he can come issue a challenge on another day.” Liang Liang mediated from the side. “He rushed over to take revenge, so you can understand his feelings, right?”

When they heard this pair of weirdos starting to provoke Yin Wanxun, the surrounding spectators were speechless. These two fellows really fear nothing.

Unexpectedly, Yin Wanxun wasn’t infuriated. He just glanced coldly at Liang Liang before glancing at Chen Xi, and then he nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll do it according to your rules.”

Liang Zhen was stunned. He seemed to have never expected that Yin Wanxun would be so easy to deal with. But he didn’t hesitate and withdrew the Floatinglight Soulcrystal for Yin Wanxun to imprint his palm on before Liang Zhen said, “Just wait. You can come over yourself when we reopen the arena for challenges. We aren’t responsible for notifying people.”

Yin Wanxun revealed a ghastly smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll always be waiting here, unless all of you don’t come back.”

As he spoke, he raised his head and looked at Chen Xi. “Young Man, I’ll blast apart your soul and make you a complete idiot when we meet next. So you’d better be careful!”

He actually didn’t conceal his thoughts, and it indirectly revealed how great his confidence was towards defeating Chen Xi!

Everyone was extremely astounded in their hearts.

Chen Xi smiled indifferently when facing this. “One can become an idiot from having their soul blasted apart? A really good idea.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi left the Martial Emperor Domain.

Yin Wanxun laughed coldly before sitting cross-legged on the ground, and he completely disregarded the surprised gazes that came from the surroundings. He closed his eyes and started cultivating, and he seemed as if he really intended to wait here until Chen Xi came back.

Liang Zhen and Liang Liang glanced at each other before leaving the Martial Emperor Domain as well.

Most of the surrounding spectators dispersed when they saw this. As they recalled everything they’d seen today, they couldn’t restrain the excitement in their hearts and left the Martial Emperor Domain successively.

It was obvious that it wouldn’t be a day before the battle between Chen Xi and Yan Ping would stir the Southbridge Continent once more, whereas the battle related to Yin Wanxun seeking vengeance would be spread swiftly.

“That kid’s natural endowment really is extraordinary. His cultivation will probably have improved once more when he returns.” In the distance, a young man with a feminine appearance that wore dark green clothes and had his hair coiled into a bun behind his head seemed to be lost in thought.

Standing opposite to him was a young woman in a fiery red dress. Her proud expression revealed a bossy aura, and she was exactly the eleventh ranked Yin Feng’er.

“So what if he advances once more?” Yin Feng’er said with disdain, “Cousin Brother Wanxun was already ranked one hundred and fifty fourth before he advanced in cultivation, and he has advanced to the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm now. According to my older sister, he possesses the potential to charge into the top hundred positions, so wouldn’t be an easy victory against that kid?”

Lin Shaoqi was stunned, and then he said with a smile, ‘Then I’m relieved. But if there’s any trouble, please be frank, Young Miss Feng’er. Even though it won’t be an honorable victory against that kid, yet I won’t decline.”

“Come, that little fellow isn’t worthy of you making a move against him.” Yin Feng’er glanced at Lin Shaoqi. Even though she was arrogant and proud, she wasn’t stupid. She was naturally aware that Lin Shaoqi was always by her side to help her because he wanted to enter the Yin Clan so that he could obtain a better chance at developing himself.

After all, he was only from an ordinary little clan, and it was rather difficult for him to be ranked in the sixteenth position of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, whereas if he wanted to make further progress, then he would undoubtedly require the support of a great power.

Of course, Yin Feng’er wouldn’t refuse him because the Yin Clan would naturally not refuse the addition of an extraordinary genius like Lin Shaoqi.

“Alas, what a pity. Truly a pity.” At the other side, the handsome and dignified Luo Zifeng that wore an embroidered marten coat shook his head and sighed without end.

“It really is a pity. A young man with such extraordinary natural talent was actually caught by the Liang Clan. I wonder what benefits the Liang Clan promised him.” The nearby Gu Yutang sighed with emotion as well.

Luo Zifeng glanced at Gu Yutang, and then he grinned, “Brother Gu, why do you say that? I heard that your clan’s Patriarch personally stood out to take Jiang Zhuliu as his foster son, right?”

Gu Yutang was stunned, and he said while his expression remained unchanged, “Oh, why did I hear that the Luo Clan is contacting Wang Youya who’s ranked fifth, Xuan Wenlong that’s ranked seventh, and Shui Lianting that’s ranked tenth?”

Luo Zifeng’s eyes narrowed and was just about to speak when a figure suddenly dashed over in a hurry, and the person hadn’t arrived when his voice already sounded out from afar. “Young Master! Just moments ago in the higher Martial Emperor Domain, the third ranked Liang Ren was defeated by the fourth ranked Yin Miaomiao!”

“What!?” Luo Zifeng and Gu Yutang were both astounded, and they exclaimed with surprise in unison.

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