Chapter 106 – Six-Winged Sandworm

Chapter 106 – Six-Winged Sandworm

On the vast expanse of ground, rocks and soil continued without end, and the entire heaven and earth was a misty earthen yellow. Chen Xi stepped on the ground and as he felt the heavy feeling that came from beneath his feet, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. What dense Fifth-Earth energy.

This place is the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials? Chen Xi glanced all around, and suddenly, an aged and clear voice sounded in his ears.

“Fifth-Earth Realm!”

“Persist for three hours under the siege of Six-Winged Sandworms!”

“The more Six-Winged Sandworms that are killed, the more rewards that shall be obtained!”

“One who has cultivated the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts, you can acquire my Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm, if you’re able to kill 9,900 Six-Winged Sandworms with your Fifth-Earth Shaman Energy!”

Grand Astral Palm? Chen Xi’s heart thumped.

After one of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement cultivated Shaman Energy, one could cultivate various extremely terrifying Divine Abilities that were able to manipulate anything in the world and possesses exceedingly great might. For example, Heavenly Transformation, Mountain Transforming Fist, and Glazed Goldbody were all great Divine Abilities that were well-renowned!

The last sentence that voice from before spoke was obviously for me. Right, I’ve cultivated the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts, and it is equivalent to possessing the qualifications to inherit the mantle of Senior Fuxi. Unlike the other cultivators that trespassed into the abode, I will only be knocked down within the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials and don’t have to worry about losing my life… Chen Xi swiftly thought about all the information he obtained from Ji Yu. Since it’s like this, then I’ll go for it. No matter how formidable the Six-Winged Sandworms are, I must at least fight until the end and fight until I’m exhausted. I must obtain that Grand Astral Palm Divine Ability!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Eight Netherezim Flying Swords appeared out of thin air to hover around Chen Xi, and they swam about as they flickered with sword aura. I have no knowledge of the Six-Winged Sandworms now, so I’ll first kill them with sword techniques, and once I’ve clearly found out the flaws of these fellows, I’ll use Shaman Energy…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The moment when Chen Xi was pondering, a wave of dense footsteps that were like thunder abruptly sounded out in the distance, and it seemed like a roll call on the battlefield before the myriad of troops rumbled as they dashed over. The heavens and the earth shook as a roiling yellow mist that was almost 300m tall splashed up into existence.

This is? Chen Xi’s eyes squinted.

Within the roiling mist of dust, enormous monsters surged out like a flood. They were like tigers, yet not tigers, like leopards, yet not leopards, enormous like mammoths and entirely ochre yellow. Their bloody eyes were like lanterns that emitted a fierce light, with six wings that grew out of their backs, and they possessed four large hooves that were like four enormous pillars. The monsters moved madly with a thunderous speed, their footsteps caused the earth to quake, and their entire bodies emitted a monstrous and fierce aura.

In practically an instant, sounds of footsteps that seemed like roiling tidewater sounded out uniformly from all directions as they moved with formidable impetus.

Those are the Six-Winged Sandworms? Chen Xi’s eyes squinted. He wasn’t afraid in his heart, and strands of roiling battle intent that was like lava arose instead.


Chen Xi utilized the Divine Windwing Flight. He was like a gust of wind, a bolt of lightning, as he instantly arrived atop a 300m tall mountain that was over 5km away. When faced with the Six-Winged Sandworms that came from all directions, fighting in a passive position on the ground was no different than courting death.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” The surrounding hundreds of Six-Winged Sandworms opened their bloody mouths as they howled and roared, trampling on the rocks and causing rumbling sounds as they pounced towards Chen Xi. Their bodies were enormous, yet their speeds were shocking; it was only an instant before they’d already charged to arrive before Chen Xi.

“Die!” Chen Xi’s body floated, transforming in a strand of indistinct and traceless wind, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords surrounded his body as he charged head-on into the group of Six-Winged Sandworms.

The eight Netherezim Flying Swords were all top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures that were exceedingly sharp, and it even contained a gale of Wind Dao Insight, thus its might was incomparably terrifying. The three Six-Winged Sandworms that charged at the front didn’t even have the time to react before being minced by the eight Netherezim Flying Swords. Severed limbs and pieces of flesh scattered all over the ground.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The sword lights were strong and vigorous as they flickered and surrounded Chen Xi, and they were simply like a storm formed from a myriad of sharp blades that swept out in all directions and swerved about madly. Everywhere they passed, miserable cries rose and fell, severed limbs and bones scattered up into the air, and the scene was extremely bloody.

