Chapter 1056 – Unruly Young Woman

The voice revealed a strand of coldness, unruliness, and domineeringness, and it was filled with an ordering tone, causing others to instantly perceive that the person had come with ill intent.

Liang Bing remained indifferent instead, and she directly disregarded the voice and led Chen Xi away.

“Stop!” The voice resounded once more and had become extremely clear. At this moment, Chen Xi finally saw a beautiful figure charging over from the distance, and it shocked the nearby experts to the point of avoiding successively. She seemed extremely unruly.

But when they saw this beautiful figure clearly, those experts were furious yet didn’t dare speak up while their expression even faintly carried a trace of sudden realization and reverence.

This was a young woman that wore dark blue palace clothes that had golden flower patterns on it. She possessed a fine waist, a delicate figure, and a pretty appearance that was white and proud.  She was rather beautiful, yet the space between her brows were filled with a cold and fierce expression. She was like a proud peacock that looked arrogantly at everything.

“The Four Divinity City’s Yin Clan’s Yin Feng’er!” 

“No wonder that she dares to speak like this to Liang Bing. So it’s actually her.”

“I heard that Yin Feng’er has been staying in the Martial Emperor Domain recently for the sake of waiting for Liang Bing’s arrival because she intends to challenge Liang Bing. She even proclaimed that she intends to completely drive Liang Bing out from the top ten rankings.”

“So in this way, a shocking battle might occur today?”

The arrival of this young woman drew the attention of most of the experts in the surroundings of the first level. All of them entered into discussion while even many of those experts that were in battle on the arenas had their attention drawn over by this scene.

This obviously displayed that Yin Feng’er’s reputation in the Martial Emperor Domain wasn’t inferior to Liang Bing in the slightest.

So she’s Yin Feng’er. No wonder Liang Bing called her ‘haughty.’ She really seems to be overly unruly… Chen Xi recalled the scene before the floating wall of light earlier. At that time, the eldest son of the Luo Clan, Luo Zifeng had said that many experts would be challenging Liang Bing in the near future.

Moreover, one of them was Yin Feng’er, a formidable existence that was ranked at the 11th ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings. Perhaps this was also the reason why Yin Feng’er was unruly and haughty.

Her ability to be ranked at the 11th proved that her strength had arrived at the peak amongst her peers. Moreover, she was from one of the four clans that were renowned in the Dao of Talismans, the Yin Clan, so her background was extremely respect. Thus, she naturally had the confidence to be haughty and unruly.

As soon as Yin Feng’er arrived, she obstructed Liang Bing’s path before raising her chin and said in an icy cold voice, “Liang Bing, did you not hear what I said?” 

Liang Bing had naturally heard it, yet she didn’t take Yin Feng’er seriously at all and said directly, “I don’t have time to waste on you because you’re unworthy. Be a little self-aware and move aside.”

Her voice cold, flat, and completely blunt.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be amused in his heart when he heard this. If Yin Feng’er was said to be an unruly and haughty little princess, then Liang Bing was an extremely imposing queen. A casual sentence of hers vividly displayed her domineeringness, and it was like she was reprimanding a little child that was blocking the way.

The other nearby experts were naturally able to perceive the tone behind these words, and they were extremely astounded in their hearts. They knew very well that amongst all the people present here, only Liang Bing dared to reprimand Yin Feng’er like this.

When she saw Liang Bing looked down upon her like this, Yin Feng’er’s pretty face turned cold while her eyes surged with a fierce and cold expression. “Hmph! It seems to me that you’re afraid. Are you worried that you wouldn’t be able to hold your head up high in Four Divinity City if you’re defeated by me?”

Liang Bing frowned. “Little girl, I might have some interest to do battle if it was your older sister, Yin Miaomiao. As for you, don’t fool yourself, otherwise I’ll have an even lower opinion of you.”

As she spoke, she directly led Chen Xi forward and utterly disregarded Yin Feng’er that still obstructed the path ahead.

