Chapter 1060 – Yin and Yang Sword Qi

Every single expert capable of entering the Martial Emperor Domain was ranked on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and even if it was only the Continental Ascensio Rankings, those capable of being ranked on it were top figures amongst their peers.

This caused the history of the Martial Emperor Domain to have no lack of experts that surmounted stages to challenge an opponent with a higher cultivation, and it could even be said that such incidents frequently occurred on the training arenas and was a common occurrence.

But an incident where a Heavenly Immortal at the initial-stage fought an expert at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm was extremely rare, and even if it couldn’t be said to be rare in ten thousand years, it was at least difficult to see in a thousand years.

After all, there was an entire three stages and a realm between the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm and the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

On the other hand, the usual battles where stages were surmounted usually had a difference of a stage between them. For example, an expert at the initial-stage going against an opponent at the intermediate-stage, or the advanced-stage going against the perfection-stage…

Even if there was an expert that challenged an opponent that was a few stages above in cultivation, it would mostly end in failure.

According to their knowledge, all those years ago, when Yin Miaomiao, the current 4th ranked expert on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, was charging up the rankings, she’d once defeated a perfection-stage Heavenly Immortal Realm opponent that was an entire three stages above her in cultivation while she was at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. At that time, this incident completely stirred the entire Martial Emperor Domain, and even the entire Southbridge Continent was stirred.

That battle was reputed to be the most unexpected battle in the last thousand years, and up until now, it was still frequently discussed with delight by countless experts.

Yet now, a battle with a great disparity in cultivation was playing out on a training arena at the fourth level, and it could be said to be rare in a thousand years. It instantly drew the attention of all the nearby experts.

There was no lack of experts that flew over from the training arenas on other levels.

Everyone revealed solemn expressions because an expert at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm had made a move and even utilized an entire set of Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts, whereas his opponent was only an expert at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. This caused everyone to be anxious and feel that it was worthy of their attention.


On the arena, Chen Xi’s expression was calm while his eyes surged with battle intent that blazed like flames, and the Laws of Yin and Yang surged like tempestuous waves around his body before converging in his palms before his palms collided repeatedly with Yin Hun’s sixteen crimson red immortal swords and caused a wave of deafening explosions to erupt.

The fluctuations from their collision was too strong, and it shook the heavens and the earth.

The most striking thing in the scene was definitely the Crimsonray Immortal Sword set that emanated crimson light that roiled like volcanic lava, and it surged throughout the sky. It was blazing to the point the spectators felt horrified to the extreme.

This was a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Sword that possessed extraordinarily great might. An ordinary Heavenly Immortal Realm cultivator would have been turned to ash in a single move, and coupled with his Mysterious Immortal Realm cultivation, the might it revealed was sufficient to cost most people to feel despair.

Even shocking than this was that the young man with a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm had actually resisted it with bare hands, and he was repeatedly colliding with the Crimsonray Immortal Swords head-on, causing clanging noises to resound and reverberate through the surroundings.

“He actually resisted it!” 

“This…this…this… Is this a combat strength that someone at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm can possess?”

“Even if the combination of the Laws of Yin and Yang can erupt with an extremely formidable might, his opponent is a Mysterious Immortal that possesses a set of Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts!” 

“Who’s this kid? Even if he loses this battle, the combat strength he possesses is so strong that it’s astonishing.”

“Hmph! The Yin Clan is really despicable. He’s at the Mysterious Immortal Realm in cultivation yet is still utilizing an Immortal Artifact. Does he know no shame?” 

The crowd discussed animatedly. Some were shocked, some felt disdain, and some didn’t dare believe their eyes. All of them had varied expressions.

“Hmph!” On the training arena, the yellow clothed young man, Yin Hun’s, expression sank when he heard the discussion in the surroundings, and he grunted coldly like a thunderclap. With a wave of his hand, the sixteen immortal swords converged and shot out violently in unison. They were like sixteen blades that tore through the sky, and a glow that was crimson red like blood colored the heavens and the earth.

He similarly had never imagined that just a fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm would actually be so difficult to deal with. Under the circumstances that he utilized the Crimsonray Immortal Swords, his opponent was still able to fight him equally.

This perception caused him to be completely infuriated. He knew very well that if he was defeated today by a little fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal, then it wouldn’t be a day before this incident would shake the entire Martial Emperor Domain. At that time, it wouldn’t just be his power and influence that was affected, and even the entire Yin Clan would suffer a blow to its power and influence.

So he couldn’t lose!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sixteen Crimsonray Immortal Swords tore through the sky and emanated a sharp howl that almost tore through one’s eardrum, and they emanated crimson rays of light that seemed like lava as they swept out with a violent and fierce aura.

Instantly, the hearts of the spectators went cold. What a terrifying attack. He intends to kill his opponent with a single strike!

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as his hair fluttered, and his arms suddenly stretched open as he shouted loudly. “Break apart!” 

His arms were covered densely with the Laws of Yin and Yang. As his arms moved about, an enormous black and white millstone appeared before him and started revolving slowly. It was like two enormous mountains grinding against each other, and it emanated terrifying rumbling.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Crimsonray Immortal Swords collided with the black and white millstone, and it shook violently. The millstone of Yin and Yang revolved slowly and didn’t suffer any damage. Moreover, it even started to crush the immortal artifact before it bit by bit.

Everyone gasped. This young man’s combat strength is too shocking! He’s actually able to go against a formidable immortal artifact with techniques without falling into a disadvantageous position. How horrifying!

On the arena, rays of flaming light shot towards the surroundings while two types of completely different methods of combat collided. It erupted with terrifying fluctuations that surged like a raging sea, yet it didn’t injure Chen Xi at all.

