Chapter 1052 – New Ranking

Early in the morning the next day, Chen Xi walked out of the world of stars with a smile on his face and was brimming with spirit.

Even though merely a single night had passed in the outside world, yet almost three days had passed in the world of stars. During these three days of time, he’d finally successfully condensed the Yin and Yang Laws that had taken initial form earlier.

At this point, he’d grasped the Laws of seven Grand Daos!

If other Heavenly Immortals knew about this, they would surely die of embarrassment. Because in the Immortal Dimension, most Heavenly Immortal Realm experts had merely grasped less than three Laws of the Grand Dao, and those that had attained three could already be called extraordinary.

If I were to face Xiong Ming once more now, then I might be able to kill him easily by relying solely on the Laws of Yin and Yang. Chen Xi sensed the changes in the vital energy in his entire body, and he couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction.

The only thing that aroused regret in his heart was that even though his foundation was over a hundred times denser than his peers, due to the limits of his cultivation that was merely at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, it was impossible for him to completely display the might of the seven Laws of the Grand Dao that he possessed.

Just like when he fought Xiong Ming, he was only able to successively slash out sword strikes that possessed different laws of the five elements, and he was unable to utilize the might of five laws in a single strike.

This was what it was meant to be restricted by his cultivation.

I wonder what Liang Bing has prepared for me… Chen Xi actually really wanted to stay in the world of stars and enter into closed door cultivation so that he could condense the energy of the Laws while improving his cultivation. Unfortunately, most of the matters in this world weren’t so simple.

If he wanted to improve his cultivation, then he needed Immortal Stones.

If he wanted to improve his combat strength, then he had to improve the quality of the Talisman Armament by gathering various immortal materials for it.

If he wanted to attain the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement, then he needed a large supply of Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones.

If he wanted to head to the Dao Emperor Academy, then he needed to be ranked in the top thousand ranks of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.

It could be said that one had to exert effort and time to attain anything, whereas Chen Xi only had a single year of time left. So it was impossible for him to meditate behind closed doors and cultivate. At the very least, he had to deal with everything first.

As soon as he pushed open the door, Chen Xi saw Liang Bing and Teng Lan who seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

Liang Bing had changed her dressing again today. Her light green top vividly displayed the shocking and ample curves of her chest while her straight and slender long pants held tightly onto her slender, round, and beautiful legs, and her feet stood on a pair of pitch black and dazzling beast skin boots.

Her wavy and dense golden hair hung loosely on her shoulders to reveal an icy cold and peerlessly beautiful face that possessed shiny and moist red lips, an upright nose, and supple skin. Coupled with her slender figure and simple dressing, she was like flames amidst ice, and she gave others a feeling of strong visual impact and shock.

Even Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but brighten when he saw this picturesque and beautiful scene. He felt that Liang Bing was really unlike the other women he knew. The style of her dressing varied, yet every single one was breathtaking and overwhelming.

“Miss Liang, Teng Lan.” Chen Xi walked forward and greeted them with a smile.

Liang Bing seemed to be in deep thought, and she returned to her senses as soon as she heard him speak and nodded. “Come, let’s go to the floating wall of light in the city first to determine your ranking on the Continental Ascension Ranking of Southbridge City. After that, I’ll bring you to a place. I guarantee you’ll like it.”

Chen Xi smiled. “What exactly is this place that you have to act so mysteriously?”

Liang Bing blinked while her icy cold and peerlessly beautiful face revealed a rare wisp of playfulness as she said, “You’ll know once we get there.”

This scene just happened to be noticed by a maidservant that passed by, and it shocked her to the point the basket of flowers she held in her hand fell to the ground while she exclaimed with shock in her heart. My god! What happened to the Eldest Young Miss?

It was the first time she’d seen such an expression from Liang Bing, and she was stunned on the spot.

Liang Bing noticed this scene, causing her ink black and beautiful brows to knit together before she recovered her aura of a queen. She swept the maidservant with her gaze before turning around and leaving with Chen Xi.

After Liang Bing and Chen Xi’s figures vanished, the maidservant heaved a long sigh of relief before she muttered. My god! So the Eldest Young Miss can act like that as well. That young man is probably that Young Master who cut a striking figure during the banquet last night. No wonder the Eldest Young Miss favors him like that. Only he can enjoy this sort of treatment from the Eldest Young Miss…


Just like the Eastern Peace Continent, every single city in Southbridge Continent had a floating wall of light, and it reflected the changes in the rankings of the Continental Ascensio Rankings at all times.

When Chen Xi, Liang Bing, and Teng Lan arrived here, there were many immortals observing the floating wall of light, and Liang Bing’s appearance instantly caused a commotion.

As the direct descendant and heir of the ancient Liang Clan, Liang Bing was naturally known by all in Four Divinity City. But it was still rather rare for her to personally appear before the wall of light, so it naturally drew the attention of everyone.

Liang Bing had become accustomed to this since a long time ago, and she directly brought Chen Xi over to stand before the floating wall of light. She was just about to say something when she was interrupted by a young man in embroidered clothes who moved over towards her group.

“Eh, isn’t this Eldest Young Miss Liang Bing? What drew you over here today?” This young man seemed to be surprised as he asked. He wore  a marten coat, a feathered crown, and was rather handsome.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over and actually faintly felt that this young man seemed to slightly resemble someone he’d seen in the past. But he was unable to recall that person.