There were only a few meters between the two of them, so when she saw Liang Bing reveal such an attitude, Yin Feng’er’s expression became even more icy cold as if she was covered in ice. Up until the point Liang Bing arrived three steps away from here, Yin Feng’er gritted her teeth and extremely unwillingly moved to the side.

This action instantly displayed the superior party between them.

But everyone was clearly aware that this wasn’t a show of weakness because according to the rules of the Martial Emperor Domain, unless it was a spar on the arenas, all actions that could be seen as an act of provocation were prohibited. Otherwise, that person would be expelled from the Martial Emperor Domain.

“How despicable! You bitch! You don’t dare to accept my challenge yet use the rules of the Martial Emperor Domain to avoid battle. To think that you’re the heir of the Liang Clan, you don’t even have any courage!” But to Yin Feng’er, this action caused her to feel extremely ashamed, and she was unable to restrain the rage in her heart any longer, causing her to cry out in a sharp voice.

Everyone was astounded, and they simply didn’t dare believe their ears.

“I’ll remember all of this. Even though I can’t kill you here, you better watch out in the outside world. Don’t let me encounter you there, otherwise those old fellows of your Yin Clan won’t be able to save you.” Liang Bing suddenly stopped moving and didn’t even turn around as she spoke coldly. Her voice was calm and indifferent, yet it revealed a strand of resolute killing intent as if she was passing judgment.

All the nearby experts gasped when they heard this, and they were very clearly aware that based on Liang Bing’s domineering character of standing by her word, she would absolutely do as she said.

Yin Feng’er’s face turned grim, and then she sneered. “Very good. I’ll be waiting for you in Four Divinity City!”

After she spoke these words, she seemed to still feel disgruntled and cursed. “Bitch.”


Liang Bing suddenly turned around and swung her hand, causing a shapeless force to tear through the sky and slap fiercely down onto Yin Feng’er’s face, causing her fair skin to instantly become red and swollen while her entire figure was blasted flying as she let out a shrill and miserable cry.

Everyone was stunned. Never had they imagined that such a sudden scene would actually occur.

Not to mention them, even Yin Feng’er herself had never imagined that Liang Bing would actually dare to disregard the rules of the Martial Emperor Domain and make an abrupt move against her. If it wasn’t for this, how could she have been unable to block this slap with her strength?

“You…you…you… You actually dared to disregard the rules!? Could it be that you aren’t afraid of being expelled by the Martial Emperor Domain?” Yin Feng’er held her red and swollen face while speaking with a resentful and frustrated expression.

“So what if I’m expelled? I intend to enter into closed door cultivation, and I don’t have time to play around with you in the Martial Emperor Domain.” Liang Bing’s voice was indifferent and composed, and she seemed as if she was looking at an idiot. It caused Yin Feng’er to be both furious and humiliated, and she was on the verge of going berserk.


Right at this moment, a strange fluctuation surged into appearance, and it revealed an icy cold, indifferent, and emotionless aura. It condensed into the shadow of a figure, and as soon as it appeared, the entire heavens and the earth seemed to have become quiet.

Instantly, the hearts of all the experts went cold once more. When they saw a god condensed from the Laws of the heavens and the earth descend before them, they froze on the spot and didn’t dare make any rash movement.

Chen Xi was the same, and he was shocked in his heart. The Laws of the heavens and the earth taking form?

“Causing trouble and disturbing the order. You’re prohibited from entering the Martial Emperor Domain for six months!” The voice didn’t reveal the slightest emotion, and it was calm and emotionless. The figure that was enveloped in boundless light waved his hand, and Chen Xi felt something flash before his eyes before the figure of Liang Bing who stood by his side had vanished.

After that, the figure swiftly vanished as well. The energy in the heavens and the earth returned to normal, and along with Liang Bing’s disappearance, the horrifying aura in the air had vanished as well.

