Chapter 1061 – Issuing A Challenge

Everyone was shocked, and the atmosphere seemed to be extremely silent.

They were very clearly aware that this battle would stir the entire Martial Emperor Domain very soon, and it would even affect the outside world.

A barehanded expert at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm had actually defeated a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert that utilized a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact!

Who could have imagined this would happen?

Chen Xi seemed to be rather calm when facing this. Or perhaps, he didn’t have the time to think about all of this at all. After he defeated Yin Hun, he stretched out and grabbed towards the Crimsonray Immortal Swords that fell towards all directions.

This was an entire set of Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts, and since those Yin Clan disciples had offended him, then it just happened that they could be compensation for me.

However, at the instant he made a move, a shapeless fluctuation suddenly enveloped over, and it was like an extremely icy cold stream of coldness that emanated a powerful and sharp aura as it actually easily blasted apart the might of his grab.

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted as he hurriedly pushed out with his hands, and he slashed repeatedly with his hands as if they were sharp swords. Only then was he able to slash apart this fluctuation of energy to the point of dispersing into nothingness.

But it was precisely this brief delay that allowed those sixteen Crimsonray Immortal Swords to swiftly transform into numerous rays of flaming light and flash towards the extreme distance.

This caused Chen Xi’s face to sink while his eyes flickered with arcs of lightning, and then he glanced coldly towards the distance.

He was clearly aware that even if he’d made a casual move, it wasn’t something an ordinary expert could go against, let alone disperse the might of his grab so easily.

The person that made a move just now was surely an expert, and it was an expert that Yin Hun couldn’t compare to at all.

This unexpected event drew the attention of all the other experts present here as well. For a time, all of them shot their gazes towards the direction where the Crimsonray Immortal Swords vanished towards.

“Fellow Daoist, since you’ve won, then why encroach on something that belongs to my Yin Clan?” At practically the exact same moment, a graceful and slender figure floated over from the extreme distance. She had light blue long hair that hung around her slender waist, brows that formed crescents and seemed like willow leaves, a fine nose, cherry lips, an exquisite and peerlessly beautiful appearance, and a blood red mole between her brows.

She wore black sheer clothes that fluttered with the wind, and she was cold like an ice lotus that grew on a cliff. She revealed a pure, solitary, and cold aura, and her voice was chilly just like her.

“Yin Miaomiao!”

“It was actually her! No wonder!”

“That genius of the Yin Clan? Hasn’t she always been tempering herself in the higher Martial Emperor Domain for the sake of charging into the top three rankings? Why has she been disturbed by such a small matter?” 

“Shh! Speak softly! Could it be that you don’t know the Crimsonray Immortal Sword is the Immortal Artifact she relied on to make a name for herself?”

When they saw the icy cold and beautiful figure that floated over, all the experts present were shocked and started whispering in discussion, and their expressions more or less surged with a wisp of reverence and fear.

Because that was an expert at the 4th ranking on the Continental Ascension Ranking and stood at the peak beneath the Golden Immortal Realm. Early on when she was still at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, she was already capable of defeating experts at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Presently, she possessed a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and her strength was so formidable that no one was able to estimate it.

Because besides Jiang Zhuliu, Gu Yueming, and Liang Ren who were ranked in the top three of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, there wasn’t any other Mysterious Immortal Realm expert in the entire Southbridge Continent that was worthy of being her opponent!

“Yin Miaomiao…” Chen Xi heard these discussions as well, and his eyes narrowed slightly. He similarly hadn’t expected that he would encounter an existence that was ranked so high up the Continental Ascensio Rankings the first time he came to the Martial Emperor Domain to train.

But all of this was unable to calm the gloominess in his heart. He was constantly annoyed by these members of the Yin Clan and was provoked repeatedly, yet now that he’d finally defeated all these bastards and intended to claim some spoils from the battle, he was obstructed instead. There was probably no one that would be satisfied under such circumstances. 

“I’ve heard of the matter between you and Feng’er. Feng’er was too mischievous. I apologize on her behalf and won’t pursue this matter again in the future. I hope you can forgive her.” Yin Miaomiao came over trippingly and swept her starry eyes at Chen Xi while revealing a proud and calm expression. 

Everyone nodded in their hearts when they heard this. Yin Miaomiao is an existence ranked at the 4th on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and she’s an heir or the ancient Yin Clan that’s renowned for the Dao of Talismans. With her identity and background, it really is extremely rare for her to personally apologize to a young man at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xi said straightforwardly, “So in this way, if I don’t accept your apology, then your Yin Clan won’t stop pursuing this matter?”

His voice was calm yet revealed a questioning tone.

This caused the hearts of everyone to jerk, and they said in their hearts, He actually dared to speak like that to Yin Miaomiao. This young man is really too arrogant. Could it be that he thinks he doesn’t have to fear Yin Miaomiao since he defeated Yin Hun?

“Then what do you want?” Yin Miaomiao glanced indifferently at Chen Xi while her expression remained unchanged, and her extreme calmness carried a proud tone of superiority.

“It isn’t what I want, but what your Yin Clan wants.” Chen Xi didn’t make any concession and said, “The matter was stirred up by your Yin Clan, yet now you intend to wipe the slate clean with a single apology? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?”

Everyone was astounded and almost didn’t dare believe their ears. Is he criticizing Yin Miaomiao?