“He’s the eldest son amongst the Luo Clan’s direct descendants, Luo Zifeng, Luo Zixuan’s elder brother. He has overcome the barriers of the three mysteries and grasped the might of the heavenly, earthly, and vitality souls. His strength is rather extraordinary and is ranked at the sixth position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, whereas he’s ranked in the first three thousand of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.” Teng Lan’s voice transmission sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears. Only now did Chen Xi come to an understanding. No wonder he seems so familiar, he’s Luo Zixuan’s elder brother.

In the Talisman Dimension, as a disciple of the Luo Clan, Luo Zixuan had gathered the Gu Clan, Yin Clan, and a group of descendants of immortals from the Immortal Dimension with the intention of going against Chen Xi and Liang Bing. Later on, he’d died miserably at the hands of Chen Xi while within the Grand Deduction Tower.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart because in this way, Luo Zifeng was obviously an enemy and not a friend, so he had to take careful precautions.

“There’s no need to worry. Besides you, the Eldest Young Miss, Miss Li Yang, and me, everyone else is unaware of everything that happened in the Grand Deduction Tower. Presently, the Luo, Gu, and Yin Clans merely have some suspicions.” Teng Lan explained via voice transmission.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and came to an understanding. In the Grand Deduction Tower on that day, those who deserved to die had died, so there was naturally no one that knew exactly how the clansmen of the Luo, Gu, and Yin Clans had died.

Meanwhile, Liang Bing said in an icy cold voice, “How does my arrival concern you?”

Luo Zifeng seemed to be deeply familiar with Liang Bing’s temper, so he didn’t mind at all and continued smiling as he said, “I guess that it’s probably related to this Young Master, right?”

As he spoke, he raised his eyes to glance at Chen Xi before he smiled and continued. “I heard what happened last night as well. This Young Master is truly extraordinary to be able to defeat an expert in the Dao of Talismans that came from Icesky Continent. If you have the chance, why don’t you come stay in my Luo Clan for some time? I, Luo Zifeng, will surely wait for your honored arrival.”

His voice carried a trace of the intention to draw Chen Xi over to his side.

Chen Xi had a slightly strange feeling in this heart because this fellow’s younger brother had died at Chen Xi’s hand, yet this fellow was trying to draw Chen Xi over to his side, and this caused Chen Xi to be at a slight loss for whether to laugh or cry.

“Luo Zifeng, if there’s nothing else, then please leave. Stop disturbing us.” Liang Bing frowned as she spoke with a voice that was colder than ice.

Luo Zifeng smiled as he glanced deeply at Chen Xi, and then he turned his head to look at Liang Bing before he nodded. “Alright, then I won’t continue disturbing everyone. But before I leave, I have to remind Eldest Young Miss Liang Bing that many people seem to intend to challenge you soon. Especially Yin Feng’er and Lin Shaoqi, they’ve proclaimed their intention to push you out of the top ten in the Continental Ascensio Rankings, so please be more careful. Haha!” 

As he spoke, he’d turned around and left in an unrestrained manner.

“Hmph!” Liang Bing grunted and paid no further attention to him.

The top ten of the Continental Ascensio Rankings?

Chen Xi glanced at Liang Bing with surprise. Only now did he suddenly realize that Liang Bing was a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert. With her nature, she’d naturally have entered the race to the top of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, but he’d never imagined that Liang Bing’s rankings would actually be so high.

When he thought up to here, he raised his eyes to look towards the floating wall of light. Sure enough, he saw Liang Bing’s name was surprisingly ranked at the 8th, and it was merely two ranks below Luo Zifeng who was ranked at the 6th position.

When he looked further down, Chen Xi saw Yin Feng’er and Lin Shaoqi respectively. The former was ranked at the 11th position, whereas the latter was slightly further behind at the 16th position.

“Who’re Yin Feng’er and Lin Shaoqi?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking. He wasn’t familiar with the situation of the rankings in Southbridge Continent, so he was utterly unable to determine anything of value from it.

“One of them is a haughty woman from the Yin Clan, and the other is a disciple from Four Divinity Academy. It’s fine to not mention them.” Liang Bing judged them with indifference before she changed the topic. “Chen Xi, quickly allow yourself to be evaluated and determine your ranking.”

Chen Xi nodded. He immediately held his breath in concentration, and then divided a strand of Immortal Sense to surge into the floating wall of light.

After a short moment, a wisp of shock couldn’t help but suffuse Chen Xi’s face as he muttered. “The Southbridge Continent really is different than the Eastern Peace Continent. Merely its rankings are already so much different…”

Liang Bing and Teng Lan glanced at each other when they heard this, and then Liang Bing consoled with a warm voice. “It’s fine to be ranked at a slightly low position. You’ve only just ascended into the Immortal Dimension, so there’s no need to be obsessed with your current rankings because it’s only temporary.”

“Eldest Young Miss is right. Practically everyone in the top 500 of the Continental Ascensio Rankings are Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, so it’s completely meaningless to compare yourself with them,” said Teng Lan with a smile.

Chen Xi burst into laughter as he said, “My ranking is indeed lower than what it was in the Eastern Peace Continent. But I’m only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, so I naturally won’t look for trouble and compare myself with them.”

When Liang Bing saw that Chen Xi’s expression seemed to have not been faked, she said curiously, “What exactly is your ranking?”

“Look.” Chen Xi pointed towards the lower portion of the floating wall of light. There was a wisp of golden light flickering up, and it quickly charged into the top 500 rankings, the top 400, the top 300…

In the end, it stopped at the 239th rank before the golden light dimmed, and then a name appeared. Shockingly, it was Chen Xi.

Liang Bing and Teng Lan were instantly stunned.

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