Chapter 1066 – How Great Is Their Enmity?

As one of the top figures in the younger generation of the Yin Clan, Yin Wanfeng possessed natural talent that far surpassed ordinary people. Even though his cultivation was merely at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, no matter if it was his combat strength or status in the clan, it was something that Yin Hun was utterly unable to compare to.

This was obvious from his ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

Yin Wanfeng was ranked at the hundred and ninety ninth position, whereas Yin Hun was over three hundred in position.

The superior party amongst them was obvious.

Even though Yin Wanfeng was far inferior to Yin Feng’er who was ranked eleventh or Yin Miaomiao that was ranked fourth, he was still an extraordinary expert.

In the past, merely his identity and combat strength allowed him to do as he pleased and receive the admiration of all. He could be said to obtain everything he wanted, so when had he ever suffered such humiliation?

Moreover, when had the Yin Clan disciples of the past been called an idiot in public? 

Yin Wanfeng was extremely furious and humiliated, causing blood to rush to his head while he stared angrily and gnashed his teeth as he pointed at Liang Zhen. “You dare humiliate my Yin Clan? You’re dead!”

Liang Zhen frowned and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Did I humiliate your Yin Clan? Idiot!”

“You wouldn’t dare…” The rage in Yin Wanfeng’s chest calmed slightly when he heard the first half of Liang Zhen’s sentence, yet when he heard the last word Liang Zhen said, his face instantly flushed red like flames while his eyes almost split apart, and his head almost exploded. “You! You! You actually dare…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted with an impatient wave of a hand by Liang Zhen. “What? Do you want to issue a challenge or not? I’ve never seen such an idiot like you.”

Idiot… He called me an idiot again…

Yin Wanfeng was angered to the point he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his entire body trembled. Never had he imagined that they would disregard their bearing like this, and never had he imagined that he would be called an idiot repeatedly and be angered to the point of being on the verge of going berserk.

“Alas, Young Master Yin Wanfeng, Liang Zhen’s way of speaking is slightly unpleasant, don’t take it to heart. Just think about it, since you desire to challenge my Young Master Chen Xi, then could it be that you can’t even produce ten thousand immortal stones? This isn’t like you.”

The nearby Liang Liang chuckled as he mediated. But as he finished speaking, his face carried a doubtful expression while his tone carried a wisp of sarcasm.

The surrounding spectators felt extreme disdain in their hearts when they saw this. This Liang Zhen and Liang Liang are absolutely doing it intentionally. One of them is icy cold and proud, and he called Yin Wanfeng an idiot repeatedly; the other is wretched, sly, and puts up a farce. They’re simply a pair of weirdos.

“You…actually dare to say that I’m unable to produce ten thousand immortal stones?” Yin Wanfeng’s flushed face turned livid and ashen while his entire figure swayed. Obviously, he was infuriated.

“Are you able to produce it?” Liang Liang had a doubtful expression.

“Of course I’m…” Yin Wanfeng stretched out his hand with the intention of withdrawing his storage pouch, but his hand froze there on the spot in the next moment, and he had a stunned expression. This is the fucking Martial Emperor Domain, so how could storage treasures possibly be brought in!?

“Are you able to produce it?” Liang Liang asked once more with an even more doubtful expression.

The veins on Yin Wanfeng’s forehead bulged, and he couldn’t refrain from roaring in a grim voice. “Bastard! Why don’t you produce an immortal stone in the Martial Emperor Domain for me to see!? It looks to me that you set up this lousy rule because you’re obviously afraid of my Yin Clan! You’re intentionally disallowing us from challenging that fellow!”

Liang Liang chuckled and remained indifferent as he sighed lightly. “Young Master Yin Wanfeng, no wonder Liang Zhen called you an idiot. You can’t produce immortal stones, but you can write an IOU.”


There’s actually such a method!

Yin Wanfeng’s eyes opened wide. This isn’t the fucking actions of an expert on the Continental Ascensio Rankings. Even unscrupulous merchants wouldn’t dare act in this way, right?

“Come over and imprint your palm here. Once we return to the outside world, we’ll head to your Yin Clan to collect your debt.” Liang Zhen withdrew a glowing and lustrous cattail leaf fan sized piece of jade.

Yin Wanfeng was stunned. What is this thing? It can actually be brought into the Martial Emperor Domain like Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts?

“Floatinglight Soulcrystal. This is something my Eldest Young Miss lent from the Martial Soul Hall with great difficulty. All you have to do is imprint your palm on it, and the IOU will be in effect. It’s very effective you know, and it’s almost impossible to repudiate your debt.” Liang Liang explained from the side in an extremely kind manner.

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched slightly when they saw this. These two bastards really made sufficient preparation!

In the outside world, Yin Wanfeng was naturally able to produce ten thousand immortal stones with his identity. But he felt extremely humiliated to challenge Chen Xi by writing an IOU, and his expression changed indeterminately.

“Alright, I’ll do it!” In the end, Yin Wanfeng accepted it with an extremely grievous and livid expression. His entire body was filled with boundless flames of rage as he roared loudly in his heart. Once I ascend the arena, I’ll fucking torture that Chen Xi to death!

“Alright, you can wait at the side.” Liang Zhen glanced at the palm print on the Floatinglight Soulcrystal and ensured that it was clear and accurate before he nodded.

Yin Wanfeng was stunned and said with a grim voice, “What do you mean by wait at the side? I’ve already signed an IOU, so could it be that I still don’t have the qualification to challenge Chen Xi?”

