Chapter 1053 – Martial Dao Will

The 239th!

This ranking wasn’t really high, and it would usually not draw much attention. It was like a pyramid, and the public usually paid attention to the highest portion of it.

It was even more so for Liang Bing. She was ranked at the 8th ranking of the Continental Ascensio Rankings, and she’d always been paying attention to the seven names that stood above her. As for those below like Yin Feng’er and Lin Shaoqi, she hadn’t attached any importance to them.

But at this moment, her gaze had stopped at the position of the 239th ranking for a long time, and the shock on her face was impossible to conceal. She seemed to have never expected this scene to occur.

The facts of the situation were actually like this. In her originally estimation, being able to be ranked in the top 500 was already Chen Xi’s limit. After all, practically all that were capable of being ranked in the top 500 were Mysterious Immortal Realm experts.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and he was an entire realm beneath the Mysterious Immortal Realm. She’d already considered everything extraordinary about Chen Xi when she made this estimation, like his natural talent, combat strength, cultivation technique, inheritance, and so on and so forth.

It could be said that Liang Bing’s earlier estimation had already exceeded the imagination of many people.

Yet never had she imagined that she’d still greatly underestimated Chen Xi’s potential. He didn’t just charge into the top 500 ranks, he’d even instantly surpassed numerous ranks to be ranked at the 239th ranking!

Liang Bing couldn’t help but glance at the name ranked at the 238th ranking, Liang Tong. It just happened to be an expert of her Liang Clan that had just advanced in his cultivation and was at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. He’d grasped two Laws of the Grand Dao, and his combat strength amongst those of the younger generation was first-rate.

But now, Liang Tong who possessed a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm had actually been surpassed by Chen Xi who was at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm! Didn’t this mean that the combat strength Chen Xi possessed now was sufficient to defeat a initial-stage Mysterious Immortal Realm expert that had grasped the energy of two Laws?

Liang Bing was shocked when she realized this, and her expression became strange. She seemed to be shocked, bewildered, pleasantly surprised, and filled with admiration. It was an extremely complicated feeling.

“Is there anything strange about it?” asked Chen Xi. He couldn’t help but be slightly curious when he saw Liang Bing being silent for so long. Could it be that it’s because my ranking is too low? But I’m only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Liang Bing couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi. “Could it be that you don’t feel anything?”

Chen Xi said to himself, It really is because my ranking is too low.

He couldn’t help but speak with an expression of shame. “Yes, I’ll work even harder in the future. If I condense a few more Laws, then I believe my rankings ought to be able to be raised slightly more.”

“Uh…” Liang Bing’s clear eyes were opened wide as she stared blankly at Chen Xi, and she didn’t know what to say.

Teng Lan watched from the side with amusement, and he couldn’t help but explode with laughter as he said, “Chen Xi, you’ve misunderstood. It isn’t that your rankings are too low, it’s too high.”

As he spoke, he explained the situation of the Continental Ascensio Rankings in Southbridge Continent.

Southbridge Continent possessed 99,000 cities and a myriad of living beings. Its territory was vast while the powers within the continent were innumerable like carps in a river. A conservative estimation of merely the Heavenly Immortal Realm experts in the continent was no less than a hundred thousand. 

As for Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, even though they were fewer than Heavenly Immortal Realm experts, they were no less than ten thousand in number.

Under such an enormous number of experts, existences that were capable of being ranked on the Continental Ascensio Rankings were surely top figures amongst their peers. Even if they weren’t one in a million, they could at least be described as possessing extraordinary natural talent.

On the other hand, those capable of being ranked in the top thousand ranks were absolutely top figures in the younger generation of Southbridge Continent. All of them possessed superb and extraordinary natural talent.

Not to mention the top five hundred ranks, there wasn’t even a single Heavenly Immortal in the top thousand.

Under such circumstances, it obviously displayed how difficult it was for Chen Xi to be ranked in the 239th rank while at the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Such an explanation allowed Chen Xi to come to an understanding, but he wasn’t really happy.

There were 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension and top existences like the four great continents. His target had exceeded most of his peers since a long time ago, and he’d placed his gaze on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings and the entire territory of the Immortal Dimension.

Perhaps it was because he possessed such a bearing and aspirations that he was able to maintain his composure at all times and not be constrained by a situation.

Not to mention that if it wasn’t for the sake of entering the Dao Emperor Academy, he wouldn’t even pay attention to the Ascensio Immortal Rankings because his thoughts were entirely on his path towards the Dao. How could he have time to think about his placing on a ranking?

“With such natural talent, it’s sufficient for you to be ranked in the top thousand ranks of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings within a year. Come, I’ll take you to a mysterious place.” Liang Bing had recovered from her shock, and her eyes glowed brightly like stars.

A mysterious place? Chen Xi said in his heart, Could it be related to the Ascensio Immortal Rankings?



At the southeast area of Four Divinity City, Martial Soul Hall.

This was an imposing and majestic building, yet it wasn’t bustling. When Liang Bing arrived here with Chen Xi, there was only a drowsy old man in the empty hall, and he was nodding off while supporting his chin with his hand.

Chen Xi sized up the surroundings and was even more bewildered in his heart when he noticed there wasn’t anything special here. He didn’t understand why Liang Bing would bring him to such a place.

But he didn’t ask because Liang Bing would surely reveal the answer soon.

After they entered the hall, Liang Bing directly tossed a storage pouch on the table and said, “That’s ten thousand immortal stones. Help me prepare a Martial Soul Token.”

