Chapter 1065 – Ruthlessly Crushing A Flower

Liang Liang’s voice and appearance were wretched, and his entire body emanated a wretched aura.

When they saw such a person nag constantly for a long time before them, it caused all the nearby experts to wish for nothing more than to bash him up.

It couldn’t be helped, this fellow really seemed as if he was asking for a beating!

“Are you fucking done with your nonsense? Quickly fuck off to the side. I want to challenge this ignorant bastard!” A robust man parted the crowd and glared fiercely at Liang Liang in a threatening manner.

Liang Liang chuckled and said, “You look like an extraordinary figure on first glance. But are you sure that your rankings on the Continental Ascensio Rankings surpass my Young Master?”

The robust man’s face froze before he said fiercely, “What? Those with lower rankings aren’t allowed to challenge him?” 

Liang Liang’s expression changed instantaneously, and he spat on the ground as he sneered. “Are you fucking kidding me? Don’t put on an act if you don’t have the qualifications. Move aside now, don’t affect the others.”

The robust man’s expression turned grim as he pointed at Liang Liang. “You dog! I dare you to say that one more time!”

“What? You think there’s no one capable in my Liang Clan?” Liang Zhen suddenly turned around with a gaze that was icy cold like a blade, and he looked over coldly. He was handsome, proud, and revealed the bearing of an expert, and coupled with the Liang Clan’s name, he possessed an extremely deterring force.

The robust man’s face changed once more, and his imposing aura instantly weakened before he muttered angrily as he turned around and entered the crowd.

When these words entered into the ears of the others, it instantly shocking them. Sure enough, Chen Xi dares to go against the Yin Clan because he possesses the support of the Liang Clan in secret.

“Hehe, why don’t I play with Young Master Chen Xi?” Meanwhile, a voice that was sweet to the bone sounded out, and then a graceful figure walked out of the crowd to appear before everyone’s field of vision. Her tight light violet colored palace clothes vividly drew out the curves of her body, and her ample chest was almost on the verge of breaking open from the comforts of her clothes, causing her to reveal an expanse of snow white skin.

Her hair was coiled up high above her head, revealing her snow white long neck, and a faint smile that was filled with allure hung on her face.

Everyone was slightly stunned.

This woman was like a tender and beautiful wild rose. She was warm, bold, and capable of melting one’s bones. The gazes of many experts started burning while some of the women in the crowd were filled with hostility, and all of them cursed. Siren!

On the other hand, Liang Liang started drooling from this sight while his wretched eyes glowed. He swiftly took a few hard glances at her tempting peaks like a hungry wolf, and he seemed as wretched as wretched could be.

“Fellow Daoist from the Liang Clan, your gaze is really scary.” The charming woman glanced at Liang Liang while her brows knit together slightly, and she had a misty gaze while she slightly straightened her body, causing the snow white lumps before her chest to shake and be filled with allure. It caused all the people present to feel their mouths go dry while their vital blood roiled.

Liang Liang’s breathing became heavy while blood almost sprayed from his nose, and he hurriedly chuckled and said, “So it’s the Illusory Water City’s Young Miss Nan Biyun. With Miss Nan’s combat strength at the two hundred and thirty sixth position and coupled with your peerlessly ingenuine immortal charm techniques, what would you be afraid of? It’s not like it’s possible for me to eat you up.”

As he spoke, he casually raised his sleeve to wipe off his saliva, and his movements were natural and skilled, yet his innate wretched aura couldn’t be concealed no matter what.

Chen Xi was moved when he heard this, and he faintly felt that Liang Liang seemed to be exposing some information related to this woman to him.

Immortal charm techniques? 

Looks like she’s skilled in shapeless attacks to the mind…

Meanwhile, Liang Zhen glanced at Chen Xi who was on the arena, and then Chen Xi stood up and nodded.

“Go ahead.” Liang Zhen turned around and glanced coldly at Nan Biyun when he saw this.

“Oh, what a handsome Big Brother. If it wasn’t for the sake of sparring with Young Master Chen Xi, I would really like to buy you a drink.” Nan Biyun smiled delicately at Liang Zhen with watery eyes that seemed as if they would overflow at any moment. It caused all the surrounding experts to swallow a mouthful of saliva in secret while their hearts burned. She really is a siren that’ll charm to death!

As she spoke, Nan Biyun had flown up lightly onto the arena, and her figure swayed while her beautiful eyes flowed with light as they glanced ceaselessly at Chen Xi.

“Young Master Chen Xi, I actually don’t want to fight you, and I just want to get to know you. Perhaps we’ll even be able to form some goodwill between us. So let me win later, alright?” She suddenly blinked her eyes while revealing pity and charm, and she was like a little beast that was flattering and begging for mercy from her master.

“No.” Chen Xi answered without any hesitation, and it was calm and direct.

Nan Biyun’s eyes instantly turned red while she revealed a wronged appearance. She stood there timidly while her fine and dense jet black eyelashes trembled slightly. It seemed as if tears were on the verge of falling from her eyes, and she didn’t seem like she’d come to do battle at all. She seemed like a lovesick young girl that had come to find her perfect match instead.


Chen Xi’s aura suddenly rose violently like a tempestuous wave that grew higher and higher. In the blink of an eye, it surged like an ocean, and then he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to slap out with his palm.

Since the instant she stepped onto the arena, this woman had utilized charm techniques, and every single word she uttered carried a shapeless and immaterial force that invaded the heart, causing it to be impossible to guard against.

