Chapter 1067 – Four-Symbol Divine Fist

Both of them charged forward once more and were locked once more in battle.

They both exerted their entire combat strengths this time. Their hands were filled with the energy of the Laws, and the battle was extremely fierce.

Chen Xi’s palms fluttered about with formidable might. The Laws of Yin and Yang were shot out through the use of various profound techniques by Chen Xi. They either took the form of sword qi, palms, and fists, and they formed a mixture of the Myriad Netherwave Palm, Skycontrol Burial Sword, Grand Obliteration Fist, and so on and so forth. They shot out both horizontally and vertically while his imposing aura great greater as the battle went on.

On the other hand, Yan Ping’s expression remained unchanged. Only his eyes grew brighter by the moment. His moves were extremely simple and without the slightest flair, yet they were extremely ruthless. They went for the throat, the tendons, the bones, the inner thigh… Every single move struck towards a weak point.

The expressions of the surrounding spectators gradually became serious, and they held their breaths in concentration.

The art of killing!

Their battle styles were clearly tempered from countless slaughters and bloody. Their utilization of Immortal Force, vital energy, and even the energy of the Laws had been tempered to perfection, so it seemed to be clean, direct, and shocking.

There were no wasted words.

There was no hesitation.

Everything was so resolute and decisive, yet killing intent overflowed from it, causing it to be extremely dangerous. The surrounding spectators were bedazzled and exclaimed endlessly with admiration from this sight.

After a short moment, both of them suddenly split apart and stared at each other because both of them knew that they’d encountered a great enemy.

There were many more bloody injuries on Chen Xi’s body. But Yan Ping wasn’t any better. Even though the injuries on his body were few, yet they were much more serious than Chen Xi.

After this round of the battle ended, Chen Xi noticed that Yan Ping’s combat experience was abundant while his battle intent surged. Moreover, Yan Ping’s combat style was simple and effective. Obviously, Yan Ping had experienced countless bloody battles like Chen Xi to temper such a strength.

At the same time, Yan Ping became extremely vigilant in his heart as well. Never had he imagined that his cultivation which was three stages ahead of his opponent would actually be unable to give him any sort of advantage.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the next moment, both of them moved out at practically the exact same moment.

Blood sprayed without end while numerous injuries appeared frequently on their bodies. The entire arena was enveloped with their terrifying Immortal Force and energy of the Laws while afterimages tore through the air throughout the arena, and sharp howls surged like a tide.

“Again!” Chen Xi howled as his battle intent erupted like lava. He formed a sword with his fingers before an extraordinary strand of sword qi slashed out with a ‘hiss,’ and it was coiled with dazzling, sharp, and peerlessly fierce Laws of Metal.

Yan Ping puckered his lips while his figure was like a black bolt of lightning. His fist tore through the sky while cutting a horrifying arc in space, and it was like a bolt of lightning that descended from the sky.

Bang!Their attacks collided, sword qi and first force shattered completely, and then violent and strong winds rumbled towards the surroundings, causing the arena’s defensive restrictions to be completely activated.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to slash with his fingers repeatedly, causing numerous brilliant strands of sword qi to slash out. They were either overflowing with a flaming glow, extraordinarily verdant, heavy like a mountain, or vast like a sea.

These were sword qi that contained four types of different Laws of the Grand Dao!

When they saw this scene, the pupils of the spectators constricted while they felt astounded in their hearts. No wonder he was able to defeat Yin Hun while at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. Coupled with the Laws of Metal in the sword qi from before, he has actually grasped all the Laws of the five elements.


Yan Ping’s eyes grew brighter like blazing suns, and he didn’t retreat but advanced instead. His arms crossed as he struck out numerous profound and unfathomable punches.

These punches were powerful and overbearing, and they were like numerous primeval ferocious beasts that had charged out of an abyss. They let out imposing howls while their bodies were densely covered in numerous energies of the Laws of the Grand Daos.

“The ultimate inheritance of Cleariver City’s Yan Clan — Four-Symbol Divine Fist!”

“Hasn’t the Yan Clan declined, withered in population, and only exists in name?”

“He’s definitely a disciple of Cleariver City’s Yan Clan. The Four-Symbol Divine Fist can’t be faked. I never expected, I truly never expected this. If Yan Ping is able to grow into an expert, then he might be able to rebuild the Yan Clan’s former glory.”

All the spectators exclaimed with surprise as they’d recognized the Four-Symbol Divine Fist.

This was a peerlessly formidable immortal art that contained the Grand Dao Laws of wood, earth, fire, and water. Ordinary Heavenly Immortals were utterly unable to cultivate it because it was extremely rare for one to be able to grasp four Laws of the Grand Dao.


On the arena, sword qi and fists collided head-on, and it was like the collision of two enormous stars. Blazing light erupted while violent airflow shook apart the layer of clouds in the sky, and it caused space to wail while a raging wave of wind was created from the collision.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Amidst the dust and dirt that suffused the air, Chen Xi and Yan Ping both took ten steps back. This strike was actually on par.

“Very good!” Chen Xi couldn’t help but praise. A strike like this was sufficient to easily annihilate existences like Xiong Ming and Yin Hun, yet now, it was actually resisted by Yan Ping while not falling into a disadvantageous position. This obviously showed that Yan Ping was an exceedingly extraordinary opponent.

“You’re not bad yourself,” said Yan Ping while his expression remained calm as before. However, he felt extreme admiration in his heart instead. He knew very well that he’d actually occupied a great advantage in terms of cultivation, yet he was merely able to fight Chen Xi on par, so he had no choice but to feel surprise and admiration.

“I won’t hold back after this.” Yan Ping added.