“Calm your anger, calm your anger.” Liang Liang chuckled at the side. “Even you said so, Young Master Yin Wanfeng. It’s only the qualification to challenge Chen Xi. As for whether you’re able to battle my Young Master Chen Xi, that’s a completely different thing. If you don’t believe me, then look at that banner.” As he spoke, he pointed up into the air.

“If you’re unworthy, then you’re unworthy. Chen Xi determines your worthiness…” Yin Wanfeng followed along Liang Liang’s finger and looked over, and he unconsciously read out the content of the banner.

After that, his expression gradually became unsightly while the flames of rage in his chest rose uncontrollably, causing his aura to become violent and fall to the verge of going berserk.

Motherfucker! You’re going too far! 

Isn’t it just a challenge? They called me an idiot then made my sign an IOU, yet it’s actually not over!?

“AH!!!! AH!!!!! AH!!!!!” His roars were filled with rage while he raised his head and roared with bloodshot eyes. In all these years, when have I ever been played? No, never!

This won’t do! I must kill these two damnable bastards!

In the next moment, Yin Wanfeng stared fixedly at Liang Liang while his breathing became heavy, and his battle intent surged violently.

The experts in the surroundings were slightly horrified when they saw this. This pair of weirdos are really too skilled at make a fool of someone to actually provoke this expert of the Yin Clan to such an extent! If this was the outside world, they would have probably been killed thousands of times over…

Liang Liang’s entire body trembled while he glanced very innocently at Yin Wanfeng and said weakly, “Young Master, these are the rules. Why be so angry?”

As he finished speaking, he even added kindly. “This is the Martial Emperor Domain, and you’ll be expelled if you make a move.”


Yin Wanfeng felt his entire mind buzz when he heard this, and then a mouthful of blood rose up his throat, causing his face to flush and warp before he couldn’t restrain it from spraying out of his mouth in the end.

In the next moment, his figure suddenly blurred before exploding into a ball of light that vanished into nothingness.

Every was astounded. He was actually angered to the point his soul suffered a heavy injury and forced him to leave!?

Liang Liang shook his head and sighed. “Alas, his cultivation in the Dao Heart is truly terrible.”

Liang Liang turned around and glanced at everyone present here before he chuckled. “Even though Young Master Yin Wanfeng has retreated without engaging in battle, since he signed an IOU, we’ll still personally go ask for it in the Yin Clan. Oh, everyone, please continue, don’t mind what just happened.”

Everyone gasped. This bastard actually intends to go collect the debt at the Yin Clan! Exactly how great is their enmity to do such a mad thing?

On the arena, Chen Xi watched coldly as all of this occurred, and he knew very well in his heart that Liang Liang and Liang Zhen’s actions were obviously instructions from Liang Bing for the sake of helping him vent his anger.

Yin Miaomiao said that he wasn’t worthy to challenge her.

Thus Liang Bing did all of this to give eye for an eye. Even though it was slightly unreasonable, Chen Xi was really grateful in his heart, so he naturally wouldn’t stop Liang Liang and Liang Zhen.

However, never had he imagined that Yin Wanfeng would be unable to endure provocation like this and actually withdraw from the Martial Emperor Domain in such an absurd manner that was truly slightly amusing.

Chen Xi didn’t desire this scene to appear once more in the subsequent challenges, so he raised his eyes and glanced at Liang Zhen.

Liang Zhen nodded lightly as if he understood.

In fact, with Yin Wanfeng’s example, everyone had realized the rules they had to follow if they wanted to challenge Chen Xi.

“Hmph! It was only a farce that isn’t related to strength or ranking.” Someone sneered.

These words could be said to be the voice in the hearts of most people.

“Do you dare to have a battle that’s open and above-board?” 

“Right, Young Miss Yin Miaomiao’s reputation tolerates no disrespect!”

The spirits of the experts in the surroundings rose as they shouted in succession. Most of them had come prepared, and they felt their strength was sufficient to deal with Chen Xi after they found out about Chen Xi’s strength and ranking.

Moreover, there was no lack of advocates of Yin Miaomiao that admired her to the extreme amongst them, so they naturally felt extreme dislike towards Chen Xi.

Before long, a young man with an ordinary appearance ascended the arena.

The young man was called Yan Ping. Surprisingly, he was an expert at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. However, his ranking on the Continental Ascensio Ranking was even slightly higher than Yin Wanfeng, and he was ranked at the hundred and ninety third position.

“Please provide me with your guidance.” Yan Ping’s figure was thin, his appearance ordinary, and he acted in a neither humble nor haughty manner. He had a composed style, and he wasn’t hesitant in the slightest.

The clamorous noise in the surroundings vanished without a trace, and it became deathly silent. Everyone had discerned that Yan Ping was an expert, and his composed bearing was absolutely something that had been tempered through countless battles.

He seemed to be extremely ordinary, yet this sort of people were actually the type that couldn’t be underestimated the most. Moreover, this was obvious from his ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

How could an ordinary expert at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm be ranked in the top two hundred?

Chen Xi nodded, and his expression turned serious as he said, “Let’s begin.”

In the next moment, the curtains to the battle were drawn. Both of them moved at the same time in a decisive, resolute, and straightforward manner, and they pounced at each other. In an instant, both of them crossed each other before returning to the exact position they stood at before.

Their control over distance and strength was already accurate to a degree.

Chen Xi lowered his head and glanced. There was a long injury on the side of his left rib. He’d been injured in an instant!

However, Yan Ping was the same as well. A narrow and long injury had been torn open on his abdomen, and it had been cut open by Chen Xi’s fingers that were pressed together to form a sword.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed.

Yan Ping took a deep breath.

The same thought arose simultaneously in their hearts. This is a formidable adversary! 

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