Chapter 1055 – Training Arena

Liang Bing placed the Martial Soul Token at the center of her palm before she smiled lightly. “Concentrate deeply and stretch your Immortal Sense into it. Don’t be surprised when you arrive at the Martial Emperor Domain. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

As she spoke, she revealed a serious expression as she held up the Martial Soul Token in her hand. In the next moment, a strange buzzing fluctuation sounded out before she fell into a strange state, and it seemed as if her soul had flown off from her body and entered the Martial Soul Token.

Chen Xi was stunned and thought to himself. No wonder she chose a concealed private room. This sort of state is practically one without any perception, and it’s extremely dangerous indeed.

He didn’t hesitate to carefully stretch his Immortal Sense into the Martial Soul Token just as Liang Bing had instructed.

In the next moment, he felt his soul buzz lightly, and it was as if he’d been swept into a boundless black hole. His vision turned black, and he’d lost all perception.


A bright light flashed.

Chen Xi’s figure appeared beneath a clear and cloudless sky. White clouds drifted while clear winds howled by slowly, and the distant landscape rose and fell while wild flowers bloomed wildly in the vicinity. The scenery was gorgeous.

Hmm? Chen Xi was stunned and took a deep breath. He was still able to smell the pollen and fresh smell of the plants and earth in the air. He couldn’t refrain himself from picking up a piece of rock from the ground, and he weighed it in his hand before he noticed that it was actually no different than a real rock.

Could it be that all of this is real? 

Chen Xi was shocked. He was even able to acutely sense the surging energy of the Laws in the heavens and the earth!

“This is the Martial Emperor Domain created by the primeval Martial Emperor. Everything here is real, and only we are existing here in the form of a soul.” Liang Bing’s voice that was like a piercingly cold spring sounded out by his ear. Chen Xi turned around and saw Liang Bing striding over, and she grinned as she glanced at the piece of rock in Chen Xi’s hand as if she knew he would be like this.

Chen Xi casually tossed the rock away and sighed with emotion. “This really is a miraculous place.”

“There places even more miraculous than this. Come, this is only the outer area of the Martial Emperor Domain.” Liang Bing withdrew the Silverlight Shuttle with a casual flick of her hand, and it transformed into brilliant silver and piercingly cold starlight that enveloped her and Chen Xi.


In the next moment, their figures tore through the sky.

“Immortal Artifacts can be utilized here?” Chen Xi asked with surprise.

“All Immortal Artifacts that have at least attained the Darkspirit Grade can be brought in here.” Liang Bing explained with a smile. She understood Chen Xi’s feelings very well because her display was even worse than Chen Xi when she arrived here for the first time.

On the way, Chen Xi asked questions frequently, and he roughly understood everything from Liang Bing.

Actually, there was entirely no need to care if they were in the form of a soul or not. They just had to take this place as if it really existed. The only difference was that only experts that were ranked on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings and possessed Martial Soul Tokens could enter the Martial Soul Domain.

Moreover, according to what Liang Bing said, the Martial Emperor Domain was divided into two parts. One was divided for the experts that were ranked on the main Ascensio Immortal Rankings, and another part was for the experts on the Continental Ascensio Rankings.

These two parts were called the lower and higher Martial Emperor Domains.

Moreover, the lower Martial Emperor Domain was divided according to the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension. The experts on the Continental Ascensio Rankings of every single continent could only reside within the area of the Martial Emperor Domain that belonged to that continent.

For example, after Liang Bing and Chen Xi arrived at the Martial Emperor Domain, they were only able to meet experts on the Southbridge Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings, and they were unable to encounter experts from the other continents like they could in the outside world.

On the other hand, those that could enter the higher Martial Emperor Domain were experts that were ranked on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. At that time, there was no restriction between areas, and all of them could freely temper themselves.

After he found out all of this, Chen Xi asked the most realistic question. “Can people die here?”

Liang Bing wasn’t surprised in the slightest, and she answered casually. “They do, but they don’t really die, and it will cause one’s soul to be injured instead. Serious injuries might even affect one’s cultivation in the outside world.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “That’s not bad.”

Liang Bing reminded him seriously instead. “But you still have to be careful. There has been no lack of experts in the history of the Martial Emperor Domain that perished from qi deviation after suffering a heavy injury to the soul.”

As they spoke, a wave of clamorous noise could faintly be heard.

After that, Chen Xi saw numerous large platforms were actually floating in the extreme distance. They were completely pitch black like patches of land that floated in midair, and they moved up layer by layer to fill the entire heavens and earth.

Every single one of the pitch black platforms covered an area of 5,000km. At this moment, there were many figures flickering about on them. When looked at from afar, it was like numerous tiny ants fluttering about above these platforms.

“Those are the training arenas. There are a total of seven levels. They respectively correspond to the initial-stage, intermediate-stage, advanced-stage, and perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm; and the initial-stage, intermediate-stage, and advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. These seven arenas are divided according to the difference in one’s cultivation, and the higher one goes, the higher the strengths of the experts capable of participating in the battle.” Liang Bing pointed towards the distance and explained in a low voice. “There are a total of ten thousand experts ranked on the Continental Ascensio Rankings of Southbridge Continent, and that represents that only ten thousand experts are able to arrive here. But normally, unless a heaven shaking battle occurs here, otherwise the number of experts here would only be maintained at around a few thousand. After all, this isn’t the outside world, and it’s impossible for every single expert to stay here at all times.”