Yin Hun’s expression turned more and more gloomy. This Immortal Artifact belonged to Yin Miaomiao. Yin Feng’er had borrowed it from her older sister before leaving, and she’d handed it over to him.

Originally, he thought there wouldn’t be any need for it when dealing with an expert at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. How could he have imagined that even if he utilized it, he was actually unable to defeat his opponent?

The expressions of those Yin Clansmen changed indeterminately while their pupils dilated. They practically didn’t dare believe their eyes. Is this really a fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm?

They were clearly aware of Yin Hun’s strength. He was ranked at the 373th position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and amongst the younger generation disciples of the Yin Clan, his strength was sufficient to be ranked in the top thirty.

Yet now…

Could it be that this fellow’s combat strength is even more formidable to Eldest Young Miss Yin Miaomiao when she was at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm all those years ago?

How…how could this be possible!?

The expressions of the Yin Clansmen changed indifferently as they finally noticed their opponent’s strength was much more formidable than they’d imagined…

Chen Xi didn’t notice all of this at all. He was immersed in the battle and freely vented the battle intent in his chest. This was the training arena that was related to whether he was able to enter Dao Emperor Academy, so he wasn’t afraid of success or defeat. He only desired to temper his combat strength and improve his ranking on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.

As for who the opponent was, he didn’t care at all.


The black and white millstone that represented the Laws of Yin and Yang rumbled as its might rose explosively, and it grew taller and taller until it seemed to be on the verge of covering the entire sky. It obstructed the Crimsonray Immortal Swords from passed, and the immortal swords were unable to injure Chen Xi at all.

This was the strength of the Laws.

Presently, Chen Xi had grasped the Grand Dao Laws of the five elements, Yin, and Yang. His foundation was so deep that was an entire hundred plus times deeper than his peers. Moreover, he was able to kill the Mysterious Immortal Xiong Ming when he’d just ascended into the Immortal Dimension, let alone Yin Hun?

Up until this point in the battle, Chen Xi had noticed that Yin Hun’s combat strength was merely slightly superior to Xiong Ming.

Even if his opponent possessed a set of Darkspirit Grade Immortal Swords, and he didn’t have the Talisman Armament in hand, Chen Xi couldn’t be compared to the past!

“You’re too inferior, and your strength isn’t great even while relying on the might of an Immortal Artifact.” Chen Xi spoke with a calm voice, and the blazing battle intent in his eyes gradually vanished. This showed that his opponents strength caused his interest to reduce greatly.

If these words were spoken before the battle, then probably everyone would think he was arrogant, ignorant, and had an overestimated opinion of his ability. But now, no one dared to think in this way.

Conversely, a wisp of shock surged into their hearts once more because of what Chen Xi said, and they guessed in their hearts. Could it be that this young man hasn’t gone all out up until now?

If this is true, then isn’t it too astonishing?

“Bastard!!!” It felt like a myriad of swords piercing his heart when Yin Hun heard these words, and it caused his eyes to be filled with blood while his face warped. He let out a low roar as he fell completely into violent rage.

He couldn’t lose!

Absolutely not!

Even if he lost, he couldn’t lose to a little fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, otherwise he was bound to become a laughingstock and would be unable to raise his head high forever.

So in the next moment, his arms stretched open and moved about repeatedly. The sword qi on the sixteen Crimsonray Immortal Swords rose explosively, causing them to seem like sixteen rays of light that shot into the sky, and they shattered the surrounding space as they smashed down towards Chen Xi in unison.

This strike even exhausted all the strength in his entire body, causing his countenance to turn pale while a wisp of dense exhaustion appeared between his brows.

But this sort of exhaustion received an extremely shocking effect in return. The sixteen Crimsonray Immortal Swords seemed like numerous scorching suns, and their powerful might caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade. Everyone present exclaimed with shock while those with slightly weak cultivations were even horrified…

This strike was Yin Hun’s final strike of desperation!

However, the battle intent in Chen Xi’s eyes was still reducing when he faced this attack, and it wasn’t sufficient to stimulate his desire to fight with his life on the line.

He even felt that it was slightly boring…

He didn’t intent to continue with this fight any longer, and he formed a sword with his fingers before making a slashing motion.


A wisp of extraordinary sword qi surged into appearance. Half of it was pitch black like an expanse of an eternal night, and it represented Yin that was muddy and obscure. The other half was snow white like the day, and it represented Yang that was clear and brilliant.

Black and white fused together, Yin and Yang wove together. The sword strike that slashed out was like the first ray of light at daybreak, and light surged into appearance within the veil of night!


The crimson sword qi that covered the sky were torn open like rags, and the sixteen Crimsonray Immortal Swords shook violently and fell uncontrollably in all directions.


Under the focused and astounded gazes of the numerous spectators, Yin Hun was affected by this and was blasted out of the arena. He hadn’t descended to the ground when his figure exploded into pieces like paper and transformed into a rain of light that vanished in the air.

Everyone was stunned and felt their scalps go numb. Even if they were clearly aware that this was the Martial Emperor Domain and being killed here would only result in one’s soul suffering a heavy injury and not death, they were still unable to avoid being shocked and astounded.

Because Yin Hun had lost at the hands of a young man at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm! There was an entire three stages and a realm between them!

This was even more terrifying than the miracle created by Yin Miaomiao all those years ago when she defeated an expert at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm while at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. In the end, that was a battle between Heavenly Immortal Realm experts at different stages of cultivation.

But the battle before their eyes was a counterattack where a Heavenly Immortal surmounted a realm to defeat a Mysterious Immortal! 

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