Chapter 1064 – All I Seek Is Defeat

Early on before Chen Xi had even returned from the Martial Emperor Domain, Liang Bing had already found out about everything. Even though she was restricted from entering the Martial Emperor Domain for six months of time, there was no lack of Liang Clan disciples there.

So she’d considered Chen Xi’s warning a long time ago, and she wasn’t worried about anything.

Even if Chen Xi completely offended the Luo Clan and Gu Clan’s disciple, Liang Bing wouldn’t care at all.

Because just a while ago, she’d talked with her father, Liang Tianheng. As the patriarch of an ancient clan renowned in the Dao of Talismans, Liang Tianheng’s opinion was very simple: Since a disciple of Oracle Mountain is residing in our territory, can we allow him to suffer any grievance?

Of course not!

Even though this was a rhetorical question, it undoubtedly vividly displayed Liang Tianheng’s attitude towards the matter — So long as Chen Xi was in his territory, then no one could touch a single hair on Chen Xi! 

Liang Bing didn’t tell Chen Xi all of this because she was clearly aware that Chen Xi needed to become stronger now and not be protected. So her guarantee was similarly very simple, and she guaranteed that Chen Xi could fight to his heart’s content and it wouldn’t matter no matter what happened.

As for the undercurrents that were brewing in secret, like the possible revenge of the Yin Clan, there naturally was the Liang Clan to deal with it. With Liang Tianheng managing the overall situation, there was entirely no need for Chen Xi to worry about it.

But Liang Bing didn’t know that there was actually no one who dared receive Chen Xi’s challenge later on, and she couldn’t help but laugh while bluntly displaying her ridicule as she said, “They’re just a group of worthless trash, and they’ll only be able to stay in the Southbridge Continent for their entire lifetimes. It’s impossible for them to obtain any great accomplishments.”

A group of worthless trash…

These words caused Chen Xi to recall how Gu Yutang called them ordinary figures, and he said in his heart, Sure enough, the point of view of experts at Liang Bing’s level are shockingly similar.

“But don’t worry, I’ll get two people to assist you. In the future, you only have to wait calmly for others to challenge you in the Martial Emperor Domain. They’ll help you choose your opponents, and you won’t have to worry about having no challengers.” Meanwhile, Liang Bing’s eyes lit up, and she seemed to have thought of an idea, causing her supple and sexy red lips to form a mysterious arc.

Not long after, Chen Xi met the two ‘assistance’ that Liang Bing spoke of.

One wore snow white clothes, and he was handsome, icy cold, and proud. He was called Liang Zhen.

The other had a pointed mouth, and he was thin like a bamboo. Moreover, his entire body emanated a wretched aura. He was called Liang Liang.

“This is Chen Xi, get to know each other. Your jobs are to help him select opponents in the Martial Emperor Domain.” Liang Bing casually introduced from the side.

“Young Master Chen Xi.” Liang Zhen nodded slightly while he remained icy cold and proud.

“So it’s Young Master Chen Xi, I’ve heard so much about you. Please take care of us in the future.” Liang Liang chuckled instead while revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth while flattering Chen Xi, and his appearance carried a wretched aura that made one’s hair stand on end.

This fellow’s existence caused Liang Zhen’s bearing to seem even more dignified and extraordinary.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but wonder how these two fellows that possessed entirely different characters and bearings had come together. Moreover, he wondered why Liang Bing would trust them so much.

“Alright, both of you go make preparations in the Martial Emperor Domain.” Liang Bing waved her hands to drive the two of them away, and then she turned around and grinned at Chen Xi. “Watch their display when you enter the Martial Emperor Domain tomorrow. I guarantee that you’ll be shocked.” 

Chen Xi was stunned. Liang Bing was good in every aspect, yet her only flaw was that she just loved to keep others guessing. 


Early in the morning the next day.

Since the moment he awoke from his meditation and walked out of the world of stars, Chen Xi clearly sensed a strong desire to advanced in cultivation, and he only lacked a final step to enter the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

But he just happened to lack a critical factor.

This sort of critical factor for the strength to take that final step, and it was impossible to determine. It was like so long as one was able to stab through that piece of paper block before one’s path, one would be able to see a completely new world.

I only lack a strand of attainment… Chen Xi took a deep breath and shook his head while restraining the impulse in his heart. He sat down cross-legged within the private room while holding the Martial Soul Token, and he’d entered the Martial Emperor Domain in the next moment.

As soon as he arrived, a wave of clamorous noise assaulted his face.

“He actually dared to boast so shamelessly?! It’s simply extraordinary disrespect towards Young Miss Yin Miaomiao! This fellow is too detestable!”

“Exactly! It’s extraordinary that he was able to defeat an expert at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, yet he actually dared to talk nonsense before Young Miss Yin Miaomiao! Motherfucker, if I encounter him, I’ll surely give him a good beating!”

“But…are you a match for him?”

“Hmph! I’m naturally not a match for Chen Xi, but this matter is related to Young Miss Yin Miaomiao’s reputation. I believe that there’ll be numerous experts that are eager to get this kid!”

“Stop making noise. Let’s quickly head over to the fifth level to take a look. There’s actually someone that’s offering a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact if anyone is able to defeat Chen Xi!”

“What? There’s actually something so good like this?”

“Come, let’s go take a look. Dammit, I’ve wanted to bash that kid up since a long time ago. Now that I’m actually able to benefit from defeating him, it’s naturally great news.” 


As he listened to this clamorous discussion and gazed at the numerous figures that tore through the sky and headed towards the distant training arenas, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned. In just a single night, it seems that everyone hates the sight of me?