“Arena battles?” Chen Xi was stunned and asked with surprise.

“Exactly. The training arenas were set up for the sake of allowing the experts on the rankings to spar with each other and temper their combat strength, so that they can arouse their potential and affect their rankings.”

Chen Xi revealed an interested expression and said, “This really is a good method. Cultivating in the outside world before tempering one’s self here. Moreover, the opponents are all experts on the rankings, so both parties will surely obtain great gains from these spars. Even if one loses, one can draw experience from it and re-adjust one’s self before returning once more.”

As he said this, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel excited, and his tone revealed slight anticipation.

Where’s the strength of an expert reflected?

In battle, of course!

Without battles, there are no experts. This was a publicly acknowledge iron law of the three dimensions.

Liang Bing glanced at Chen Xi with a smile and said, “Come, I’ll bring you over to have a look for yourself.”

As she spoke, both of them directly flew towards the training arena that floated faraway in midair.

If one looked down from midair, those training arenas that floated in midair revealed the shape of a pyramid.

The training arenas at the lowest level were the most numerous, and they represented the stage for initial-stage Heavenly Immortal Realm experts to contend. After that, as the layers went higher, the number of training arenas gradually reduced.

At the highest level, there was only a single arena left. It stood proudly beneath the sky and was extremely striking. To all the experts that stood on the Continental Ascensio Rankings of Southbridge Continent, it represented the stage for the experts ranked at the top compete with each other.

However, at this moment, the training arena at the highest level was completely empty. It wasn’t just the top level, even the sixth and fifth levels only had around ten plus figures flickering on it.

The level with the most people was the lowest level, the first.

At this moment, the numerous training arenas on the first level were completely occupied while pairs of experts were engaged in battle on them. Moreover, there were many spectators in the surroundings of the arena.

“Young Miss Liang Bing, you’ve come.”

“Hello, Miss Liang Bing.”

“It’s actually the Four Divinity City’s Liang Clan’s Eldest Young Miss. Could it be that she intends to charge into a higher ranking today?”

When Chen Xi and Liang Bing arrived here, they were instantly noticed by many people, and all of them greeted Liang Bing successively while revealing a wisp of reverence.

The experts gathered here had come from the various cities of Southbridge Continent, and they weren’t from Four Divinity City. But as soon as Liang Bing made an appearance, she was actually instantly recognized, and this obviously displayed how great her reputation was in the Martial Emperor Domain.

Just think about it, she was currently ranked at the 8th on the Continental Ascensio Rankings and was the heir of the Liang Clan that was renowned in the Dao of Talismans. So, she was naturally known by all. 

Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion as he looked on from the side. Reputation seems to imperceptible, yet when it arrives at a certain height, it automatically affects the attitude of others.

Just like this moment, when facing Liang Bing, these young geniuses from the various cities of Southbridge Continent might not be related to Liang Bing at all and might have even seen her for the first time, yet when they heard her name, they unconsciously revealed a wisp of respect. This was the effect of reputation and prestige.

But Liang Bing just lightly nodded when facing all of this, and then she displayed an icy cold and proud expression as walked towards the distance with Chen Xi and fully revealed her aura of a queen.

“Who’s that fellow?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps he’s an outstanding disciple that was just selected by the Liang Clan.”

The crowd noticed Chen Xi’s existence at the same time. When they saw him actually walked side by side with Liang Bing and not walking behind her like a follower, they revealed a wisp of surprise and discussed animatedly.

Amidst this animated discussion, Liang Bing led Chen Xi along to finally stop before an arena. On the arena was a intense battle between a young man and young woman.

“The rules of the training arena are simple. No matter if it’s to accept a battle or not, to fight one on one, or fight against a group, everything depends on the expert that occupies the arena.” Liang Bing explained at the side. “If one tries to break the rules, then one will be expelled from the Martial Emperor Domain by the Laws of the heavens and the earth. This avoids any possibility of others looking for trouble or taking revenge on an enemy.”

Chen Xi nodded. This rule is really fair. One can defeat one’s opponent without worrying if one’s opponent will call for backup and take revenge unscrupulously.

It was very simple if one wanted to take revenge, one just had to ascend the arena and fight a fair battle. But this depended on whether the other party was willing to accept the battle.

“Come, let’s return to the outside world next. I’ll help you set up a cultivation plan and supply of goods. During this year, you’ll cultivate while training on these arenas so that you can strive to enter the higher Martial Emperor Domain as soon as possible and be ranked in the top thousand.” After she explained some minor details related to the rules of the training arenas, Liang Bing led Chen Xi with the intention of leaving.

Right at this moment, a loud and sweet cry suddenly sounded out. “Liang Bing, you’ve finally made an appearance. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting here for you!?” 

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