Even Chen Xi was unable to avoid this sort of shapeless attack, and numerous illusions instantly surged into his mind. There were charming and tender women that wore light gauze clothes that faintly revealed their skin dancing about while whispering lightly with voices that were deeply moving; there was a charming scene of song and dance slowly playing out in an extravagant surrounding that was extraordinarily luxurious. 

If it was any other Heavenly Immortal Realm expert, then it would be impossible for the expert to protect his Dao Heart. The expert would probably be deeply moved, causing their vital blood to roil. Unfortunately, all of this was useless against Chen Xi.

His Dao Heart cultivation had attained the Heart Soul Realm a long time ago. It was strong as steel and untainted by anything. So using illusions against him was utterly futile.

Thus, Chen Xi made a move resolutely while his gaze was clear and firm.

Nan Biyun seemed to have been shocked and actually didn’t dodge. She raised her peaks high and moved towards Chen Xi’s palm attack. This movement of hers almost caused her ample snow white peaks to break out of her clothes, and they were suffused with a charming glow that was dazzling like ivory.

This scene even caused the blood of the experts in the surroundings to surge, and their eyeballs almost fell out.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when he saw this. Not only did he not stop, the might of his palm rose explosively instead, and it carried the might of a storm as it directly smashed down onto Nan Biyun’s ample peaks! 

This strike was so resolute, direct, and decisive that it had absolutely exceeded Nan Biyun’s expectations. Never had she imagined that the young man before her wouldn’t just not be charmed by her, he would even attack so ruthlessly.

At this moment, it was too late for her to dodge, and she could only raise her arms to block under this state of being caught off-guard.


The palm tore through the sky and arrived before her. Before it could even touch her body, the coil of hair above Nan Biyun’s head exploded open, causing her hair to become disheveled while her countenance turned slightly pale. Moreover, the winds emanated from this palm was so fierce and swift that it caused her face to hurt slightly.


Before she could recover from her shock, Chen Xi’s palm had smashed onto her right arm, and the violent and thick Immortal Force within it was coiled with the surging Laws of Yin and Yang. It directly broke through her defenses and charged towards her body. 

A strand of blood immediately overflowed from the corner of Nan Biyun’s mouth while her entire body was blasted back uncontrollably. She directly fell outside the arena with a dejected expression and a beautiful face that had turned pale.

Chen Xi could be said to have won this first match in an extremely easy manner. Nan Biyun hadn’t had the chance to execute any trump card at all before she was forcefully blasted off the arena. It was truly an astounding sight.

Yes, no one had imagined that this battle would end so quickly and so suddenly. Perhaps, no one had imagined that Chen Xi would actually be indifferent towards such a delicate beauty and directly attack so ruthlessly. He didn’t even hesitate in the slightest, and this completely exceeded the expectation of all.

This fellow! No wonder he dared to challenge Young Miss Yin Miaomiao! He really is a freak with a warped mind! He doesn’t even know how to be tender towards beauties!

The gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi more or less carried a wisp of a strange expression. They were very well aware that so long as Chen Xi hesitated in the slightest, then the outcome of this battle might have been completely different.

Unfortunately, Nan Biyun who’d subdued countless experts by relying on her charm techniques had finally failed today, and she’d lost at the hands of a freak. 

What a pity…

It really was a pity. Nan Biyun was able to rely on her charm techniques to become ranked at the two hundred and twenty sixth on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, so her strength was naturally unquestionably strong. However, she’d lost because she was too confident of her charm techniques, and it caused her to be unable to exert her strength before falling in defeat.

“What a ruthless fellow. Just you fucking wait!” Nan Biyun let out a sharp cry that was filled with hatred, and then she flashed and vanished on the spot. Obviously, she felt that she’d really disgraced herself today. She was unable to exert her strength properly before her opponent had seized the opportunity to catch her off-guard.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about this. He directly tossed these threats to the back of his mind because a loss was a loss. There was no luck involved. 

Others felt that the match had ended too suddenly, whereas he felt this battle was slightly boring.

“Tsk, this woman has such a fierce character, but I like it.” Liang Liang sighed while revealing an unfulfilled appearance. But in the eyes of everyone, they felt this fellow had become more and more wretched.

“Hmph! An unfair victory. Aren’t you ashamed? I’ll be the next person to challenge you.” Right at this moment, a gloomy voice resounded while a young man that was enveloped in blazing and surging flames that caused others to be unable to see his face clearly walked out of the crowd. 

“May I ask who you are?” Liang Liang’s pupils constricted, and he seemed to have recognized this person yet didn’t dare confirm it.

“Yin Wanfeng,” said the young man in an indifferent tone.

A wisp of surprise appeared on Liang Liang’s thin and wretched face, and he cried out. “Yin Wanfeng that’s ranked at the hundred and ninety ninth position?”

All the nearby experts were shocked in their hearts. Could it be that the Yin Clan’s experts are already unable to restrain themselves from making a move? 

The young man just raised his head proudly when facing all of this, and he crossed his arms before his chest while remaining silent. All he did was stare coldly at Chen Xi who was on the arena.

Meanwhile, the proud and cold Liang Zhen frowned slightly before he opened his right hand and gestured at Yin Wanfeng.

“Hmm?” Yin Wanfeng was stunned and slightly puzzled. What does he want? Could it be that he wants to talk to me in private and prohibit me from challenging Chen Xi? How could that be possible!?

Liang Zhen couldn’t help but roll his eyes and berated. “Idiot! Didn’t you see the words written on the banner? What’re you still standing there for?! Quickly hand over ten thousand immortal stones! Don’t waste everyone’s time, alright?”

Yin Wanfeng’s face instantly flushed red like the blazing flames that surrounded his body. In an instant, his mind had gone blank.

I was humiliated!

I was actually humiliated!

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