“Kill!” The battle intent in Chen Xi’s chest surged as he massacred wantonly, yet in his mind, he couldn’t help but recall the traces of Sword Dao true essence that he observed on the Sword Tomb stele. Gradually, his sword technique became more and more sharp, more and more swift, and it was even suffused with a strand of faint Nirvana Insight as it easily swept through everything with fierce killing intent and possessed extreme destructive force.

Ling Bai’s Master was formidable as expected, he just engraved Sword Tomb on the stele, yet it allowed me to enjoy boundless benefits after observing it. If I’m able to fully master the Nirvana Sword Dao, then my sword technique will surely be able to rise a level!


Hundreds of Six-Winged Sandworms were completely wiped out, yet even more Six-Winged Sandworms gushed over from the distance. They were dense in number and seeming like tidewater that stretched beyond what the eye could see.

“Kill!” Chen Xi didn’t dare think too much, he charged into the group of beasts and massacred wantonly as he carefully observed them, as he wanted to discover the weak point and fatal point of the Six-Winged Sandworms.

Utilizing Shaman Energy to kill 9,900 Six-Winged Sandworms was a mission that was practically impossible to complete for Chen Xi. After all, he’d only just mastered Shaman Energy, and he still extremely lacked practice in the utilization and execution of Shaman Energy, Moreover, he hadn’t mastered even a single Divine Ability and could only use his Grand Collapsing Fist in battle.

Most importantly, if he didn’t utilize True Essence, he would be unable to utilize the Divine Windwing Flight, and this would cause his speed to slow down greatly. Under the attack of the Six-Winged Sandworms that were spread out all over, losing his speed would cause the pressure upon him to increase greatly without a doubt.

So, if he was able to grasp the weak point and fatal point of the Six-Winged Sandworms, he would be able to make the battle become much easier, and annihilating 9,900 Six-Winged Sandworms with Shaman Energy wouldn’t be impossible.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi’s heart sank as he abruptly noticed that Six-Winged Sandworms that gushed over from the surroundings once more had become much stronger. No matter if it was in speed, strength, or the hardness of their bodies, it was all much more formidable than before. The Six-Winged Sandworms that originally only required a single sword strike to destroy instead required two, three, or more strikes now…

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

Chen Xi had killed no less than a few thousand Six-Winged Sandworms in this land that was filled with an earthen yellow color. However, up until now, it was impossible for him to swiftly and wantonly kill them like before.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword lights were swift, fierce, and sharp, and under the siege of the eight Netherezim Flying Swords, only one Six-Winged Sandworm was killed after the time of three breaths. These monsters with savage appearances seemed to have obtained a qualitative transformation, their skin was hard like stones and their strengths had even risen explosively by over 10 times. When they jointly attacked, just that brutal aura would cause the pressure one felt to increase abruptly.

Dammit! If the strengths of these fellows were to continue growing like this, then not to mention using Shaman Energy, I wouldn’t be able to withstand them just like this! The more he fought, the heavier Chen Xi’s heart felt, and up to this moment, he still didn’t discover the fatal weak point on the Six-Winged Sandworms.

If I knew earlier, I’d have used Shaman Energy to fight. Never mind, it isn’t too late to use it now. Chen Xi secretly gritted his teeth before his body swiftly flashed out, and he arrived at an area with comparatively sparse amounts of Six-Winged Sandworms and put away his flying swords.

Body like a bow!

Fist like an arrow!

Chen Xi circulated his Shaman Energy and fiercely smashed a Grand Collapsing Fist onto the Six-Winged Sandworm.


An enormous bang sounded out, and the body of the Six-Winged Sandworm that was enormous like a mammoth instantly shattered into powder, and it was simply like a piece of paper.

So formidable! The might of the Grand Collapsing Fist that’s utilized with Shaman Energy is actually even more terrifying than flying swords! Chen Xi spirits rose in his heart. He didn’t hesitate to smash out his fists like raindrops, forming a myriad of fist silhouettes, and everywhere they passed, the Six-Winged Sandworms all vanished without a trace after emitting a bang. It made a clean sweep!