All of this allowed Chen Xi to understand the unusualness of the rules in the Martial Emperor Domain, and it was extremely difficult for him to imagine exactly how the Martial Emperor had created such a miraculous domain during the primeval times.

“Only six months? How could this be possible?” Yin Feng’er muttered with a voice filled with dissatisfaction, and her gaze was filled with resentment and hatred.

In the next moment, her gaze glanced towards the surroundings and noticed the distant Chen Xi. The resentment and hatred in her heart instantly seemed to have found a place to vent, and she said in a grim voice, “Stinking kid! You’re that bitch Liang Bing’s paramour, right? When you return, tell Liang Bing that I, Yin Feng’er, will definitely repay this hatred by tenfold. Did you hear me?”

At this moment, she wasn’t just unruly, she was simply like a venomous like an unreasonable woman on the streets, and it caused the nearby experts to shake their heads without end at this sight.

Chen Xi frowned and couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to this mad woman as he turned around with the intention of leaving.

“You… Stop!” When she saw a little fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm dared to disregard her, Yin Feng’er was instantly angered to the extreme, and she flashed forward with the intention of obstructing Chen Xi.

Yet she saw a figure flash before Chen Xi’s figure had vanished on the spot.

“He actually fled. Damnable bastard! Don’t let me catch you in the Martial Emperor Domain!” Yin Feng’er was angered to the point her face was pale, and she was on the verge of going berserk.

She stood on the spot for a long time before slightly recovering her calm, and then she swept the surroundings with her gaze. When she saw the surrounding people sizing her up with strange gazes, her beautiful brows couldn’t help but knit together as she said coldly, “What? All of you intend to court death as well?”

Everyone instantly moved their gazes away and turned around to leave in unison. They weren’t Liang Bing, and no matter if it was strength or background, they were utterly unable to compare with Yin Feng’er.

Yin Feng’er felt slightly better when she saw this, and then she grunted coldly before she gritted her teeth and said, “This won’t do! I absolutely can’t let the matter go like this!”



Within the private room, Chen Xi’s figure that sat cross-legged there stiffened before he opened his eyes, and as he recalled everything he experienced earlier, he still felt that it was slightly unreal.

“How was it?” said the nearby Liang Bing.

“Very good.” Chen Xi nodded before he said, “That Yin Feng’er…”

Liang Bing chuckled as she interrupted. “There’s no need to worry. She’s just a haughty and domineering little girl. But you have to take precautions against her dirty tricks when you enter the Martial Emperor Domain in the future. That little girl seeks revenge for the smallest grievances and is extremely narrow-minded. Since she can’t do anything to me, she’ll probably take it out on you.”

Chen Xi smiled and shrugged. “I understand, but I won’t give her the chance.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly thought of something and asked. “Was that figure that made a move against you formed from the Laws of the heavens and the earth in the Martial Emperor Domain?”

“Exactly. That’s the Domain Envoy, a figure formed from the Laws of the Heaven Dao. You can take him to be the protector of the order in the Martial Emperor Domain.” Liang Bing explained before she asked. “What do you lack for you cultivation? For example, immortal stones, magic treasures, medicinal pills, and so on and so forth. I’ll help you make arrangements for all of them. You can enter into closed door cultivation here from today onward. Beneath this private room is a superb immortal vein, and it’s greatly beneficial to your cultivation.”

Chen Xi was stunned. There were quite a lot of things that he lacked, like Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones, the immortal materials to improve the quality of the Talisman Armament, and so on and so forth.

“There’s no need to hold back. You only have a year to prepare, and if you rely only on yourself, then it’s unavoidable that you’re disturbed by various trivial matters. Why don’t you hand it all over to me, and you can just focus on improving your strength,” said Liang Bing in a serious tone.

Chen Xi wasn’t an irresolute person, so he immediately nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll be troubling you.” 

Liang Bing grinned lightly. It was like the sun in the winter that melted the ice, and it emanated beauty that shook the soul.

She was very pleased because Chen Xi didn’t treat her like an outsider.

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