The old man opened his drowsy eyes and glanced at Liang Bing with displeasure before he muttered. “Little Girl Bing, when can you learn to respect the old?”

Liang Bing crossed her arms before her and grunted. “Perhaps I’ll respect you when the day you aren’t greedy comes.”

“There’s no point in saying that. If I wasn’t greedy, then I wouldn’t have guarded this place for eight thousand years.” The old man pursed his lips. As he spoke, he’d put away the storage pouch, and then he casually tossed a dark violet colored jade token on the table before he said lazily, “Come, stretch your Immortal Sense into it if you want to head to the Martial Emperor Domain.”

Liang Bing gestured at Chen Xi to go over, and the latter didn’t hesitate to move forward immediately before he stretched his Immortal Sense into the dark violet jade token just as he was told.


In the next moment, Chen Xi felt his body was swept by a strange fluctuation, and then flames seemed to have been suddenly lit ablaze in his chest. Peerless battle intent surged throughout his body, causing it to seem like a drum was being struck within his body and caused rumbling that surged like howls to resound from within.

It was hot.

Extremely hot.

It seemed like the energy, essence, and spirit in his entire body had been lit ablaze along with his blood, yet it was also like a door had been opened up at the depths of his heart, causing the battle intent that was tempered through countless battles all through his path in cultivation to surge out like a torrent.

This sort of feeling caused Chen Xi to wish for nothing more than to raise his head and howl, and then have a great battle for supremacy with the heavens.

But it just so happened that his mind was calm like snow, and the changes in his vital energy were revealed down to the slightest detail within his mind. It was precisely because of this that he forcefully endured this monstrous battle intent and didn’t take any action.

What exactly is going on? Chen Xi was unable to figure it out.

At the same time, Liang Bing and Teng Lan had moved far off to the side to avoid Chen Xi, and even the old man that guarded the Martial Soul Hall had dodged into the distance.

The three of them revealed slight shock because in their fields of vision, Chen Xi’s entire body was rumbling with seemingly material battle intent, and it charged to the top of the hall like a beam of smoke.

The battle intent howled like the ocean, boiled like a volcano, was brilliant like the sun and moon, oppressive like a blade… If it was any other Heavenly Immortal here, then merely this battle intent was sufficient to crush the Heavenly Immortal’s will to fight!

“Boiling battle intent that surges into the sky! How many years has it been? Could it be that another blazing sun is about to appear?” In the distance, as the eyes of the old man who guarded the hall opened and closed, they erupted with fine arcs of lightning that were extremely shocking, and he didn’t seem drowsy any longer.

He’d lived for too long and seen too many young geniuses, yet he clearly remembered that so long as they were still alive, existences capable of creating the phenomena of boiling battle intent that surged into the sky were great figures that were renowned in the Immortal Dimension!

“Uncle Lan, if I’m not wrong, when the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, the Jade Phoenix Wan Jiansheng, the Iron Abyss Ye Tang, and the Flaming Rain Ling Qingwu determined their Martial Dao Wills, they’d created such a phenomenon as well, right?” Liang Bing muttered, and her eyes revealed extraordinary splendor and surged with a misty glow as she stared at Chen Xi. 

“Yes, the most direct reflection of one’s Martial Dao Will is in the form of battle intent. Since Chen Xi possesses such battle intent, he does indeed possess the ability to become a blazing sun.” Teng Lan exclaimed endlessly with admiration as well. “I’m truly unable to imagine exactly where he’ll stop in the future. But he’s bound to arrive at a height that’s impossible to be reached by an ordinary person.”

“At any case, once he advances into the Golden Immortal Realm, he will at least be on par with those six blazing suns. After all, Wan Jiansheng was already at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm when he tested his Martial Soul, whereas Chen Xi is only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm now!” The corners of Liang Bing’s lips were suffused with a wisp of an arc of pride. “Since he was able to temper such a shocking Martial Dao Will at such a cultivation realm, how can he possibly be inferior to those six blazing suns?”

Meanwhile, the old man that guarded the Martial Soul Hall had turned around and asked. “Little Girl Bing, where did you find this fellow? If I’m not wrong, no one in your Liang Clan has attained such a level of battle intent.”

Liang Bing was stunned before she grunted. “Want to know? I just won’t tell you!” 

The fewer people knew about Chen Xi the better, so she wouldn’t share such a secret with another.

The old man had a depressed expression, and he stomped his feet as he said, “You really won’t stop until you’ve killed me.”

But no matter what, Liang Bing wouldn’t speak, and it angered the old man to the point of steaming with rage. He was extremely unwilling to give up, yet he had no other choice.

In the end, the old man sighed. “Actually, I’ll know sooner or later because such a figure will surely become a dazzling star in the Immortal Dimension and be renowned throughout the world.”

Chen Xi who’d fallen into a strange state hadn’t heard all of this. When he awoke, Liang Bing and the others had recovered their calm. But the gazes they shot at him still carried a wisp of shock that couldn’t be eliminated.

Why do all of them have strange looks?

Chen Xi frowned as he glanced at Liang Bing, Teng Lan, and the old man with extreme bewilderment.

“This is your Martial Soul Token. Take care of it. I’ll explain everything to you once we leave this place.” Liang Bing grabbed the dark violet jade token on the table and gave it to Chen Xi before she glanced at the old man with a vigilant gaze, and then she hurriedly left with Chen Xi as if she was worried the old man would use force to stop Chen Xi from leaving.

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