The time for only a few breaths had passed when a few tens of Six-Winged Sandworms had shattered and vanished.

In this type of satisfying battle, Chen Xi’s skill in utilizing Shaman Energy became even more complete. Collapse, mince, cleave, smash, strike… The Shaman Energy poured into his fist in by a special method, and its lethality grew stronger and stronger, whereas the Shaman Energy that was used up grew lesser and lesser.

Practice makes perfect!

After one attained a skilled level in any technique, one was able to easily utilize it as if it didn’t require any effort, like it could be used freely, and it looked to be utilized at will, yet its might was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xi had comprehended a complete Wind Dao Insight long ago, and when combined with the Grand Collapsing Fist that was circulated with Shaman Energy, its might was strong to the point it was even able to shatter a graded Magic Treasure with a single strike!

However, as time flowed by, the Six-Winged Sandworms that gushed over from every direction became more and more formidable, it caused Chen Xi to feel it had become even more difficult and he had to increase the force of his attacks.




Gradually, the Shaman Energy between Chen Xi’s flesh and blood showed signs of drying up, the strenuous feeling grew more and more stronger, and he couldn’t help but become anxious in his heart. Because up to now, he was more than half the distance away from the goal of killing 9,900 Six-Winged Sandworms!


Chen Xi’s back was struck fiercely and he instantly tumbled out over 20 meters, and he hadn’t even dropped to the ground when he was besieged by over 10 Six-Winged Sandworms. Those sharp claws straightaway left behind tens of bloody scars that were a terrifying sight.

These scars recovered within the blink of an eye, as after Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation attained the Violet Palace Realm, he was already able to regrow limbs, and these little injuries were utterly unable to affect Chen Xi’s movements. However, if this went on, the consumption of his Shaman Energy would be greater and greater.

“Ah!” Another 10 minutes passed and Chen Xi abruptly roared into the sky, and his face was filled with an insane and persistent expression. Not even 10% of the Shaman Energy between his blood, flesh, and skin remained, yet he was still 2,000 plus Six-Winged Sandworms away from his goal of obtaining the Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm. If this continued, then even if he completely consumed all his Shaman Energy, he would still be unable to complete his goal.

Intense unwillingness flowed throughout his entire body, stimulating Chen Xi to the point his entire body burned, and his handsome face became warped and savage as well. I must obtain the Grand Astral Palm. Those six bastards of the Su Clan are still standing in my way outside. I can’t continue hiding like this and suffer grievances like this!


No one can obstruct me from advancing!


I want to become strong! I want to fight until the end! I want to attain my goal!

In the earthen yellow heaven and earth, Six-Winged Sandworms died endlessly, yet more were born. They became even more formidable, and their auras became even more fierce and stronger as well.

The numerous Six-Winged Sandworms in the surroundings endlessly succeeded their fallen allies to besiege Chen Xi. He was already unable to move. His strength of struggling grew weaker and weaker as well, but the battle intent in his gaze instead became even more insane and even more firm.

He wouldn’t admit defeat.

Asking him to give up now was undoubtedly asking him to give up his persistence and desire.

In this lethargic state, he felt every inch of his blood, every inch of his flesh, every inch of his tendons, and every single pore shouting, yearning for the strength to become strong, a yearning that came from the depths of the soul.


Chen Xi felt as if his soul had left his body and floated high above in the sky to look down, and on the ground was boundless Six-Winged Sandworms that surged over like tidewater.

Whereas threads of misty earthen yellow gas were effused from the vast expanse of land, they curled upwards and were faintly visible, and they emitted a pure and thick aura.

He stretched out his hand to scoop them and those earthen yellow gasses seemed to have been roused, and they were even more alike to a group of sharks that had smelt blood, flowing towards him from every direction.

Threads condensed into strands, strands condensed into streams…

Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi suddenly awoke from this profound feeling, and only now did he notice that the pure and thick Fifth-Earth energy in the heaven and earth was madly flowing into his body, and it was like spring water as it moistened his dried and starving flesh, blood, skin, and tendons.

His Shaman Energy that had dried up originally was slowly gushing out as well, then rose and steadily climbed in amount. It was like a withered tree coming upon spring and obtaining life once more!

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