But in next to no time, Chen Xi recovered from his shock because compared to the scene of everyone refusing his challenges yesterday, this was extremely relieving to him, and it even caused him to be faintly excited.

Having an opponent was always better than having none.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi felt he would be able to fight to his heart’s content today, and it was extremely likely he’ll be able to grasp ahold of that critical factor and step into the ranks of Heavenly Immortals at the intermediate-stage!

Without any further delay, Chen Xi flashed towards the distant training arenas.

While still extremely far away, Chen Xi saw that an arena on the fifth level was surrounded by numerous figures, and there were at least over a hundred people there.

On the other hand, a banner formed from Immortal Force had been hung on the sky above the arena — Chen Xi, 239th on the Southbridge Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings. All I seek is defeat!

The words were written in powerful and vigorous strokes, and they revealed a peerlessly unrestrained and domineering aura.

No matter how composed Chen Xi was, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch at this moment. Exactly…which malevolent fellow did this? 

Before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, his gaze inadvertently noticed another two banners, and one of them had the words — If you’re unworthy, then you’re unworthy. Chen Xi determines your worthiness.

The other banner had the words — If Yin Clan disciples intend to participate, then pay ten thousand immortal stones.

These words weren’t in a pair, and these statements couldn’t even be linked together, but Chen Xi understood them, causing his expression to instantly become slightly strange. Amongst those two banners, the first naturally meant that Chen Xi chose the challenger, and no complaints would be entertained.

The second didn’t need any explanation. It was obviously directed at Yin Clan disciples.

When the two banners were coupled together, they were obviously a form of counterattack towards the words ‘You’re unworthy’ that Yin Miaomiao said to him yesterday.

After that, Chen Xi finally saw the creators of all this. Surprisingly, it was Liang Zhen and Liang Liang.

These two fellows had somehow brought over a stone table and two chairs, and they sat upright before the arena as if they were to represent Chen Xi in communicating with all challengers.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood why Liang Bing would send them to assist him. Merely this was able to provoke those Yin Clan disciples to the point of going mad.

Coupled with the prize of a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact and the provocation ‘All I seek is defeat,’ he didn’t have to worry about no one challenging him even without the Yin Clan’s participation.

These two fellows are really skilled in provoking hatred!

Chen Xi laughed bitterly in his heart. This sort of method was indeed capable of drawing many experts to challenge him, but it was equivalent to making him fall into a situation where he was enemies with everyone.

Right at this moment, a figure suddenly flashed over from the distance, and a handsome young man appeared near Chen Xi.

The young man couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw Chen Xi, and then he swiftly pointed at Chen Xi and roared furiously. “Chen Xi!”

It was unknown where his rage towards Chen Xi came from, but this roar was loud and resounding, and it even carried an ear-piercing and sharp tone.


As soon as these words were spoken, all the clamorous voice in the surroundings vanished as it turned deathly silent.

Chen Xi was able to clearly sense countless displeased gazes sweeping onto him, and even he who’d experienced tempestuous waves couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable.

But in next to no time, he completely discarded the distracting thoughts in his heart. He glanced indifferently at the young man that roared furiously earlier before walking directly onto the training arena. Since it had already come to this, then he could only greet the battle because he couldn’t leave Liang Zhen and Liang Liang in an embarrassing situation.

After all, they were arranged to assist him by Liang Bing, and they’d exhausted great effort to help him, so even if this sort of method was a magnet for hatred, he couldn’t leave.

The young man recovered from his shock, and then his face turned pale while he felt extremely regretful in his heart. I only came to watch the show. Even though I really admire Yin Miaomiao’s beauty, yet it’s only admiration after all. How could I have allowed blood to rush to my head and offend Chen Xi?

“Chen Xi! This fellow actually made an appearance!” 

“He’s Chen Xi? I thought he would have three heads and six arms. It turns out that he’s so very normal.”

“I must bash him up this time. Motherfucker, he actually dared to disrespect Young Miss Yin Miaomiao. As one of her pursuers, I’ll help her vent this hatred!”

“All you seek is defeat? How boastful! Aren’t you afraid you’ll cut your tongue?”

“Hurry up! I want to challenge Chen Xi and kill this arrogant bastard.” 

Meanwhile, all the experts recovered from the deathly silence, and they started making noise. The entire crowd was excited, and the entire scene was instantly clamorous to the extreme.

Chen Xi turned a deaf ear to all of this, and he just sat cross-legged on the arena. He believed that Liang Zhen and Liang Liang would surely deal with all of this properly.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sure enough, in the next moment, the proud and icy cold Liang Zhen stood up and withdrew an enormous brass bell before striking it forcefully. The sound of the bell was like rumbling thunderclaps that shook the heavens and the earth, and it instantly drowned out all the clamorous noise.

The scene became quiet while every frowned. This fellow’s bell has a really displeasing sound…

“Hehe, all of you seem to be unable to endure any longer, right? But the rules are the rules. Want to challenge my Young Master Chen Xi? It’s very simple. Those with rankings that surpass him have the qualifications to challenge him.” Liang Liang stood up immediately when he heard this, and then he chuckled before he slowly opened his mouth. “Of course, it’s merely the qualifications to challenge him, and everything else will be decided by my Young Master Chen Xi.”

He had a figure that was thin like a bamboo and a pointed mouth, and he kept repeating the words ‘Young Master Chen Xi.’ He was extremely flattering and wretched, and it caused the brows of all the people in the surroundings to knit even more tightly together.

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