“I originally came with good intentions and intended to resolve everything. After all, if this matter continued, then it wouldn’t be good for any party. If you don’t accept, then take it as I never came.” As she spoke, Yin Miaomiao shook her head and seemed as if she couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on Chen Xi, and she intended to leave.

“Stop right there!” Chen Xi’s expression was calm and carried a wisp of indifference. “Before the battle, the clansmen of your Yin Clan provoked me repeatedly, yet you didn’t make an appearance to stop it. Now that your clansmen have lost, and your immortal artifact was about to be lost, you interfered instead? Isn’t this going too far?”

The meaning behind his words was that — If I Chen Xi were to lose, then you probably wouldn’t make an appearance at all, right?

This made perfect sense, and no one could find fault with it, so they weren’t able to find an excuse to refute it. However, besides strength, was reason worth anything in this world?

Unless he possessed a strength and background that was on par with Yin Miaomiao. But this was obviously impossible, so these words were bound to be weak and laughable.

“Hey, Brother, know when to stop. Otherwise, you’ll offend someone you shouldn’t offend. Then no matter how great your natural talent is, you’ll be unable to escape death. Countless geniuses perish every single day in this world.” Someone couldn’t refrain from advising Chen Xi as he intended to make Chen Xi wake up and clearly understand the current situation.

“Exactly. Could it be that you intend to challenge Yin Miaomiao?” The others spoke in succession.

“Hehe! The Eldest Young Miss kindly and magnanimously intends to stop pursuing the matter, yet this bastard that doesn’t know what’s good for him is actually trying to take a yard when given an inch. If this was the outside world, he would have died countless times over!”

All the Yin Clansmen sneered endlessly, and their faces were filled with disdain.

Chen Xi was completely indifferent to all of these words, and he just stared at Yin Miaomiao with a calm expression.

Everyone felt that his strength and background was inferior to Yin Miaomiao, and his ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings was similarly inferior to Yin Miaomiao, so they felt that he should accept her apology and even be grateful towards Yin Miaomiao’s magnanimity of letting him off.

But all of these people forgot that this was the Martial Emperor Domain! A place to train!

If one had to train here while considering their opponent’s background and strength, then the Martial Emperor Domain would have completely lost its meaning because one could temper one’s self anywhere in the entire world, so what was the point of coming to the Martial Emperor Domain then?

This was absolutely not the intention of the primeval Martial Emperor, otherwise, why would the Martial Emperor Domain be restricted by so many rules to restrain others from causing trouble? Why would everyone here have no need to worry about death while training here?

After all was said and done, the Martial Emperor Domain was prepared for true experts, and when an expert disregarded the existence of the rules and only considered another’s background and strength, then that expert would lose all qualifications to become an peerless expert.

Unfortunately, perhaps everyone during the primeval times understood this simple principle, yet it was bound to pale before current reality. It was even to the extent that it was childish because no one would care about this sort of logic for the sake of surviving in the Immortal Dimension.

Was Chen Xi childish? This question was childish since the beginning.

He similarly didn’t believe that everyone could embrace and accept something just like him. That thing or perhaps it could be called principle was just like how the Third Netherworld Emperor’s lifelong pursuit was to allow the three dimensions to return into the cycle of reincarnation. He desired to make the sinners perish miserably and allow the good to be rewarded, and he wanted everything to return beneath orderly rules.

The reason Chen Xi didn’t believe that everyone embraced these things like him was because the current situation in the Immortal Dimension was cruel and realistic. Sometimes, even he had no choice but to be unreasonable.

This was reality. When it couldn’t be changed, one could only accept and use it.

But when Chen Xi started speaking about principles, then at the very least, he wasn’t afraid of the other party.

He was inferior to Yin Miaomiao in terms of strength, yet he wasn’t afraid of fighting her because this was the Martial Emperor Domain. Since he’d come for the sake of tempering himself, then so what if he lost? He wouldn’t die, so he could just make a comeback later, and it was sufficient so long as his strength could grow.

On the other hand, in terms of background, this seemed to be slightly laughable to Chen Xi. Even though he wasn’t sure exactly how formidable Oracle Mountain’s status was in the three dimensions, it was undoubtedly something the tiny Yin Clan was utterly unable to compare to.

It was even to the extent that if one considered it carefully, the ancestor of the Yin Clan, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun, was merely a Dao Attendant by the side of Chen Xi’s Master, the Master of Oracle Mountain Fu Xi. The Dark Emperor Yuan Xun didn’t even have the qualifications to become a disciple!

So he was confident and fearless!

“Going too far?” Yin Miaomiao really didn’t leave just like that, and she seemed as if she’d heard an amusing joke, causing a wisp of a ridiculing smile to appear on the corners of her mouth.

She glanced indifferently at Chen Xi and said, “As a member of the Yin Clan, I naturally have to protect the interests of my Yin Clan. Do you think it’s necessary for me to consider your feelings? I already regret being too benevolent to you earlier. So please don’t be childish. You’re inferior to my in all aspects, so you’re bound to have no choice but to yield, and you’ll die if you don’t.”

Chen Xi went silent for a long time before he raised his head, and he stared directly at Yin Miaomiao before he lightly spat out three words. “I challenge you!”

Every single word he spoke was resolute and decisive.

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