Chen Xi nodded. “That’s how it should be. If I’m not wrong, you seem to be on the verge of advancing into the Mysterious Immortal Realm?”

“Aren’t you the same?” said Yan Ping.

“Yes, I’m looking for the critical factor to advance as well. Now I’ve found it. So long as I defeat you, it’ll be sufficient for me to grasp this critical factor.” Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly while his eyes burned with battle intent, and his vital energy surged while his imposing aura grew once more.

“Defeat me?” Yan Ping’s thin body suddenly surged with a wisp of imposing aura that was copious and deep like an abyss. He said calmly, “To tell you the truth, I’ll similarly be able to grasp the critical factor to advance if I defeat you.”

Their conversation wasn’t concealed, so it was no different than a thunderclap when it entered into the ears of all the experts in the surroundings.

The critical factor to advance! 

In the opinion of all experts in the world, these words were like a pathway that led to a mountain that was beyond their reach. If they were unable to find this pathway, then they would be unable to surmount the mountain and enter into a higher level.

But now, both of them actually said that so long as they were able to defeat their opponent, they would be able to grasp this critical factor to advance in their cultivation. How could everyone not be shocked and feel envy towards this sort of confident attitude they possessed?

Presently, Chen Xi was able to defeat experts at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm while he was at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, so if he were to advance in cultivation, then how much would his combat strength rise?

On the other hand, Yan Ping wasn’t much inferior as well. He was able to be ranked in the top two hundred of the Continental Ascensio Rankings in Southbridge Continent while at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. If he advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, then how much would his rankings rise?

Everyone was unable to imagine. 

On the arena, Chen Xi and Yan Ping entered into fierce battle once more.

This round of battle was unlike before, it was obviously even more intense and even horrifying.

Both of them practically exerted all they knew to the limit. No matter if it was the extraordinary sword qi that crisscrossed through the sky or the overbearing and powerful fists of the Four-Symbol Divine Fist. All of them formed layer after layer of terrifying phenomena that collided with each other and erupted with boundless light, and the explosions from the collisions could pierce through the nine heavens!

This battle even drew the attention of many top experts.

For example, the Luo Clan’s eldest son, Luo Zifeng, that was ranked sixth on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, Gu Yutang who was ranked ninth, Lin Shaoqi that was ranked sixteenth…

Besides top experts like Jiang Zhuliu, Gu Yueming, and Yin Miaomiao, at least thirty people from those ranked in the top hundred were present.

The reason was extremely simple, this battle held extraordinary meaning!

Chen Xi who was able to defeat experts at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm and Yan Ping who was able to be ranked in the top two hundred of the Continental Ascensio Rankings were both shocking figures that possessed the ability to surmount the limitations of their cultivations to defeat an enemy of a higher cultivation.

The battle that occurred between the two of them naturally drew the attention of others.

The battle grew even more intense on the arena while their movements became even more simple and ruthless. Every single attack of theirs would add an injury on their opponent’s body, and they were fighting a battle where they exchanged injuries.

Because both of them had noticed that if it was merely in terms of combat strength, then both of them were unable to do anything to their opponent, whereas if they wanted to attain victory, then the only way was to see who could last until the end!


Chen Xi’s face turned slightly pale while the battle grew even more intense. He formed a sword with his fingers and slashed out a strand of sword qi that was coiled with the Laws of Yin and Yang and seemed capable of reaching the sky. It carried a grand, fierce, and invincible imposing aura as it smashed down.

Some exclaimed in shock as they recognized this strike as the strike that defeated the Yin Clan’s Yin Hun yesterday.

Even though the others hadn’t witnessed that battle yesterday, when they saw Chen Xi had actually grasped the Laws of Yin and Yang besides the Laws of the five elements, they were shocked speechless.

Seven Laws of the Grand Daos!

In the entire Immortal Dimension, perhaps only the four great continents possess such extraordinary and shocking experts at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, right?

Yan Ping was similarly moved. He felt an oppressive aura assault his face, and he didn’t dare hesitate to flash out while the might of his fist rose explosively as boundless light suffused it.

One could faintly notice the images of the four divine beasts, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird floating within his fist, and they emanated waves of roars.

This strike similarly contained inestimable might. Even if it there were defensive restrictions in the surroundings of the arena, it still shocked many of the nearby experts to the points their faces went pale, and they couldn’t help but take two steps back.


Under the astounded and focused gazes of everyone, the strand of sword qi that alternated with Yin and Yang; and the fist that carried the divine energy of the four divine beasts finally collided in midair. A world shaking explosion arose, and it was like the first thunderclap that resounded when the world was split apart. It shook through the surroundings, and it was so loud that even the deaf were roused.

A blazing screen of light swept through the arena while violent airflow whistled within it. Space wailed as it shattered inch by inch, and it caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shadow!

It was truly impossible to imagine how the might of this collision came from a battle between two Heavenly Immortals.

Everyone was shocked and stared fixedly at the arena. In next to no time, the dust and dirt dispersed while the rumbling ceased, and the scene on the arena was clearly reflected in everyone’s fields of vision.

Chen Xi and Yan Ping were both standing on the spot just like before. Their countenances were pale and translucent while their entire bodies were covered in bloody injuries.

This strike was actually on par again?

Everyone was shocked and felt slight disbelief. Originally, they thought this was the final strike that was sufficient to determine the outcome, yet how could they have imagined that the outcome would actually be just like the previous collisions?

Just when everyone was surprised, bewildered, and were estimating how long it would take for the victor to be determined, Yan Ping suddenly sat down on the arena while gasping heavily for breath, and he said, “I’m inferior to you.” 

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked. What’s going on? Why did Yan Ping admit defeat? Could it be that there’s some sort of secret behind all of this? 

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